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									Turn Yourself Into a ZOMBIE!
What you need:
+ A portrait of the victim. AKA, the zombie and a picture of a human skull. Ideally in the roughly the same pose
as your portrait.

+Go to and download the following brushes:
“Pretty”, Cuts`n`cracks” & “Pretty Sore”, “Veins”

+Install the downloaded brushes into your Photoshop brushes folder.

Now, we need to prepare your portrait.

Open an 8.5” x 11” document.

Next, we tonemap the image. So first off you will need to convert the image to 16-bit, the run the tonemapping
filter. Play with the sliders until you get an effect you like. I use tonemapping as it gives the image a nice dirty

Next I duplicate that bottom layer, so now we have two layers the same. Selecting the top layer, you need to
Desaturate it (CTRL+SHIFT+U) then set the blending mode of the newest layer to OVERLAY. Set the opacity of
the new layer to roughly 70%.
Next we need to bring the eye detail back into the image, so we are going to add a layer mask to the top
layer. Select the brush tool and select black as your color. Now click on the white rectangle next to the top
layer thumbnail to select it. Now you should be able to `paint` over the eye and you will see the bottom layer

OK, now that’s all done, we will flatten these two layers into a new single layer. This will now act as our base
image. You may hide the previous 2 layers.

Adding the skull

Right, now we need to add the skull to the image and fit it to our face. Open the image, crop the skull to size,
then copy it into the Zombie document.

Reduce the opacity of the skull to 50%, then hit CTRL+T to enter into transform mode. Move and resize the skull
to fit your face.

Once you are happy with the skull placement, hit enter and then set the opacity of the layer back up to 100%.
Add a layer mask to the skull layer and mask out the edges around the skull. Mask around the fingers if
OK, next we need to go back to our base layer, that is the composite of the first two layers, and duplicate it
and drag it to the top of the layer stack. Create a layer mask on that layer and get ready to scrape away
some of your skin!!

Selecting the newest layer mask, select the brush tool, medium hardness, and select black from the color
palette. Now, when you start to paint on the face, you will see the skull layer beginning to appear. I find its best
to completely paint out the nose and one of the eyes and of course the teeth. Take your time on this stage and
have fun, pay particular attention to the area around the teeth and try to make the skin/teeth blend in nicely

Even at this stage the picture looks super gruesome already, but what kind of self-respecting zombie doesn’t
have a bit of flesh-rot to really stink up the place!! This is where things get very nasty indeed.

STAGE 3 – Rips and Scars and Veins, oh my!!

OK, next you need to create another layer, name this one VEINS.

OK, here you need to load up the “Pretty Cracks & Sores” brush set we downloaded earlier. These are pretty
big brushes, however we really need them to cover the whole face (we will mask out the surplus veins in a
minute). Select a brush you like the look of, choose a nice dark, deep red from the colour picker (and RGB
value of 74,0,0 works well) and stamp it over your face (on the new layer). Don’t worry if it looks a bit strange at
the moment. Add a layer mask to this layer and use the black brush tool to delete the veins’n’stuff from areas
that don’t need them (eyes, bits of skull, fingers, teeth etc). Set the layer mode to `Multiply”. Again, spend a bit
of time on this to make it look badass. Once finished, right click on the layer. Select “Blending Options” and put
a tick in the “Bevel & Emboss” check box, here I used the defaults but adjusted the depth a tiny bit to increase
the bumpiness of the veins.

Now, you can add more layers and use more of the brushes we download earlier to add more scarring, tearing
and veinage, experiment and have fun, it really is great defacing yourself or a loved one!! Remember to use
separate layers for the hands, body etc.
So next is just a few more overall cosmetic changes to the image to make it darker & grittier. Basically I just add
a gradient map layer (black to white), contrast/brightness layer and adjust to taste!! Now, hopefully you should
be zombified up to the max. George Romero would be proud of you! R.I.P.

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