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									    University of Washington Nursing Faculty with Aging-Related Interests

          Name                       UW Appointment                              Interests
School of Nursing (Seattle)
Marilynn Albert, MSN,        Lecturer, PCH                      Health literacy, promotion and risk
 ARNP                                                            reduction for older adults; designing and
                                                                 providing appropriate clinical teaching
Maggie Baker, PhD, RN        Assistant Professor, BNHS          Elder mistreatment; domestic violence in
                                                                 later life; sexual assault of vulnerable
Basia Belza, PhD, RN         Professor, BNHS; Aljoya Endowed Dissemination of evidence-based physical
                              Professor in Aging; Co-Director, activity programs for older adults
                              Center for Health Sciences       through partnerships with community-
                              Interprofessional Education      based agencies
Noel Chrisman, PhD           Professor, PCH                     Applied, medical, and urban
                                                                 anthropology, focusing on cross cultural
                                                                 nursing and cultural competence
Phyllis Christianson, MN,    Senior Lecturer, BNHS              Geriatric and functional assessment,
 ARNP                                                            dementia and delirium
Barbara Cochrane, PhD,       Associate Professor, FCN; de       Health promotion, disease prevention,
 RN, FAAN                     Tornyay Term Professor for         and symptom management in older
                              Healthy Aging; Director, de        women, intervention research and data
                              Tornyay Center for Healthy         and safety monitoring
                              Aging; Co-Director, Center for
                              Interdisciplinary Geriatric
                              Research (CIGR)
George Demiris, PhD          Associate Professor, BNHS          Use of technology applications to support
                                                                 aging in place
Ardith Doorenbos, PhD,       Assistant Professor, BNHS          End-of-life, advance care planning,
 RN                                                              cultural competence among providers
Mary Ann Draye, MPH,         Assistant Professor, PCH           Health promotion, risk reduction, behavior
 ARNP                                                            change
Margaret Heitkemper,         Professor and Chair, BNHS;         Women’s health, stress, and
 PhD, RN, FAAN                Elizabeth Sterling Soule           gastrointestinal function, gerontological
                              Endowed Chair; Director, Center    nursing
                              for Women’s Health and Gender
Deborah Kearnes, MN,         Lecturer, BNHS                     Frail elderly in nursing homes, Health/
 ARNP                                                            cost burden of urinary tract infections
Marcia Killien, PhD, RN,     Professor, FCN; Co-Director,       Influence of work & family stress on
 FAAN                         Center for Women’s Health and       midlife and older women’s health
                              Gender Research

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          Name                       UW Appointment                               Interests
Andrea LaCroix, PhD          Professor, Aljoya Visiting          Epidemiology and prevention of chronic
                              Professor                           conditions in older women, frailty, bone
Rebecca Logsdon, PhD         Research Professor, PCH             Maximizing functioning and improving
                                                                  quality of life for individuals with
Susan McCurry, PhD           Research Professor, PCH             Non-pharmacological interventions to
                                                                  reduce psychiatric and physical
                                                                  disability in persons with Alzheimer’s
                                                                  disease and family caregivers
Pamela Mitchell, PhD,        Professor and Associate Dean for    Interdisciplinary education and training in
 CNRN, FAAN                   Research; Elizabeth S. Soule         clinical research, interprofessional care
                              Professor; Director, Center for      delivery across settings and ages
                              Health Sciences
                              Interprofessional Education
Huong Nguyen, PhD, RN        Assistant Professor, BNHS           Self-management in chronic illness,
                                                                  symptom management (dyspnea in
                                                                  COPD), exercise and physical activity
                                                                  eHealth applications,
Cynthia Perry, PhD,          Assistant Professor, FCN            Physical activity promotion,
 ARNP                                                             intergenerational physical activity in
                                                                  minority and underserved communities),
                                                                  community-based participatory research
Diana M. Taibi, PhD, RN      Assistant Professor, BNHS           Insomnia related to arthritis or
                                                                   menopause, CAM therapies for older
                                                                   persons with insomnia (particularly
                                                                   herbals and yoga).
Linda Teri, PhD              Professor and Vice-Chair, PCH;      Psychosocial Interventions to improve
                              Director, Northwest Research        dementia care and enhance successful
                              Group on Aging                      aging
Hilaire Thompson, PhD,       Assistant Professor, BNHS; Claire   Traumatic brain injury in older adults
 RN, ACNP                     M. Fagin Postdoctoral Fellow
Joie Whitney, PhD, RN,       Professor, BNHS, Harborview         Tissue repair in acute and chronic
 CWCN, FAAN                   Medical Center Endowed              wounds, wound management
                              Professor in Critical Care
Nancy Fugate Woods,          Professor, Family and Child         Reproductive aging, menopause, frailty in
 PhD, RN, FAAN                Nursing                             older women

Nursing Program (Bothell)
Bonnie Blachly, MN, RN       Lecturer                            Management and leadership in long-term
Carol Leppa, PhD, RN         Associate Professor                 Health policy/palliative care in chronic
                                                                  illness, end of life care in nursing home
                                                                  and adult family home environments

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          Name                       UW Appointment                    Interests
Heidi Petry, PhD, RN         Assistant Professor      Gerontology, older women's health and
                                                       independent living, healthy aging
Suzanne Sikma, PhD, RN Associate Professor            Self-determination and practice models
                                                       for community-based care systems for
                                                       older adults, enhancing geriatric nursing
                                                       competency with high-quality
                                                       pedagogical techniques

Nursing Program (Tacoma)
Marjorie Dobratz, DNSc,      Director and Professor   Development/coordination of home
 RN                                                    hospice programs, palliative care
Kären Landenberger,          Associate Professor      Health and functioning of communities/
 PhD, RN                                               populations, community partnerships/
                                                       assessment; violence against women
June Lowenberg, PhD,         Associate Professor      Social construction of health and illness
 RN                                                    and loss, death, and grief
Janet Primomo, PhD, RN       Associate Professor      Community/public health, environmental
                                                       health, and chronic illness
Ruth Rea, PhD, RN            Associate Professor      Leadership, competency assessment,
                                                       and emergency nursing
Cathy Tashiro, MPH,          Associate Professor      Diversity in aging, social and policy issues
 PhD, RN                                               in gerontology, health disparities and
                                                       issues affecting older minority and
                                                       immigrant adults
Sally York, MN, RNC          Clinical Faculty         Musculoskeletal health care needs of
                                                       older adults, management and
                                                       prevention of falls

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