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Outlook Mailbox Cleanup Tips
Tips on how to clean up your outlook mailbox.
You are unable to send or receive email or you get a message about being over the size
limit for email. Need to reduce the size of your outlook mailbox. You can move emails you
want to keep to a personal folder (PST file).
Outlook Mailbox Cleanup Tips

Automated Message Cleanup
Creating New Folders
How to empty your Deleted Items folder
How to set "Empty Deleted Items upon exiting Outlook"
Changing Your Sent Items Folder Settings

Automated Message Cleanup
As of March 19th, 2006 automated clean up procedures run that do the following:

      Delete any items in the “Deleted Items” folder that are more than 7 days old.
      Remove any items from the “Sent Items” folder that are more than 30 days old. These items will
       be moved to the “Deleted Items” folder from which they will be permanently deleted 7 days later.
      If you need to save any “Sent Items” Move them to another folder (preferably to a folder in a
       Personal Folder stored locally) before the end of 30 days from when they were sent.

If you either manually clean out your “deleted items” folder or if you have your mailbox set
to “Delete upon Exiting” your deleted items will be deleted prior to the weekend clean up

Moving Folders/Files to Your Personal Folder

      Select the folder/file you want to move.
      Choose Edit, then Move to Folder
      Select the folder you want to move the file to and click OK.

Note: Folders/Files can be moved via the process of drag & drop.

Creating New Folders

      Choose File, then Folder, then New Folder.
   Name the folder what you want, then select where to place
    the new folder and click OK.
How to Empty your Deleted Items folder

       Right click on Deleted Items, highlight and then click on Empty “Deleted Items” Folder


       Choose Tools, then Empty Deleted items folder

How to set "Empty Deleted Items upon exiting Outlook"

       Choose Tools, then Options.
   Under the Other tab you will need to checkmark -
    "Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting"
      Now, once you exit outlook you will get the following message: (select yes to empty the folder)

Changing Your Sent Items Folder Settings

      If you do not want to save the emails you send to others do the following.

      In Outlook, Choose Tools, then Options.
   Under the Preferences tab, select E-mail Options
   Uncheck "Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder"
       This will prevent the emails you send from being automatically stored in your Sent Items folder.

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