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The purpose of this presentation is to prepare you
to become an officially trained AAO Volunteer.
Please utilize this information in conjunction with
your AAO Training Manual.
After completing this training session you will be
prompted to complete an on-line quiz. Details will
follow at the end of this presentation.
Your AAO Training should take approximately 45
   AAO Volunteer Responsibilities

Identify/refer students
College Fair Representative
Alumni Interviews
Holiday Events
Lehigh Club/Admissions Yield Activities
Accepted Students’ Congratulations
Freshmen Sendoffs
  Student Referral Do’s

Send the student’s name, high school, contact info
to the AAO Director.
Be friendly, professional, and positive. YOU ARE
Use the freshmen class profile
Read Lehigh publications
Encourage the student to visit campus.
  Student Referral Don’ts

Guess answers to questions
Volunteer a guess about an admissions decision
Make evaluations regarding a student’s talent
Make evaluation regarding a financial aid offer
Make comparisons to other schools
                  College Fairs
Before the Fair
  Fair materials will be sent to you
  Review the materials
  If another Volunteer is attending the fair with you,
  make contact prior to the event.
                 College Fairs
At the Fair
  Arrive early to set up your table
  Dress professionally
  Be friendly and relaxed
  Have students fill out an inquiry card
  Answer students’ questions
  Write student’s question on his or her inquiry card
  if necessary
                 College Fairs
After the Fair
  Complete the evaluation sheet
  Return the evaluation sheet , fair materials, and
  inquiry cards to the AAO Director
              Alumni Interviews
I. Purpose of the Interview
      Benefits both parties
      Can help determine a prospective student’s
      maturity, motivation, and personality
      An effective recruiting tool
      The interview is not required, but it can help a
      student decide to attend Lehigh!
   Alumni Interviews (continued)
II. The Role of the Interviewer
     A public role; for all purposes, you are Lehigh
     To be representative of the intellectual
     experience and personal attention associated
     with Lehigh
     To serve as a source of current information
     Help assess the prospective students’ personal
   Alumni Interviews (continued)
III. Setting Up the Interview
      The AAO Director will contact you with high
      school seniors from your area who have
      expressed an interest in Lehigh University
      These students should be contacted in the form
      of a letter.
      Once the letter is sent, it is the students’
      responsibility to contact the AAO Volunteer
   Alumni Interviews (continued)
IV. Where to Interview
      The interviewer and the prospective student
      decide on a mutually convenient location
      The interview can take place at the interviewer’s
      or prospective student’s home, at the student’s
      school, in a hotel lobby, etc...
      The most important consideration is the
      student’s comfort!
   Alumni Interviews (continued)
V. Conducting the Interview
     The interview should be relaxed but
     Parents should not be present during the
     Greet the student in a warm and open manner
     Purpose of the interview is for the student to
     learn more about Lehigh and for Lehigh to learn
     more about the student
     The interview should last 25 to 45 minutes.
   Alumni Interviews (continued)
VI. Suggested Interview Format
     Interview questions have been provided for your
     Review questions ahead of time so that the interview
     can proceed in a warm, relaxed manner.
     Allow time for the student to ask questions. Answer
     as accurately and positively as you can.
     If you don’t have the appropriate information to
     provide a student, contact the AAO Director with
     the student’s question.
   Alumni Interviews (continued)
VII. The Student Profile
      The profile should be written in a free format
      and should be both objective and subjective..
      Your evaluation should be honest and should
      discuss the appropriateness of a student for
      At the earliest opportunity after the interview,
      send your completed profile to the Director of
      the Alumni Admissions Outreach Program.
   Alumni Interviews (continued)
VIII. Important Points to Remember
     All information the student provides is strictly
     Students should leave the interview feeling
     positive about themselves and Lehigh
     The interview is only one source of information
     about the student.
  Holiday Receptions/Yield Events
At the Program
   Volunteers welcome prospective students and their
   The event host will make a brief presentation and ask
   Lehigh alumni, current undergraduates, faculty, and
   staff to introduce themselves
   All AAO Volunteers, current students, faculty, and
   staff are asked to mingle with prospective students
   and their families.
After the Program
   AAO Volunteers are encouraged to keep in touch with
   prospective students.
  Accepted Students Congratulations
  The Office of Admissions compiles a list of accepted
  students per region.
  The AAO Chair will assign each AAO Volunteer 3-6
  accepted students to contact in his/her area
  AAO Volunteers will contact the students to offer
  congratulation and invite student to Yield Event in
  his/her area.
  Further contact is encouraged
          Freshman Sendoffs
Introduce freshmen to the Lehigh Family.
Regional Lehigh Clubs sponsor the event to welcome local
incoming freshmen.
Freshman Sendoffs are held during the months of July and
The “Lehigh Club Book Award” recipient will be awarded
during the Sendoff.
Continual contact between the incoming freshmen and
alumni is encouraged.
            In Conclusion…

Please remember to study your AAO Handbook
Stay current with the University by visiting the
Keep up to date with the AAO by visiting:
To become a “certified” AAO Volunteer, visit
Questions? Concerns? Contact Colleen Griggs-
Roper at 610.758.3105 or

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