Desert Survival Questions for Reflection by huanghengdong


									Desert Survival Questions for Reflection

Faciliator’s question to a group: Desert Survival is a metaphor for the
learning in your school.
Was the one with expertise being heard by the group? If not, then you were
not be collaborative.

Was your group collegial (brought down the group score and your score was
better) or was the group collaborative (group score was better than the
individual score)?

When your group has no knowledge, how will your school learn? Who are
the experts and how will you find them in your school, district, consultant?

Collaboration Efficacy rubric: Collegiality to Cooperation to Collaboration

Reflection Questions for entire group (had on chart paper)

What did you learn that positively promoted collaboration?
What did you learn that impedes the collaborative process?

When a group is doing Desert Survival (or any simulation or team building
activity) Stop the group and ask these questions to help self reflection:

How are your feelings/ideas being heard or are they being heard? What
could your group do to be more successful when you return to this activity?

Active Listening, team norms, etc.
Anne Corzemius and Jan O’Neill’s book The Handbook for SMART School
Team Chapter 3-The Basics of Effective Teamwork

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