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					                Early Years Education Ontario Network (EYEON)
Mission: “Ensuring the success of young children through advocacy, research and action”

In May 2008, a group of professionals who advocate for young children came together for an
inaugural meeting at the Peel District School Board in Mississauga, Ontario. The original intent for
the network was to bridge the gap between early years research and educational practice. Through
group discussion, other key areas of interest emerged beyond this initial goal. With a focus on
children from prenatal to age eight, the Early Years Education Ontario Network (EYEON) was
officially launched.

Vision and Action Plans
As part of our vision, the group will concentrate on three key areas: (1) Research in Action, (2)
Building Knowledge and Capacity, and (3) Professional Learning. Advocacy is also embedded into
all of the network activities, as we work to build awareness of early years research and the critical
importance of the early years. Members developed a major goal for each key area, and action
plans were created. These plans will be updated every September. Some of the overarching ideas
and the current action plans for the three areas are as follows:
       (1) Research in Action – includes: provincial monitoring and program evaluation;
       collaborative school board and partnership research projects; and collaboration between
       research and practice
       Action Plan: Creation of a database of early years research in all Ontario school boards.
       (2) Building Knowledge and Capacity – includes: sharing of early years research, initiatives,
       and best practices; collaboration and co-ordination; networking; and an online repository of
       early years resources
       Action Plan: Creation of a website with downloadable early years resources and related
       (3) Professional Learning – includes: professional development such as symposia, special
       interest groups, and workshops
       Action Plan: An early years assessment and evaluation symposium is scheduled for
       Thursday, May 14th, 2009 at Charles Sturt University in Burlington, Ontario.

Who is involved in the network?
Membership in the network is widespread and continues to grow. Currently, the network includes
representation from:
      school boards
      universities and colleges
      staff from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services
      organizations (e.g., The Learning Partnership, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario,
       The Founders' Network)
The vision of the network is to branch out further to include families and more community partners.

Interested in getting involved? Please contact Dr. Aimee Wolanski in the Assessment &
Accountability Department of the Peel District School Board (Mississauga, ON) at (905) 890-1010
ext. 2613 or aimee.wolanski@peelsb.com.

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