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									Please print this form, complete it and fax it to: +82 31 458-8017 or sent by mail to: Dukheung Engineering, 474-4 Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-shi, Kyunggi-do, Republic of Korea.

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Date: _______________________________ For the purposes of evaluation and quotation I ( the inventor) _____________________ am submitting pictures, sketches, mechanical drawings, 3D data or written/verbal descriptions of a product I call ____________________________________________________ to Dukheung Engineering. With the understanding that Dukheung Engineering will not use this information for the purpose of developing or assisting in the development of a similar product or disclose it to anyone for any purpose other than to assist in the evaluation, quotation or development of this product. Dukheung Engineering will take reasonable care to insure that no other party has access to this information for the benefit of developing a product similar to that submitted. In order for frank and open discussion to occur, and that Dukheung Engineering may be able to assist the inventor. It will be necessary for the parties to disclose this confidential information. The only restrictions that must be placed on this agreement are as follows: If the product or information already exists within public domain, or which later on becomes part of the public domain through no breach of this agreement. If the information can be shown to have been in the possession of Dukheung Engineering prior to the disclosure, and was not previously obtained from the inventor. If the information is presented to Dukheung Engineering after this agreement by a third party. It is then agreed that this Non-Disclosure Agreement is accepted by both parties and acknowledged so by signature below. ________________________ Inventor Name (Print Please) ________________________ Address ________________________ Signature __________________________ Dukheung Engineering Geon-Pil Park, President __________________________ Date

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