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									Professional & Postgraduate
Accountancy Courses
at Newport Business School 2011-12

Tuition From a Winning Team

                              Public Sector Accountancy
                              College of the Year 2010
Why Study Accountancy at Newport?

Newport Business School has been acclaimed for the excellence of its Accountancy programmes for almost 40 years, and it
has achieved a number of accolades in recent years:

•	 In	the	PQ	Magazine	Awards	of	2011,	a	Newport	ACCA	Year	4	student	won	the	prestigious	PQ	‘Student	of	the	Year’	award.	
	 Further,	Newport	was	runner	up	in	‘Public	Sector	Accountancy	College	of	the	Year’	award	and	a	Newport	tutor	(Ian	Janes)	
	 was	shortlisted	for	the	‘Lecturer	of	the	Year’	award.	In	the	PQ	Magazine	Awards	of	2010,	Newport	was	the	winner	of	the	
	 ‘Public	Sector	Accountancy	College	of	the	Year’	award,	and	a	CIMA	student	was	also	shortlisted	for	the	PQ	‘Student	of	the	
	 Year’	award.
•	 Newport	is	an	ACCA	Platinum	Approved	Learning	Partner	and	a	CIMA	Learning	Quality	Partner
•	 In	the	National	Student	Survey	of	2009,	Newport’s	Accountancy	programmes	were	ranked	1st	in	the	UK	in	three	areas		
	 (‘teaching	on	my	course’,	‘assessment	and	feedback’,	and	‘academic	support’)

The	School	offers	undergraduate	Accounting	degrees,	an	MSc	in	Accounting,	and	ACCA	and	CIMA	professional	programmes	
-	as	well	as	a	suite	of	short	courses	(‘Governance	Best	Practice’,	‘Cash	Management’	and	‘Accounting	for	Non-Financial	
Managers’)	and	CPD/technical	update	training.

Our Expertise
Our Accountancy programmes are taught by a lecturing team of nine qualified accountants who have many years of business
experience in practice, industry, commerce and the public sector, as well as significant experience in teaching professional
and	postgraduate	courses.	The	team	regularly	engage	with	professional	bodies	and	employers	at	a	local	and	national	
level	and	undertake	research	at	the	forefront	of	their	respective	disciplines.	Question	practice	tutorials	reinforce	technical	
knowledge	and	exam	technique	each	and	every	week	on	our	professional	programmes.	A	number	of	our	tutors	also	have	
valuable	experience	as	professional	body	markers	or	examiners.	The	learning	environment	at	Newport	is	friendly	and	
supportive,	and	we	are	able	to	offer	an	exceptional	level	of	pastoral	support.	Further,	our	study	facilities	in	our	new	state-of-
the-art	City	Campus	are	excellent.

Our	ACCA	programme	is	accredited	by	ACCA	to	Platinum	Status	(the	highest	available	level	of	accreditation),	in	recognition	of	
the	support	that	we	give	to	our	students,	the	quality	of	our	tuition,	and	the	pass	rates	that	we	achieve.	We	were	the	first	public	
sector	institution	in	Wales	to	achieve	this	status.	Further,	we	are	one	of	only	a	few	select	institutions	accredited	by	ACCA	to	
offer	an	internally	assessed	ACCA	course	that	covers	all	Fundamentals	Level	papers.

Our	CIMA	programme	is	also	accredited	by	CIMA	to	the	highest	level	(CIMA	Learning	Quality	Partner	status).	

MSc Accounting
Our	MSc	Accounting	programme	offers	two	pathways	-	Accounting	&	Finance	or	Accounting	&	Financial	Management.	The	
programme	significantly	enhances	employability	and	career	development,	and	can	be	combined	with	ACCA	or	CIMA	studies.	
Further,	a	‘fast-track’	variant	is	available	for	CCAB	qualified	accountants.	

In	sum,	the	combination	of	the	practical	experience	and	technical	expertise	of	our	lecturing	team	and	our	excellence	in	
teaching	and	learning	makes	Newport’s	Accountancy	courses	very	special.	I	hope	that	you	will	soon	join	us.

Jared Davies BSc ACA - Academic	Leader,	Accounting	&	HR	Division

                              For general enquiries regarding Accountancy programmes available at Newport,
                              please	contact	the	University	Information	Centre	on	01633 432432 or email

                              Alternatively,	contact	Jared	Davies,	Academic	Leader,	Accountancy	&	HR	Division	
                              on 01633 432512 or

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Part-time	Course	2011-12

Why study ACCA?
Looking	after	the	interests	of	members	in	more	than	170	countries,	ACCA	is	the	global	body	for	professional	accountants.	
There	are	currently	more	than	404,000	students	studying	for	the	ACCA	Qualification	worldwide,	preparing	to	become	the	next	
generation	of	FDs,	CFOs,	CEOs	and	Partners.	With	a	network	of	over	82	offices	and	centres	across	the	world,	ACCA	can	offer	
localised	support	to	students	and	members.

There	are	two	important	steps	to	becoming	a	professional	accountant:	passing	exams	and	undertaking	relevant	work	
experience.	Both	the	exams	and	the	experience	requirements	are	set	and	approved	by	ACCA	and	meet	industry	requirements.	
ACCA	are	the	source	of	your	technical	knowledge	and	will	provide	you	with	the	context	in	which	to	use	your	expertise;	they	
also	ensure	that	your	qualification	is	rigorous,	business	focused	and	delivers	the	skills	employers	are	looking	for.

ACCA Qualification Structure

  Fundamentals Level                   Knowledge	papers               F1	Accountant	In	Business
  (Internally Assessed)
                                                                      F2	Management	Accounting

                                                                      F3 Financial Accounting

                                       Skills	Papers                  F4	Corporate	and	Business	Law

                                                                      F5	Performance	Management

                                                                      F6 Taxation

                                                                      F7	Financial	Reporting

                                                                      F8	Audit	and	Assurance

                                                                      F9	Financial	Management

  Professional                         Essentials	Papers              P1	Governance,	Risk	and	Ethics

  Level                                                               P2	Corporate	Reporting
  (Externally Assessed)
                                                                      P3	Business	Analysis

                                       Options	Papers                 P4	Advanced	Financial	Management
                                       (2	From	4)
                                                                      P5	Advanced	Performance	Management

                                                                      P6	Advanced	Taxation

                                                                      P7	Advanced	Audit	and	Assurance

Newport’s ACCA Course Structure

    Year   Papers                       Day             Attendance          Course Tutors
                                        (Provisional)   Mode

    1      Fundamentals Level           Tuesday                   
           Knowledge papers                                                 01633 432460
           [Internally Assessed]
           •	 Papers	F1,	F2	&	F3                                            Preferred	enrolment	date	Tuesday	
                                                                            13	September,	12pm	-	8pm

    2      Fundamentals Level           Thursday                  
           Skills papers                                                    01633 432461
           [Internally Assessed]
           •	 Papers	F4,	F5	&	F6                                            Preferred	enrolment	date	Thursday	
                                                                            15	September,	12pm	-	8pm

    3      Fundamentals Level           Tuesday                   
           Skills papers                                                    01633 432461
                                                           All years
           [Internally Assessed]
                                                        available	on	Day	   Preferred	enrolment	date	Tuesday	
           •	 Papers	F7,	F8	&	F9
                                                            Release         13	September,	12pm	-	8pm
           Students may also sit
           Professional Level
           Essentials paper                               Afternoon/
           [Externally assessed]                           Evening
           •	 Paper	P1                                       Basis
    4      Professional Level           Wednesday                 
           September - December                                             01633 432585
            [Externally assessed]
           •	 Papers	P2,	P3	or                                              Teaching	starts	7	September
           •	 Paper		P7	(subject	to	
           viable	demand)
           Teaching	starts	Wednesday	
           7	September
           January – June
           2 from 4 Options papers
           [Externally assessed]
           •	 Papers	P4,	P5,	P6	&	P7
           •	 Papers	P1,	P2
           (all	subject	to		viable	

              “The course is totally centred on the individual requirements of each
               student, who can take on as much or as little as they personally feel
                 capable of completing in each year. The tutors are at hand every
                 step of the way. They are supportive, always approachable, very
              knowledgeable and committed to the students they teach – I wouldn’t
                       go anywhere other than Newport Business School!”

Entry Requirements and Exemptions
•	 Students	wishing	to	join	the	course	must	have	applied	for	student	membership	with	ACCA	before the start date in
	 September	2011.	Details	are	available	on	the	ACCA	website	at:
•	 No	exemptions	are	available	for	applicants	holding	a	non-relevant	degree	or	EdExcel	qualifications.	Applicants	with	a	
   relevant	degree	should	contact	ACCA	for	details	of	any	exemptions	to	which	they	may	be	entitled.	
•	 CAT	Graduates	and	recent	AAT	Graduates	are	eligible	for	exemption	from	all	three	Knowledge	papers.

Course Fees & Fees Payable to ACCA
•	 Course	fees	payable	on	enrolment	are	£350	per	subject	which	is	inclusive of all study material and study texts but
   excludes	the	following	fees	(applicable	to	1	January	2011)	payable	directly	to	the	ACCA:

	 -	 Initial	Subscription	£72	(payable	on	registration)
	 -	 Annual	Subscription	£72	(payable	on	1	January	following	date	of	registration)
	 -	 Exemption	/	exam	fees:	Knowledge	=	£57	per	paper	/	Skills	=	£72	per	paper	/	Professional	=	£84	per	paper

Enrolment & Induction Sessions
•	 The	location	of	part-time	enrolment	will	be	advised	on	application.	
•	 Classes	will	be	held	at	the	City	Campus.
•	 Course	induction	for	years	1,	2	and	3	will	start	at	1.30pm	on	the	relevant	day	identified	above	during	the	week commencing
   19 September 2011.	Detailed	timetables,	course	handbook,	lecture	programmes	etc	will	be	distributed	at	induction	
•	 Year	4	induction	and	teaching	will	comence	in	the	week	prior	to	enrolment.

Further Information and Application Forms
•	 For	administrative	queries,	application	forms	or	a	prospectus	please	contact	the	University	Information	Centre	on	
   01633 432432 or via email:
	 For	academic	queries	regarding	course	content,	timetables	etc	please	contact	the	course	tutor	directly.
•	 Information	Evenings	will	be	running	during	the	Summer	of	2011	at	the	City	Campus.	No	appointment	is	necessary	and	
	 ACCA	tutors	will	be	available	to	discuss	the	course.	Each	evening	will	run	from	4.30pm	to	7.30pm.	The	dates	of	the	
   evenings are:

	   -	 Tuesday	17	May	2011
	   -	 Wednesday	15	June	2011
	   -	 Tuesday	19	July	2011
	   -	 Tuesday	9	August	2011
	   -	 Wednesday	24	August	2011
	   -	 Thursday	1	September	2011

Examination and Professional Body Membership Details
•	 ACCA	Fundamentals	level	internal exams	are	held	late	May/early	June	(main	sitting)	and	August	(resits)
•	 ACCA	Professional	level	external exams	are	available	each	June	and	December.	Details	of	exam	dates	are	available	on	
	 ACCA’s	website:
•	 In	order	to	qualify	as	a	professional	accountant,	students	are	required	to	fulfil	practical	experience	requirements	and	to	
	 complete	the	ACCA’s	professional	ethics	module.	Details	are	available	using	the	following	links:

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
Part-time	Course	2011-12
Why study CIMA?
The	CIMA	Certificate	in	Business	Accounting	provides	an	entry	route	into	the	CIMA	Professional	Qualification.

The	CIMA	Professional	Qualification	is	a	world	class	financial	qualification	and	is	recognised	by	employers	world-wide.	It	can	
be your passport to career success in any field that you choose, whether that be commerce, financial services, consultancy,
government,	the	public	sector	or	manufacturing.	Upon	successfully	completing	all	examinations,	and	gaining	a	minimum	of	
three	years’	relevant	practical	experience,	you	will	become	a	Chartered	Management	Accountant	and	gain	your	ACMA	letters.

The	CIMA	Professional	Qualification	will	provide	you	with	an	accountancy	qualification	that	specialises	in	management	
accounting.	Management	accounting	is	not	a	way	of	recording	the	past	like	financial	accounting,	but	more	a	way	of	assessing	
what	a	business	is	capable	of	in	the	future.	You	will	be	acquiring	skills	(such	as	strategic	thinking,	and	risk	and	performance	
management	skills)	that	will	help	you	to	progress	successfully	to	a	position	where	you	are	able	to	help	shape	and	control	the	
future	of	organisations.	It	is	these	skills	that	allow	Chartered	Management	Accountants	to	step	into	roles	as	Management	
Consultants	or	Business	Analysts,	as	well	as	more	traditional	management	accountancy	roles.	Further	career	progression	
may	see	you	moving	on	to	Financial	Director	or	Chief	Executive	roles.

CIMA Qualification Structure
CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting:
•	 Paper	C01	Fundamentals	of	Management	Accounting
•	 Paper	C02	Fundamentals	of	Financial	Accounting
•	 Paper	C03	Fundamentals	of	Business	Mathematics
•	 Paper	C04	Fundamentals	of	Business	Economics
•	 Paper	C05	Fundamentals	of	Ethics,	Corporate	Governance	and	Business	Law		

The CIMA Professional Qualification:

Operational Level:
•	 Paper	P1	Performance	Operations	(P1	in	the	previous	syllabus)
•	 Paper	E1	Enterprise	Operations	(formerly	P4)
•	 Paper	F1	Financial	Operations	(formerly	P7)

Management Level:
•	 Paper	P2	Performance	Management	(P2	in	the	previous	syllabus)
•	 Paper	E2	Enterprise	Management	(formerly	P5)
•	 Paper	F2	Financial	Management	(formerly	P8)

Strategic Level:
•	 Paper	P3	Performance	Strategy	(P3	in	the	previous	syllabus)
•	 Paper	E3	Enterprise	Strategy	(formerly	P6)
•	 Paper	F3	Financial	Strategy	(formerly	P9)
•	 Paper	T4	Test	of	Professional	Competence	in	Management	Accounting	(TOPCIMA)*	(formerly	P10)	
   * taken after successful completion of P3, E3 and F3

         “I’m so glad I chose Newport to study for this course. The student support is
          excellent, and that really makes all the difference; You’re not just stuck on
        your own with books and papers. I love the fact that I have met so many people
                                working in similar roles as well.”

Newport’s CIMA Course Structure
CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting – timing of tuition (all	dates	and	times	provisional):

  Papers *Titles	subject	to	change   Timing of tuition (Mondays)                        Year Tutor                        Fees

  *C01	Mgt	Accounting                Teaching	starts	19	Sept	2011.            
  *C03	Business	Maths                Two	papers	taught	for	ten	weeks,	1pm	to	7pm.       01633 432490
  *C02	Financial	Accounting          Teaching	starts	16	January	2012.                   Prefered	enrolment	date	
  *C04	Economics                     Three	papers	taught	for	15	weeks	(excluding	       Monday	12	September,	
  *C05	Law	&	Ethics                  Easter	vacation),	1pm	to	7pm.                      4pm	-	7pm

CIMA Professional Qualification – timing of tuition (all	dates	and	times	provisional):

Our	part-time	Professional	Qualification	course	options	have	been	designed	to	allow	busy	students	to	successfully	combine	
work	and	study.	At	the	Operational	and	Management	Level	students	can	attend	a	“complete”	part-time	course	(including	
knowledge	lectures,	question	practice	tutorials,	a	mock	examination	and	a	revision	day),	or	they	can	just	choose	a	mock	exam	
and	revision	day	if	they	have	already	self-studied	the	syllabus.

  Papers            Timing of tuition                                         Year Tutor                             Fees

  Operational Level (Monday):                                                                                        Cost	of	
                                                                                                                     full tuition
  Paper F1          Teaching starts 5 September 2011 (for Nov 2011 sit)                                              per paper
                    10	teaching	sessions	(1.00pm	to	5.30pm)	plus	mock	                                               +	mock	+	
                    &	revision	day.	                                                                                 revision
                                                                                                                     day	=	
  Papers P1         Teaching starts 16 Jan 2012 (for May 2012 sits)                                                  £350*
  and E1            12	teaching	sessions	(1.30pm	to	9.30pm)	plus	mocks	
                    &	revision	days.                                                                                 Cost	of	
                    Please	note	that	the	start	time	on	16	Jan	will	be	1pm                mock	+	
                    (for	new	student	induction)                               01633 432595                           revision
                                                                                                                     day	=	£100	
  Management Level:                                                           Enrolment	will	be	on	the	day(s)	       per paper
                                                                              of tuition
  Paper F2          Teaching starts 8 September 2011 (for Nov 2011 sit)
  (Thursday)        10	teaching	sessions	(1.00pm	to	5.30pm)	plus	mock	
                    &	revision	day.	Summer	School	to	be	announced.

  Papers P2         Teaching starts 17 Jan 2012 (for May 2012 sits)
  and E2            12	teaching	sessions	(1.30pm	to	9.30pm)	plus	mocks	
  (Tuesday)         &	revision	days.
                    Please	note	that	the	start	time	on	17	Jan	will	be	1pm	
                    (for	new	student	induction)

  Papers            Timing of tuition                                         Year Tutor                             Fees

  Strategic Level (Thursday):                                                                                        Cost	of	
                                                                                                                     full tuition
  Papers E3,        Teaching starts 22 September 2011 (for May 2012                                                  per paper
  F3 & P3           sits)                                                      +	mock	+	
                    Tuition	runs	1.30pm	to	7.30pm	across	whole	               01633 432460                           revision
                    academic	year	(plus	one	mock	exam	&	revision	day	                                                day	=	
                    per	paper).                                               Prefered	enrolment	date	               £350*
                                                                              Thursday	15	September,	                Cost	of	
  Paper T4 –        Courses	for	various	sittings	are	subject	to	student	      12pm	-	7pm                             mock	+	
  “Topcima”         demand                                                                                           revision
  Case                                                                                                               day	=	£100	
  Study                                                                                                              per paper

*Please note that these tuition fees INCLUDE the cost of a study text but EXCLUDE any fees payable directly to the CIMA
professional body.                                                                                                                  6
Entry Requirements and Exemptions
•	 CIMA	now	operates	a	‘Flexible	Entry’	policy	meaning	that	there	are	no	minimum	entry	requirements.	However,	a	good	
	 standard	of	maths	and	competency	in	the	English	language	is	required.	Degrees	in	business	or	accounting	will	usually	be		
	 accepted	by	CIMA	as	equivalent	to	the	Certificate	in	Business	Accounting	and	will	hence	give	exemptions	from	some	(or	all)		
	 of	its	papers.	The	AAT	Technician	Level	currently	provides	exemptions	from	all	Certificate	papers.
•	 You	MUST	register	with	CIMA	prior	to	the	start	of	the	course,	and	obtain	official	confirmation	of	any	exemptions.	CIMA	can		
	 be	contacted	on	+44	20	8849	2251	or	via	their	website	at:,	where	on-line	registration	is	available.
•	 Students	are	wholly	responsible	for	entering	for	their	Professional	Qualification	exams	with	CIMA	(an	on-line	process).	Only		
	 Certificate	exam	entry	is	made	via	Newport	Business	School.
•	 Important	–	timing	of	registration/obtaining	exemptions/exam	entry:

	 -	 Students	MUST	have	registered	with	CIMA	by	31July	2011	to	be	able	to	sit	exams	in	November	2011.
	 -	 Students	MUST	have	completed	all	Certificate	papers	by	1	September	2011	to	be	able	to	sit	Operational	Level	papers	in		
	 	 November	2011.
	 -	 All	Management	Level	papers	must	have	been	passed	before	Strategic	papers	can	be	attempted
	 -	 All	Strategic	papers	must	have	been	passed	before	the	case	study	(TOPCIMA)	can	be	attempted
	 -	 Exam	entry	for	November	2011	exams	closes	on	14	September	2011.
	 -	 The	process	of	obtaining	exemptions	must	be	completed	prior	to	exam	entry.
  - AAT students
	 	 AAT	students	wishing	to	sit	exams	in	November	2011	must	register	with	CIMA	by	31	July	2011,	on	the	strength	of	their		
	 	 Intermediate	AAT	passes.	On	receiving	their	Technician	passes	in	August	2011,	they	must	then	apply	for	exemptions		
	 	 using	the	“fast	track”	service	that	CIMA	has	made	available	for	AAT	students.	Please	see	the	CIMA	website	for	details.

Fees payable to CIMA (subject to update by CIMA)
•	 The	initial	CIMA	registration	fee	is	£63	(tbc).	An	annual	subscription	fee	of	£94	is	also	payable	for	each	calendar	year	that	
	 a	student	is	registered	(currently,	the	first	year	is	free).	This	fee	is	separate	from	the	initial	registration	fee.	Examination		
	 and	exemption	fees	range	between	£45	and	£101	per	subject.

Enrolment & Induction Sessions
•	 Induction	will	always	take	place	on	the	first	teaching	date	for	the	particular	year	of	a	course,	and	will	start	at	1pm	(1.30pm	
	 for	Strategic	Level, please see previous page for details of all courses).	To	give	an	example,	induction	for	Operational	Level		
	 will	be	at	1pm	on	Monday	5	September.
•	 University enrolment	runs	from	12	September	to	15	September	2011	(at	our	Caerleon	Campus).	Specific	CIMA	enrolment	
	 will	take	place	on	Monday	12	September	&	Thursday	15	September.
•	 It	might	therefore	be	the	case	that	you	attend	induction	before	enrolment	if	you	are	studying	papers	F1	or	F2.
•	 Teaching	will	take	place	at	the	City	Campus.

Further Information and Application Forms
•	 For	administrative	queries,	application	forms	or	a	prospectus	please	contact	the	University	Information	Centre	on	
   01633 432432 or via email:
	 For	academic	queries	regarding	course	content,	timetables	etc	please	contact	the	year	tutor	directly.
•	 Information	Evenings	will	be	running	during	the	Summer	of	2011	at	the	City	Campus.	No	appointment	is	necessary	and	
	 CIMA	tutors	will	be	available	to	discuss	the	course.	Each	evening	will	run	from	4.30pm	to	7.30pm.	The	dates	of	the	evenings	

	   -	 Tuesday	17	May	2011
	   -	 Wednesday	15	June	2011
	   -	 Tuesday	19	July	2011
	   -	 Tuesday	9	August	2011
	   -	 Wednesday	24	August	2011
	   -	 Thursday	1	September	2011

Msc Accounting with Finance or Financial Management
Full-time,	Part-time	&	Fast	Track	Courses	2011-12
Newport	Business	School	offers	an	MSc	Accounting	with	two	pathways,	MSc	Accounting	&	Finance	or	MSc	Accounting	
&	Financial	Management,	that	complements	the	School’s	professional	accountancy	programmes.	Further,	a	‘fast-track’	
programme	is	available	for	CCAB	qualified	accountants.	

The Benefits of Newport’s MSc Accounting
Senior	finance	professionals	and	business	managers	operating	in	today’s	global	business	markets	require	a	holistic	
financial	skill-set	that	enables	them	to	make	successful	decisions	and	shape	strategy	at	all	levels.	Further,	it	is	increasingly	
recognised	that	awareness	and	application	of	professional	and	ethical	values	and	sound	governance	and	risk	management	
principles	are	vitally	important.

Newport’s	MSc	pathways	provide	such	a	core	skill	set,	while	allowing	students	to	specialise	in	a	number	of	areas	of	
accounting,	finance	or	financial	management.	You	will	develop	your	knowledge	and	understanding	of	key	financial	reporting,	
corporate	governance,	ethics,	sustainability,	risk	management,	performance	measurement/management,	financial	
management	and/or	taxation	topics,	and	critically	evaluate	contemporary	issues	in	these	areas.	Further,	you	will	enhance	
your	research	and	analytical	skills,	gain	experience	of	analysing	and	solving	complex	problems	from	a	creative	and	critical	
perspective,	and	improve	time	management,	communication	(oral	and	written),	motivation,	team-working,	presentation,	
independent	learning,	life-long-learning,	and	other	transferable	skills	that	are	vital	in	the	workplace.

The	MSc	will	significantly	enhance	your	employability	and	develop	your	career	wherever	that	may	be	-	accounting	practice,	
the	public	sector,	financial	services	or	industry	and	commerce.	Our	lecturers	also	teach	on	the	School’s	acclaimed	ACCA	and	
CIMA	professional	programmes	(including	the	ACCA	internally	assessed	course,	which	significantly	develops	transferable	
work-based	skills),	and	the	content	of	the	MSc	modules	closely	follow	the	ACCA	and	CIMA	final	level	syllabi.	Therefore,	
you	can	be	sure	that	while	the	programme	is	academically	rigorous	it	is	also	very	practically	focused.	It	is	also	possible	to	
combine	MSc	studies	with	the	completion	of	the	ACCA	or	CIMA	qualifications	if	so	wished.

Teaching & Learning at Newport
The	teaching	and	learning	environment	fosters	critical	thinking	and	analysis,	with	a	mix	of	lecture,	tutorial,	personal	
research,	e-learning	and	group	work	sessions	embedded	into	a	workshop	environment.	Student	interaction	and	networking	
is	common-place,	and	the	diverse	experiences	and	backgrounds	of	the	students	–	many	of	whom	hold	senior	positions	in	
their	employing	organisations	-	adds	to	the	richness	of	the	learning	environment.	Our	lecturers,	in	addition	to	being	qualified	
accountants	and	having	many	years	of	personal	business	experience,	are	vastly	experienced	at	working	with	finance	
professionals	and	business	managers.

           “The ‘fast-track’ route offers a natural progression to qualified accountants
          (such as ACCA and CIMA affiliates and members) that will enhance the value
            and contemporary relevance of students’ existing professional accounting
           qualifications. It offers a boost to career prospects and provides a source of
            qualifying CPD activities combined with the procurement of vital academic
                                           research skills.”

Course Structure & Content
The MSc is structured as follows:

    Postgraduate        Corporate	           Corporate	            Strategic            Strategic
    Certificate:       Reporting	&	         Governance             Financial          Performance	
    Four core          Analysis	(1)                              Management	          Management
    compulsory                                                   &	Corporate	
    modules                                                       Finance	(1)

    Postgraduate        Corporate	             Risk	              Strategic             Strategic            Strategic
    Diploma:           Reporting	&	        Management,	           Financial           Performance	              Tax
    Choice	of	two	     Analysis	(2)          Ethics	&	           Management	          Measurement            Planning
    modules from                           Sustainability        &	Corporate	
    five                                                         Finance	(2)*

    PLUS	two	           Contemp.	            Contemp.	
    compulsory          Issues	(1)           Issues	(2)
                                                                                 scheme entry
    Masters            Research	            Dissertation
    Level:            Methodology	

*Accounting & Financial Management exit award given if Strategic Financial Management & Corporate Finance (2) elective chosen,
plus Financial Management Contemporary Issues and Financial Management dissertation topic.

The ‘Fast-Track’ Route
The	‘fast-track’	route	is	available	to	professional	accountants	who	hold	a	Consultative	Committee	of	Accountancy	Bodies	
(‘CCAB’)	recognised	accountancy	qualification	or	equivalent	(such	as	ACCA,	CIMA,	ICAEW	or	CIPFA),	as	these	qualifications	
lead	to	accreditation	for	prior	achievement.	Fast-track	students	enter	the	qualification	at	the	‘Contemporary	Issues’	module	

The	fast-track	programme	will	significantly	complement,	enhance,	and	update	a	professional	accountancy	qualification,	and	
so	will	enhance	your	career	prospects	and	your	value	to	your	employer	at	a	senior	management	level.	Specifically,	it	will:

•	 develop	your	knowledge,	understanding	and	critical	appreciation	of	a	wide	range	of	contemporary	accounting,	finance	and/	
   or financial management issues
•	 qualify	as	structured	learning	hours	to	help	meet	the	continuing	professional	development	(CPD)	requirements	of	your		
   professional body
•	 enhance	your	academic	research,	analytical,	and	critical	evaluation	skills
•	 build	on	your	key	transferable	skills,	and	expand	your	independent	and	life-long	learning	skills	
•	 allow	you	to	network	with	and	learn	from	the	experiences	of	your	peers
•	 allow	you	to	conduct	an	in-depth	research	study	in	a	specialist	area	(ideally	with	a	practical	relevance	demonstrating	
	 academic	excellence),	culminating	in	a	dissertation

Delivery Modes

  Variant               Delivery             Next start date          Course duration                         Course fees
                        mode                 available

  ‘Full taught’ MSc     Full-time            September	2011           1	year	taught	modules;                  £5,250	
                        (day	attendance)                              PLUS	up	to	7	months	to	complete	        (£9,250	
                                                                      dissertation	(if	students	take	final	   for	non-EU	
                                                                      level	ACCA	or	CIMA	papers	while	        students)
                                                                      completing	dissertation).

                        Part-time            TBC                      2	years	taught	modules;                 £1,750	per	
                        (afternoon	                                   PLUS	up	to	7	months	to	complete	        annum
                        /	evening	                                    dissertation.

  ‘Fast-track’ MSc      Full-time            September	2011	          Approx.	10	months.	1	Semester	          £1,900	
                        (day	attendance)     (subject	to	demand)      for	Contemporary	Issues	modules,	       (£4,625	
                                                                      Research	Methodology	workshops	         for	non-EU	
                                                                      and a choice of refresher modules       students)
                                                                      from	‘full	taught’	programme	
                                                                      or	MBA;	remainder	of	time	to	
                                                                      complete	dissertation.

                        Part-time            September	2011           ½	-	1	year	for	the	Contemporary	        £1,900	
                        (Mix	of	evening	                              Issues	&	Research	Methodology	          (for	whole	
                        workshops	and	                                modules;	                               qualification);	
                        e	–	learning;	                                PLUS	up	to	one	year	to	complete	        £400	payable	
                        attendance	1	                                 dissertation.                           on registration
                        evening per                                                                           for first
                        week)                                                                                 module

Entry Requirements & Exemptions
Students	who	have	completed	a	first	degree	in	Accounting	or	a	first	degree	in	Finance/Business	(with	significant	accounting	
content)	are	eligible	to	join	the	MSc	programme.	However,	as	noted	above,	a	‘fast-track’	route	is	available	for	professional	
accountants	who	hold	a	CCAB	recognised	accountancy	qualification	or	equivalent.	The	University	of	Wales,	Newport	also	
requires	students	to	demonstrate	their	English	language	ability	before	being	offered	a	place.	We	currently	accept	students	
with	the	following	for	undergraduate	and	postgraduate	courses:	IELTS	6.0;	TOEFL	550	paper	based	test;	213	computer	based	
test;	79-80	internet	based	test;	IGCSE	English	as	a	Second	Language	Examination/	E2L	at	grade	C	or	above;	WELTS	CCC.	

We	offer	a	full	range	of	accounting	courses	from	undergraduate	(BSc	Accounting),	to	professional	(ACCA	and	CIMA)	and	
postgraduate	(MSc	Accounting	and	Finance/Financial	Management).	In	the	second	year	of	the	full-time	MSc	programme	it	is	
possible	to	combine	the	completion	of	your	dissertation	with	studying	for	the	final	examinations	of	ACCA	or	CIMA.

Further Information and Application Forms
•	 For	administrative	queries,	application	forms	or	a	prospectus	please	contact	the	University	Information	Centre	on	01633
   432432 or via email on:
•	 Alternatively,	please	contact	Jared	Davies	(Academic	Leader,	Accounting	&	HR	Division)	on	01633 432512 or by e-mailing
•	 Information	evenings	will	be	running	during	the	Summer	of	2011	at	the	City	Campus.	No	appointment	is	necessary	and	
	 accountancy	tutors	will	be	available	to	discuss	the	course.	Each	evening	will	run	from	4.30pm	to	7.30pm.	The	dates	of	the	
	 evenings	are:	Tuesday	17	May	2011;	Wednesday	15	June	2011;	Tuesday	19	July	2011;	Tuesday	9	August	2011;	Wednesday		
	 24	August	2011	and	Thursday	1	September	2011.

       For general enquiries regarding Accountancy programmes available at Newport,
please	contact	the	University	Information	Centre	on	01633 432432 or email

       Alternatively,	contact	Jared	Davies,	Academic	Leader,	Accountancy	&	HR	Division	
                       on 01633 432512 or


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