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  Semester                                                                               State/
 Completed    Advisor                       Site Name                         City      Province   Country                          Title of Project*

                                                                                                             BAYLOR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM, INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH CARE
                                                                                                             RESEARCH AND IMPROVEMENT, DEPARTMENT OF QUANTITATIVE
Summer 2009   Singh     Baylor Health Care Research                          Dallas       TX                 SCIENCES, BIOSTATISTICS

 Fall 2008    Singh     CHRU-INSERM Centre D'Investigation Clinique          Lille                 France    PRACTICE EXPERIENCE IN A CLINICAL RESEARCH SETTING

                                                                                                             ADVERSE PERINATAL OUTCOMES AND HYPERTENSION IN SELECTED
 Fall 2007    Singh     City of Fort Worth Public Health Department        Fort Worth     TX                 HIGH-RISK COMMUNITIES OF FORT WORTH

                                                                                                             BACKGROUND AND METHODS OF 2008 FORT WORTH COMMUNITY
Summer 2008    Chen     City of Fort Worth Public Health Department        Fort Worth     TX                 NEEDS ASSESSMENT

                                                                                                             EFFICIENCY ANALYSIS OF HIGH RATE CLARIFICATION SYSTEM FOR
 p g
Spring 2009    Bae         y                       p
                        City of Fort Worth Water Department                Fort Worth     TX                 THE CITY OF FORT WORTH WATER DEPARTMENT

                                                                                                             NEUROPROTECTIVE EFFECT OF NEAR-INFRARED LIGHT EMITTING
 Fall 2008     Chen     Medical College of Wisconsin-Neuroscience Center   Milwaukee      WI                 TREATMENT IN STROKE

                                                                                                             REVIEW OF STUDIES OF CHIROPRACTIC COMPLETED TO
                                                                                                             PUBLICATION AND/OR INITIATED DURING PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE
Summer 2008   Singh     Parker College Research Institute                    Dallas       TX                 AT PARKER RESEARCH INSTITUTE

                                                                                                             ARTHRITIS AND THE NATIONAL HEALTH INTERVIEW SURVEY: WHAT
                                                                                                             DOES IT SAY ABOUT HEALTH PROMOTION MESSAGES TO
 Fall 2008    Biswas    Parker Research Institute                            Dallas       TX                 CHIROPRACTIC PATIENTS WITH THE DISEASE?

                                                                                                             HEALTH PROMOTION PRACTICES IN CHIROPRACTIC TEACHING
 Fall 2009    Suzuki    Parker Research Institute                            Dallas       TX                 CLINICS A RETROSPECTIVE FILE REVIEW

                                                                                                             CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATIONS: THE KEY TO PREVENTING
 Fall 2007     Chen     Tarrant County Public Health Department            Fort Worth     TX                 INFECTIOUS DISEASE AND PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITIES

                                                                                                             TO STUDY THE EFFECTIVENESS OF VHA BLUEPRINTS™ COMPARED
 Fall 2009     Chen     VHA, Inc.                                            Irving       TX                 TO CONVENTIONAL CASE STUDIES IN KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER
                                       ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH
  Semester                                                                               State/
 Completed    Advisor                        Site Name                        City      Province   Country                           Title of Project

                                                                                                             CONFINED SPACE ENTRY CLASSIFICATION AT AN INDUSTRIAL
 Fall 2008    Gratton   Alcon Laboratories                                 Fort Worth     TX                 CAMPUS

                                                                                                             THE USE OF BMI IN RISK ASSESSMENT OF MULTISTATE
Summer 2009   Gratton   BNSF Medical Department                            Fort Worth     TX                 TRANSPORTATION EMPLOYEES

                                                                                                             USING A MULTIFACETED APPROACH TO PREVENT SANITARY SEWER
 Fall 2008    Gratton   City of Arlington                                  Arlington      TX                 OVERFLOWS DUE TO FATS, OILS, AND GREASE

                                                                                                             URBAN WATERSHED PROTECTION PROGRAM: AN OVERVIEW OF
Summer 2009    Lee      City of Denton-Water Utilities                      Denton        TX                 HOW A CITY COUNTERACTS NON-POINT SOURCE POLLUTION

                                                                                                             2008 COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT: A SURVEY OF HEALTH
 p g
Spring 2008    Lee         y                               p
                        City of Fort Worth Public Health Department        Fort Worth     TX                 SERVICES, CITY SERVICES AND SAFETY ISSUES

                                                                                                             SHEET METAL WORKER STUDY – A RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS OF
                                                                                                             ASBESTOS EXPOSURE AND LUNG DISEASE IN A GROUP OF SHEET
Spring 2009    Lin      Concentra Headquarters Dept. CMCA                   Addison       TX                 METAL WORKERS

                                                                                                             NON FATAL OCCUPATIONAL INJURY AND ILLNESS RATES IN THE
Spring 2009    Lee      Cook Children's Health Care System                 Fort Worth     TX                 HOUSEKEEPING STAFF OF A HEALTH CARE FACILITY

                                                                                                             GEOSPATIAL MAPPING OF MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISIONS INVOLVING
Summer 2009    Choi     Dell Childrens Medical Center, Trauma Services       Austin       TX                 PEDIATRIC PATIENTS

                                                                                                             PREVENTION OF UNINTENTIONAL INJURIES IN AMERICAN INDIANS:
 Fall 2009    Gratton   Indian Health Service/Pierre District OEH&E          Pierre       SD                 ADDRESSING A HEALTH DISPARITY IN A MINORITY POPULATION

                                                                                                             ASSESSMENT OF SEVERE INJURIES IN ROSEBUD, SOUTH DAKOTA
 Fall 2007     Lee      Indian Health Services - Rosebud Indian Hospital    Rosebud       SD                 ABERDEEN AREA SEVERE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM

 Fall 2009     Lee      Multi-Chem Group LLC                                Houston       TX                 PRODUCT REGULATORY PROJECT
                                                                                                                    REVISION AND STANDARDIZATION OF PRODUCT DATA
 Fall 2009       Lee     Multi-Chem Group LLC                                    Houston         TX                 INFORMATION FOR MULTICHEM GROUP

                                                                                                                    NOKIA CURRENT STATE OF ANALYSIS—OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH
Spring 2008    Gratton   Nokia-Human Resources                                    Irving         TX                 AND SAFETY PROJECT

                         Parkland Health and Hospital System, Infection                                             CHART REVIEW FOR RESISTANT ACINETOBACTER BAUMANNII AND
Spring 2008      Lee     Control Department                                       Dallas         TX                 VANCOMYCIN-RESISTANT ENTEROCOCCUS

 Fall 2009     Gratton   Tarrant County Public Health Department                Fort Worth       TX                 TARRANT COUNTY POOL TRENDS 2008-2009

                                                                                                                    CURRENT LEVELS OF PBDE FLAME RETARDANTS IN THE USA:
Spring 2008     Choi     University of Texas, Dallas Regional Campus              Dallas         TX                 HUMANS, FOOD AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAMPLES

 Semester                                                                                       State/
Completed     Advisor                         Site Name                               y
                                                                                   City        Province         y
                                                                                                          Country                                       j
                                                                                                                                            Title of Project

                                                                                                                    THE EFFECTS OF REGULATED FOOD INDUSTRY ON THE FIELD OF
Spring 2009     Felini   Analytical Food Laboratories                          Grand Prairie     TX                 PUBLIC HEALTH

                         Baylor Health Care System, Institute for Health                                            CLINICAL RESEARCH SUPPORT AND DATA MANAGEMENT AT
Spring 2008   Cardarelli Care Research and Improvement                            Dallas         TX                 BAYLOR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM

                                                                                                                    BAYLOR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM’S VULNERABLE PATIENT NETWORK:
                                                                                                                    HOME-BASED CARE FOR VULNERABLE POPULATION ACHIEVES
Spring 2008     Felini   Baylor Health Care System, Office of Health Equity       Dallas         TX                 POSITIVE OUTCOMES FOR PATIENTS AND HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS

                                                                                                                    REDUCING HEALTH CARE DISPARITIES IN DALLAS: THE OFFICE OF
Spring 2008    Sandhu    Baylor Health Care System, Office of Health Equity       Dallas         TX                 HEALTH EQUITY (OHE) - BAYLOR HEATH CARE SYSTEM

                         Baylor Health Care System-Institute for Healthcare,
 Fall 2009     Zhang     Research & Improvement                                   Dallas         TX                 NEW-ONSET POST-CABG ATRIAL FIBRILLATION

                                                                                                                    ASTHMA TRIGGER MITIGATION STRATEGIES AND PATIENT
Spring 2009    Zhang     Children's Medical Center-Dallas                         Dallas         TX                 COMPLIANCE
                                                                                                  USING COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT DATA TO IDENTIFY HIGH
                                                                                                  RISK POPULATIONS AND JUSTIFY FUNDING: A PRACTICAL
                                                                                                  APPLICATION OF THE 2003 FORT WORTH COMMUNITY NEEDS
 Fall 2008     Zhang     City of Fort Worth Public Health Department       Fort Worth   TX        ASSESSMENT

                                                                                                  EVALUATING THE IMPACT OF RISK FACTORS FOR LOW BIRTH
 Fall 2007    Fischbach City of Fort Worth Public Health Department        Fort Worth   TX        WEIGHT IN GEOGRAPHICALLY IDENTIFIED HIGH RISK COMMUNITIES

                                                                                                  WOMEN’S HEALTH COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT, 2007: RISK FACTORS
                                                                                                  CONTRIBUTING TO HIGH INFANT MORALITY RATES IN SPECIFIC FORT
Spring 2008    Felini    City of Fort Worth Public Health Department       Fort Worth   TX        WORTH NEIGHBORHOODS

                         City of Fort Worth Public Health Department,                             INCIDENT COMMAND SYSTEM UTILIZATION OF FORT WORTH PUBLIC
Spring 2008    Sandhu    Epidemiology Division                             Fort Worth   TX        HEALTH

 Fall 2007    Fischbach Collin County Health Care Services                 McKinney     TX        COLLIN COUNTY TOBACCO CESSATION PROGRAM

                         Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands                             ASSESSMENT OF PRENATAL CARE AT THE COMMONWEALTH
 Fall 2008    Cardarelli Department of Public Health                         Saipan          MP   HEALTH CENTER

                         Dallas County Health and Human Services, Public                          ANALYSIS OF AN URBAN OUTBREAK OF PERTUSSIS IN DALLAS
Spring 2008    Felini    Health Preparedness and Response Division           Dallas     TX        COUNTY

                         Dallas Police Department, South Central                                  PROSTITUTE DIVERSION INITIATIVE: UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS
Summer 2008    Zhang     Deployment                                          Dallas     TX        OF NEIGHBORING COMMUNITIES

                                                                                                  THE PROSTITUTION DIVERSION PROGRAM: A COMMUNITY-BASED
                      Dallas Police Department, South Central                                     COLLABORATIVE INITIATIVE OFFERING ALTERNATIVES TO
Summer 2008   Hampton Deployment                                             Dallas     TX        INCARCERATION

                                                                                                  DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS OF TUBERCULOSIS INFECTED PEOPLE IN
 Fall 2008     Zhang     DC Department of Health, TB Clinic                Washington   DC        DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, 1992-2007

                                                                                                  THE SISTER FRIEND PROGRAM: A COMMUNITY- BASED
                                                                                                  INTERVENTION TO REDUCE BARRIERS THAT AFFECT BIRTH
Summer 2008    Felini    Fort Worth/Dallas Birthing Project                Fort Worth   TX        OUTCOMES

                                                                                                  ASSESSMENT OF AVAILABLE DALLAS COUNTY COMMUNITY
 Fall 2009    Hampton Homeward Bound-New Life Opportunities                  Dallas     TX        RESOURCES FOR “NEW LIFE OPPORTUNITIES”
                                                                                                  CLINICAL TRIALS AND THEIR EFFECTS IN THE PRIMARY CARE
Spring 2009    Felini    Medical Clinic of North Texas                         Arlington     TX   SETTING

                                                                                                  DETERMINING EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING RATES: A BASELINE
 Fall 2007     Felini    Middlesex Hospital                                   Middletown     CT   MEASURE FOR INTERVENTION

                                                                                                  PREPARING RURAL COUNTIES FOR A BIOLOGICAL ATTACK: THE
 Fall 2008    Hampton North Central Texas Council of Governments               Arlington     TX   CITIES READINESS INITIATIVE AND PUBLIC HEALTH PREPAREDNESS

                                                                                                  RHINOCONJUCTIVITIS AND AIR POLLUTANTS IN SYMPTOMATIC
Spring 2008    Felini    North Texas Institute for Clinical Trials            Fort Worth     TX   INDIVIDUALS

                                                                                                  MRSA STUDY IN DALLAS COUNTY JAIL: CHALLENGES IN THE
Spring 2009    Zhang     Parkland Health & Hospital System - Jail Health        Dallas       TX   ADMINISTRATION OF PREVENTATIVE INTERVENTION TREATMENT

                         Parkland Health and Hospital System, Strategic                           TEXAS VERMICULITE PROJECT: A STUDY OF ASBESTOS EXPOSURE IN
 Fall 2007               Planning                                               Dallas       TX   WEST DALLAS AREA

                         Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Texas Health                            HEALTHCARE ACCESS NEEDS ASSESSMENT FOR THE PRESBYTERIAN
 Fall 2008     Felini    Resources                                              Dallas       TX   HOSPITAL OF DALLAS CATCHMENT AREA IN LAKE HIGHLANDS

                                                                                                  MONITORING THE WELL-BEING OF OUR COMMUNITY: AN ANALYSIS
 Fall 2008     Felini    Tarrant County Public Health Department              Fort Worth     TX   OF TARRANT COUNTY HEALTH DATA

 Fall 2007     Sandhu    Tarrant County Public Health Department              Fort Worth     TX   LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH and INFECTIOUS AGENTS

                                                                                                  MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH RESOURCE INFORMATION
                                                                                                  RESOURCE CENTER: CHALLENGES AND LIMITATIONS OF
Summer 2009   Cardarelli Tarrant County Public Health Department              Fort Worth     TX   IMMUNIZATION DATA IN TARRANT COUNTY

                         Tarrant County Public Health Department, Division                        BREASTFEEDING ATTITUDES AND PRACTICE: A SURVEY OF WIC
Spring 2008   Cardarelli of Epidemiology and Health Information               Fort Worth     TX   PROGRAM CLIENTS IN TARRANT COUNTY

 Fall 2007     Sandhu    The Cancer Institute of New Jersey                  New Brunswick   NJ   NUTRITIONAL AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PROGRAMS IN NEW JERSEY
                         TX Dept of State Health Services-Office of Border                                      PROJECT JUNTOS: BINATIONAL TUBERCULOSIS CONTROL PROGRAM
 Fall 2008     Zhang     Health                                                El Paso       TX                 IN EL PASO, TX

                                                                                                                FOLLOW-UP CARE AT UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MD ANDERSON
                                                                                                                CANCER CENTER-CHILDREN’S CANCER HOSPITAL--CHILDHOOD
Spring 2009   Cardarelli U.T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center                     Houston        TX                 CANCER SURVIVORSHIP CLINIC

                                                                                                                MELANOMA SURVIVAL STUDY: IDENTIFY TUMOR MARKERS
                         USC-Health Sciences Campus, Dept. of Preventive                                        ASSOCIATED WITH VARIATION IN SURVIVAL FOLLOWING DIAGNOSIS
 Fall 2008    Cardarelli Medicine                                            Los Angeles     CA                 OF MELANOMA

Summer 2008   Johnson    UT Southwestern University Hospital - St. Paul        Dallas        TX                 EXPERIENCE IN HOSPITAL INFECTION CONTROL

                                                       HEALTH MANAGEMENT & POLICY
  Semester                                                                                  State/
 Completed     Advisor                       Site Name                          City       Province   Country                           Title of Project

                                                                                                                IMPLEMENTATION OF OPTIMIZING CLINICAL CARE COLLABORATIVE
                                                                                                                (OC3) AT ALBERT GALVAN HEALTH CENTER: A FEDERALLY
 Fall 2008      y
               Lykens    Albert Galvan Health Clinic                         Fort Worth      TX                 Q
                                                                                                                QUALIFIED HEALTH CENTER

                                                                                                                THE CHALLENGES OF HEALTH CARE COVERAGE: A LOOK INTO THE
                                                                                                                EFFECTS OF HOSPITALS, QUALITY OF CARE, ACCESS TO CARE AND
Spring 2008   Hilsenrath American Heart Association                            Dallas        TX                 HEART DISEASE

                                                                                                                OBESITY IN AMERICA: ANALYSIS OF THE ROLE OF HEALTH PLANS IN
 Fall 2009     Lykens    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas                 Richardson      TX                 ADDRESSING OBESITY (CHILDHOOD OBESITY) IN AMERICA

Spring 2008    Wilson    Children's Medical Center of Dallas                   Dallas        TX                 ADVOCACY AND OUTREACH FOR CHIP AND MEDICAID

                                                                                                                DEVELOPMENT OF COST-TO-CHARGE RATIOS FOR THE DALLAS-FORT
Spring 2008   Coustasse Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Data Initiative     Irving        TX                 WORTH HOSPITAL COUNCIL

Spring 2008    Lackan    Denton County Public Health Department                Denton        TX                 MAKING A CASE FOR WORKSITE WELLNESS PROGRAMS

                         Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital Education
Spring 2008    Wilson    Department                                          Fort Worth      TX                 COMMUNITY HEALTH & EDUCATION COORDINATOR
                                                                                                            2009 INTEGRATED MEDICAL, PUBLIC HEALTH, PREPAREDNESS AND
Spring 2009    O'Neill   HRSA, Office of Public Health and Science          Dallas       TX                 RESPONSE TRAINING SUMMIT

                                                                                                            NATIONAL CONSULTATIVE MEETING ON THE REDUCTION OF
 Fall 2008     Lykens    Ministry of Health                                 Accra                 Ghana     MATERNAL MORTALITY. THEME: PARTNERSHIP FOR ACTION

                                                                                                            MONCRIEF CANCER RESOURCES: MANAGEMENT AND FUNCTIONING
Spring 2009    Lykens    Moncrief Cancer Resources                        Fort Worth     TX                 OF A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION

                                                                                                            INVESTIGATION OF CURRENT LEGISLATION AND REGULATIONS ON
                                                                                                            THE RESTRICTIONS OF LEAD CONTENT IN ALL CHILDREN’S
Summer 2008    Lackan    SPRIM USA                                          Plano        TX                 PRODUCTS, SPECIFICALLY CHILD CAR SEATS

                                                                                                            ADDRESSING HEALTH EQUITY AND DISPARITIES: AN INTERNSHIP AT
 Fall 2007     Lackan    Tarrant County Public Health Department          Fort Worth     TX                 TARRANT COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT

 Fall 2009     Lykens    Texas Health Institute                             Austin       TX                 SUMMER POLICY INTERNSHIP

Spring 2008   Coustasse Texas Health Institute                              Austin       TX                 WRITING ISSUE BRIEFS

                         US Dept of Health & Human Services Centers for
 Fall 2009     Lykens    Medicare & Medicaid Services                       Dallas       TX                 ANNUAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD TEAM

                         UT Southwestern Medical Center, Division of                                        WEBSITE ANALYSIS REGARDING CANCER-RELATED INFORMATION
 Fall 2009     Kaman     Ethics & Health Policy                             Dallas       TX                 FOR THE PUBLIC

                         World Health Organization-ACK Garden House,                                        THE MULTIPLE STRATEGIES AND MOVE FROM MALARIA CONTROL
 Fall 2009     Lykens    Kenya                                             Nairobi                Kenya     TO ELIMINATION IN KENYA

                                                      SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES
  Semester                                                                              State/
 Completed    Advisor                         Site Name                      City      Province   Country                          Title of Project

 Fall 2009      Lurie    Bryan's House                                      Dallas       TX                 BRYAN’S HOUSE: TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE
                                                                                                          ASSESSING COMMUNITY NEEDS TO REDUCE VIOLENT BEHAVIOR
 Fall 2009     Stimpson Girls Incorporated of Tarrant County                    Arlington    TX           AMONG AT-RISK YOUTH

                           U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Off. On
 Fall 2009       Lurie     Women's Health, Region VI                              Dallas     TX           IMPROVING GIRLS’ BONE HEALTH: BEST BONE FOREVER CAMPAIGN

                                                                                                          ‘SHOULD WE GO THERE?’ COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT FOR HIV/AIDS
 Fall 2009      Coggin     AIDS Arms, Inc.                                        Dallas     TX           PREVENTION PROGRAMMING IN SEVEN NORTH TEXAS COUNTIES

 Fall 2009       Lurie     Aids Outreach Center                                 Fort Worth   TX           AIDS OUTREACH CENTER

                                                                                                          AN ASSESSMENT OF THE CODE PROGRAM: A COMMUNITY DIABETES
                                                                                                          EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR LOW-INCOME, UNINSURED PATIENTS
Spring 2009     Jeffries   Baylor Health Care System, Office of Health Equity     Dallas     TX           IMPLEMENTED AT CENTRAL DALLAS MINISTRIES, INC.

                                                                                                          AN AMERICAN GIRL IN INDIA: A CROSSCULTURAL PUBLIC HEALTH
 Fall 2008       Lurie     Child Family Health International                    New Delhi         India   PERSPECTIVE

 Fall 2009      Jeffries   Children's Medical Center                              Dallas     TX           SAFE KIDS “BUCKLE UP” INTERVENTION

                                                                                                          COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT: DESIGNING A PEDIATRIC HEALTH
 Fall 2009     Stimpson Children's Medical Center, Ambulatory Services            Dallas     TX           ASSESSMENT IN WEST DALLAS

                                                                                                          A RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS OF CDC NOTIFIABLE CONDITIONS:
                                                                                                          USING COUNTY SPECIFIC DATA TO ANALYZE THE INCIDENCE AND
 Fall 2009      Coggin     Collin County Health Department                      McKinney     TX           RATES OF COLLIN, DALLAS, DENTON AND TARRANT COUNTIES

                           Dallas County Health and Human Services, Public                                DALLAS COUNTY HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES HEPATITIS C
Spring 2008     Jeffries   Health Preparedness and Response Division              Dallas     TX           AWARENESS PROJECT

 Fall 2009    Reyes-Ortiz Fort Worth/Dallas Birthing Project                    Fort Worth   TX           SISTERFRIEND/AINTIE-TIA DATABASE

 Fall 2007     Stimpson Fort Worth/Dallas Birthing Project                      Fort Worth   TX           SISTERFRIENDS PROGRAM AND THE AINTIE TIA PROGRAM
                                                                                                    SURVEY DEVELOPMENT FOR FORT WORTH/DALLAS BIRTHING
Summer 2008   Coggin      Fort Worth/Dallas Birthing Project              Fort Worth   TX           PROJECT

                                                                                                    HEALTH BRIDGE PROGRAM: IMPROVING HEALTH OUTCOMES OF
Spring 2009   Stimpson Girls Incorporated of Tarrant County               Arlington    TX           GIRLS AT GIRLS INC. OF TARRANT COUNTY

Spring 2009   Stimpson Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital               Fort Worth   TX           COMMUNITY AS THE CLIENT

                                                                                                    PILOTING THE HEALTH RESOURCES AND SERVICES
                                                                                                    ADMINISTRATION (HRSA) OFFICE OF PERFORMANCE REVIEW (OPR)
Spring 2009    Jeffries   HRSA/Office of Performance Review                 Dallas     TX           STAFF TASKS AND ASSIMILATION (STA) TRAINING CURRICULUM

 Fall 2007     Jeffries   International Rescue Committee                    Dallas     TX           REFUGEES IN OUR COMMUNITY

 Fall 2009    Brenner     JPS Health Network-Healing Wings Clinic         Fort Worth   TX           HEALING WINGS MEDICATION ADHERENCE PROGRAM

 Fall 2008      Lurie     Kisumu Medical and Educational Trust             Kisumu           Kenya   SISTERHOOD FOR CHANGE PROJECT EVALUATION

                                                                                                    SILENTLY SUFFERING: ANALYSIS OF MOOD DISORDER PREVALENCE,
                                                                                                    TREATMENT DIFFICULTY PATIENT FORWARDNESS WITH REGARDS
                       Llano Memorial Healthcare System, San Saba Rural                             TO DEMOGRAPHIC FACTORS IN ADULTS AT A RURAL CLINIC IN SAN
Spring 2009   Stimpson Health Clinic                                      San Saba     TX           SABA, TEXAS

                                                                                                    ASSOCIATION OF CALCIUM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS INTAKE ON
                          Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto                             COLON POLYPS AND COLON CANCER IN ADULT PUERTO RICANS: A
 Fall 2008     Rojas      Rico                                             San Juan    PR           PILOT STUDY

                                                                                                    PATIENT TEACHINGS IMPARTED TO SPANISH-SPEAKING
Summer 2009   Coggin      Parkland Health & Hospital System                 Dallas     TX           POSTPARTUM WOMEN

                                                                                                    REFUGEE SERVICES of TEXAS, INC: FRONTLINE SERVICES FOR
Spring 2008   Coggin      Refugee Services of Texas                       Fort Worth   TX           REFUGEES ARRIVING IN FORT WORTH, TEXAS

                                                                                                    TARRANT COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH: A GLIMPSE AT THE
Summer 2009     Lurie     Tarrant County Public Health Department         Fort Worth   TX           TUBERCULOSIS ELIMINATION DIVISION
Fall 2009   Stimpson Tarrant County WIC Program                           Arlington    TX           WOMEN, INFANTS, AND CHILDREN (WIC)

Fall 2009    Reyes   Texas Christian University-Campus Life Office       Fort Worth    TX           HEALTH PROMOTION AT TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY

                                                                                                    COMMUNITY-BASED HEALTH NEEDS ASSESSMENT: MANNAN TRIBAL
Fall 2008    Lurie   YEAROUTINDIA                                          Kerala           India   COMMUNITY IN KOZHIMALA

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