The Key to Ultimate Leadership

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					The Key to Ultimate Leadership
The Key to Ultimate Leadership…

  Strong leaders are made, not born…
   Make the most of yourself at PLC.
                What Is PLC?
       The Philmont Leadership Challenge

PLCPLC is an exciting, weeklong training program to
    is an exciting, week-long training program designed
  enhance Wood Badge Wood Badge
  designed to enhanceleadership skills leadership skills.

   PLC will provide participants with
a Philmont-based wilderness experience
      that motivates them to follow
    a life of helping others succeed
     based on the values expressed
       in the Scout Oath and Law.
      What Do I Learn at PLC?
You will learn to:
 Act as a servant leader who shares the skills of
   Wood Badge and helps develop other leaders
   through your enhanced understanding of the
 See the parallels between youth and adult
   leadership lessons.
 Be an advocate for all youth and adult leadership
   development training in your local council.
 Share with and learn from other participants to
   help others to be successful.
 Intuitively use the Wood Badge leadership skills
   in all aspects of your life.
         What Can I Expect?
 A backcountry experience based at
  Philmont’s Rocky Mountain Scout Camp
 Challenging but fun backcountry activities

 An experience that will enable you to build
  upon the legacy of Waite Phillips, the man
  who gave us Philmont
 Learning to live a life of servant leadership

  Primus inter pares - First among equals.
Wood Badge Review and more..

We focus on four pillars of sharing:

1. Reinforcing Wood Badge skills
2. Showing the alignment between youth
   and adult training
3. Sharing expertise with participants from
   across the nation
4. Taking lessons home to share with your
   unit and Council
                   The Modules
The seven exciting PLC modules are designed to practice
Wood Badge skills in a realistic and challenging setting:
              •   Project COPE
              •   Wilderness First Aid
              •   GPS and Geocaching
              •   Search and Rescue
              •   Leave No Trace
              •   Conservation
              •   Philmont History
              And there is so much more!
    The Modules Teach These Skills
Module         Purpose                             Leadership Skills
Project COPE   Team development                    Valuing people,
                                                   leadership behaviors
Wilderness     Learn advanced skills for later     Planning,
First Aid      application in search and rescue    communication,
                                                   problem solving
Geocaching     Outdoor skills, allow Storming      Teaching EDGE,
               stage of team development           conflict resolution,
                                                   problem solving
Search and     Learn advanced outdoor skills for   Teaching EDGE,
Rescue         application throughout the course   communication,
                                                   problem solving
Leave No       Learn advanced outdoor skills for   Ethical decision making
Trace          application throughout the course
Conservation   Give back to Philmont through       Teaching EDGE,
               service                             servant leadership
Philmont       Understand the value of a legacy    Servant leadership
       Project COPE
Purpose: Team development

          Wood Badge skills:
          • Valuing people
          • Leadership behaviors
       Wilderness First Aid
Purpose: Learn advanced outdoor skills

                   Wood Badge skills:
                   • Planning
                   • Communication
                   • Problem solving
      GPS and Geocaching
Purpose: Learn advanced outdoor skills;
         allows Storming stage

  Wood Badge skills:
  • Teaching EDGE
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving
      Search and Rescue
Purpose: Learn advanced outdoor skills

                    Wood Badge skills:
                    • Teaching EDGE
                    • Communication
                    • Problem solving
    Backcountry Experience
 Purpose: Learn Leave No Trace

Wood Badge skill: Ethical decision making
         Leave No Trace - Ethics in Action

Keeping the beauty of Philmont pristine for future generations
Purpose: Give back to Philmont through service
                       Wood Badge skills:
                       • Teaching EDGE
                       • Servant leadership
         Philmont History
Purpose: Understand the value of a legacy

                   Wood Badge skill:
                   • Servant leadership
―Beyond Wood Badge….‖
 We have added tested material from a
 number of leadership books and concepts
 that expand upon ideas presented in
 Wood Badge.
         And most of all . . .
      Servant Leadership

The core of PLC is ―servant leadership‖—
 learning to lead for the good of others.
   What Will You Take Home?
• The ability and motivation to be a dynamic
  and effective leader, gained through advanced,
  practical applications of Wood Badge skills
• Innovative techniques to deliver Wood Badge skills
  to units and Councils
• Nationwide resources …and friends!
• Life skills for now and forever
• A personal, written commitment
  for your unit, District and/or Council
• Wonderful memories of a great Philmont
  backcountry experience!
The journal captures WB and NYLT
    skills, and so much more…
   We See These Course Outcomes

 Increased self-confidence
 Growing self-awareness
  – A daily assessment of strengths and limitations
 New creativity and ideas to take home
 The happiness from helping others succeed
 Understanding that everyone is a leader
  – Everyone in the group contributes in a
    significant way to team success
 Knowing leadership is a way of life
    From Those Who Have Been There:
    ―This course has changed the way that I approach my
personal, business and scouting life. Thank you for that gift.‖
  ―The truth is, it is hard to find words to adequately express
   my experience. The course far exceeded my expectations.
  I truly left Philmont with the desire to be a servant leader.‖
     ―PLC exceeded my expectations and more importantly,
I left Philmont with lots of new friends, a bag full of resources,
             and a deep desire of wanting more!!!‖
             ―As for home, church, and Scouting...
            I believe I got my batteries re-charged
        and see life a bit more differently than before.‖
   ―I find it more important than ever to be more of a life
 partner with my wife, a contributing member of my church,
         and a Scouter who is needed in my District.‖
    Am I Ready?
To attend PLC, you must:

 Have completed or staffed
  Wood Badge for the 21st Century
    If you have staffed NYLT or NAYLE, you also qualify

 Successfully complete a Philmont Level A physical
  (meet the Philmont backcountry medical requirements)

     PLC is not just for Wood Badge staff…
  Unit leaders, Board members, and Council staff will all benefit
Don’t wait…

             The only PLC course this year,
    will be held September 18-24, 2011…
 Find out how to sign up and more information at
Remember . . .
Strong leaders are not born,
      …they’re made.

Make the most of yourself…
            at PLC

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