Multicultural Collaboration by s4c752


									Multicultural Collaboration
What is multicultural collaboration?

• Two or more groups or organizations
  comprised of different backgrounds
  Why is multicultural collaboration
• It gets everyone involved
• It emphasizes common interest, not differences
• It makes for more effective communication
  between groups
• It makes people aware of other cultures
• It creates a community
• It makes a more just society
     When should you commit to
     multicultural collaboration?

• When people affected by a problem are not
  involved in the solution
• When various organizations with common goals
  are pulling in different directions
• When there are problems between diverse groups
• Before any problems arise
        Guidelines for multicultural

•   Learn from generalization, but don't stereotype
•   Practice
•   Don't assume that our way is the right way
•   Listen actively and empathetically
•   Respect the opinion of others
•   Be aware of different cultures and values
      How to build a multicultural
• State objectives clearly
• Conduct strategic outreach and membership
• Establish and structure operating procedures that
  reinforce equality
• Practice new and various modes of
  communication and special support
• Create leadership positions for everyone
• Engage in culturally sensitive activities

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