Nashville Healthcare Leaders to Invest and Grow in the Industry

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					Nashville Healthcare Leaders to Invest and Grow in the Industry Despite Reform

Uncertainty: Survey

{Businesswire via BioPortfolio}         Despite the last-minute delay of sweeping healthcare reform in

Washington D.C. last month, more than 80 percent of Nashville healthcare          leaders and insiders surveyed

say their companies will invest and grow,          according to a survey conducted by healthcare public affairs

firm Jarrard      Phillips Cate & Hancock.

           Commonly referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Healthcare,― the             Nashville healthcare

community is home to more than 300 healthcare           companies and accounts for approximately $50 billion in


           “The survey echoes what we hear from healthcare executives across all                  aspects of the

industry: we are ready to reemerge and reinvest,― said David           Jarrard, president and chief executive

officer of Jarrard Phillips   Cate & Hancock.

        “While a tremendous amount of uncertainty lingers over healthcare            reform, it’s clear that

healthcare leaders have carefully evaluated the        risks and are ready to move forward to take advantage of

the     opportunities that lie before them.―

         The survey was conducted from Jan. 25 – Jan. 29 to assess opinions of             healthcare industry

insiders given the latest blow dealt to healthcare       reform by the recent election of Scott Brown (R-MA) to

the United States       Senate. Some key findings from the survey are:

               Eighty percent of participants agreed that Nashville’s healthcare        community will benefit

or feel no negative impact from the recent           downfall of the proposed health reform bill.

Among the top issues that keep healthcare leaders up at night: massive                state government deficits

topped the list at 43 percent. Others        include the rising number of the uninsured and the nursing and

physician shortage.                     As for what led to the demise of the reform bill, 41 percent of

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participants identify ‘voter backlash to big government’ as the main                     cause. Meanwhile, 46 percent

specifically blame Senate Majority Leader               Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA),

followed by a         38 percent who blamed President Barack Obama, while others offered the                         American

people and Fox News as the cause.                               Looking forward, 42 percent of participants predict the

next round of              healthcare reform will occur in a piecemeal fashion starting with                        healthcare

insurance.                To view the full survey and comprehensive results, click               here.

       About Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock

           Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock is a national healthcare public affairs                 firm dedicated to helping

hospitals and healthcare organizations use the                tools of communications and politics to succeed during

times of       significant change or crisis. More information, visit:


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