The originator of this Improvement Map is the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and
can be found here: .

The following information is related to the Silverlight program, which is free, but is
required to use the map. Please read through this carefully. You can access the map
directly at the IHI web site, but we have duplicated it into this one tool for you to access
the modules and tools directly. It may be that Silverlight is already running on your
computer. You can go to the "Map" tab in this worksheet and click on any of the links
(hyperlink hand). If the IHI Map web site loads properly, you are good to go! Otherwise,
read the following information:

Guide to using Silverlight to support use of the IHI Improvement Map

The Improvement Map online navigation tool uses Silverlight, a Microsoft web application
similar to Flash. Please review the information below for information about Silverlight,
system requirements to support it, downloading and installation instructions, and tips for

Getting Started
Before you begin using the IHI Improvement Map, you need to download a program
called Silverlight. Silverlight is a free application, much like Flash, which will allow you to
use the interactive media the Improvement Map has to offer. The Improvement Map
cannot function on your computer without Silverlight to support it.

System Requirements
Silverlight runs on Windows and Mac OS X. Please refer to this Microsoft website and
click on “system requirements” in the left hand index of the page to make sure your
computer is able to run Silverlight.

Downloading and Installation
If Silverlight is not already installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download
it the first time you attempt to use the Improvement Map. To download Silverlight
directly, follow the instructions listed on the Microsoft download site.

Most users have been able to download and run Silverlight without problems. If you
have difficulty, please contact your IT department for the fastest and most direct way to
address the issue. Typically, your IT department can resolve any access issues by
enabling a simple switch in your firewall. This deployment guide from Microsoft should
provide any additional information your IT department will need to grant you and your
Instructions: Move from cell to cell                                Started                                Total Underway                % Underway or
with YOUR CURSOR to enter either                                  Improvement       Improved Process        or Improved                    Improved
an "S" for processes for which you
                                          Leadership Processes         0        +          0           =          0         /   12   =       0.00%
have started improvement work or an
"I" for processes you have improved.    Support Care Processes         0        +          0           =          0         /   24   =       0.00%
Use your mouse to click on hyperlinks    Patient Care Processes        0        +          0           =          0         /   37   =       0.00%
to IHI Improvement Map Resources.                 All Processes        0        +          0           =          0         /   73   =       0.00%

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