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JVT-W000 by sEELs8Fe

 List of documents of San Jose meeting [G.J. Sullivan, J.-R. Ohm, A. Luthra, T. Wiegand] AHG Report: Proj
mgmt and errata [K. Suehring, A. Tourapis, T. Suzuki] AHG Report: JM text, ref soft,
bitstream, conf [T. Suzuki] AHG Report: Professional applications [J.-R. Ohm, T. Wiegand, M. Bober] AHG Report: Video annotation [G.J. Sullivan, J. Luo] AHG Report: AVC splicing [J. Vieron, M. Wien, H. Schwarz, T. Wiegand] AHG Report: JD & JSVM
text and S/W [A. Segall, S. Regunathan] AHG Report: SS resampling [H. Schwarz, S. Regunathan, A. Eleftheriadis] AHG Report: SVC
complexity reduction [Y.-K. Wang, S. Pateux, P. Amon, T. Schierl] AHG Report: SVC high-
level syntax, err resil [Y. Gao, A. Segall, T. Wiegand] AHG Report: SVC bit depth and chroma
format [A. Vetro, P. Pandit] AHG Report: MVC high-level syntax & buffering [H.-S. Koo] AHG Report: MVC motion/disparity vector coding [H. Kimata, A. Smolic, P. Pandit, A. Vetro, C. Ying] AHG Report:
JMVM & JD text editing [H. Kimata, A. Smolic] AHG Report: MVC exper. framework & test
cond [Z. G. Li, S. Rahardja, S. L. Xie and W. Yao] Hypothetical reference
decoder for video coding [withdrawn] <> [T. Tran, L. Liu, P. Topiwala] Dyadic spatial down- and up-sampling
filters for SVC [S.-C. Lim, D.-H. Han, Y.-L. Lee] CE5: Verification of loop filtering in
MVC [W.S. Shim, M.W. Park, G.H. Park, D.Y. Suh, H.S. Song, Y.H. Moon,
J.B. Choi] CE5 results- joint prop for MVC deblocking [E.Francois, V.Bottreau, J.Vieron] Restrictions on interlaced coding in
SVC [E.Francois, V.Bottreau, J.Vieron] Profile SVC B: Evaluation of
smoothed ref pred [E.Francois, V.Bottreau, J.Vieron] Evaluation of 4 tap motion
compensation interp [E.Francois, V.Bottreau, J.Vieron] Evaluation of flexible 4-tap
upsampling filters [W.-H. Peng] Low-complexity mode decision algorithm for combined
CGS and temporal scalability [X. Wang, J. Ridge] CE2 report: Improvement of macroblock mode
prediction in ESS [J.-H. Yang] CE5: Illumination comp. info. derivation for MVC [Q. Chen, C. Louis, Z. Chen] Requirements of video annotation in video
coding [Q. Chen, Z. Chen, X. Gu] Video annotation SEI message [C. Louis, O. Lionel, L. Frederic, Z. Chen, Q. Chen] Fingerprint and
video structure for video annotation SEI message [Y. Chen, Y.-K. Wang, M. M. Hannuksela] Comments to MVC JD 2.0 [Y.-K. Wang, M. M. Hannuksela, Y. Chen] MVC output related
conformance [Y. Chen, Y.-K. Wang, M. M. Hannuksela] View scalable SEI message
for MVC [Y. Chen, Y.-K. Wang, M. M. Hannuksela] Operation point and view
dependency changes SEI messages for MVC [Y.-K. Wang, Y. Chen, M. M. Hannuksela] Non-required pictures SEI
message for MVC [S. Liu, Y. Chen, Y.-K. Wang, M. M. Hannuksela] Constraints on
temporal direct mode and weighted prediction in MVC [A.M. Tourapis, K. Suehring, G.J. Sullivan, A. Leontaris] H.264/MPEG-4
AVC reference software (JM) manual [A. Leontaris, A.M. Tourapis] Rate Control reorganization in the JM
reference software [A. Leontaris, A.M. Tourapis] Rate Control for the Joint Scalable Video
Model (JSVM) [A.M. Tourapis, A. Leontaris, K. Suehring] New JM reference software
enhancements [withdrawn] <> [M. M. Hannuksela, Y.-K. Wang] Support for SVC header rewriting to
AVC [M. M. Hannuksela, Y.-K. Wang] Pictures not for output in SVC [M. M. Hannuksela, Y.-K. Wang, Y. Chen] On SVC high-level syntax [C. He, H. Liu, H. Li, Y.-K. Wang, M. M. Hannuksela] Redundant
pictures in SVC [Y.-K. Wang, M. M. Hannuksela] On tl0_pic_idx in SVC [Y.-K. Wang, Y. Chen, M. M. Hannuksela] On SVC scalability
information related SEI messages [Y.-K. Wang, M. M. Hannuksela] SVC feedback based coding [M. M. Hannuksela, Y.-K. Wang, D. Singer, T. Rathgen] SVC priority_id
value setting method indication [I. Radulovic, Y.-K. Wang, S. Wenger, A. Hallapuro, M. M. Hannuksela]
Multiple description coding using AVC redundant pictures [T. Senoh, M. Okui, K. Enami] Experimental results of camera-rotation-
compensated prediction in CE6 [J.B. Choi, W.S. Shim, H.S. Song, Y.H. Moon] Inter-view prediction
reference picture marking [K.P. Lim] Improved JM text algorithm description [E.Francois] Cross-check of JVT-W030 on ESS mode pred improvement [S. Yea, A. Vetro] CE10: View synthesis prediction [A. Vetro, S. Yea, W. Matusik, H. Pfister, M. Zwicker] Anti-aliasing for
3D displays [D. Hong, A. Eleftheriadis, O. Shapiro] Modified deblocking filter
process in scalable extension [A. Eleftheriadis, S. Cipolli, J. Lennox] Improved error resilience using
temporal level 0 picture index [D. Hong. A. Eleftheriadis, and O. Shapiro] Deblocking filter for SVC to
support multi-threading with slice boundary [J. Luo, L. Zhu, P. Yin, C. Gomila] VUI updates for SVC [P.L. Lai, A. Ortega, P. Pandit, P. Yin, C. Gomila] Adaptive reference
filtering for MVC [P. Pandit, P. Yin, C. Gomila] Ref pic list reordering for MVC [P. Pandit, P. Yin, C. Gomila] H.264/AVC extension for MVC using SEI
message [C. Tu, S. Srinivasan, S. Regunathan, G. Sullivan] CE4: 4-tap MC interp
for high-res SVC enh layers [Z. He] Simplified H.264/AVC deblocking filter for SVC enh layer [H. Schwarz, M. Wien] Editors input for SVC draft [H. Schwarz, T. Wiegand] Further results for an rd-opt. multi-loop SVC
enc. [H. Schwarz] Results comparing JSVM, 4-tap, and RCDO MC interp. [K. Sohn, J. Seo] Verification of JVT-W081 LGE MVC motion skip
contrib. [H.S. Song, W.S. Shim, Y.H. Moon, J.B. Choi] Comments on view
dependency info [M. Horowitz, A. Eleftheriadis] Max frame size for enh layers of SVC
profiles [J. Jia, H.K. Kim, H.C. Choi, J.J. Yoo] SVC chroma format scalability [P. Yang, X. Xu, G. Zhu, Y. He] View parallel processing on MVC [H. Kimata, S. Shimizu, K. Kamikura, Y. Yashima] Co-located block
condition for inter-view prediction [H. Kimata, S. Shimizu, K. Kamikura, Y. Yashima] Inter-view prediction
with downsampled reference pictures [K. Ugur, H. Liu, Y.K.Wang] Showcase for parallel decoding information
SEI message for MVC [H.S. Koo, Y.J. Jeon, B.M. Jeon] MVC motion skip mode [Y.J. Jeon, H.S. Koo, B.M. Jeon] Modified spatial direct mode in MVC [Y.S. Ho, C. Lee, K.J. Oh, B.H. Choi, J.H. Park] CE6: View interp pred
for MVC [Y.S. Ho, K.J. Oh, C. Lee, B.H. Choi, J.H. Park] Observations of multi-
view test sequences [Y.S. Ho, K.J. Oh, C. Lee, B.H. Choi, J.H. Park] CE5: Verification of
JVT-W031 illumination comp. info. derivation [I. Amonou, N. Cammas, S. Kervadec, S. Pateux] Some consideration on
the up-sampling position calculation [S. Shimizu, H. Kimata] New view synthesis prediction framework using
residual prediction [S. Lin, S. Gao, Y. Liu, L. Xiong] H264/AVC SEI extensions for MVC [withdrawn] <> [H. Kirchhoffer, H. Schwarz, T. Wiegand] CE1: Simplified FGS [L. Cieplinski] HRD parameters for SVC bitstream rewriting [P. Pandit, P. Yin, C. Gomila] Reduced resolution update for MVC [H. Chung, M. Karczewicz, J. Ridge, X. Wang, W. Han, S. Kim] SVC
FGS profile [J.T. Wa] Image and depth quality of asymmetrically coded stereoscopic
video for 3D-TV [J.T. Wa, L. Zhang] Depth map preproc and minimal content for 3D-TV
using depth-based rendering [S. Naito, A. Koike] CE6: Results on MVC [S.-T. Hsiang] CE3: Intra-frame dyadic spatial SVC based on
subband/wavelet filter banks framework [J.H. Park, Y.H. Kim, J.W. Kim, B.H. Choi] Weighted prediction for
MVC [J.H. Park, Y.H. Kim, and B.H. Choi] Clarification of mb_qp_delta
syntax [A. Smolic, K. Mueller, P. Merkle, N. Atzpadin, C. Fehn, M. Mueller, O.
Schreer, R. Tanger, P. Kauff, T. Wiegand, T. Balogh, Z. Megyesi, A. Barsi] Multi-view
video plus depth (MVD) format for advanced 3D video systems [H. Yan, J. Huo, Y. Chang, S. Lin, S. Gao, L. Xiong] MV/DV prediction
based on RDV [Y. Gao, Y. Wu] CE4: SVC bit-depth scalability simulation results [J.-H. Yang, S.-H. Lee] CE6: Verif GIST MVC contribution JVT-W083
MVC view interp pred [S.-H. Lee, S.-H. Lee, N.-I. Cho, J.-H. Yang] MVC disparity vector pred [X. Wang, J. Ridge] Study on residual upsampling without block
boundary check under ESS [X. Wang] CE2: Verif Qualcomm JVT-W117 improved resid upsamp for
ESS [K. Sohn, J. Seo] Verif JVT-W104 MVC disparity vector pred [Q. Chen, Z. Chen] Verif JVT-W077 view parallel proc on MVC [E. Francois] Cross-check of JVT-W105 on residual upsampling without
block boundary check under ESS [E. Francois, V. Bottreau, J. Vieron] SVC verif test plan: Updated results
for SVC High Profile intra [M. Karczewicz, S. Park, H. Chung] CE1: Report on FGS simplif [A. Segall] Clarification of base_mode_flag [A. Segall, Y. Su] System for bit-depth scalable coding [A. Segall, J. Zhao] Showcase for transcoding scalability info SEI [A. Segall] CE1: Verif JVT-W090 simplified FGS [A. Segall] CE4: Verif JVT-Wxxx (Thomson prop) [Y. Ye, Y. Bao] CE2: Improved resid upsampling for ESS [Y. Ye, Y. Bao, W.J. Han, S.Y. Kim] Perf and complexity of smoothed
ref pred [Y. Bao, M. Karczewicz, X. Wang, J. Ridge, Y. Ye, W.J. Han, S.Y. Kim]
CE1: FGS simplif [P. Yin] CE1: Verif JVT-Wxxx FGS simplif [J. Ridge, X. Wang] CE1: FGS refinement pass simplif [J. Ridge] CE3: Verif JVT-W097 wavelet-based intra dyadic spatial SVC [X. Wang, J. Ridge] Analysis of visual artifacts in ESS residual pred [J. Ridge] CE1: Verif JVT-W111 FGS simplif [G.J. Sullivan] On SVC high-level syntax and HRD [H. Zhong] Verif JVT-W118 perf and complexity of smoothed ref pred [M. Tanimoto, T. Fujii, H. Kimata, S. Sakazawa] Requirements for FTV
(MPEG m14417) [Y. Ye] Verif of JVT-W069: Simplified deblocking for SVC enh layer [L. Zhu, P. Yin, J. Luo, C. Gomila] Supplemental SPS for SVC/MVC [Y. Su] CE2: Verif JVT-W117 improved resid upsampling for ESS

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