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Brian Bilbray, running for Congress has not responded to our many letters for help.
We are in the process of trying to gain his commitment as well as Nick Leibham and will be
posted soon.

Unfortunately, Bill Horn, our County Supervisor, is not up for re-election. He has been deaf to any
resident requests for help.

         Carlsbad Council Candidates positions on the Airport
Candidates were asked the following 5 Questions by residents. Some responded in their own
words – you can read their comments at the end. Also, the Chamber of Commerce asked each
about expansion of the airport and they also replied as can be seen at the end.

Resident Questions: Do you support the following?
   1. Part 161 Study for the purpose of making       mandatory Quiet Hours & flight
         patterns to benefit safety concerns, as well as noise, surrounding the airport?
    2.   The FAA involved at the ATC level in directing traffic to gain pilot
         compliance with the standard Alpha departure and maintaining proper
    3.   Request that PAAC return to reports with full disclosure on quiet hour and
         VNAP concerns. This would represent a clearer view of when and where
         pilots are flying outside of VNAP guidelines.
    4.   PAAC return to the Par 2000 and Part 150 studies’ recommendations of
         Quiet Hours of 10PM-7AM to include all aircraft, excepting emergency
         aircraft. This is when controllers are on duty. Although this was signed off on
         by both PAAC and FAA, they recently and arbitrarily changed the hours to
         include only jets (as can be seen on the county website) and extend hours for
         Props. Many of these tragedies have occurred during the Quiet Hours with
         no ATC’s on duty.
    5.   Opposing an extension of the runway or expansion/increase of services. This
         would only exacerbate the problems safety as well as noise that currently
         exist. Attracting more and larger aircraft to Palomar Airport, at huge
         expense (est. $40+ mil). Any change should require a vote of the residents.
 Candidate     Making Quiet          FAA Controllers      PAAC full                Quiet Hours of        Runway
               Hours & flight        to direct traffic    disclosure               10PM to 7AM for       Extension or
               patterns              according to         reporting VNAP           all aircraft except   Airport
               mandatory             VNAP                 &Quiet Hours             emergency             Expansion o
                                                          concerns                                       Services in a
 Kulchin*      No Decision           No Decision          No Decision              No Decision           Subject to Vo
 Blackburn*    No Decision           No Decision          No Decision              No Decision           Subject to Vo
 Arnold        Yes                   Yes                  Yes                      Yes                   No
 Douglas       No                    No Decision          No Decision              No Decision           yes
 Bernard       No Decision           No Decision          No Decision              No Decision           yes
 Rodgers       No Decision           No Decision          No Decision              No Decision           No Decision

Ann Kulchin and Keith Blackburn made a point to contact us to say they are researching
the issues and are sympathetic.
Ann Kulchin: Did not commit in writing but did respond that she is further investigating land use
issues with City Attorney and believes that an extension of the runway or expansion of services
may require a vote.
Keith Blackburn: Met with several residents and believes that there should be a vote for
expansion and understands the complexities of getting the FAA and County to support Mandatory
rules and Quiet hours. He believes that any extension must take the residents into account with
safety and noise concerns
Tom Arnold: Part 161 Study with the purpose of making mandatory Quiet Hours and flight
patterns - TKA: Yes, I support this study. And I support quiet hours and flight patterns that stress
safety, both of residents on the ground and of the pilots, above everything else.
TKA: Yes. The FAA needs to be involved. TKA: Knowledge is always good--yes on the reports.
Quiet Hours of 10PM-7AM to include all aircraft, excepting emergency aircraft. TKA: This is also
not an unreasonable request. If it was signed off to include all aircraft, then that is what it should
be. Agencies need to keep their promises.
Extension of the runway or expansion/increase of services. TKA: I would not support any
expansion that could even pose the potential for more safety problems and noise. Development
was allowed with a tacit understanding that conditions would not get worse.
Farrah Douglas: As I mentioned before I live in Rancho Carrillo and my home is very much
affected by what's going on at Palomar Airport. Let me start by the following points:
- Palomar Airport runway expansion is not a done deal. It is very costly and will have a long
process ahead of it.
- I've spoken with the Director of the Planning Department in the City to figure out what is the
process of extending the runway. I've been told that there is an old CUP (Conditional Use Permit)
on the books at the city, which is very vague and will let some improvements done within the
boundaries of the existing Airport. Based on the old CUP, the airport had the authority to renovate
the terminal and perform some other improvements.
Neither Planning Department nor the City Attorney are prepared at this time to say whether run
way extension requires permits from the city or not. They both are studying the issue. I realize
there are candidates who tell the good people of Carlsbad that they would vote against the
extension when the project comes before them. The reality that you and all of our concerned
citizens need to know is that such a project may or may not come before the Council, depending
on how the two sides and their lawyers interpret the original agreement between FAA and the
City of Carlsbad. One thing I have been told for sure is that in most cases FAA's ruling over rules
the local city ordinances and rulings.
- As far as I know, runway extension is neither planned nor being discussed at this point based on
its prohibitive costs.
- The extension, if it were to happen, would be within the existing footprint of the Airport. Please
put to rest your worries about the construction of a bridge over El Camino Real and extending the
runway over El Camion Real.
- As I understand it today, if the Airport decides in the future to extend the runway beyond its
today's physical footprint to the other side of El Camino Real, the people of Carlsbad will have the
final word because such an extension requires public vote in an election as a ballot measure.
- The extension, if it were to happen, would not be paid for by the citizens of Carlsbad, the same
way that the upgrading of the terminal building was not charged to us.
- With or without the extension of the runway, Palomar Airport will never be able to accommodate
737 jets, because of the width of the runway. The Airport is landlocked. It does not meet FAA's
standard width and distance between runway and taxiway and taxiway and the existing buildings,
the same buildings that private sector and Airport Authority have spent over $140 Million to
remodel. It is physically impossible for the larger airplanes to land at Palomar Airport.
- Much of the noise is coming from older airplanes using the Airport. As they are being retired and
taken out of service the noise will be reduced.
- What the extension will do, from what I've learned, is to allow the airplanes to fly with a bit more
fuel in them, so our citizens can fly to their destinations without stopping to refuel.
- Also, the airplanes won't need to reduce their altitude and speed so quickly over our homes.
The extended runway will allow them to come down later because they have enough room on the
runway to slow down and stop.
- I can promise you that I will study the issue completely before I vote on this issue if it comes
before the Council, should I be lucky enough to be your Council Member.
- I will advocate, as a citizen and a Council Member, for the Airport to honor "the good neighbor"
policies, including operating hours, quiet hours and a flight path away from our homes.
- Safety factor is on my mind in the light of the recent accidents, since I personally live so close to
the Airport. I will, as your Council Member, request the result of the FAA report on these recent
crashes to be accessible to our citizens to ensure that all safety measures are observed.
I hope I have addressed all of your concerns. Please feel free to contact me with any further
comments you may have.
The Chamber of Commerce of Carlsbad has asked: McClellan-Palomar Airport , one of two
commercial airports in San Diego County , is located in Carlsbad . The private sector has
poured more than $100 million into the airport and the county is putting in another $25
million to build a state-of-the-art terminal. Currently, most regional commercial aircraft
cannot fly into the airport. Would you support a possible runway extension, which would
allow quiet, fuel-efficient commercial aircraft to service Palomar airport?

Ann Kulchin,, At this time, there are no plans submitted for a runway
extension. In Carlsbad ’s ordinance, any expansion of the airport would require a vote of Carlsbad
voters. Until this ordnance is changed and there is a vote of the people, we are dealing in
speculation. The private sector has put $100 million into the airport to update the current
operations and prepare for regional jet service. I am proud to have McClellan-Palomar Airport in
our city, but until I have more information, I cannot make a decision based on speculation.

Thomas K. Arnold,, I would support a runway extension on the
condition it not negatively impact the surrounding area. McClellan-Palomar is already one of the
nation’s busiest single-runway airports. By adding a runway extension, limiting use to quiet, fuel-
efficient commercial aircraft, imposing strict noise standards and perhaps a nighttime curfew, we
could maximize the airport’s economic potential without harming the surrounding residences. We
need to look at the airport as a resource that is not being exploited as fully as it could be, and also
take into consideration the concerns of nearby residents who don’t want the area to become
another Loma Portal.

Glenn R. Bernard,, Natural inclination is to allow the extension, but first I
would want to check with safety regulations pertaining to runway locations, dimensions,
clearances and etc.

Keith Blackburn,, The information I have from the airport
representatives is that the runway extension is currently cost prohibitive. I would have to learn a
lot more about “quiet” aircraft and its impact on our residents before I could make an informed

Farrah Douglas,, Yes. Palomar Airport plays an integral role in
Carlsbad’s economic future and prosperity. I support runway extension within the airport’s
existing footprint to include:
• Supporting my vision for economic diversity, making Carlsbad a friendly place to do business
and providing greater flexibility for our citizens.
• Reducing noise and pollution, which may impact the neighboring residential areas.
• Attracting regional corporations for the convenience of their product development and business
travel needs, thereby increasing city revenues.
• Increasing Carlsbad’s economic diversity and extending our employment base, providing well-
paying jobs so our residents can live and work in Carlsbad.

Evan Delaney Rodgers,, McClellan-Palomar Airport is already a very
important airport and will be increasingly so. It has the most takeoffs of any airport in San Diego
County. The crucial thing that most people don’t know is the very important role that this airport
plays in training new pilots in this area. In 2006, it had 202,236 aircraft operations, which is an
average 554 per day. Of that, 90 percent is general aviation, which is private flying and flight
training. Seventy-seven percent of the aircraft based there are single-engine. I would not support
dramatically increasing the number of flights and size of aircraft because the training of new pilots
will be severely compromised. Safety for all involved is another concern. Inst stagnation and

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