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					Data Inputs
MB Desalter Calc for Salt in Treated Crude
%H2O Dehyd Inlet Crude, Spheroid Out            8.00
ppm TDS degassed crude                       224550
%Wash H2O, WW to PdC2                           6.00
ppm TDS Wash H2O                                  50
% BSW in Treated Crude, Wt, #1Desalter          0.20
% BSW Dehyd Out                                 0.25
%Eff Dehyd                                      0.80
%Eff 1st Stg Dsalt                              0.60

press calc button after data entry=>
#1 Desalter PTB oil out                             4
#1 Desalter %Recycled H2O to LCV-2                6.1
#1 Desalter PTB to LCV2,                         131
Dehydrator outlet Crude PTB                      134
Dehydrator Disposal %Water to LCV-1             13.8
Dehydrator Out Injection H2O PTB               7397

#1 Desalter Crude Out PTB w/effiency              9     This case represents a 2 stage desalter plant operating with
PTB Dehyd out w/eff                             168
                                                                      check sums check sums
CRUDE, MSC mBPD                                70.0                   %H2O     PTB
GPM LCV-1                                       282     O'all             0.00     0.00
GPM LCV-2                                       124     Dehyd             0.00     0.00
                                                        1desalter         0.00     0.00
                                                        The above check sums should be zero to complete
                                                        water and salt balance on each unit and overall Operation
esalter plant operating with 1 Desalter or Dehydrator in bypass mode

                            Determine Water Carryover to Dehydrator 1983 Data
                            Demulsfier ppm to Wild Wet Crude
                                       T, F       ppm       %W Dehy in
                                             110         24       1.03
                            min               70         14
                            max              110         24
overall Operation
                            Calc for %WC, PTB, or PPM
                            WC%            PTB          TDS, ppm
                                     3.2         2960        224535 calc ppm
                                     3.2         2960        224550 calc ptb
                                       3         2960        224550 calc WC
                            Result Value                Input Value

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