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									                                                    School Improvement Action Plan #2

                                                           Leigh Community Schools

Student Performance Goal

ALL students will increase their feelings of comfort and safety in school.
Support Data (used to select the goal)                         Standardized Measures                             Local Measures
    School Safety Review                                 School Safety Review                       (indicate local performance assessments)
    Student Climate Survey                               Attendance Data                             PIPSS Data
    Parent Climate Survey                                Graduation Data                             Student Climate Survey
    Attendance Data                                                                                   Parent Climate Survey
    Graduation Data
    PIPSS Data
Intervention (Strategy):                                                                          Research Supporting this Intervention

Intervention Strategy # 1 (IS1): Performance Improving Problem Solving Model (PIPSS)                 Dudley, John. (1995). When Grief Visits
                                                                                                      School, Organizing a Successful
Intervention Strategy # 2 (IS2): Crisis Team Training                                                 Response. Minneapolis, MN:
                                                                                                      Educational Media Corporation.
                                                                                                   Gleason, Dan. Thriving Education
                                                                             Timeline                                            Staff
          Activities to Implement the                 Person(s)
                                                                                                    Resources               Development
           Intervention (Strategy)                   Accountable
                                                                   Beginning         End                                      Outcomes
1. (IS1) All K-12 teachers will be trained in the   Dan Gleason & Sept. 2002      Aug. 2003    Teacher time and        All teachers will be
PIPSS Problem Solving Model.                        Tammy                         (Complete)   School funds            able to effectively use
                                                    Holcomb                                                            PIPSS policy and

2. (IS1) A team of teachers and administration      Tammy           Sept. 2002    Sept. 2002   Time and resources to       Team will finalize
will create PIPSS policy for Elementary and HS      Holcomb,                      (Complete)   create and distribute       policy used for PIPSS
grades.                                             Mr. Ferguson,                              policy                      intervention.
                                                    Mr. Borer
3. (IS1) All teachers implement PIPSS and the 5 Teachers          2nd Quarter   Ongoing          Teacher time and   Teachers will teach
Performance Goals in their classrooms.                            2002                           resources          students PIPSS

4. (IS1) A team of teachers and administration     Dan Gleason,   May 2003      May 2003         Teacher time       Team revised policy
revise PIPSS policy. Change from a 4 level         Tammy                        (Complete)                          after first year,
policy to a 3 level.                               Holcomb,                                                         adapting to
                                                   Mr. Borer                                                        consequences which
                                                                                                                    were more effective
                                                                                                                    for students.

5. (IS1) Teachers in-service over first year       Mr. Borer,     Aug 2003      Aug 2003         Teacher time       Teachers will make
results and how to correctly fill out a Problem    Tammy                        (Complete)                          conclusions of first
Solving form.                                      Holcomb, Dan                 Train new                           years’ data and better
                                                   Gleason                      staff as they                       understand how to fill
                                                                                enter district                      out PSF.

6. (IS2) Crisis Team Training; Level 1             Crisis Team,   Fall 2002      Fall 2002       Time and Crisis    Crisis Team Members
                                                   Mr. Swanson                  (Complete)       Resources          will be trained by Dr.
                                                                                                                    Dudley to respond
7. (IS2) Crisis Team Training; Level 2             Crisis Team    Winter 2003   Ongoing          Time and Crisis    appropriately to Crisis,
                                                   Mr. Swanson                                   Resources          the training consists of
                                                                                                                    4 levels.
8. (IS2) Crisis Team Training; Level 3, others     Crisis Team    Nov.-Dec      Nov.-Dec.
begin Level 1                                      Mr. Swanson    2003          2003
9. (IS2) Crisis Team Training ; Level 4, others    Crisis Team    Fall 2004     Fall 2004
begin Level 2                                      Mr. Swanson

7. (IS2) Create a quick easy to use Crisis Plan.   Crisis Team    Feb. 2003     March 2004       Teacher time and   Teachers and Staff
                                                   Mrs. Groth                   (Complete)       Crisis Team        will have a quick easy
                                                   Mr. Swanson
                                                                                                                    to use Crisis Plan

8. (IS2) Implement Crisis Plan                     Crisis Team,   Spring 2004   Ongoing          Crisis Team
                                                   Mr. Swanson
9. (IS2) Installed Intercom System                                  Spring 2003   Spring 2003   School Funds and       Teachers and staff
                                                   Mr. Ferguson                   (Complete)    REAP Grant             communicate using
                                                                                                                       intercom system

10. (IS2) Teachers will be trained how to assess                    Nov. 2003     Ongoing       Teacher Time, Asthma   All teachers will know
and treat a serious asthma attack                                                               Nebulizer, Ephedrine   how to assess and treat
                                                                                                Shots, Asthma          a serious asthma
                                                                                                Protocol Resources     attack. Will know how
                                                                                                                       to use Nebulizer and
                                                                                                                       Ephedrine shots.

11. (IS2) Teachers and staff will be trained and   Administration   Fall 2005     Re-certify    Re-Cross CPR           Teachers are certified
certified in CPR.                                                                 Ongoing       teachers               in CPR.

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