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					                      Volume 7 No 9
                       7 April 2011

                        PO Box 588
                                      STAFF CHANGE
                      BURNIE 7320
                   Phone: 6432 7600   Best Wishes to Ms Leanne Harrison who is taking leave for a number of weeks.
                     Fax: 6431 9146   We are fortunate that Mr Kevin O’Daly, who is a professional photographer with a
                                      wealth of experience in wet and digital photography and with teaching
                                      experience, is available to teach Ms Harrison’s classes.
                                      ENROLMENTS 2012
                                      A large gathering of families toured the College facilities, with Year 7 students and
                                      SRC members working as tour guides. Their refreshing honesty, pride and
                                      enthusiasm for the College were clearly evident and we received many
                                      compliments about students’ confidence and communication skills. We have to
                                      date hosted Senior College and Year 10 forums, Year 7 parent evening and the
                                      2012 Enrolment evening with an attendance all up of about 800 people, which is a
                                      clear message that parents and care givers are taking a keen interest in their
                                      children’s education.
                                      SATIS SWIMMING
                                      Thank you to staff and students for your support of the carnival in Launceston
Thursday, 7 April                     YEAR 10 RENEWAL DAY
AMSA Basketball Carnival concludes    Congratulations to staff and students of Year 10 for wonderful input and
Friday, 8 April                       participation in the Year 10 Renewal Day. Student support for the day was very
State Tennis Finals                   positive.
Saturday, 9 April
                                      ATHLETICS CARNIVAL
State Tennis Finals
Monday, 11 April                      The Athletics Carnival will be held on the College grounds April 12 - 13. These are
Year 7 Vaccinations                   compulsory days for students. Please support the College by ensuring that
Tuesday, 12 April                     students are at school on these days.
Athletics Carnival (Day 1)            DROP OFF AND COLLECTION OF STUDENTS
Wednesday, 13 April
                                      At the beginning and end of the day, students must be dropped off and collected
Athletics Carnival (Day 2)
Sunday, 17 April
                                      at the Student Entrance, with the exception of Chanel and McAuley students who
School Suring Team depart             may be dropped off on the Middle Years’ drive. All students arriving late or
Monday, 18 April                      needing to be collected early must use the Students’ entrance and come to
School Suring Team return             Reception to sign out or in.
                                      CHAPEL ENTRANCE
  VACCINATIONS REMINDER               The Chapel entrance is no longer a thoroughfare for visitors and students
The first round of vaccinations       The change has been made for safety reasons, in particular to:
will be held on April 11 for Year 7
                                       Stop parents and care givers from dropping off students at the Chapel
students. Girls will have Human
                                           Entrance, which will reduce traffic coming around the Administration building
Papillomavirus (Cervical Cancer -
                                           and will protect pedestrians walking from the car park to Reception; and
Dose 1) and Hep B (Dose 1) and
                                       Prevent visitors from entering the College without registering at Reception
the boys will have Hep B (Dose 1).
                                      Safety matters, so please support us in this endeavour!
 Ms Donna Bucher, TCEO Secondary Consultant, ran a workshop for middle years’ teachers last week. Of the many
   middle years’ centres she has visited in Tasmania and the mainland, she believes Chanel to be a superb learning
 Learning Enhancement Centre and Wellbeing Centre refurbishments will begin on 14 April with an expected
   completion date prior to beginning of Term 2.
 Wet photography replacement has been put on hold and may not be provided beyond 2013 as a refurbished facility
   would cost an additional $100,000. The trend in schools is to move to digital media as both an art and commercial
 Currently being discussed is the option of a digital media studio in either Room 59 or 60 to take advantage of the
   sound and lighting facilities of the Drama studios, as well as being closer to the sound recording facility in the Music
   department. Decisions are still to be made.
 The most recent Fashion Design Centre drawings are set up for placement in Rooms 4 and 5. Once drawings have
   been finalised and accepted, this project will go to tender with an expected start towards the end of Term 1.
 Tenders close on 14 April for the new Trade Training Centre.

From The Deputy Principal: Student & Staff Welfare
Ms Susie Bond
As you know, a group of students from Years 7-12 is currently working with me to help raise awareness of cybersafety
within the College community. I thought it may be timely to remind everyone of some of the key points made by Greg
Gebhart from ACMA when he visited us last year.
Key messages for young people
What to do if you are being bullied online
  Stop, ignore, block, do not reply
  Click the “report abuse” button
  Block the bully in MSN
  Tell a trusted adult
  Collect evidence
  Keep mobile phone messages
  Keep emails
How to keep safe when using social networking sites
    Remove flirty photos
    Remove nicknames
    Remove surnames
    Remove mobile phone numbers
    Set to private
Key messages for parents
    Understand the technology that your children use
    Support them to use it safely
    Negotiate time limits for the use of gaming devices and have “game free” nights
    Keep mobile phones and computers out of bedrooms
    If the computer is in the bedroom, insist that when in use, the door is open and the monitor is facing the door
For more detailed information and links to some brilliant resources for parents and young people go to
For general support relating to parenting adolescents, check out Please contact us at the
College if you have concerns about your child’s online behaviour and/or safety.
The following is an excerpt from an email sent to an ex teacher of our College David Hawley, who kindly
forwarded it so that our College community may also share in the wonderful retrospection of this now very
talented and successful Marist Old Scholar.

“I'm not sure if you will remember me, I was one of your Art students at Marist until I left in 1999. I have been
living in London for six years and was recently going through some of my belongings I had shipped from Australia - I
came across a number of things from my time at Marist, including some of my essays and projects for you in Art -
mainly the work I did on 'fashion Vs Art' in Year twelve. While I wouldn't credit my work at the time as being overly
remarkable, I have since had the opportunity to discuss with others the influence of teachers upon people's
experiences later in life.
I have been working professionally as a costume designer for ten years now - having had the opportunity to start
designing while still at University in Melbourne. People I work with here often remark on how young I am to have
so much experience working in film, already behind me. Having discussed my education and experience with other
people in my profession, I came to realise how fortunate I was to have a teacher who not only allowed my personal
eccentricities some room to develop, (like staying late after school most days and using up the school supply of clay
making small monsters) - but also encouraged my personal ideas and taught me to challenge my own ideas and
think laterally. I did not realise it as a teenager, but I think you contributed a lot to my confidence in my own ideas
and ability to develop and produce them.
So, having filed all my Year 12 work back away in boxes and mulled things over, I thought it was a good idea to get
in touch and say thank you for your support and encouragement when I was at school - had I had a different Art
teacher, I might have not tried as hard, might not have gotten into RMIT and might not be in London currently
designing costumes for John Malkovich's next film.
In remembering doing Art at Marist Regional College, I remembered one Art lesson in Year 10 where you walked
into the room to find Peter Smiley had painted my head blue and we were laughing hysterically in the middle of a
paint fight - your look of very understandable exasperation amuses me to remember - it's a credit to you that you
didn't give up on the lot of us! Although, I think on that occasion I did get a well-deserved detention or two.”
Hayley Nebauer
Costume Designer
Hayley’s Web Site is certainly worth a look -

                                 BOB STEWART UNIFORM SHOP
                             The Uniform Shop will extend opening hours on:
                                             Tuesday 19th April
                                             12.30pm - 7.30pm
                                             Saturday 30th April
                                             9.00am - 12.00pm
                                          Normal Trading Hours
                                (Excluding Public Holidays & Student Free Days)
                                       Tuesday: 12.30pm – 4.30pm
                                        Friday: 8.15am – 1.15pm
                                            Phone: 6432 7662
                     Change over to Winter Uniform is Monday 2nd May 2011
                          Middle Years’ News
As part of the Year 8 Science Curriculum, on Wednesday, 5th April 2011 the Year 8 Science Teachers, Mrs Jaffray,
Miss Dhot and Mrs Duraj planned a geology walk from College. This walk was planned as an experiential learning
for students as part of the unit on Rocks.
Our students walked through Burnie Park to study rock formations at Oldaker Falls and different soil types at the
Burnie Park. They then headed down to the Penguin Interpretation Centre to study the rock formations at low and
high water lines.
Each student was also asked to draw a picture of the forces acting on these rocks in their booklets. After viewing
and studying the rock structures along the beach, they moved on to view the Renaissance Columns. Here they
studied the formation of the Basalt columns, a form of igneous rocks through the cooling and shrinking of lava.
After this, they headed back to school after a fun-filled excursion to study the soil types at the College itself.
The final North West U14 Boys’ Soccer Team trial will be
held this Sunday 10th April at the Ulverstone Soccer
Grounds from 10.00am – 1.00pm. All interested players
are invited to attend.
The Netball year is well under way with Marist entering
12 teams in the Burnie Schoolgirls’ winter roster. A
special mention must go to MRC Blue team, who won so
convincingly in Round 1 that they were moved up a
division! Congratulations must also go to Georgia
Whiteley (from Round 1) and Monika Bhardwaj (from
Round 2) for winning the Aussie Home Loans Junior
Umpire's Encouragement Award. Well done girls!
The AMSA Netball Carnival this year is being held at
Marist Sisters College in Woolwich, Sydney, at the end of
Nineteen Marist schools from around Australia are
competing in this carnival. Our College recently held
trials for this team and it was pleasing to see 26 girls try-
out for a spot. Ms Tracey Grey will be the team coach;
Miss Leah Englund will act as team manager and Mrs
Alana Jaffray as scorer/assistant manager.
So far, 13 girls have been selected for the squad, with
the final team selection of 11 girls taking place over the
next 2 weeks. Well done to all those girls who trialled,
and good luck to the 13 girls fighting it out for the final
11 spots!

U16 Girls Roster
12/04/11 MRC 1 v MRC 2                  MRC       3.30pm
12/04/11 BHS Green v MRC 3              BHS       3.30pm
U14 Boys Roster
13/04/11 MRC 7 v BHS 5                  SOM       6.30pm
13/04/11 WYN-YOLL v MRC 8               SOM       5.30pm
U16 Boys Roster
11/04/11 MRC V PHS                      MRC       3.30pm

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