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									                           Find Yourself at Averett
                           The sociology/criminal justice program prepares students for entry into hundreds
                           of criminal justice occupations such as:
“I decided on a criminal
                             • Police officer      • Crime scene investigator     • Social worker
justice and sociology        • Probation and parole officer     • Special agent for the FBI
major because it is a
field that is constantly    Students in the program examine the areas of criminal law, prisons, court
                           processes and procedures, the Constitution and police procedures.
evolving, as well as
challenging in every       Students may also select our four-year program in aerospace management/
aspect.The program         criminal justice. This major qualifies students for direct entry into careers in
                           criminal justice that require pilot skills. Such careers include drug enforcement
here is excellent and      agents, government criminal justice agencies and F.A.A. Investigators.
has prepared me
for so much I never        Students who have completed an associate’s degree from another accredited
                           college may choose to pursue a bachelor of science degree in sociology/
thought was possible.      criminal justice in a 2+2 program. The 60 hours required for these degrees are
Thanks to all of my        designed to give students a well-balanced educational experience and to provide
sociology and criminal     professional development for their chosen career.
justice teachers, I will
be able to graduate        Gain Real-World Experience
                           Students have the opportunity to try a case in moot court, collect their own data
from Averett with a        and perform their own original research project.
degree in criminal
justice/sociology and      Internship Opportunities are Available with:
will be able to have        • police departments       • law offices • social services
a promising career in       • juvenile probation       • prisons    • commonwealth attorney offices
                            • adult probation and parole offices
the field of criminal
justice.”                  Many Graduates of the Program Work:
                           • with the Virginia State Police     • as detectives at city police departments
                           • in the military as a Navy Seal     • in probation and parole counseling
Scott Davis, ‘09
                           • as FBI agents                      • in the Federal Marshall’s office
                           • as social workers                  • in the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

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Averett University Office of Admissions, Danville, Va. 24541
1-800-AVERETT, ext. 14996 E-mail •
Coursework                                                                              Alumni Success Stories
Some of the courses you can expect to take as a                                         • Christopher Torres, ‘04, works for the New York
sociology/criminal justice major may include:                                           City Police Department.
• Criminology
• Cultural Anthropology                                                                 • Amanda Woodward Barber, ‘03, is an intelligence
• Drugs and Substance Abuse                                                             analyst for SAIC (Science Applications International
                                                                                        Corporation), a government contractor.
• Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
• Criminal Investigation
                                                                                        • Laura Daniel Cross, ‘99, is a senior research
• Criminal Law                                                                          analyst for the Virginia Department of Corrections.
For more information about requirements and courses
you will be taking visit Averett’s Web site:                                            • Kelly Cross, ‘98, previously worked with the                                                     Narcotics Task Force and now works with the Criminal
                                                                                        Investigations Unit on the James City County Police
Study With Experienced Faculty                                                          Department.
Dr. Rebecca Clark, professor; B.A., Stratford College;
M.A., Ph.D., Arizona State University; helps students                                   • Matthew Carter, ‘95, is a member of the Danville
create their own individual research studies, which they                                Police Department.
complete during their senior year.
Dr. Clark is very interested in sports and athletics at                                 • Troy Smith, ‘91, is a senior trooper with the Virginia
Averett and is a leader in the Cougar Club support                                      State Police Department.
organization. She travels to Europe every year and has
a strong interest in international events and cultures.                                 • A number of alumni work for the Virginia State Police
                                                                                        Department including: Christopher “CJ” Aikens, ‘03;
Dr. Laura Hartman, associate professor; A.A.,                                           Elizabeth “Grace” Aikens, ‘03; Anna Dishman, ‘03,
Cuyahoga Community College; B.A., Arizona State                                         and Chad Morris, ‘01.
University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin;
presents research papers every year at sociology                                        • Brad Cohen, ‘91, is a law enforcement officer with
conventions.                                                                            the FBI.
Dr. Hartman also takes students to conventions every
year to present their academic papers.
                                                                                        “I was very interested in the correction/rehabilitation
Dr. Steve Wray, professor; B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D.,
University of Florida; J.D., Washington and Lee                                         of inmates before I came to Averett. I decided to major
University; Graduate Study, Harvard University; New                                     in sociology/criminal justice because Averett focuses a
York University, Post Graduate School of Medicine;                                      lot on the sociology side of criminal justice. I have been
University of Louisville, Southern Police Institute                                     able to study more about what happens with correctional
Dr. Wray worked in Chicago as a deputy coroner and                                      facilities.When I graduate I want to work in the field
has investigated several hundred violent death cases.
                                                                                        of equine assisted psychotherapy. This is where inmates
He has studied forensic photography at the Dade
County, Florida medical examiners office and forensic                                    work with horses to learn self control, anger management
death investigation at the New York City medical                                        and many more skills. Inmate rehabilitation with horses
examiners office.                                                                        is a new field, and I want to help pioneer this field.
                                                                                        Averett, with its sociology/criminal justice major and
                                                                                        equestrian major, has helped me come closer to fulfilling
                                                                                        my goals.”

                                                                                        Lindsey Behr, ‘09

    Averett is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Ga. 30033, Phone 404-679-4501).

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