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Betty Anderson        various ways in painting portraits
Eva Arsenault         porcelain dolls
Sol Brien             gold acanthus and relief on coloured background
Sol Brien             bird or flowers on I relief
Sol Brien             one fire cockatoo with fat oil
Gerry Burchill        rose
Joan Burton           textured fruit with I relief
Marlene Eagan         white poppies
Marlene Eagan         fledgling yellow finch
Najat El-Khairy       base for raised gold and gold
Elizabeth Fry         sunflowers and Virginia creepers
Susan Greathouse      pansies
Betty Gray            enamel
Elva Jonasson         lusters & gold
Jörg Kugelmeier       gold engraving
Jörg Kugelmeier       small figures
Petra Kugelmeier      flowers, Meissen style
Petra Kugelmeier      bird
Joan Leatherdale      textured leaves with gold on porcelain or glass
Lydia Lumen           seascape with waves
Lorna Maclaren        clematis
Lorna Maclaren        yellow & ruby roses
Filipe Pereira        flowers and much more
Filipe Pereira        flowers and much more
Filipe Pereira        flowers and much more
Linda Phelps          lusters
Alice Pignatelli      wood and malachite simulation
Beatriz Ramirez       flowers and copper
Sharon Karl Roberts   painting glass
Nina Smith            fruits, limited palette
Myriam Suter          physalis (Japanese lantern) and relief
Marilyn Swartz        different types of flowers
Marilyn Swartz        one fire rose
Marilyn Swartz        small box, pen & ink work
Violet Temple         portrait
And more to come…

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