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					                                                                                                 South East
                                                          Medicines Management Education & Development
                                                                     Formerly South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training

                                    South East Medicines Management
                                        Education & Development
                                    Joint Management Group Meeting
                                               Wednesday 11th May 2005
   Ian Bourns (IB), Gail Fleming (GF), Andrew Bertram (AB), Sarah
   Case (SC), Sheila McKinley (SM), Jo Barnes (JB), Ian Maidment
   (IM). Rachel Gosling (RG), Robert Lea (RL), Steve Cook (SCK),
   David Webb (DW), Linda Dodds (LD)
   David Phizackerley (DP), Gillian Honeywell (GH), Nicola Davey
   (ND), Val Black (VB), Pamela Sheppard (PS), Pamela Young (PY)

   Minutes: Andrew Bertram (AB)

   "NB: Those present at the meeting should be aware that their name will be
   listed in the Notes of this Meeting which may be released to members of the
   public on request."

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting:

The previous meetings minutes were read and agreed by all.

  2. Surrey & Sussex SHA Review of SEMMED – Update

  SM confirmed that Surrey & Sussex, Kent & Medway and Hampshire & Isle
  of Wight SHA representatives had met along with members of the SEMMED
  team as a part of the review process and following discussions and a review
  of Stakeholder feedback had agreed that the current configuration and
  hosting of the team would be continued. It was also agreed that the SHAs
  would support the SEMMED team by drawing up a 3 year Tripartite Service
  Level Agreement which would include the provision that Surrey & Sussex
  SHA would continue to host the SEMMED team for the duration of the SLA.

  A copy of the Draft SLA is available upon request, however at present it is in
  the process of being finalised and may undergo further revisions.

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                                                                                                 South East
                                                          Medicines Management Education & Development
                                                                     Formerly South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training

  3. Pharmacist Development Strategy

David Webb (DW) gave the following presentation on the Development
Strategy for Pharmacists.

                                (Double click to view the Presentation)

The need for a strategy resulted from a lack of conformity with the field with
regards to the development of advanced level Pharmacists. This dissonance
lead to conflicting views on how these advanced roles should be attained and
a disparity in the ability of advanced level pharmacists to access training.
 DW explained that it was felt that Development as a practioner should not be
linked to academic ability as is the current trend. A “specialist” role is perhaps
a misnomer as a pharmacist within this role should have a broad range of
advanced training. Expertise is a better word rather than specialisation to use
for the skills that an advanced level pharmacist should attain. Ie in an
emergency care environment such as a PCT a wide range of knowledge is
DW confirmed that the competency frameworks would be available for
download from the website. Below is a direct link to                                                             DW
the page where the advanced and consultant level competency frameworks
can be downloaded in pdf format:

                                                        Click here

General Level

There are currently separate Acute & Primary care versions of the General
level competency frameworks which are in use in about 80 Trusts throughout
the country. At present a revised version of the medicines information primary
care framework is being trialled which if successful will become the main
version for both primary & secondary care sites.

Advanced Level

The advanced level competency frameworks were produced to meet the
requirements for a structured method of assessment of progression through
“specialist” and advanced level roles. From the presentation above it was
demonstrated that the competency levels can be mapped across to various
existing academic qualifications. This framework is not meant to be
compulsory, it is however meant to be a useful guide as to whether a
pharmacist is gaining the skills and experience required for a senior position.
At present it is considered that a form of certification may be used to chart a
pharmacist’s progression through the framework levels however there
remains some discussion to be had surrounding exactly how these
competencies can be assessed, and therefore the “value” of a certificate.
It is also likely that the RPSGB will be resistant to any introduction of a

   C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\949a7185-430b-4a55-b0fa-7ad3b8e77b54.doc                                                                     -2-
                                                                                                  South East
                                                           Medicines Management Education & Development
                                                                      Formerly South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training

specialty system within pharmacy, however what may be seen in the long term
is the evolution of a faculty system.
The group also discussed that the advanced level is where SHA’s may be able
to take a role, ie funding and quality mechanisms. This may link into the                                                                 ALL
Pharmacy Workforce review to be discussed at the next JMG.

There may be issues to consider with regards to the large number of specialist
groups within Pharmacy (ie Mental Health) and their accountability. Since
pharmacy is fairly factionalised it is important that the consultant and
advanced roles do not become solely Hospital roles.
IB indicated that he felt that the new pharmacy contract would drive
specialisation within the community sector over the next 5 years.

The group felt that this was an excellent point at which to link these
developments into the SHA’s service design and Modernisation agenda’s and
that it may be beneficial to link into the Vision for future pharmacy document to                                                         ALL
produce a professional view from SE Senior Pharmacy managers.

It was also agreed that engaging commissioners so that they can take a role in
workforce planning and pharmacist development strategy would also be of
great benefit. (This would also be good risk management)

Following the review of early pharmacy workforce data planned for the
November JMG meeting the group should feedback information from this
analysis into the planned response so that this report can be highlighted to
national groups and can be put onto the national agenda (JB recommended
submission to Chief Executive groups as a part of this).

  4. National Workforce Review Team

SC explained that as stated in her email to the group prior to the meeting
because of existing commitments Andy Knapton of the Workforce Review
Team would not be able to attend the JMG meetings until November. He was
able however to offer the following information:

“The WRT has not yet undertaken work of its own on the Pharmacy Workforce. This is
because work has been carried out to date by the Pharmacy Workforce Planning and Policy
Advisory Group (PWPPAG). The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, on behalf of the Department
of Health for England and its equivalents for Wales and Scotland, commissioned a review
under the governance of PWPPAG chaired by Judy Hargadon, Director of the New Ways of
Working Programme, at the Modernisation Agency.

The PWPPAG produced a draft report late last year, about the state of the whole Pharmacy
workforce – Community, NHS Hospital, NHS Primary Care, Industry and Wholesale
organisations and Academia. I am waiting to see a final report and the results of further
modeling that was requested at the last meeting.”

SC further explained that the WRT have a Workforce Alignment Tool (WALT)
into which staff related data can be input, this tool analyses data such as                                                               SC
NHS staff attrition and supply. SC to liaise with Andy Knapton in order to
populate a WALT with data for discussion at the next JMG. This will link into
discussions of the Pharmacy Workforce Plan at the next JMG meeting.

    C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\949a7185-430b-4a55-b0fa-7ad3b8e77b54.doc                                                                     -3-
                                                                                                 South East
                                                          Medicines Management Education & Development
                                                                     Formerly South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training

GF added that we would require accurate workforce data to analyse how to
accommodate the increase of undergraduates entering the workplace and that
this may be a solution.

  5. AfC – Student Techs/Pre-regs salary

GF highlighted the fact that a national profile for Preregistration Pharmacists
had still not been agreed and as such she wanted confirmation of whether the
MPET funding had a contingency within it for backdated pay for staff moving
onto the Agenda for Change bandings.

JB and SM explained that this was unlikely to be the case, highlighting that the
DH had stated that Trusts had already provided funding to be used towards
Agenda for Change staff assimilation.

GF highlighted the possibility of a future risk where the MPET budget does not
meet AfC Job Descriptions & Backdated pay.

GF also explained that there was still some contention about Preregs possibly
being bracketed under Appendix U of the AfC agreement, that they be
matched at 75% of the maximum salary of a newly qualified pharmacist
(Band 6) or whether they would have their own banding (expected at 5).

GF agreed that it may be beneficial to work with London Region Pharmacy                                                                  GF
Education & Training to devise a Prereg Profile for recruitment purposes, this
profile would need to be used by all Trusts within our region. GF also agreed                                                            GF
to explore whether any progress has been made on a national prereg AFC

  6. Future Funding of SEMMED Development Days

GF referred the group to a previous document submitted to the group in
February 2005 that she had been asked to revise. The revised document is
available below.

                          (Double click to view the Proposal Document)

Following discussions it was agreed that there could be a fourth option to:
“Seek funding from PCT’s & Prisons.”

IB asked whether the problems in securing speakers were a result of
individuals or Trusts. GF explained that it was more of a problem with
persuading individuals who are under pressure in their workplace to commit
time to SEMMED events. This seemed to be becoming more of a problem
recently. On one or two occasions an organisation was concerned that it was
not being recompensed for the loss of particular staff who were being
approached to teach at SEMMED events.
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                                                                                                 South East
                                                          Medicines Management Education & Development
                                                                     Formerly South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training


The issues of certain staff members being used often due to their expertise in
their field/teaching could be alleviated if the JMG could suggest alternative
speakers within the region. JMG Group members to feedback to GF on                                                                       ALL
alternative speakers as required.

It was agreed that Staff have always passed on their skills and experience to
others and as such SEMMED events should be thought of as equal to in
service training which should be encompassed by all staff member’s duty of

 It was agreed that GF draft a letter on the JMG’s behalf highlighting the fact
that SEMMED development courses/days are accessible to all staff with the                                                              GF/RL
South East region for free and that to avoid future charges that Senior
Pharmacy Manager’s agree to sign to say that they understand that SEMMED
may require a small teaching contribution form their staff.

This message to be reinforced by its inclusion in 2005/06 Annual Programme
of training events.

GF to feedback to JMG on any problems encountered relating to this issue.                                                                GF

RL to highlight this issue to relevant networks.                                                                                         RL

  7. Succession planning

SCK showed the group a presentation on the Succession planning for Senior
Pharmacy Managers project which commenced 18 months previous and was
sponsored by the modernisation agency.

                                (Double click to view the Presentation)

The final report is due for the 27th May 2005 in both an easy to digest abridged
format and a longer more detailed version.

SCK asked the group whether anyone had any advice regarding the
intellectual property right of the work. SCK advised to check the original
contracts, to ensure that the JMG has editorial rights.

IB wondered if the work could be applied to other similar roles such as Chief
Executive posts he suggested the work could be submitted to the HESP’s so
that they may benefit from the findings.
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                                                                                                 South East
                                                          Medicines Management Education & Development
                                                                     Formerly South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training


The group agreed that it would be beneficial for the work to be submitted for
publication (In both the Pharmaceutical and Health Service Journal).

Once the report and review is received by both the DOH and M.A it may be
useful to consider its use in the NHS HR 2006 Conference.

  8. Business Plan 2005/06

                 Review of progress against 2004/05

             GF distributed copies of the 04/05 Business Plan (click above to
             download a copy from the SEMMED website) and referred the group
             to the Goals & Objectives on pages 17 – 20.

             GF highlighted that there had been an issue with Brighton General
             Hospital. After having requested 16 weeks of funding and having
             advertised placements through SEMMED they had pulled out of the
             Undergraduate Vacation Scheme due to the loss of their pharmacy
             trainer & planned department relocation. This may well impact upon
             the expansion of the Vacation Scheme and possibly upon Prereg
             uptake in the following year.

             GF explained that she had looked at ways in which to build capacity
             within the region for Prereg placements. Following discussion with
             both PCT and Prison leads GF has secured a Summer Student
             Placement at HMP Highdown, a Prereg rotation at HMP Parkhurst
             and Kent PCT Staff have been invited to a meeting on the 22 nd June
             to outline how Prereg Placements within PCT’s could be organised.

             The upcoming introduction of mandatory CPD for pharmacy
             technicians by the RPSGB had highlighted a local need within Kent &
             Medway for a CPD workshop. SEMMED has arranged to hold a day
             within Kent to meet this need.

             The NVQ2 project has been making progress with some area’s
             outpacing others in terms of building an infrastructure and gaining the
             momentum in putting new staff through the NVQ 2 qualification. To
             note that Surrey & Sussex due to infrastructure problems have been
             extremely slow in making headway, systems are in place to support
             the Trusts efforts in the matter.

             RG confirmed that the 2005/06 Non Medical Prescribing plan for
             Surrey & Sussex had been drafted and was available on request.

  9. Prereg Exam Fee’s

To be discussed at next JMG meeting.

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                                                                                                 South East
                                                          Medicines Management Education & Development
                                                                     Formerly South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training

  10. A.O.B

              SEMMED team to distribute draft copies of the tripartite
             Service Level Agreement (see point 2).                                                                                      AB

All other points of AOB to be taken forward to next JMG meeting.                                                                         ALL

Next Meeting

The date of the next JMG meeting will be Wednesday 10th August 2005 and
will be held in the Boardroom at the Surrey & Sussex SHA in Horley, Surrey.
The meeting will commence at 10am and conclude at 1pm.

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