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									12Ft VGA to RCA Component Cable For Laptop
VGA Cable or Video Graphics Array cable is a cable that is used to connect a monitor
or display to a personal computer. The VGA standard was defined in the late 1980s
and is sold on products produced today. You can find the VGA connector on anything
from projectors, to personal computers, laptops and a host of devices that may require
additional or larger screens. Typically the VGA connector itself will be blue similar to
the ends of the cable. The blue color coding exists to help ensure that it is plugged in
only where compatible.

Serial cables might have what looks like the same connector, but a closer inspection
reveals that they only have 9 pins compared to the monitor cables are standard of 15.
Occasionally you may notice that your Video Graphics Array Cable may have what
seems to be some pins missing. This isn’t the case and the fact is, some pins are not
used as they were reserved for standards or devices no longer in use. One thing to
look for when selecting a good quality cable is thickness. A thicker cable indicates
larger gauge wires, and additional shielding inside the cable. It is important to shield a
cable as it helps prevent crosstalk, which is where signals from other wires inside the
cable interfere with other wires causing a complete host of problems.

Crosstalk and noise can also come from outside interference and is a problem with
long VGA cables; that is noise from an outside source. Perhaps you notice some static
when turning a set of speakers on. To avoid problems like these ensure you use a well
shielded, high quality monitor cables. Although the VGA isn’t the only option for
connecting a display it is one of the most common interfaces. Some others include
DVI, HDMI and Display Port.

If you want to connect a personal computer and a monitor or a display together, then
the VGA cable is the right cable for you to use. This standard has been in place since
the 1980s, and is the type of cable that is commonly found bundled with brand new
monitors and other computer systems. For questions on buying VGA (Video Graphics
Array) cords for various purposes, speak to a specialist in a computer repair store or
the manufacturer behind your computer monitor to have your questions answered.

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