Reading Counts 2008 2009 by huanghengdong


									                   Reading Counts Suggestions for 08-09

Directions: To Fulfill your 50 point class requirement for Reading Counts, each 9-weeks you will need to
read a novel from the given list below and pass the computer generated test with a 9/10 or a 10/10.
After the one book minimum is met for each 9-week period, any additional books will be added as 10
bonus points to your overall grade. If 10 classic /challenge book tests are successfully passed within a
semester, they will be used to replace your exam. If this goal is attempted but not met by the end of the
first semester, you will be required to take your semester exam, your bonus points will be applied to the
given grading period, and the balance of the books may be read in order to replace the final exam.

NOTES              TITLE                                                         AUTHOR

classic/challenge 1984                                                           Orwell, George
                   3 NBs of Julian Drew, The                                     Deem, James
                   Abe Lincoln Grows Up                                          Sandburg, Carl
                   Abhorsen                                                      Nix, Garth
                   Acceleration                                                  McNamee, Graham
                   Acquainted with the Night                                     Hotze, Sollace
                   Adam and Eve and Pinch Me                                     Johnston, Julie
                   Adventures of Blue Avenger, The                               Howe, Norma
classic/challenge Adventures of Huckleberry Finn                                 Twain, Mark
classic/challenge Adventures of Tom Sawyer                                       Twain, Mark
                   After the Dancing Days                                        Rostkowski, Margaret
                   After the First Death                                         Cormier, Robert
classic/challenge Airborn                                                        Oppel, Kenneth
classic/challenge Airframe                                                       Crichton, Michael
classic/challenge Alas, Babylon                                                  Frank, Pat
classic/challenge All Creatures Great and Small                                  Herriot, James
classic/challenge All Over but the Shoutin'                                      Bragg, Rick
classic/challenge All Quiet on the Western Front                                 Remarque, Erich Maria
classic/challenge All Things Bright and Beautiful                                Herriot, James
                   All Through the Night                                         Clark, Mary Higgins
                   Alvin Journeyman                                              Card, Orson Scott
                   Amber Spyglass, The                                           Pullman, Philip
                   America                                                       Frank, E.R.
                   American Hero: The True Story of Charles Lindberg             Denenberg, Barry
classic/challenge American Plague                                                Murphy, Jim
                   Amistad: A Long Road to Freedom                               Myers, Walter Dean
classic/challenge Andromeda Strain                                               Crichton, Michael
                  Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging   Rennison, Louise
classic/challenge Animal Farm                               Orwell, George
                  Anna of Byzantium                         Barrett, Tracy
                  Anne Frank Remembered                     Gies, Miep
                  Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl         Frank, Anne
classic/challenge Anthem                                    Rand, Ayn
classic/challenge April Morning                             Fast, Howard
                  Are You in the House Alone?               Peck, Richard
                  Armageddon Summer                         Yolen, Jane
                  Artemis Fowl                              Colfer, Eoin
                  Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident         Colfer, Eoin
                  Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code           Colfer, Eoin
                  Ashes of Roses                            Auch, Mary Jane
classic/challenge Atlas Shrugged                            Rand, Ayn
classic/challenge Awakening, The                            Chopin, Kate
                  Away Laughing on a Fast Camel             Rennison, Louise
                  B for Buster                              Lawrence, Iain
classic/challenge Babbitt                                   Lewis, Sinclair
                  Bad Boy: A Memoir                         Myers, Walter Dean
classic/challenge Bad Seed, The                             March, William
                  Beacon Hill Boys                          Mochizuki, Ken
classic/challenge Bean Trees, The                           Kingsolver, Barbara
classic/challenge Bearing an Hourglass                      Anthony, Piers
                  Beet Fields, The                          Paulsen, Gary
                  Before We Were Free                       Alvarez, Julia
                  Beggar Queen, The                         Alexander, Lloyd
                  Bel-Air Bambi and the Mall Rats           Peck, Richard
classic/challenge Bell for Adano, A                         Hersey, John
                  Belle Prater's Boy                        White, Ruth
                  Bellmaker, The                            Jacques, Brian
                  Belonging                                 Scott, Virginia
classic/challenge Beloved                                   Morrison, Toni
                  Bend in the Road, A                       Sparks, Nicholas
                  Beyond the Chocolate War                  Cormier, Robert
                  Big Mouth & Ugly Girl                     Oates, Joyce Carol
classic/challenge Billy Budd                                Melville, Herman
                  Black Arrow, The                          Stevenson, Robert Louis
classic/challenge Black Boy                                 Wright, Richard
classic/challenge Black Like Me                             Griffin, John
                  Blackbird                                 Lauck, Jennifer
                  Blood and Chocolate                                 Klause, Annette Curtis
                  Blue Heron                                          Avi
                  Blue Noon                                           Westerfeld, Scott
classic/challenge Bluest Eye, The                                     Morrison, Toni
classic/challenge Body in the Library, The                            Christie, Agatha
                  Bomb, The                                           Taylor, Theodore
                  Both Sides of Time                                  Cooney, Caroline B.
classic/challenge Brave New World                                     Huxley, Aldous
                  Breakout                                            Fleischman, Paul
                  Breathing Underwater                                Flinn, Alex
                  Brethren, The                                       Grisham, John
                  Bright Shadow                                       Thomas, Joyce Carol
                  Broken Chords                                       Gilbert, Barbara Snow
                  Broken Days, The                                    Rinaldi, Ann
                  Bronx Masquerade                                    Grimes, Nikki
                  Bud, not Buddy                                      Curtis, Christopher
                  Burn Journals, The                                  Runyon, Brent
classic/challenge Call of the Wild, The                               London, Jack
                  Callender Papers, The                               Voigt, Cynthia
                  Calling on Dragons                                  Wrede, Patricia C.
                  Can't Get There from Here                           Strasser, Todd
classic/challenge Canticle for Leibowitz                              Miller, Walter
classic/challenge Case of Need, A                                     Crichton, Michael
classic/challenge Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                               Williams, Tennessee
                  Catalyst                                            Anderson, Laurie Halse
classic/challenge Catcher in the Rye                                  Salinger, J.D.
                  Catherine, Called Birdy                             Cushman, Karen
classic/challenge Cat's Cradle                                        Vonnegut, Kurt
                  Caught by the Sea                                   Paulsen, Gary
                  Chamber, The                                        Grisham, John
                  Changes in Latitude                                 Hobbs, Will
classic/challenge Cheaper by the Dozen                                Gilbreth, Frank B., Jr.
                  Chief, The                                          Lipsyte, Robert
                  Child Called "It": One Child's Courage to Survive   Pelzer, Dave
classic/challenge Children of the Mind                                Card, Orson Scott
                  Chill Wind                                          McDonald, Janet
                  Chinese Handcuffs                                   Crutcher, Chris
                  Chocolate War, The                                  Cormier, Robert
classic/challenge Chosen, The                                         Potok, Chaim
                  Christmas Killer                                    Windsor, Patricia
classic/challenge Christy                                         Marshall, Catherine
classic/challenge Clan of the Cave Bear, The                      Auel, Jean
classic/challenge Clear and Present Danger                        Clancy, Tom
classic/challenge Client, The                                     Grisham, John
classic/challenge Cold Mountain                                   Frazier, Charles
classic/challenge Cold Sassy Tree                                 Burns, Olive Ann
                  Colibri                                         Cameron, Ann
classic/challenge Color of Water, The                             McBride, James
classic/challenge Color Purple, The                               Walker, Alice
                  Come a Stranger                                 Voigt, Cynthia
                  Coming of Age in Mississippi                    Moodey, Anne
                  Comstock Lode                                   L'Amour, Louis
                  Confessions of a Teenage Baboon                 Zindel, Paul
                  Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen            Sheldon, Dyan
classic/challenge Congo                                           Crichton, Michael
classic/challenge Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court       Twain, Mark
                  Contender, The                                  Lipsyte, Robert
                  Contents Under Pressure                         Zeises, Lara
                  Corner of the Universe                          Martin, Ann M.
                  Cracker Jackson                                 Byars, Betsy
                  Crank                                           Hopkins, Ellen
                  Crazy Horse Electric Game                       Crutcher, Chris
                  Crispin: The Cross of Lead                      Avi
classic/challenge Crucible, The                                   Miller, Arthur
                  Cruise Control                                  Trueman, Terry
                  Cry in the Night                                Clark, Mary Higgins
classic/challenge Cry, The Beloved Country                        Paton, Alan
classic/challenge Crystal Cave                                    Stewart, Mary
classic/challenge Crystal City, The                               Card, Orson Scott
                  Cuba 15                                         Osa, Nancy
                  Cure, The                                       Levitin, Sonia
                  Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time   Haddon, Mark
                  Curse of Chalion, The                           Bujold, Lois
                  Curse of the Blue Tattoo, The                   Meyer, L.A.
                  Cut                                             McCormick, Patricia
classic/challenge Cyrano De Bergerac                              Rostand, Edmond
classic/challenge Da Vinci Code, The                              Brown, Dan
classic/challenge Dances with Wolves                              Blake, Michael
                  Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants                       Rennison, Louise
classic/challenge Dandelion Wine                                  Bradbury, Ray
                  Dangerous Promise                                   Nixon, Joan Lowery
                  Dark Is Rising, The                                 Cooper, Susan
                  Darkness before Dawn                                Draper, Sharon
classic/challenge Daughter of Fortune                                 Allende, Isabel
classic/challenge David Copperfield                                   Dickens, Charles
                  Day No Pigs Would Die                               Peck, Robert Newton
                  Day of Tears                                        Lester, Julius
                  Days of Jubilee                                     McKissack, Patricia
                  Dead Girls Don't Write Letters                      Giles, Gail
                  Deadly Game of Magic                                Nixon, Joan Lowery
                  Dealing with Dragons                                Wrede, Patricia C.
classic/challenge Death Be Not Proud                                  Gunther, John
classic/challenge Death in the Family, A                              Agee, James
classic/challenge Death of a Salesman, The                            Miller, Arthur
                  Deathwatch                                          White, Robb
                  Demon in My View                                    Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia
                  Devil's Arithmetic, The                             Yolen, Jane
                  Dicey's Song                                        Voigt, Cynthia
                  Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack                           Kerr, M.E.
classic/challenge Disclosure                                          Crichton, Michael
                  Dogsong                                             Paulsen, Gary
classic/challenge Doll's House, A                                     Ibsen, Henrik
                  Domain                                              Alten, Steve
                  Don't Look and It Won't Hurt                        Peck, Richard
                  Don't Look Behind You                               Duncan, Lois
                  Don't You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey             Haddix, Margaret
                  Double Helix: A Novel                               Werlin, Nancy
classic/challenge Dream of Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement         McWhorter, Diane
                  Dreamland: A Novel                                  Dessen, Sarah
                  Drummers of Jericho                                 Meyer, Carolyn
                  Drums of Change                                     Oke, Janette
                  Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie                     Sonnenblick, Jordan
classic/challenge Dune                                                Herbert, Frank
                  Dunk                                                Lubar, David
                  Duplicate, The                                      Sleaton, William
                  Eastern Sun, Winter Moon                            Paulsen, Gary
                  Educating Esme                                      Codell, Esme Raji
classic/challenge Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds   Zindel, Paul
                  Elephant Man, The                                   Drimmer, Frederick
                  Elfstones of Shannara, The                          Brooks, Terry
                  Ella Enchanted                           Levine, Gail Carson
                  Ellen Foster                             Gibbons, Kaye
                  Elsewhere                                Zevin, Gabrielle
                  Emako Blue                               Woods, Brenda
                  Enchantress from the Stars               Engdahl, Sylvia
classic/challenge Ender's Shadow                           Card, Orson Scott
classic/challenge Endurance, The                           Alexander, Caroline
classic/challenge Eragon                                   Paolini, Christopher
                  Eric                                     Lund, Doris
classic/challenge Ethan Frome                              Wharton, Edith
                  Everything on a Waffle                   Horvath, Polly
classic/challenge Executive Orders                         Clancy, Tom
                  Eyre Affair, The                         Fforde, Jasper
                  Face on the Milk Carton, The             Cooney, Caroline
                  Fade                                     Cormier, Robert
classic/challenge Fahrenheit 451                           Bradbury, Ray
                  Fallen Angels                            Myers, Walter Dean
classic/challenge Farewell to Arms, A                      Hemingway, Ernest
                  Farewell to Manzanar                     Houston/Wakatsuki
                  Farthest Shore, The                      LeGuin, Ursula
classic/challenge Fast Food Nation                         Schlosser, Eric
                  Fell Down                                Kerr, M.E.
classic/challenge Fellowship of the Ring, The              Tolkien, J.R.R.
                  Fifth of March, The                      Rinaldi, Ann
                  Fighting Ground, The                     Avi
                  Fires of Merlin, The                     Barron, T.A.
                  Firm, The                                Grisham, John
                  Five People You Meet in Heaven, The      Albom, Mitch
classic/challenge Flags of Our Fathers                     Bradley, James
                  Flipped                                  Van Draanen, Wendelin
classic/challenge Flowers for Algernon                     Keyes, Daniel
                  Flush                                    Hiaasen, Carl
                  For Freedom: The Story of a French Spy   Bradley, Kimberly
classic/challenge For Whom the Bell Tolls                  Hemingway, Ernest
                  Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer       Brashares, Ann
classic/challenge Forged by Fire                           Draper, Sharon M.
classic/challenge Foundation                               Asimov, Isaac
classic/challenge Foundation and Empire                    Asimov, Isaac
classic/challenge Foundation's Edge                        Asimov, Isaac
classic/challenge Fountainhead, The                        Rand, Ayn
classic/challenge Frankenstein                          Shelley, Mary
classic/challenge Friday Night Lights                   Bissinger, HG
                  Frozen Fire: A Tale of Courage        Houston, James D.
                  Frozen Rodeo                          Clark, Catherine
                  Full Tilt                             Shusterman, Neal
                  Gathering of Old Men, A               Gaines, Ernest
                  Gingerbread                           Cohn, Rachel
                  Girl in a Cage                        Yolen, Jane
                  Girl Named Disaster                   Farmer, Nancy
                  Girl with a Pearl Earring             Chevalier, Tracy
                  Girl, Interrupted                     Kaysen, Susanna
classic/challenge Glass Menagerie, The                  Williams, Tennessee
                  Glory Field, The                      Myers, Walter Dean
                  Go Ask Alice                          Anonymous
                  Golden Compass                        Pullman, Phillip
classic/challenge Gone with the Wind                    Mitchell, Margaret
classic/challenge Good Earth, The                       Buck, Pearl S.
classic/challenge Grapes of Wrath, The                  Steinbeck, John
classic/challenge Great Expectations                    Dickens, Charles
classic/challenge Great Gatsby, The                     Fitzgerald, F. Scott
                  Great Little Madison, The             Fritz, Jean
                  Great Santini, The                    Connoy, Pat
classic/challenge Great Train Robbery, The              Crichton, Michael
                  Greatest: Muhammad Ali                Myers, Walter Dean
                  Greenwitch                            Cooper, Susan
                  Grey King, The                        Cooper, Susan
classic/challenge Gulliver's Travels                    Swift, Jonathan
                  Guns of the Timberlands               L'Amour, Louis
                  Guts                                  Paulsen, Gary
                  Hacker Cracker                        Nuwere, Ejovi
                  Hard Love                             Wittlinger, Ellen
                  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire   Rowling, J.K.
                  Hatchet                               Paulsen, Gary
                  Have Space Suit, Will Travel          Heinlein, Robert A.
                  Haveli                                Staples, Suzanne Fisher
classic/challenge Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, The         McCullers, Carson
                  Heartfire                             Card, Orson Scott
                  Heaven                                Johnson, Angela
                  Hiding Place, The                     Ten Boom, Corrie
                  Hiroshima                             Hersey, John
                  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, The   Adams, Douglas
classic/challenge Hobbit, The                               Tolkien, J.R.R.
                  Hole in My Life                           Gantos, Jack
                  Holes                                     Sachar, Louis
classic/challenge Hollow Hills, The                         Stewart, Mary
                  Homecoming                                Voigt, Cynthia
                  Honey, Baby, Sweetheart                   Caletti, Deb
                  Hoops                                     Myers, Walter Dean
                  Hoot                                      Hiaasen, Carl
                  Hope Was Here                             Bauer, Joan
classic/challenge Horse Whisperer, The                      Evans, Nicholas
                  Hostage, The                              Taylor, Theodore
classic/challenge Hot Zone, The                             Preston, Richard
classic/challenge Hound of the Baskervilles, The            Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
                  House on Mango Street, The                Cisneros, Sandra
                  How Angel Peterson Got His Name           Paulsen, Gary
                  How I Live Now                            Rosoff, Meg
                  How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents   Alvarez, Julia
                  How to Be Popular                         Cabot, Meg
classic/challenge Hunt for Red October, The                 Clancy, Tom
                  Hunting of the Last Dragon                Jordan, Sherryl
                  Hush                                      Woodson, Jacqueline
                  I Am Fifteen, and I Don't Want to Die     Arnothy, Christine
                  I Am the Cheese                           Cormier, Robert
                  I Am the Messenger                        Zusak, Markus
                  I Can Hear the Morning Dove               Bennett, James
                  I Know What You Did Last Summer           Duncan, Lois
classic/challenge I Never Promised You a Rose Garden        Greenberg, Joanne
                  I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade         Wilson, Diane
                  Icebound                                  Koontz, Dean
classic/challenge Iliad, The                                Homer
                  I'll Be Seeing You                        Clark, Mary Higgins
                  Illyrian Adventure, The                   Alexander, Lloyd
classic/challenge Importance of Being Earnest, The          Wilde, Oscar
classic/challenge In Cold Blood                             Capote, Truman
                  In Harm's Way                             Stanton, Doug
                  In My Father's House                      Rinaldi, Ann
                  In the Forests of the Night               Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia
                  In the Frame                              Francis, Dick
                  In the Middle of the Night                Cormier, Robert
                  Incident at Hawk's Hill                           Eckert, Allan W.
                  Incident at Loring Groves                         Levitin, Sonia
classic/challenge Inherit the Wind                                  Lawrence & Lee
                  Innkeeper's Daughter, The                         Kassem, Lou
                  Innocent, The                                     Coben, Harlan
classic/challenge Into Thin Air                                     Krakauer, Jon
                  Ironman                                           Crutcher, Chris
                  Ishi: Last of His Tribe                           Kroeber, Theodora
                  Island of the Blue Dolphins, The                  O'Dell, Scott
                  Island, The                                       Paulsen, Gary
                  It's Not about the Bike                           Armstrong, Lance
                  Izzy, Willy-Nilly                                 Voigt, Cynthia
                  Jackaroo                                          Voigt, Cynthia
                  Jacob Have I Loved                                Paterson, Katherine
classic/challenge Jane Eyre                                         Brontë, Charlotte
                  Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins:World War II   Myers, Walter Dean
classic/challenge Joy Luck Club, The                                Tan, Amy
                  Julie                                             George, Jean Craighead
                  Jumping the Nail                                  Bunting, Eve
classic/challenge Jurassic Park                                     Crichton, Michael
                                                 Tarbox, Katherine
                  Keeper of the Night                               Holt, Kimberly
                  Keeping the Moon                                  Dessen, Sarah
                  Kestral, The                                      Alexander, Lloyd
                  Key to the Golden Firebird, The                   Johnson, Angela
                  King of Shadows                                   Cooper, Susan
                  King of the Mild Frontier                         Crutcher, Chris
                  King's Shadow, The                                Alder, Elizabeth
                  Kinship                                           Krisher, Trudy
                  Kira-Kira                                         Kadohata, Cynthia
                  Kissing Doorknobs                                 Hesser, Terry Spencer
classic/challenge Kitchen God's Wife, The                           Tan, Amy
classic/challenge Kite Runner, The                                  Hosseini, Khaled
                  Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas                    Rennison, Louise
                  Lantern in Her Hand, A                            Aldrich, Bess
                  Last Book in the Universe, The                    Philbrick, W.R.
classic/challenge Last Enchantment, The                             Stewart, Mary
classic/challenge Last of the Mohicans, The                         Cooper, James Fenimore
                  Last Shot                                         Feinstein, John
                  Leap Day                                          Mass, Wendy
                  Leaving Fishers                         Haddix, Margaret
classic/challenge Left for Dead                           Nelson, Peter
                  Left Hand of Darkness, The              LeGuin, Ursula
                  Legend of Buddy Bush, The               Moses, Sheila
                  Leslie's Journal                        Stratton, Allan
classic/challenge Lesson Before Dying, A                  Gaines, Ernest
                  Life and Death of Adolf Hitler          Giblin, James C.
                  Life Is Funny                           Frank, E.R.
classic/challenge Life of Pi: A Novel                     Martel, Yann
classic/challenge Light in the Forest, The                Richter, Conrad
                  Light on Snow                           Shreve, Anita
                  Lily's Crossing                         Giff, Patricia
                  Lirael                                  Nix, Garth
                  Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy   Schmidt, Gary
                  Looking for Home                        Ferris, Jean
classic/challenge Lord of the Flies, The                  Golding, William
                  Losing Louisa                           Caseley, Judith
                  Lost Boy                                Pelzer, Dave
                  Lost Childhood: A World War II Memoir   Nir, Yehuda
                  Lost Horizon                            Hilton, James
                  Lost in the Barrens                     Mowat, Farley
classic/challenge Lost World, The                         Crichton, Michael
                  Lovely Bones, The                       Sebold, Alice
                  Lyddie                                  Paterson, Katherine
                  Magic Circle, The                       Napoli, Donna
classic/challenge Main Street                             Lewis, Sinclair
                  Make Lemonade                           Wolff, Virginia Euwer
                  Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary       Myers, Walter Dean
                  Man Named Dave, A                       Pelzer, Dave
                  Man Who Was Poe, The                    Avi
classic/challenge Marchlands                              Kuban, Karla
                  Mariel of Redwall                       Jacques, Brian
                  Marked by Fire                          Thomas, Joyce Carol
classic/challenge Martian Chronicles, The                 Bradbury, Ray
                  Martin the Warrior                      Jacques, Brian
                  Matilda Bone                            Cushman, Karen
                  Mattimeo                                Jacques, Brian
classic/challenge Member of the Wedding                   McCullers, Carson
                  Midnight Predator                       Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia
                  Midwife's Apprentice, The               Cushman, Karen
                  Milkweed                         Spinelli, Jerry
                  Miracle Worker                   Gibson, William
                  Mirror of Merlin, The            Barron, T.A.
                  Monster                          Myers, Walter Dean
                  Moon Dancer                      Rostkowski, Margaret
classic/challenge Moonlight Becomes Her            Clark, Mary Higgins
                  Moonlight Man, The               Fox, Paula
                  Moorchild                        McGraw, Eloise
                  Mossflower                       Jacques, Brian
                  Mostly Harmless                  Adams, Douglas
classic/challenge Mother of Pearl                  Haynes, Melinda
classic/challenge Mrs. Mike                        Freedman, Benedict
classic/challenge My Antonia                       Cather, Willa
                  My Dog Skip                      Morris, Willia
classic/challenge My Forbidden Face                Latifa
                  My Friend Flicka                 O'Hara, Mary
                  My Heartbeat                     Freymann-Weyr, Garret
                  My Life in Dog Years             Paulsen, Gary
                  My Losing Season                 Conroy, Pat
                  My Secret War                    Osborne, Mary Pope
classic/challenge My Sister's Keeper: A Novel      Picoult, Jodi
                  My Thirteenth Winter             Abeel, Samantha
classic/challenge Native Son                       Wright, Richard
                  Navajo Code Talkers              Aaseng, Nathan
                  Never Cry Wolf                   Mowat, Farley
classic/challenge Nickel and Dimed                 Ehrenreich, Barbara
                  Night Hoops                      Deuker, Carl
                  Night the White Deer Died, The   Paulsen, Gary
                  Nightmare                        Nixon, Joan Lowery
                  No Laughter Here                 Williams-Garcia, Rita
                  No More Dead Dogs                Korman, Gordon
                  No Way Out                       Ruckman, Ivy
                  Northern Light, A                Donnelly, Jennifer
                  Notebook, The                    Sparks, Nicholas
                  Nothing but the Truth            Avi
                  Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep       McDaniel, Lurlene
                  October Sky                      Hickam, Homer H., Jr.
classic/challenge Of Mice and Men                  Steinbeck, John
classic/challenge Old Man and the Sea              Hemingway, Ernest
classic/challenge Oliver Twist                     Dickens, Charles
                  On Fortune's Wheel                                        Voigt, Cynthia
                  On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God   Rennison, Louise
                  On the Devil's Court                                      Deuker, Carl
classic/challenge Once and Future King, The                                 White, T.H.
                  One Bird                                                  Mori, Kyoko
classic/challenge One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich                    Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
                  One Fat Summer                                            Lipsyte, Robert
                  One Who Came Back                                         Mazzio, Joan
                  Op-Center                                                 Clancy, Tom
                  Ordinary People                                           Guest, Judith
classic/challenge Our Town                                                  Wilder, Thornton
                  Outcast of Redwall                                        Jacques, Brian
                  Over Sea, Under Stone                                     Cooper, Susan
classic/challenge Ox-Bow Incident, The                                      Clark, WalterVanTillberg
                  Pacific Crossing                                          Soto, Gary
                  Painting the Black                                        Deuker, Carl
                  Parable of the Sower                                      Butler, Octavia
                  Parrot in the Oven                                        Martinez, Victor
                  Partner, The                                              Grisham, John
                  Patience, Princess Catherine                              Meyer, Carolyn
classic/challenge Patriot Games                                             Clancy, Tom
                  Peaches                                                   Anderson, Jodi Lynn
                  Pearl, The                                                Steinbeck, John
                  Pearls of Lutra                                           Jacques, Brian
                  Peeling the Onion                                         Orr, Wendy
                  Peeps                                                     Westerfeld, Scott
classic/challenge Pelican Brief, The                                        Grisham, John
                  Peregrine                                                 Goodman, Joan
                  Perks of Being a Wallflower, The                          Chbosky, Stephen
                  Phineas Gage                                              Fleischman, Paul
                  Pigman                                                    Zindel, Paul
                  Plain City                                                Hamilton, Virginia
classic/challenge Poisonwood Bible, The                                     Kingsolver, Barbara
                  Postcards from No Man's Land                              Chambers, Aidan
                  Prairie Whispers                                          Arrington, Frances
                  Prayer for Owen Meany, A                                  Irving, John
                  Prentice Alvin                                            Card, Orson Scott
                  Prep                                                      Coburn, Jake
                  Pretend You Don't See Her                                 Clark, Mary Higgins
                  Pretties                                                  Westerfeld, Scott
classic/challenge Pride and Prejudice                                Austen, Jane
classic/challenge Prince and the Pauper, The                         Twain, Mark
classic/challenge Prince of Tides, The                               Conroy, Pat
                  Princess Diaries, The                              Cabot, Meg
                  Princess in Love                                   Cabot, Meg
                  Princess in Pink                                   Cabot, Meg
                  Princess in the Spotlight                          Cabot, Meg
                  Princess in Waiting                                Cabot, Meg
                  Private Peaceful                                   Morpurgo, Michael
                  Prom                                               Anderson, Laurie Halse
                  Pushcart War, The                                  Merrill, Jean
classic/challenge Pygmalion                                          Shaw, George Bernard
                  Queen's Own Fool: A Novel of Mary Queen of Scots   Yolen, Jane
                  Raging Quiet, The                                  Jordan, Sherryl
classic/challenge Rainmaker, The                                     Grisham, John
classic/challenge Raisin in the Sun, A                               Hansberry, Lorraine
classic/challenge Rebecca                                            DuMaurier, Daphne
classic/challenge Red Pony, The                                      Steinbeck, John
                  Red Prophet                                        Card, Orson Scott
classic/challenge Red Tent, The                                      Diamant, Anita
                  Redwall                                            Jacques, Brian
                  Rescue: Story of Gentiles…                         Meltzer, Milton
classic/challenge Return of the King, The                            Tolkien, J.R.R.
                  Return with Honor                                  O'Grady, Scott
                  Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner, The           Myers, Walter Dean
classic/challenge Rising Sun                                         Crichton, Michael
                  River, The                                         Paulsen, Gary
                  Road Home, The                                     White, Ellen Emerson
classic/challenge Robinson Crusoe                                    Defoe, Daniel
                  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry                       Taylor, Mildred
                  Romiette and Julio                                 Draper, Sharon M.
                  Rookie Arrives, The                                Dygard, Thomas J.
                  Root Cellar, The                                   Lunn, Janet
classic/challenge Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead                Stoppard,Tom
                  Runaway Jury, The                                  Grisham, John
                  Runner, The                                        Voigt, Cynthia
                  Ryan White: My Own Story                           White, Ryan
                  Sabriel                                            Nix, Garth
                  Sackett's Land                                     L'Amour, Louis
                  Sacred Clowns                                      Hillerman, Tony
classic/challenge Sahara                                                   Cussler, Clive
                  Salamandastron                                           Jacques, Brian
                  Samurai's Tale                                           Haugaard, Erik Christian
                  Say Goodnight, Gracie                                    Deaver, Julie Reece
                  Scorpions                                                Myers, Walter Dean
                  Screwtape Letters, The                                   Lewis, C.S.
classic/challenge Seabiscuit: An American Legend                           Hillenbrand, Laura
                  Searching for Dragons                                    Wrede, Patricia C.
                  Second Summer of the Sisterhood, The                     Brashares, Ann
                  Secret Hour                                              Westerfeld, Scott
classic/challenge Secret Life of Bees, The                                 Kidd, Sue Monk
                  Secret Silent Screams                                    Nixon, Joan Lowery
                  Secrets of Peaches                                       Anderson, Jodi Lynn
                  Seeing Stone                                             Crossley-Holland, Kevin
                  Seek                                                     Fleischman, Paul
                  Sentries                                                 Paulsen, Gary
classic/challenge Separate Peace, A                                        Knowles, John
                  Seven Songs of Merlin, The                               Barron, T.A.
                  Seventeen Against the Dealer                             Voigt, Cynthia
classic/challenge Seventh Son                                              Card, Orson Scott
                  Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind                            Staples, Suzanne
                  Shade's Children                                         Nix, Garth
                  Shades of Simon Gray                                     McDonald, Joyce
classic/challenge Shadow of the Hegemon                                    Card, Orson Scott
                  Shadow of the Red Moon                                   Myers, Walter Dean
classic/challenge Shadow Puppets                                           Card, Orson Scott
                  Shane                                                    Schaefer, Jack
                  Shattered Mirror                                         Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia
                  She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall   Bernall, M.
                  Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World                     Armstrong, Jennifer
                  Shizuko's Daughter                                       Mori, Kyoki
classic/challenge Siddhartha                                               Hesse, Hermann
classic/challenge Silas Marner                                             Eliot, George
                  Silver Kiss, The                                         Klause, Annette Curtis
                  Silver on the Tree                                       Cooper, Susan
                  Singing the Dogstar Blues                                Goodman, Alison
                  Single Shard                                             Park, Linda Sue
                  Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The                   Brashares, Ann
                  Sledding Hill                                            Crutcher, Chris
                  Sloppy Firsts: A Novel                                   McCafferty, Megan
classic/challenge Snow Falling on Cedars                                   Guterson, David
                  So B. It                                                 Weeks, Sarah
                  Soldier Boys                                             Hughes, Dean
                  Solitary Blue, A                                         Voigt, Cynthia
classic/challenge Somebody Else's Kids                                     Hayden, Torey
                  Someone Like You                                         Dessen, Sarah
                  Son of the Mob                                           Korman, Gordon
                  Son of the Mob: Hollywood Hustle                         Korman, Gordon
                  Sons from Afar                                           Voigt, Cynthia
                  Speak                                                    Anderson, Laurie
classic/challenge Speaker for the Dead                                     Card, Orson Scott
                  Specials                                                 Westerfeld, Scott
                  Spite Fences                                             Krisher, Trudy
classic/challenge Spoon River Anthology                                    Masters, Edgar Lee
                  St. Michael's Scales                                     Connelly, Neil
                  Stand Tall                                               Bauer, Joan
                  Stargirl                                                 Spinelli, Jerry
                  Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes                             Crutcher, Chris
                  Stick Figure: A Diary of My Former Self                  Gottlieb, Lori
                  Stotan                                                   Crutcher, Chris
                  Stranger Is Watching, A                                  Clark, Mary Higgins
                  Stravaganza: City of Masks                               Hoffman, Mary
                  Stravaganza: City of Stars                               Hoffman, Mary
                  Straydog                                                 Koja, Kathe
                  Street Lawyer                                            Grisham, John
classic/challenge Streetcar Named Desire, A                                Williams, Tennessee
                  Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, A Green, Michelle
                  Stuck in Neutral                                         Trueman, Terry
                  Subtle Knife, The                                        Pullman, Philip
                  Summer of My German Soldier                              Greene, Bette
                  Summons, The                                             Grisham, John
                  Surviving the Applewhites                                Tolan, Stephanie
                  Sweet Creek Holler                                       White, Ruth
                  Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush                             Hamilton, Virginia
                  Sweetblood                                               Hautman, Pete
classic/challenge Sword in the Stone, The                                  White, T.H.
classic/challenge Sword of Shannara, The                                   Brooks, Terry
classic/challenge Tale of Two Cities, A                                    Dickens, Charles
                  Talking God                                              Hillerman, Tony
                  Tangerine                                                Bloor, Edward
                  Tears of a Tiger                           Draper, Sharon M.
                  Tell No One                                Coben, Harlan
                  Tending to Grace                           Fusco, Kimberly Newton
                  Tequila Worm                               Canales, Viola
classic/challenge Tess of the d'Urbervilles                  Hardy, Thomas
                  Testament, The                             Grisham, John
                  Tex                                        Hinton, S.E.
                  That Summer                                Dessen, Sarah
                  Their Eyes Were Watching God               Hurston, Zora Neale
                  Thief, The                                 Turner, Megan Whalen
                  Things Fall Apart                          Achebe, Chinua
classic/challenge Things They Carried, The                   O'Brien, Tim
                  Third Summer of the Sisterhood, The        Brashares, Ann
                  This Lullaby                               Dessen, Sarah
                  Those Summer Girls I Never Met             Peck, Richard
                  Three Clams and an Oyster                  Powell, Randy
classic/challenge Time Machine, The                          Wells, H.G.
classic/challenge Time to Kill, A                            Grisham, John
                  Time to Let Go                             McDaniel, Lurlene
classic/challenge Timeline                                   Crichton, Michael
classic/challenge To Be a Slave                              Lester, Julius
                  Tombs of Atuan                             LeGuin, Ursula
                  Tomorrow, When the War Began               Marsden, John
                  Too Many Secrets                           Rushford, Patricia H.
                  Too Young to Die                           McDaniel, Lurlene
                  Touching Darkness                          Westerfeld, Scott
                  Trapline Twins                             Collins, Julie
classic/challenge Tree Girl                                  Mikaelsen, Ben
                  True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The   Avi
                  True Meaning of Cleavage, The              Fredericks, Mariah
                  Tuesdays with Morrie                       Albom, Mitch
                  Turnabout                                  Haddix, Margaret
                  Twenty Pageants Later                      Cooney, Caroline
                  Twisted Window, The                        Duncan, Lois
classic/challenge Two Towers, The                            Tolkien, J.R.R.
                  Uglies                                     Westerfeld, Scott
classic/challenge Uncle Tom's Cabin                          Stowe, Harriet Beecher
                  View from Saturday                         Konigsburg, E.L.
                  Voice on the Radio                         Cooney, Caroline
                  Voice That Challenged a Nation             Freedman, Russell
                 Voices from Vietnam                Denenberg, Barry
                 Voyage of the Frog, The            Paulsen, Gary
classic/challenge Waiting for Godot                 Beckett, Samuel
                 Waiting for the Rain               Gordon, Sheila
                 Walk Across America, A             Jenkins, Peter
                 Walk to Remember, A                Sparks, Nicholas
                 Walk Two Moons                     Creech, Sharon
                 Walkabout                          Marshall, James Vance
                 Walking Across Egypt               Edgerton, Clyde
                 Wanderer                           Creech, Sharon
                 Watchers                           Koontz, Dean R.
classic/challenge Watership Down                    Adams, Richard
                 We All Fall Down                   Cormier, Robert
                 We Just Want to Live Here          Rifa'I, Amal & Ainbinder, Odelia
                 Wedding, The                       Sparks, Nicholas
                 Weekend Was Murder, The            Nixon, Joan Lowery
                 Weep No More, My Lady              Clark, Mary Higgins
                 Weirdo, The                        Taylor, Theodore
classic/challenge West of Kabul, East of New York   Ansary, Mir Tamim
                 Westing Game, The                  Raskin, Ellen
                 Westmark                           Alexander, Lloyd
                 Whale Talk                         Crutcher, Chris
                 Whatever Happened to Janie?        Cooney, Caroline
                 When Happily Ever After Ends       McDaniel, Lurlene
                 When Jeff Comes Home               Atkins, Catherine
                 When My Name Was Keoko             Park, Linda Sue
                 When Plague Strikes…               Giblin, James Cross
                 When Zachary Beaver Came to Town   Holt, Kimberly
                 Where It Stops, Nobody Knows       Ehrlich, Amy
                 Where the Heart Is                 Letts, Billie
                 Where the Lilies Bloom             Cleaver, Vera
                 Whip Hand                          Francis, Dick
                 Whistling Toilets                  Powell, Randy
                 White Dragon                       McCaffrey, Anne
classic/challenge White Fang                        London, Jack
                 White Peak Farm                    Doherty, Berlie
                 Wild Man Island                    Hobbs, Will
                 Wilderness Peril                   Dygard, Thomas J.
classic/challenge Winesburg, Ohio                   Anderson, Sherwood
                 Wings of a Falcon                  Voigt, Cynthia
                 Wings of Merlin, The              Barron, T.A.
                 Winter Room                       Paulsen, Gary
                 Winterdance                       Paulsen, Gary
                 Wise Child                        Furlong, Monica
                 Witness                           Hesse, Karen
                 Wizard at Large                   Brooks, Terry
                 Wizard of Earthsea, The           LeGuin, Ursula
                 Wolf by the Ears                  Rinaldi, Ann
                 Wolf-Speaker                      Pierce, Tamora
                 Won't Know Until I Get There      Myers, Walter Dean
                 Woodsong                          Paulsen, Gary
                 Wringer                           Spinelli, Jerry
classic/challenge Wuthering Heights                Bronte, Emily
classic/challenge Xenocide                         Card, Orson Scott
                 Year of Secret Assignments, The   Moriarty, Jaclyn
                 Yearling, The                     Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
                 Yondering                         L'Amour, Louis
                 Young Joan                        Dana, Barbara
                 Z for Zachariah                   O'Brien, Robert C.
                 Zigzag                            Wittlinger, Ellen
                 Zlata's Diary                     Filipovic, Zlata
binder, Odelia

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