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                              Revised – 7 June 2011

Title of Project:

1. Principal Investigator(s) Name and Title:



       Phone:               Fax:                 E-mail:

2. Principal Investigator(s) Name and Title:



       Phone:               Fax:                 E-mail:

Project Categories (Please check all that apply). For each category checked,
below, it is important to clearly describe this aspect of the program in all relevant
sections of the application. For example, if “Conservation Education” is checked,
the nature and scope of the effort, evaluation, etc. must be clearly described.

   Management/Captive Breeding (ex-situ)             Animal Welfare
   Conservation Education                            Animal Health
   Field Conservation (in-situ)                      Habitat Management
   Other - Describe

Project Abstract – Limit to 1500 characters:
   Is this project endorsed/sponsored by an American Zoo and Aquarium
    Association (AZA) conservation committee (e.g., SSP, TAG, CAP, SAG)?

           Yes                   No

       If yes, please provide a letter of support from the relevant group.

   Has this project or any of the Principal Investigators received previous funding
    from the Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund?

          Yes                    No

       If yes, was a final report submitted for the project that was funded?

          Yes                    No

   Are there collaborating institutions or organizations involved in this proposal?

          Yes                    No

       If yes, please list all project collaborators.

   Are funds other than those requested from Riverbanks required to accomplish
    this project?

          Yes                    No

       If yes, please list all other funding sources, the amounts requested from
       each and specify whether or not the funds have yet been secured.

   Are you willing to accept a Riverbanks Field Conservation Associate*, at
    Riverbanks’ expense, as a participant in your project for a 2-3 week period?

          Yes                    No
Total project budget: $

Amount requested from Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund: $

I have read and agree to abide by the terms outlined in the Riverbanks
Zoological Park and Botanical Garden Conservation Support Fund Guidelines.

Signature                       Date
                               PROJECT NARRATIVE

Use the following format to describe the proposed project. Please do not exceed
the number of characters allowed in each section.

   1. Describe the project’s rationale, goals and objectives. What will be the
      project’s specific conservation/management outcomes and benefits? Limit
      4000 characters.

   2. Describe all of the participants in this project, what are their roles and what
      are their qualifications? Include resumes for Principal Investigator/s.

   3. Describe the methodology and design for this project and why it is
      appropriate. Limit to 3000 characters.

   4. Why do you consider this project to be timely and how does it address a
      critical need? Limit to 1000 characters.

   5. Outline the project schedule and date of completion.

   6. Describe how and when the results of this project will be disseminated?

   7. Explain whether or not this project will be sustainable beyond the life of
      this grant?

   8. Explain how you will ensure that you have met the goals and objectives of
      your project. Limit to 2000 characters.
                             PROJECT BUDGET

Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund Items:
   Description of Item     Method of Calculation              Cost

                         Total Requested from Riverbanks: $
Non-Riverbanks Items:
  Description of Item      Method of Calculation              Cost

                              Total non-Riverbanks Items: $

Budget Justification – Briefly describe why the major items listed above are
necessary for completion of the project. Limit to 2000 characters.
Statement of Purpose:

It is the mission of the Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden to foster
an appreciation and concern for all living things. Riverbanks supports this
mission in many ways including conserving biodiversity through careful utilization
of available resources. The Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund was created
to provide financial assistance for conservation-oriented projects/programs that
promote preservation of the Earth’s biodiversity. Riverbanks encourages the
submission of projects that have the potential for broad-based conservation
and/or management impact.

Riverbanks encourages its staff to be active participants in conservation
initiatives. Therefore, added weight will be given to projects in which Riverbanks
staff members participate as PIs or collaborators and to projects that are willing
to accept the participation of Riverbanks Field Conservation Associates*.
Likewise, additional weight will be given to projects that are focused on applied
conservation/animal management.

Funding Eligibility: The following types of requests will be considered (not listed
in order of priority).

    Field conservation initiatives (in situ).
    Habitat management and preservation.
    Zoo and aquarium-based programs for the scientifically managed
     breeding of endangered and threatened wildlife (ex-situ).
    Conservation education initiatives.
    Projects designed to enhance animal welfare.
    Projects that identify, assess and/or treat medical conditions affecting
     animals in the wild and/or managed captive environments.
Application Procedure:
Funding requests must conform to the above application format; general mailings
will not be considered. In addition to the application form, proposals must include
the Principal Investigator/s curriculum vitae and, as appropriate, a bibliography
and list of professional references. Research-oriented proposals should include
pertinent preliminary data. Electronic submissions are preferred. Signatures
may be scanned or a hard copy of the signature page may be sent, separately,
by ground mail.

              Edward N. Diebold, Director of Animal Collections & Conservation
              Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden
              P.O. Box 1060
              Columbia, SC 29202-1060
              Phone: (803) 779-8717, Extension 1135
              Fax:    (803) 253-6381
              E-mail: ediebold@riverbanks.org

Applications will be reviewed two times per year with the following deadlines for
submission: March 31 and September 30.

Awards will generally range from $1,000 to $5,000. Applicants will be notified of
their award status within 2 months of the submission deadline.

Conditions of Award Acceptance:
1. Riverbanks’ Conservation Support Fund will be acknowledged in
   publications/printed materials resulting from the project.
2. All research involving live animals must abide by regulations listed under the
   USDA Animal Welfare Act and the AZA-Code of Professional Ethics.
3. A final report outlining project results must be submitted to Riverbanks.
4. The final report must include several high resolution color photographs that
   Riverbanks may use in publications/promotional material about the
   Conservation Support Fund.
5. Receipts for all expenses covered by the Riverbanks award must be
   submitted along with the final report.
6. It is Riverbanks’ goal to achieve maximum conservation impact with limited
   funds. Therefore, awards may not be applied toward salaries or institutional
7. Information gained from the project must be made available to the public
   upon request.

* The Riverbanks Field Conservation Associates Program allows Riverbanks
staff members, via an internal competitive process, to apply for opportunities to
participate in field conservation projects that are either led by Riverbanks staff or
funded by the Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund. At the discretion of
project leaders, the Field Conservation Associate may either observe or actively
participate in the project to which they are assigned.

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