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					Volume 4 Number 2                                                                                        Spring 2006

 Ellerbeck Named Interim Chair of PMPH-Kansas City

 E      dward Ellerbeck, MD, MPH,
        associate professor, Kansas
 City has been named interim
                                        year medical students and
                                        lectures to second year medical
                                        students in ICM 850 Clinical
 chair of the Department of             Epidemiology and Prevention.
 Preventive Medicine and Public             Ellerbeck’s research interests
 Health, Kansas City.                   include health services research
      Ellerbeck replaces Jasjit S.      hand systematic improvements in
 Ahluwalia, MD, MPH, MS who             the quality of medical care.
 left in September 2005.                Currently, he is working on two
      Ellerbeck joined the              grants, one that deals with the
 Department of Preventive               impact of mammography facility
 Medicine and Public Health in          characteristics on patient
 1997. Currently, Ellerbeck is the      satisfaction and the other
 Director of the Health of the          regarding disease management
 Public (HOP) clerkship for fourth      for smokers in rural settings.             Edward Ellerbeck, MD, MPH

 Won Choi Named KU-MPH Executive Director
         on S. Choi, PhD, MPH,          to transfer the Executive            Prevention to second year
 W       assistant professor,
 Preventive Medicine and Public
                                        Directorship to Kansas City,” said
                                        Frazier. “In the coming year, the
                                                                             medical students.
                                                                                 Choi’s research interests
 Health, Kansas City, began his         KU-MPH Executive Council will        include behavioral and chronic
 duties as Executive Director of        be expanded to include the           disease epidemiology, adolescent
 the University of Kansas Master        chairs of the three standing         smoking, and smoking cessation
 of Public Health Program (KU-          committees. This will strengthen     among American Indians and
 MPH) beginning January 1, 2006.        the KU-MPH Executive Council's       Alaskan Natives.
 Choi has served as Site Director       steering function by promoting           Choi will continue his duties
 for the Kansas City campus for         direct input from the three          as Site Director for the Kansas
 more than two years and has            important areas of admissions,       City campus as well as assuming
 served on the KU-MPH Executive         research and curriculum.”            the Executive Director’s
 Council, Admissions Committee,             Choi joined the Department of    administrative duties for the bi-
 Curriculum Committee and               Preventive Medicine and Public       campus program.
 Operations Committee.                  Health in Kansas City in 2000.
     Choi replaces Linda Frazier,       He became Site Director of the          INSIDE THIS EDITION
 MD, MPH, professor, Preventive         Kansas City campus in 2003.
 Medicine and Public Health,            Currently, he is an active            From the Executive Director . . . 2
 Wichita, who served as Executive       instructor in the KU-MPH              Faculty Publications . . . . . . . . . . 3
 Director for the past two and a        Program, serving as course
 half years. Frazier will continue to   director for PRVM 800 Principles      MPHSO Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
 serve as chair of the KU-MPH           of Epidemiology, PRVM 808             Student Responds
 Curriculum Committee and teach         Interdisciplinary Research            to Hurricanes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
 PRVM 800 Principles of                 Seminar and serving as the
                                                                              KU-MPH News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
 Epidemiology on the Wichita            instructor for PRVM 859 Tobacco
 campus.                                and Public Health.                    Summer/Fall 2005 Capstones . . 7
     “We are a strong, stable               Choi also teaches ICM 850         KU-MPH Program Facts . . . . . . 8
 program and now is a good time         Clinical Epidemiology and
                         From the Executive Director...
    F     irst, I would like to thank Dr.
          Linda Frazier for two years of
    exceptional service as the KU-MPH
                                              improve the quality of the
                                              curriculum. Dr. Frazier
                                              will play a critical role in
                                                                                                ad hoc committee of
                                                                                                faculty in Kansas City and
                                                                                                Wichita are conducting
    Executive Director. Her leadership        future curriculum                                 pilot tests with students.
    and dedication to the KU-MPH              development, as she has                           We will continue to look at
    program is evident in many of the         assumed the chair                                 ways to integrate the
    program’s strengths. Enrollment in        position on the MPH bi-                           curriculum between public
    the program is at an all-time high,       campus Curriculum                                 health and medicine for
    with 108 students enrolled in the         Committee.                                        MD/MPH students and we
    Spring semester. The demand for               In July 2005, CEPH         Won Choi, PhD,     hope to increase KU-MPH
    MD/MPH dual degree scholarships           released new                        MPH           student participation in
    is increasing as more and more            accreditation criteria.                           public health practice
    medical students are realizing the        Over the next two years, we will        research.
    benefits of the MPH degree. The           work to incorporate the new criteria        Through the generous support
    Council on Education for Public           into our program. Faculty and           of the Kansas Health Foundation,
    Health (CEPH) noted that the KU-          students from both campuses will        we are collaborating with faculty in
    MPH interim accreditation report in       participate in the planning process     the Department of Health Policy
    November 2005 was”exceptionally           through the standing committees         and Management to create two
    clear and comprehensive…“ thanks          and student organizations. We will      new courses in Health Policy and
    in large part to Dr. Frazier’s            submit a compliance report in           Law and Health Administration and
    attention to detail. Since our            December 2007 addressing our            Finance. These courses will not
    accreditation in 2003, Dr. Frazier        plans to increase the credit hour       only provide additional course
    has worked with KU-MPH                    requirement to 42 semester hours,       opportunities for KU-MPH students,
    leadership to create bi-campus            the most notable criterion change.      but will address key needs
    governing procedures, solicit input       We are also exploring new ways to       identified by public health alumni
    from faculty, students, and public        document student’s achievement of and community stakeholders.
    health leaders in the community.          core competencies, through                  I look forward to serving as the
    The program collects data from            competency assessments and              KU-MPH Executive Director and
    students, alumni, and the public          portfolio development. Student          welcome any comments you may
    health workforce to continually           input in this process is key, so an     have.

    KU-MPH Application Process

    T       he University of Kansas Master of Public Health
            Program (KU-MPH) is currently accepting
    applications for upcoming semesters.
                                                                    least 57, or a CBTOEFL with an all part score of at least
                                                                    23 with an essay of at least 4.0. Official certified copies
                                                                    of non-English transcripts (certified as true by a notary
        Admission into the KU-MPH Program requires a                public) must be submitted along with an evaluation of
    baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with        transcripts for academic compatibility with the U.S.
    an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 on         grading system.
    a 4.0 grade scale. At least one semester of college                 All application materials should be sent to the
    algebra or calculus is required. Two copies of all              campus you wish to attend. In Kansas City, materials
    academic transcripts for all post-secondary education           should be sent to the KU-MPH Admissions Committee,
    must be submitted along with a KU Graduate School               Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health,
    Application and a KU-MPH Application.                           University of Kansas Medical Center, 3901 Rainbow
         In addition, all applicants are required to submit three   Boulevard, Mail Stop 1008, Kansas City, Kansas 66160.
    letters of reference with a recommendation letter                   Applicants to the Wichita campus should submit their
    summary form as well as an official copy of the                 materials to the KU-MPH Admission Committee,
    Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Other professional test             Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health,
    scores, such as the Graduate Management Admissions              KU School of Medicine-Wichita, 1010 N. Kansas,
    Test (GMAT), Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)             Wichita, Kansas 67214.
    or the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), are                       Application materials can be found on the KU-MPH
    acceptable in lieu of the GRE. Test scores cannot be            website at
    more than seven years old and can be waived for U.S.                Applicants are considered without regard to race,
    citizens with doctoral degrees.                                 religion, ethnicity, disability or national origin. For more
         International applicants must also submit IELTS            information regarding admission, contact Mary Ann
    score with a minimum band score of 6.5 with no score            Woirhaye in Kansas City at (913) 588-2720 or Melissa
    below 6.0, a TOEFL score with an all part score of at           Armstrong in Wichita at (316) 293-2693.
KU-MPH Faculty Publications                                                 Behaviors among Male and
                                                                            Female First Year College
                                                                                                                    Latinos in Cancer Research.
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have had the following articles published January through                   and Quitting among African              Quality of Life in a Randomized
December, 2005.                                                             American Smokers. Journal of            Controlled Trial of Therapeutic
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Screening among Urban African        Esteem, and Health-Related             Come: Methods for Recruiting                     continued on page 6

    MPHSO in Kansas City Continues to Serve Community
    Submitted by Joseph So, MPHSO President – Kansas City

    F     or the 2005 fall semester,
          students from KUMC’s MPH
    Student Organization (MPHSO)
    were involved with different
    community activities which
    enhanced both their academic and
    personal experiences. Some
    highlights include the annual
    KPHA Conference in September at
    the Hyatt Regency Hotel in
    Wichita, Kan. Nine students from
    Kansas City were able to attend
    the event and learn more about
    the status of public health on the
    Kansas State level. The 2006
    conference will be held from
    September 26-28 at the Capital        MPHSO students (from left to right) Gretchen Speer, Joseph So, and
    Plaza Hotel in Topeka, Kan.           Paul Cowan take a break during the 2005 Christmas in October event.
        In October, MPHSO students
    teamed up with the University of     Christmas in October.                   health education, involvement with
    Kansas Hospital, KUMC, and the           During the month of November,       the public health community, and
    Rosedale Development                 MPHSO students teamed up with           creating a network of social
    Association for the annual           KUMC’s Developmental                    support among current students
    “Christmas in October“ event.        Disabilities Center for the “Kansas     and alumni.”
    “Christmas in October“ provides      City Healthy Start” campaign to             Future events include the 2006
    local families assistance with       collect canned goods for local          Student Research Forum, April 6-
    minor home renovations. At the       families. This event provided food      7; the 2006 KUMC Street Fair on
    end of the event, five families      baskets in preparation for the          April 15 and participating in a
    received much needed repairs to      holidays to more than seven local       Habitat for Humanity build.
    their homes and, more importantly,   families.                                   If you have any questions
    a helping hand from the                  For the 2006 Spring Semester,       regarding the MPHSO activities on
    community. Overall, more than 70     the MPHSO will strive to continue       the Kansas City campus, please
    volunteers from the community        its mission to “broaden                 contact Joseph So at
    and KUMC worked on home              perspectives of MPH students  
    improvement projects for the 2005    through community service in

      MPHSO in Wichita Plans Activities for Year Ahead
      Submitted by Sandy Pickert, MPHSO President – Wichita

            he Master of Public Health Student                MPHSO activities and student involvement.
      T     Organization (MPHSO) began the 2005-2006
      school year conducting a needs assessment of the
                                                                  Currently, the MPHSO is making plans for
                                                              National Public Health Week in April and hope to
      Wichita campus. Students reported back regarding        include a community project to promote
      possible activities they would attend, what             awareness of public health issues. Additionally,
      activities they were interested in and when was         planning is in process for the annual event in May
      the best time to meet.                                  to celebrate the end of another academic year.
          In November, Jane Griffith from the Farha               All students are encouraged to participate in
      Medical Library conducted PubMed training for           MPHSO activities. If you have any questions
      interested students.                                    regarding the MPHSO on the Wichita campus,
          This Spring, Sandy Pickert, MPHSO President,        please contact Sandy Pickert at
      Wichita and Suzanne Hawley, Site Director-     or Melissa Armstrong at
      Wichita, visited the MPH classes to promote   

KU-MPH Student Responds to Hurricanes
J    im Imholte, MPH student on the
     Kansas City campus, was very
busy during the 2005 hurricane
                                                                                     ground, worked with the state and
                                                                                     local health departments in the
                                                                                     damaged areas.
season. Currently a Captain in the US                              (RRCC) in             Imholte was in Mississippi
Public Health Service, he serves as                                Atlanta, Ga.      responding to Hurricane Katrina for a
the Regional Emergency Coordinator                                     Imholte       total of 25 days.
and Senior National Disaster Medicine                              was in                Imholte went home, but was called
System Consultant for the Department                               Florida           after a 10-day break to travel to Baton
of Health and Human Services,                                      responding to     Rouge, La. and assumed the duties of
Imholte’s office is in Kansas City, Mo.                            Hurricane         the Operations Chief for the health
and his region includes Kansas,                                    Dennis for a      and medical response in Louisiana. At
Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska.                   Jim Imholte,        total of 10       that time, 300 people were in the
    During 2005, he spent much of the          MPH Student         days.             state mostly as medical providers,
year responding to the four major                                                    veterinarians, engineers and mental
hurricanes, Dennis, Katrina, Rita and     Hurricane Katrina                          health workers. Imholte spent much of
Wilma, that pounded the Gulf Coast.           On Aug. 30, 2005, one day after        his time as the liaison between FEMA
                                          Katrina, Imholte was called in the         and the health responders. Managers
Hurricane Dennis                          evening and was promptly on a plane        were present overseeing the many
    Imholte first responded to            to Jackson, Miss. He was assigned to       operations such as mental health,
Hurricane Dennis in July. He traveled     the Emergency Response Team                special needs shelters, and primary
to Pensacola, Fla., rented a car and      Advanced (ERT-A) which was located         health teams. Representatives were
drove to Ft. Walton Beach. There, he      at the state emergency operations          also there from the Centers for
was joined by his counterpart from        center. FEMA, along with the state         Disease Control and Prevention
Boston and the rest of Federal            emergency management agency, lead          (CDC), The National Institute for
Emergency Management Agency’s             this group. Imholte served as the lead     Occupational Safety and Health
(FEMA) Rapid Needs Assessment             health and medical representative in       (NIOSH), the Occupational Safety and
(RNA) team. After the storm passed,       this state’s office. When the state        Health Association (OSHA), The Food
two helicopters were dispatched and       would make a request for federal           and Drug Administration (FDA),
the RNA team split into two groups to     assistance, Imholte received the           Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and the
survey the damage.                        signed request which he would              Department of Defense (DoD)
    Imholte’s role was to assess the      forward to the state emergency             Operations Section.
health and medical needs. Other           manager who would either sign or
members of the RNA included search        reject the request. If the state           Hurricane Wilma
and rescue representatives, the Army      emergency manager signed the                  Just prior to Hurricane Wilma
Corp of Engineers and communication       request, Imholte then took the request     making landfall in Florida, Imholte was
experts. Each person evaluated the        to the federal manager for signature.      on a plane for Florida again. After
needs of the area in regard to their      Imholte had to be knowledgeable            Wilma hit, Imholte traveled from
specialization. After a few days, the     about each request in order to answer      Lakeland, Fla. to Homestead Air
assessment ends and the response          any questions he would encounter.          Force Base, south of Miami. From
begins.                                   After the signatures were obtained,        Homestead, the medical people (state
    Imholte’s team augmented several      Imholte would forward the request to       and federal) got into helicopters to
hospitals that were overwhelmed by        the RRCC in Atlanta who would              check on the hospitals. After a couple
cleanup accidents, lack of physician      assign the appropriate resources.          days, Imholte relocated to West Palm
offices, lack of electricity and staff         “Nothing happens in a vacuum,“        Beach, Fla. where the damage was
fatigue.                                  said Imholte. “I spent a lot time          centered to find a hotel that was
    Imholte remained in Florida and       interacting with the other state and       open. Federal teams were working in
served as the “forward element “ of       federal agencies that were in the          Special Needs Shelters and in mobile
the federal ESF-8 (Health and             EOC. For example, the logistics            teams that went out into the
Medical) response working with a          branch, the Red Cross, transportation,     communities and served the elderly
Florida Health Department                 safety officer to name a few.“             and the poor, underserved
Emergency Responder. People were              Imholte spent the last week he         neighborhoods.
also present from the State               was in Mississippi as the “forward            Imholte was in Louisiana and
Emergency Operation Center (EOC)          element “ operating out of Biloxi, Miss.   Florida for a total of 35 days.
in Tallahassee and in the Regional        He monitored the teams on the

    Kansas City MPH Student Wins                                                              Paschal Wins Faculty
                                                                                              Development Award
    KPHA Poster Competition
    G     eorgina Peacock, MD, won
          the student poster
                                       two posters for the competition.
                                       Her poster titled “A Nutrition
                                                                                             A      ngelia
                                                                                              PhD, MEd,
    competition at the Annual Kansas   Program in Peru for Children and                       assistant
    Public Health Association (KPHA)   Adults with Disabilities“ was                          professor,
    Conference in Wichita, Kan.        scored in five categories:                             Preventive
    Peacock, an MPH student on the     significance, clarity, quality,                        Medicine and
    Kansas City campus, submitted      content and newness.                                   Public Health,
                                                       Peacock received                       Wichita,
                                                   a free trip to attend                      received the
                                                   the annual American                        Center of Excellence for Minority
                                                   Public Health                              Medical Education Junior Faculty
                                                   Association (APHA)                         Development Award from the
                                                   Conference,                                University of Kansas Medical
                                                   December 10 -14,                           Center. The $40,000 award covers
                                                   2005 in Philadelphia,                      September 1, 2005 through August
                                                   Penn.                                      31, 2006. Paschal is allowed to
                                                       Information on how                     apply for a second year of funding,
                                                   to submit a student                        pending availability.
                                                   poster abstract for                            The grant, funded through the
                                                   KPHA in 2006 will be                       Department of Health and Human
                                                   distributed in                             Services/Health Resources and
                                                   upcoming months.                           Services Administration, is
    Georgina Peacock, MD explains her award-       KPHA is scheduled for                      awarded to faculty recruits and
    winning poster to fellow MPH student, Ai-      September 26 – 28 at                       junior faculty from minority/ethnic
    Nguyet Huynh at the annual KPHA                the Capitol Plaza                          groups that are underrepresented
    Conference in Wichita, Kan.                    Hotel in Topeka, Kan.                      in medicine. It allows Paschal
                                                                                              more time for research activities
                                                                                              and professional development.

    KU-MPH Faculty                   Basic Education. Fall             I, Section 8:1-13, 2005.          American Board of Family
                                     2005;15(3):151-168.                   Lawson CC, Grajewski B,       Practice. 2005 Nov-
    Publications                        Golbeck AL, Ahlers-Schmidt     Daston GP, Frazier LM, Lynch      Dec;18(6):563-566.
                                     CR, Paschal AM, Dismuke SE.       D, McDiarmid M, Murono E,             Wetta-Hall R, Ablah E,
    continued from page 3            A Definition and Operational      Perreault SD, Robbins WA,         Dismuke S, Molgaard C,
                                     Framework for Health              Ryan MA, Shelby M, Whelan         Fredrickson DD, & Berry M.
        Fredrickson DD, Jones TL,    Numeracy. American Journal of     EA. Implementing a National       Emergency Department Use by
    Molgaard CA, Carman CG,          Preventive Medicine. 2005         Occupational Reproductive         People on Low Income.
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Annual Hooding Ceremony To Be Held In Kansas City
T     he University of Kansas School of Medicine Master of
      Public Health (KU-MPH) program’s seventh annual
hooding ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, May 20,
                                                             will take place on Sunday, May 21, 2006 in Lawrence,
                                                                 More information regarding KU-MPH Hooding and
2006 at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC)       University of Kansas Commencement will be sent out in
in Kansas City. Graduates, students, faculty and guests      the upcoming months.
from both the Master of Public Health (MPH) program and          The following list includes KU-MPH graduates who
the Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) are      successfully defended their Capstones and completed the
invited to attend this special event.                        requirements for the Master of Public Health degree in
    Commencement for all University of Kansas graduate       Summer and Fall 2005.

Fall 2005 Capstones                      Kimberly Pulvers                       Carolyn Synovitz, MD
                                            Development of a Culturally           Evaluation of a Mass Casualty
Monique Brooks                              Relevant Body Image Instrument        Incident: Victims’ Perspectives
  What Barriers Keep African                Among Urban African Americans
  American and Native American              (HONORS)                            Summer 2005 Capstones
  Women from Participating in            Renee Semarge                          Srinivas Bapoje, MD
  Clinical Trials? (HONORS)                 A short term evaluation of             Retrospective Outcome (Historical
Rima Dafer, MD                              outcomes from BridgeSpan: A            Cohort) Study to Determine the
  Transient Ischemic Attack:                Healthcare-based Advocacy              Relative Efficacy of a Standardized
  Adherence to Practice Guidelines          Program for Victims of Domestic        Weight Loss Program
                                            Violence (HONORS)                   W. Ryan Neuhofel
Michael Kopf
   Effect of Health Professional         Tamara Smith                              eXHALE: Development of a Web-
   Counseling on Tobacco Cessation          Population Distribution of High-       based Smoking Prevention and
   Behavior in Kansas                       Risk Tuberculosis in Kansas:           Cessation Marketing Tool for
                                            An Analysis of the TB Control          College Students
Linda Nye                                   Program’s Kansas Data Base          Nikki Wiedower
   Osteoporosis Knowledge Needs                                                    Improved Vision and Hearing
                                         Timothy Swindoll
   Assessment (HONORS)                                                             Screening of Infants and Toddlers
                                            Depression and Chronic
Georgina Peacock, MD                        Comorbidities at The Kansas City       in East Central Kansas
  A Nutrition Intervention for              Free Health Clinic: Enhancing       Merilee Zimbelman
  Children with Disabilities Living in      Services Through Evidence-Based        Usefulness of Visual Schedules
  Lima, Peru (HONORS)                       Recommendations                        and Social Stories in a PE Setting

 MARCH                                   15-19   FINALS                         JULY
 20      Spring Break Begins                                                    14      Last Day to Defend
                                         20      KU-MPH Hooding
                                                                                        Capstones for Summer
 27      Classes Resume                          Ceremony in Kansas City
                                                                                        2006 Graduates
 31      Summer/Fall 2005                21      KU Commencement in
                                                                                28      Last Day of Summer 2006
         Application Deadline                    Lawrence
 APRIL                                   26      Spring 2006 Grades Due         AUGUST
 21      Last Day to Defend              JUNE                                   17      First Day of Fall 2006
         Capstones for Spring 2006                                                      Semester
                                         6       First Day of Summer 2006
                                         30      Application for Degree
 11      Last Day of Classes
                                                 Cards Due for Summer

        Did You Know…Facts About the KU-MPH Program
        • US News and World Report ranked the KU-MPH             • Currently, the KU-MPH Program has over 30
          Program as the second best community health/             faculty that teach on the Kansas City and Wichita
          preventive medicine graduate program among               campuses.
          public universities and sixth overall in 2003. Since   • In 2005, the KU-MPH Program established the
          the program’s inception, it has been ranked in the       John T. Stewart III Scholarship to award MD/MPH
          top 10 community health/preventive medicine              students $15,000 to complete their medical and
          graduate programs by US News and World Report.           public health
        • The KU-MPH Program is accredited by the Council          degrees at the
          of Education on Public Health (CEPH) until 2010.         University of
        • The University of Kansas Master of Public Health         Kansas.            The KU-MPH newsletter is published by the
          Program (KU-MPH) is the largest graduate               • The KU-MPH                 University of Kansas School
          program in the University of Kansas School of            Program                of Medicine-Wichita, Department of
                                                                                        Preventive Medicine and Public Health.
          Medicine with over 100 students currently enrolled       awards
          in the Spring 2006 semester.                             students who        Phone 316-293-2627 • Fax 316-293-2695

        • KU-MPH students come from 26 different counties          work at local,     Editor:                Melissa Armstrong
          across the state of Kansas.                              county or state                           (

        • To date, over 150 students have graduated from           health             Assistant Editor: Mary Ann Woirhaye
          the KU-MPH Program.                                      departments
                                                                   partial tuition    MPH Program
        • KU-MPH alumni reside in 16 different Kansas                                 Assistants:            Iva Chrisman
                                                                   reimbursement                             (
          counties, 23 different states and five different
                                                                   to complete the                           Coreen Gunja
          countries.                                                                                         (
                                                                   MPH degree.
        • Each year, the KU-MPH Program received over                                    Graphic Designer: Chris Webber
          100 applications from all over the world.

                                                                                                       Return Service Requested
Permit #864
 Wichita, KS                                                                                  1010 N. Kansas • Wichita, KS 67214-3199
U.S. Postage

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