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          Documentation                       BACK ON JAN 15, 2012                                                                                   Me too I prefer the dialogues.
                                             by Almaviva                                                                                             ¿Qué tal Carmén?
         Exclusive Interviews
                                             Published on December 4th, 2011 01:00 AM                                                                Almaviva Today, 09:37 AM
         Exclusive Articles                   Number of Views: 13803                                                                                 This recording of Carmen is
          Opera News                                                                                                                                 really fantastic.
                                              Welcome to Opera Lively. Here is some information about the site (and don't forget
          The Local Area                      to click on Forum above for the area with discussion threads, English and non-                         I do prefer the version with
                                              English language content, and posts)                                                                   dialogues, the one coming
                                                                                                                                                     from Bizet. The recitatives
                                              Hello, my friends. Almaviva here. I'm the owner of this site, and a passionate opera lover.            were
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                                                                                                                                                     ¿Qué tal Carmén?
       (Show All)                             I'm pleased to announce to you a very exciting new project. As you can see, I'm creating a
                                                                                                                                                     Schigolch Today, 08:19 AM
                                              new opera web site and forum. We are under construction and not accepting registrations yet
              Founding Documents              (except of course for those we've invited to be part of our constrution crew - some 35 people),        From the Globe and Mail this
              (1)                             but we expect to be up and running on or around January 15, 2012.                                      weekend:
                                              I believe that in order to diffuse and support our beloved operatic art form, a lot more is            Want a career in opera?
                                              needed than can be achieved by a generalized classical music forum.                                    There’s an app for that
              Recent Articles                                                                                                                        itywltmt Today, 08:01 AM
                                              First of all, in certain large sites opera discussions occupy only a smallish part of a larger
                                                                                                                                                     Carlos Kleiber, Domingo,
                 OPERA IN DEPTH:              classical music forum. Up to recently I was part of one such site, where in about 18 months I
                                                                                                                                                     Obraztsova: Carmen, Vienna,
                 La Traviata -                authored more than 8,000 posts and started several new ideas and initiatives, although I could
                 Giuseppe Verdi               never have done it without all of you, and without the good folks who offered me this
                 Under Construction           opportunity.
                 notice: this article is
                                              So, I've given you proof of my enthusiasm and creativity, and like some of you said in your            Complete operas in
                 still incomplete and
                 is part of the site          farewell messages when I left that site, I worked hard to contribute to your enjoyment of
                 construction. By             opera. Now I expect something in return. I expect that you all will be willing to join me in my        Schigolch Today, 07:55 AM
                 opening day all              next endeavor.                                                                                         Nice, itywltmt, although the
                 headings will be                                                                                                                    "closer to a musical" aspect is
                 completed.                   I believe that opera deserves its own specialized venue. Yes, there are other opera web sites          controversial, in my opinion,
                                              in English, as well as blogs, message boards, etc. But rarely (if ever) I see what I would really      especially because Carmen had
                 1. Presentation              like to find in such online venues.                                                                    different versions,
                                                                                                                                                     ¿Qué tal Carmén?
                 2. The genesis of the        What are these items?
                 Opera                                                                                                                               Almaviva Today, 06:06 AM

                                              First and foremost, high quality of content. Those of you who have met me in my previous
                 3. Around the opera          venue have seen what my Opera In-Depth project has produced, with our rather spectacular
                                              collective comments on La Traviata, followed by the equally spectacular Die Tote Stadt
                 4. The Characters            analysis mostly authored by Schigolch. That material is probably among the best texts ever
                 and their voices             made available on the Internet about these operas, and go way beyond the usual fare one can
                                              find elsewhere (online encyclopedias, other sites, blogs, etc.) Next, we were supposed to
                 ... read more
                                              tackle Les Troyens (but then, I left). You've seen esteemed poster Schigolch treat us to
                 Almaviva December
                                              sophisticated and encyclopedic knowledge of operatic terms, history, vocal techniques, etc.
                 10th, 2011, 01:31 PM
                                              Well, guess what, Schigolch has already joined me for my next project. More on this later.
                 INTERVIEW                    Second, modernity. In order to have a high quality opera site, we need the latest software,
                 WITH JUAN                    with the full web publishing capacity, above and beyond merely forum capacity. Just a forum
                 DIEGO FLÓREZ                 is not enough. We need a full-fledged web site.
                 Watch this space for
                 some amazing                 Third, dynamism. Things need to move fast. The opera world is moving fast. We can't afford
                 surprises. We are            months and months before every decision is made. The people making the decisions need to
                 negotiating exclusive        be committed to opera, and have opera as the highest priority. Allocation of resources needs
                 interviews with some         to be focused on opera.
                 major opera stars, as
                 well as with some            Fourth, not only forum discussions, but journalistic reach. An opera site shouldn't just have a
                 young artists. There         forum, but also, should have published articles and exclusive interviews with real-life opera
                 will be a semi-              professionals. I’m pleased to announce that Operafocus has joined us as well, and will be
                 exclusive one with           publishing her interviews with young artists on our site. She’ll keep her site running as well,
                 Jonas Kaufmann...            and we’ll be glad to advertise her site on ours and vice-versa.
                 read more
                 Almaviva December            Fifth, partnerships and connections with the opera world. Such site should cultivate contacts
                 8th, 2011, 01:00 AM
                                              with agents of operatic artists, general managers of opera houses, and should offer links to
                 Met Live in HD               opera houses' web sites and calendar / ticket information, event announcements, etc.
                 and Radio
                 Broadcast                    Sixth, while the virtual anonymous community is nice, real life contact is also interesting. We
                 schedule                     should organize conventions and meetings, just like the Opera Convention that I recently
                                              almost singlehandedly pushed forward. We should have groups of members organizing trips to
                                              performances. They should report back with journalistic content and pictures. They should use                                                                                                    12/13/2011
Forums at Opera Lively - Welcome to the new CMS. Read me first.                                                                      Page 2 of 3

                             the influence of the website to secure backstage tours and access to artists.
       Opera Lively claims
       no association with   Seventh, outreach and education. A proper opera web site should be also a content provider,
       the Metropolitan      organize online courses, and deliver expertise to smaller communities. We should send a
       Opera Organization,   member to these communities to give a lecture, and partner with local opera houses - for
       but we'll be          example, by developing an In-Depth project about a certain opera that is the next one to be
       publishing this       presented by a local opera company, and proposing to the local company the utilization of this
       schedule out of our   material to educate the prospective public. Other than the usual synopsis that the opera
       support for their     company web site contains, a link to the In-Depth article would give to the public the
       efforts to diffuse    opportunity to learn more about the opera before the performance. I’ve been already in touch
       opera.                with the manager of a regional opera company, and regardless of whether or not this effort
                             pays off, I’ll continue similar efforts until we can get real-life professional opera companies on
       ... read more
       Almaviva December
       4th, 2011, 01:00 AM
                             Eighth, multilingual capacities. While English often functions as the universal language, and
                             while the main operatic countries like Italy, Germany, and France have their own very active
                             opera sites, there isn't a truly multilingual venue to link opera lovers around the world.

                             As a member or even a moderator of other sites, I wasn't in full control, and my vision,
                             ambition, and dedication to this art form couldn't be fully expressed.

                             This is why I have decided to launch my own web site.

                             I'm the sole owner, and Schigolch is the site administrator. We have the services of an expert
                             in web design and business as chief operations officer. The first team of moderators includes
                             Amfortas, Soave_Fanciulla (a.k.a. mamascarlatti), Operafocus, and Festat.

                             We will operate within the law and with due respect to copyrighted material.

                             Like I said, Opera Lively is expected to be up and running on or around January 15, 2012. It
                             will start small and not all of the above features will be immediately available. But it will grow,
                             and will grow fast (you’ve had a taste of how much energy Schigolch and I have).

                             The distinctive characteristic is that the site will have a vision. It will have short, mid, and long
                             term objectives. It will be ambitious, creative, and dynamic. It will be firmly anchored in the
                             real-life professional opera world, and will seek all sorts of partnerships and sponsorships.

                             English is the site's dominant language, but unlike practically all other online opera venues,
                             Opera Lively will also have sub-forums in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and German.
                             Schigolch as a native speaker will oversee the Spanish part, and will bring in some amazing
                             experts from his opera group headquartered in Spain. English-language area will have as
                             moderator Amfortas. Italian and French already count on the services of a new member who
                             uses the screen name Soave Fanciulla, and is fully fluent in both languages. New member
                             Festat from Brazil will oversee the Portuguese side of the project. We have a couple of ideas
                             for German but it's still a work in progress. These non-English language areas will be of course
                             slow to grow, but it is important to have them from the beginning. We may add more
                             languages later (Danish? Russian?). Countries like Brazil with an emerging middle class can't
                             even count on a major opera site. Having a foothold there will increase the exposure, hits, and
                             Google searches of Opera Lively. This local focus will stimulate local communities to join and
                             post their own events and venues.

                             Schigolch and I (helped by our staff and our future members) intend to create an amazing
                             web site with really, really high-quality content. We'll be offering it to you, our friends and
                             collaborators, free of charge. It will be your home, and we hope that you'll make yourselves
                             comfortable here and will make of it your preferred online venue for operatic discussions.

                             As you have noticed, I've mentioned that I had an online presence on a similar site, and
                             initially a good percentage of the Opera Lively members will come from there as well (these
                             are the people who know us). But we hopefully won't be only absorbing members coming
                             from my latest online venture. Both Schigolch and I have other contacts in the operatic world,
                             and we will do all we can to attract some amazingly knowledgeable new members to our
                             enterprise (e.g., Schigolch is recruiting a formidable Spanish expert in contemporary opera,
                             and I’m recruiting a former dramatic soprano and chorus master, and a retired professional
                             mezzo-soprano and voice professor).

                             We intend to be ethical, fair, and friendly. Certainly we'll be a competitor to other opera
                             forums, but we intend to offer fair and respectful competition. Part of our Terms of Services
                             includes a statement in the sense that no detrimental content about other online classical
                             music and opera communities will be tolerated here at Opera Lively. We want to see other
                             venues as cousin sites, also dedicated to the betterment of the international operatic
                             community - the more, the better. The good folks who lead other sites are nice people, and
                             we don't want to encourage anybody to quit their current place of membership. We just want
                             to ask you to try us, and to be members of our site as well. We will welcome you with open
                             arms and will do our best to match your expectations and provide to you the best possible

                             So, my dear friends, stand by, and once we go live, please join us. I assure you that you won't
                             regret it.

                             Best regards,

                             Site Owner, Opera Lively
                             Founding Documents                                                                    12/13/2011

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