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					                                 Foundations of Excellence ~ Steering Committee
                                          August 31st, 2007 ~ Agenda

1. Updates from Co-Liaisons
   A. Today, we want to focus on dimension committee work – we would like to limit our focus on AQIP and other things
       until we get some momentum behind committee work
   B. AQIP summary (Handout #1 – minutes from 8/23/07)
   C. FoE updates:
       Randy Swing left FoE – he is leaving to become the Executive Dir. of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR)
       Upcoming Conference call between Marcia, Jenny and Betsy Barefoot
       Upcoming call/webinar – pick a date, Sept 12th 9:30-10:30 or Sept 13th 1:00-2:00 (NM time)
   D. Publicity update
       Brochure (30 copies per steering committee member)
       Marie Leck and Jenny Coleman are working on posters and table-tents
       Silver City Sun News article (Handout #2)
       Jenny Coleman is working on the Video with Julie Morales
            For $475, we can replace 7 images with our own pictures, our logo will appear throughout, our institution’s name
            will be in the voice-over and we can have a 1 minute video clip at the end.
   E. Co-liaisons will attend dimension committee meetings only when requested, so please ask us if you want us to be there.
   F. Jenny and Marcia will work on a draft Philosophy statement, others are welcome to contribute (Handout #3)
        Note: the reports included are samples. You can find sample reports for your dimension and use these as guides.

2. Updates from Dimension Teams
   A. Composition (Handout #4)

3. Parking Lot - Mary reviews concept with us.
   Create list of what is there now.

4. Action Item List
   A. High enrollment courses (Handout #5)

   B. We need to select the 5 first-year programs/interventions that we will assess (Handout #5 again)

   C. Project timeline (Handout #6)
       * Set target dates for dimension reports

   D. How should dimension committees get started?
             1. sample agenda (see Handout #7)
             2. Print a sample report for your dimension – go to FoEtec or search the web
             3. review concept of the Current Practices Inventory (CPI – Handout #8)
             4. Review dimension performance indicators – this is what goes in your report

   E. Faculty/Staff survey (Handout)                                            Ground Rules for FoE Committees
       * institutional-specific questions
                                                                       1. Meetings start and end on time.
                                                                       2. One speaker at a time, no side conversations.
   F. AQIP homework – please give to Mary so she can                   3. No rank/titles in the room/meeting.
       compile it for review at our next meeting.                      4. Say what you want to say then stop.
                                                                       5. Emphasize/”attack” issues, not people.
5. Announcements                                                       6. ELMO (enough let’s move on)-stay on task,
   Guests are welcome to participate here.                                 stay off soapboxes.
                                                                       7. Non-steering committee members are welcome to
                                                                           participate during the “Announcements”
6. Plus/Delta                                                          7. What Happens in the Group, Stays in the Group
                                                                          (not to be discussed outside of meetings).
                                        Dimension Committee Membership

Dimension                Staff (3 minimum)            Faculty (3 minimum)         Student (2 minimum)
Organization             Jody Alderman (6211)         Sandra Griffin (6300)
                         Andy Hernandez               Linda Beattie
                                                      Linda Baldwin?

Learning                 Chuck Williams (6400)        Felipe Ortego (6350)
                         Ruby Daylee                  Magdelano Manzanarez
                                                      Manny Bustamante

Faculty                  Kent Beatty (6235)           Mary Baumhover (6627)
                         Helen Sandoval               Ann Marie Elder
                                                      John Bourdette
                                                      Tom Gruszka

Transitions              Betsy Miller (6118)          Claudia Leonard (5177)      Tiffany Bass
                         Dan Tressler                 Dennis Miller?              Victor Carbajal
                         Deb Cosper-Hughs

All Students             Marie Leck (6109)            Janet Wallet-Ortiz (6347)   Torey Reese
                         April Hanson                 Andy Warren                 Chris Passig
                         Sheri Anderson
                         Soila Jaynes

Diversity                Cynthia Bettison (6386)      Maria Trillo (6526)         Marie Alene Victor
                         Debra Dirksen                Steve Liebhart
                                                      Bill Shafer

Roles and Purposes       Margaret Soucy (6549)        Liza Kuecker (6204)         Erika Zavala
                         Joy Lemme                    Gerald Burgess              Abe Martinez
                         Alice Casares                Marilyn McGregor

Improvement              Gilda Ortego (6350)          Bill Norris (6625)
                         Deb Cosper-Hughs             Virginia Huegel
                         JoAnne Fischer (?)

              Students available and interested:
              MariaElena Jauregui 574-4346,
              Joy Barrett 708-990-3388
              Summer Berry 520-234-1999

              Janelle Gallegos - x6623 (works for Housing/Res.Life)
              Alex Cantrell – x6455 (works for Housing/Res.Life)
              Scott Campbell – x6456 (works for Housing/Res.Life)
              Erica Martinez - x6575 (works for Housing/Res.Life)

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