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									Cash Advance Safety Tips For Christmas
              Safer Trees and Trimmings
Accidents are not uncommon during Christmas, specifically fires, which can start from faulty
Christmas lights or Christmas trees catching fire. That’s why this Holidays season, when
you’re about to deck your halls with festive Christmas trimmings, be sure that you buy only
those that are safe for your home and family. Don’t think of scrimping on this matter because
the money you save would be worthless if you end up with a burned socket or worse, your
home. If you are short for cash right now, you can apply for a credit card cash advance.
Better use a cash advance card now because when it comes to your family’s safety, every
money spent is worth it.

Apply only for the best credit card cash advance though so you don’t get a hard time in
paying back after the Holidays. And as for the means on how to spend it on safe Christmas
decors, here are some tips you must keep in mind:
Buy ‘fire resistant’ trees and trimmings. When choosing an artificial Christmas
tree, choose the one that indicates ‘fire resistant’. This does not mean that it
won’t catch fire but instead, it will resist burning and would extinguish fast when it
did catch flames. The same goes for your other Christmas decors such as
wreathes, festoons, and figurines among others.

Place trees on a safer area of the house. When using a fresh pine tree, have it
stand away from heated places such as near a fireplace or radiator. The heat
can wilt the leaves faster and dry leaves, as you know, can easily catch fire.
Most importantly, don’t place the trees where people walk through and on
Keep the tree alive. Help the tree survive longer by pouring water on the stand.
Be sure to cut off a few inches of the trunk to increase water absorption. You can
also add brown sugar and ice to the water to help the tree last longer. When the
tree is fresh, there’s no reason it should catch fire or at least it lessens the
chances of it.

Use safe trimmings. Use only lights that have qualified the government’s safety
standards. Qualified products contain a seal from the inspecting agency. Look for
this seal when buying Christmas lights and other decorations. Don’t light candles
near or on the Christmas tree. Be sure to use a fire resistant holder.
Keep children away. When there are breakable, sharp, and tiny items on the
tree, keep your children away from it to avoid accidents. Place the smaller
trinkets up high in the tree so your kids don’t reach them. Better yet, use
plastic or wood ornaments instead of breakable glass to decorate your
Christmas tree.

Make your home festive but safe this Christmas. Invest only quality
materials and use a credit card cash advance if you need additional cash for
budget. Find a lender that provide a cash advance card. This makes for a
more convenient shopping.

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