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									       Welcome to

We welcome new staff to the Berea
College community. Use this as a guide to
make connections for essential services
and orientation workshops.
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          Berea College Staff Orientation

        All new staff and teaching faculty:
         Contact People Services to schedule
          a session with the Director of People Services
          to start the orientation process (x3070).
                  To prepare please review the Benefits Brochure
                   available at People Services (room 100 Fairchild Hall).

        For non-teaching staff:
click    Contact Mark Nigro, Learning Coordinator, to
          schedule three orientation workshops (x 3054).
          Be sure to check with your supervisor to make sure
          the workshops fit your schedule.

click    Meet with your supervisor to discuss
          your position description and other work
          policies in your area.

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                 What to Expect

        Meet People Services
             Purpose: When you meet with People Services, the Director,
             Carolyn Castle, will welcome you to our campus and provide
             important pay & benefits information, including:

         •     Employee Handbook
         •     Benefits Options
         •     Payroll Information
         •     Answering your

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                   What to Expect

        Use the “Passport” to Get Connected
           Purpose: When you meet with People Services, you also
           will receive an “Orientation Passport.” Your passport will
           help guide you in your new workplace.
           Process: Visit the listed locations to establish
           important connections and to see the campus.

         Getting Connected
click    • Student Service Center (Lincoln Hall) – get your photo ID card
         • Public Safety – parking sticker and safety information
         • Public Relations – take archive photo & get information
         • Information Systems & Services – get your computer
           access and telephone connection
         • Environmental Health & Safety – workplace safety review
         • Phone Center – phone hookup & “how-to’s”

         Visit the Campus
         • The passport also contains information about a variety of
            interesting sites on campus

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 Required for non-teaching staff; open to all
               -Orientation Series -

        Orientation Workshop #1
           Being & Becoming
          Purpose: Connecting to the Berea College Legacy

         Session Highlights
         • Historical Perspective
         • Mission of the College &
           The Great Commitments
         • Strategic Vision – A Total
           Learning Community
         • The Common Learning Goals               Becoming

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 Required for non-teaching staff; open to all
                -Orientation Series -

        Orientation Workshop #2
           Workplace Expectations
           Purpose: Expressing Berea’s Core Values Through Our Work

         Session Highlights
         • Understanding the
           Workplace Expectations           Exhibit enthusiasm for learning
         • Considering how to              Value all people   Serve others
           apply them
                                        Encourage plain and sustainable living

                                            Act with integrity and caring
                                                  Work as a team
                                              Celebrate work well done

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 Required for non-teaching staff; open to all
               -Orientation Series -

        Orientation Workshop #3
         Performance Evaluation for Staff
         Purpose: Learn Berea’s Formal Process
         for Evaluating and Developing Performance
         – applicable to all non-teaching staff.

click     Session Highlights
          • Annual Performance Evaluation
          • Addressing concerns
          • Feedback and Development

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 Thanks for joining
     our unique
learning community

        People Services
                x 3050

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