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									Describe a challenge or challenges that a character experiences in your text. What did you learn from
their experience?
In this story ‘The Outsiders’ there are many characters who face challenges. S.E. Hinton has written a story with
characters that we can learn from. The character this essay is Dally.
Firstly, I am going to describe some challenges that Dally faces. One of Dally’s challenges is to accept that Johnny
cares about his parents. For example, in chapter six Johnny asks Dally if his parents ask about him. Dally snaps at
Johnny because they both know that they haven’t and that they don’t care, but Johnny still asks and hopes. Dally’s
parents are like that as well, but he doesn’t care “Shoot, my old man don’t give a hang whether I’m in jail or dead in
a car wreck or drunk in the gutter. That don’t bother me none.” This shows that he doesn’t know how Johnny can
care for his parents even though they treat him like that. I think that Dally and Johnny are totally different, personality
wise. That is how Johnny can still love his parents and Dally can’t love his. I also think that is why Johnny reminds
Dally of himself, because his parents were the same and that is why Dally feels protective over Johnny. For me Dally
represents all the people in the world whose parents don’t care for them and so they retaliate in violence and try to
be rebellious. Johnny on the other hand, I think represents all the compassionate and loyal children who no matter
what still love their parents/family. Another challenge that Dally faces is to learn to live without Johnny. For instance,
when Johnny dies Dally breaks because Johnny is the only thing that he lives for. Without Johnny, Dally has no
meaning in this world. ““Damnit, Johnny...” he begged, slamming one fist against the wall, hammering it to make it to
obey his will “Oh, damnit, Johnny, don’t die, please don’t die...” He suddenly bolted through the door and down the
hall.” This shows that Dally, deep down has feelings other than hatred and can actually care for someone. I think that
Dally thought that with Johnny gone, he had no meaning in the world and therefore shouldn’t be there. I also think
that Dally thinks that he has no other meaning in the world but to protect Johnny and be there for him because
secretly he doesn’t want Johnny to turn out like him. A challenge that all Greasers face, including Dally, is the title of
a ‘Greaser’. Throughout this story, Ponyboy describes the Greasers and how hard it is for them to get far in life. This
shows that Dally has never, really been given a chance at succeed. I think that it is easier now to get into university
because there are more scholarships available. That gives the poorer people a better chance to succeed in life. To
sum up Dally has to face lots of challenges throughout this story.
Secondly, I am going to say some of the things I have learnt from Dally’s challenges. One of the things that I have
learnt is that parents’ love cannot be replaced. Dally tries to replace it with violence and rebelliousness but it doesn’t
work. The gang tries to replace it for Johnny but it doesn’t work. This shows that some types of love, just can’t
replaced. I think that love is an essential part of life and without it; human beings cannot blossom into their true self.
Another thing I have learnt from Dally’s challenges is that everyone has a breaking point. Dally’s breaking point is
when Johnny dies because Johnny was why he lives. Soda’s breaking point is when Darry and Pony fight. This shows
that everyone has a breaking point. I think that no one expected Dally to be so caring, even towards Johnny because
of his tough exterior. Young children often think that their parents are perfect and have no faults. Another thing I
have learnt from Dally’s challenges is how much money you have labels you and gives a ranking/class. In this story
there are Greasers and the Soc’s. The Greasers represent the lower people in society. They are the “White trash with
long hair”. The Soc’s represent the higher people in society. They have the “madras and mustangs”. This shows that
people are judged by how much money they have. I think that people try to pretend that this doesn’t happen so they

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don’t have to fix it. I also think that if Dally has the money then he can go pretty far in life, not throwing it away. To
sum up I have learnt many things from Dally’s challenges.
In conclusion Dally has faced many challenges; accepting Johnny cares for his parents, learning to live without
Johnny and the challenge of being labelled as a Greaser. I have learnt many things from those challenges; that a
parent’s love cannot be replaced, that everyone has a breaking point and how much money labels you. I really enjoy
‘The Outsiders’ by S.E. Hinton and it has a really brilliant ending. The whole book its self has a powerful message
about society and the way it really is. I recommend this modern classic to anyone of any age. I really enjoy the
characters in this book, especially Dally, and the ending.

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