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					                               COMMUTING TO BELLARMINE
                                      JULY, 2011
Bellarmine has a long tradition of attracting students from all around the Bay Area. In recent years, students
have come from Santa Cruz, Hollister, Pleasanton, Hayward, San Francisco, and all areas in between. Students
choose to make the commute to Bellarmine for many reasons, one of which is the accessibility of a wide variety
of transportation options.

Each family will receive a listing of other Bellarmine students in their direct area. This listing will come via
email from your Bellarmine Mothers Guild Area Representatives. Bellarmine will host a Get Acquainted Party
(GAP) for all incoming freshman families and transfer student families a few days before the school session
starts. Attending GAP is a great opportunity to get to meet other Bellarmine families in your area and also a
great opportunity to set up a carpool. You will find that Bellarmine is conveniently located less than 2 miles
from Highways 87, 280, 880 and 101.

There are two locations on the Bellarmine campus for dropping off and picking up students. For those parents
who are approaching the campus from the South and East, we ask that you enter the campus using Stockton
Avenue and drop your child off at the turnaround at the corner of Emery and Laurel Streets. See the Drop Off &
Pick Up Map for more visual details. For those parents coming from the North and West, you may continue to
use our drop off zone in the Liccardo Center parking lot. We have developed these two zones to insure the
safety of your children and to minimize disturbance to our neighbors. We ask that you only use these two zones.

Train commuters have long been a part of the Bellarmine experience. The stop at the Bellarmine campus has
even been immortalized in the fiction of Jack London and Jack Kerouac! Caltrain stops at Bellarmine’s College
Park station four times a day. Caltrain offers a 50% discount on monthly and eight ride tickets for all student
riders. As an example, the discounted price of an eight ride ticket from Menlo Park to Bellarmine, a distance of
about 22 miles, is $16.00 or $4.00 round trip to and from Bellarmine. Assuming that the same round trip by car
would take 3 gallons of gasoline, the cost per day would be about $12.00. Using the discounted fares on
Caltrain will save $8 per day and as much as $160 on a monthly basis.

If you live North of Bellarmine, the morning train arrives at school at 7:59, in plenty of time for the day’s first
class at 8:15. The train leaving Bellarmine after school for the ride home departs at 3:08 pm. If you live South
of Bellarmine, the morning train arrives at 7:58, again in time for the first class at 8:15. The train leaving
Bellarmine after school is at 4:32 pm. For those students who have after school commitments, Bellarmine
provides a free shuttle service which departs from campus each day at 5:20 pm and again at 5:45 pm for the
Diridon Station, where students can catch a train home. Bellarmine’s administration coordinates with athletic
coaches to make sure that practices end early enough for student athletes to take this shuttle. A full copy of the
Caltrain schedule is available online at:

The Route 22 VTA bus stops at the corner of The Alameda and Taylor/Naglee Streets which is just a few blocks
from the Bellarmine campus. The Route 22 bus also services both the Santa Clara and Diridon train stations.
Busses run approximately every fifteen minutes. You can view a copy of this bus schedule online at:

Opportunities abound for transportation to Bellarmine, which is one reason why students from well over 100
middle schools choose to make the commute to Bellarmine. We hope to see you on campus soon!

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