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Well contrary to what one may think, the Sharp brand got its name from one of the
first inventions ever made by the original founder, in or around 1915. The invention
was the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil. It was not until 1928 when that company was
destroyed in a massive earthquake, when the business relocated to Osaka in Japan.

Sharp really gained global recognition in 1973 when the company introduced the very
first LCD calculator to market, forging what would become a fundamental component
in the technology used by Sharp. LCD technology is still to this day a major element
in the way Sharp builds their products.

Today they manufacture a wide range of business machines including, fax machines,
printers, Multifunction printers, and Sharp photocopiers among others. They are a
leading brand and recognized the world over for functionality, simplicity and

The Sharp service is also second to none, with all products covered by various custom
service guarantees.

Currently Sharp employees more than 40,000 people around the planet, and a recent
financial year report found the company turnover was more than sixteen billion
dollars, so you can see just how popular the Sharp range of products is. Companies
that make this kid of money are clearly doing something right, and if the reviews that
are available are anything to go by, it is the range of Sharp products that speaks for
itself in terms of sales.

As with any other business machine you are looking to acquire, do some research first
in terms of features, flexibility, production and quality. You need to be sure that
copier you choose to use, has all of the abilities that you want in a good photocopier.

Check company information to see what sort of delivery, installation, and general
ongoing support is available. This is an important one to look at because you don’t
want to secure your machine only to find that something goes wrong and there is no
support to speak of.

Looking around the technician forums to see what the professionals think, and Sharp
photocopiers are always receiving very positive reviews. These reviews are from
people who are experienced technicians who would spend a large amount time
assessing, fixing and rebuilding photocopiers of all makes and models. The
overwhelming sentiment was that Sharp photocopiers are among the very best
regarding requiring technician input. There were also a number of sources saying that
the Sharp machines were better and easier to use for the novice. Sharp has clearly
been noted as a User Friendly product range. This is very important when considering
any new machine. Knowing how to get the best out of your photocopier comes down
to knowing how to operate each function. By making these instructions user-friendly,
a novice can have the same opportunity as those more experienced, and with little or
no more effort. Everything from mobile phones to document and security solutions,
Sharp will have a product for you and your needs.

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