Rosebud Run Sleddog Classic Job Description Updated February 2 2009 Job Title SOUVENIR MANA

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					                           Rosebud Run Sleddog Classic
                                 Job Description
                                 Updated February 2, 2009

Job Title:          SOUVENIR MANAGER
Job History:        2006 – Vivian Whalen
                    2007 – Gayle Veno
                    2009 – Lois Wright/Bill Windsor
Job Cluster:        Registration Night Coordinator, Dinner Coordinator, Souvenir Vendors
Reports To:         Race Manager

Purpose:            To determine what items will be sold and to co-ordinate the sales.

Pre-Event Functions:
      Become familiar with the website so that you can check it for updates.
      Read the Rosebud Run General Guidelines.
      Find someone to shadow you and learn your job.

      Material orders
      Inventory and accounting system in place
      Placing materials with retailers
      Periodic visits to sales venues
      Schedule sales assistants for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
      See Notes

Event Functions:
Friday night
      Attend registration wearing your name tag.

Souvenir Sales
   1. Request and obtain sufficient float and a cash box advance of registration. The sales
      of souvenirs must be recorded separately for accurate accounting at the end of the
   2. Provide an adequate inventory of Souvenirs well in advance of registration.
   3. Arrange for Souvenir sales personnel for registration night.
   4. Prepare the Souvenir tables in the registration venue complete with appropriate
      inventory, appropriate signage and floats prior to registration.
   5. Souvenir sales personnel must arrive at registration venue at least 15 minutes before
      the posted registration time.
   6. Upon completion of sales, return unsold souvenirs to the Souvenir Manager with
      appropriate sales accounting and hand over all sales revenue to the Statistician with
      appropriate financial accounting.
   7. Clean up the Souvenir / Musher Mixer Ticket Sales tables.
Saturday and Sunday
   1. Arrange sales personnel for souvenir sales out of the concession tent.
   2. Arrange with the Concession Manager provision of required tables and chairs.
   3. Supply and monitor souvenir sales out of the concession tent.

Saturday night
      Attend Dinner

Sunday Closing
     Return any borrowed materials.

Post-Event Functions:
 Write down any suggestions that you have for the next Rosebud Run. Please include any
   changes that you would like to see made to this job description. This information should
   be given to the Volunteer Co-ordinator who would also like to know if you are willing to do
   the job again next year and who shadowed you this year.

                     Thank you very much for your participation.

S&J Embroidery (Sharon) prepared the souvenirs
           Didsbury Pharmasave (Claude Baril)
           Ward Value Drug Mart (Margo Ward)
           Didsbury Dry Cleaners (Scott Puttick)
     Direct Sales
           Mushers Meeting (Friday night with registration)
           Souvenir Booth (at race site in concession tent)
           Meal & Mixer (at Elks Hall Saturday night)

Looking Ahead (2008)
     Need lower end souvenirs and new items (i.e. pens, coffee mugs, travel coffee mugs, pins, neck
               warmers, key chains, etc.) as well as the old items
     Need marketing outside Didsbury
     Budget Expense - $3500
     Budget Revenue - $3300
     Have an 11 x 14 poster – cost $2 each
     Souvenirs need to be in retail outlets prior to Country Christmas (December 1)
     Souvenirs will be sold in the concession tent
     We have an on-line inventory process
     Need impeccable record keeping – organization is key

What’s Involved
     Researching and pricing souvenir potential items – make recommendations at June meeting
          Research should involve talking to Margo (Ward Value Drug Mart), Claude Baril (Didsbury
                Pharmasave) and other retailers to see what will sell.
     Order and secure souvenir inventory, re-order when necessary
Receive, pick up souvenirs and maintain inventory
Keep retailers stocked (limited numbers)
Possibly expand retail market to Olds and Carstairs?
Supply souvenirs to Mushers Meeting (Friday night) with sales personnel – you will work with the
            Registration Night Coordinator to facilitate this
Supply souvenirs and arrange sales personnel for the Concession tent at the race site.
Supply souvenirs to Rosebud Run Dinner (Saturday night) with sales personnel – you will work
            with the Rosebud Run Dinner Manager to facilitate this
Ordering floats and accounting for direct and retail sales
Record keeping – who has what, what has sold, proceeds
Make recommendations to improve marketing, signage, sales
To start with it will take several hours to research items, make recommendations and get orders
            in. Once souvenirs are in place, it will take about 1 to 2 hours a week to maintain the
            souvenir inventory. Race days may take considerably more time during the two days
            of racing and the on registration night.

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