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Boulder Chiropractic Doctors, Daniel And Richelle Knowles D. C., Offer Free Wellness Workshops


									Boulder Chiropractic Doctors, Daniel And Richelle Knowles D. C., Offer
Free Wellness Workshops

Boulder, CO, 14-DEC-2011: Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D. C., the Boulder
chiropractic team, offer free wellness workshops to members of the
community. The doctors provide information and training on the ways that
individuals of all ages can make sure that they enjoy the greatest
quality of life available and are able to maintain their active
lifestyles indefinitely.

The doctors shared that they feel it is vitally important for people to
become active participants in their health and wellness. This is most
easily accomplished through education programs and workshops that provide
the simple steps that can be taken to assure good health. In addition,
the doctors also offer information on how to maintain proper circulation
throughout the body and flexibility in the joints.

Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D. C., offer unique programs that are
designed to meet the needs of the participants in their workshops. In
addition to a general, overall workshop on achieving and maintaining good
health, the doctors also provide workshops to groups who are looking for
strategies to effectively deal with chronic conditions, stress or

The workshops are offered free to anyone who is interested in becoming
more knowledgeable in the steps they can take to achieve their goals to
gain greater control over their wellness. Topics that include proper
nutrition and how to maintain a healthy weight are offered as well as
exercises that help to improve stamina and circulation.

To get more information about the workshops available through the Boulder
chiropractic team of Dr. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D. C., visit today. Anyone wishing to get more
details about this press release will find contact information below.

Network Family Wellness Center

Danny Knowles D. C. And Richelle Knowles D. C.

1715 15th Street

Boulder, CO 80302

Telephone: (303) 998-1000


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