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									                              Admin/Tech Pro Meeting
                                Minutes 02-28-2008

Present: Dan Macy, Kristin Aslan, Gina Jimenez, Linda Yazdani, Nancy Carlson
Carolyn Mattern, Suzanne Sullivan, Andrew Stevens, Marilyn Kenfield, Jason Dabit
Dana Kobold, Sue Barnett, Marilyn Smith, Kathy Schissler, Michele Haney, Karen
Jaramillo, Diane Burke, Marianne Touitou, Elizabeth Parks, Joseph Sanchez.

Community Learning Center: Jefferson County Action Center- Marianne Touitou
Update: The need is going up and the donations are going down.
        Take a moment and think about having to ask for a roll of toilet paper…basic
        necessities for yourself and your family.
This is a scenario JAC clients may have to ask. RRCC Student Voice is sponsoring a
food drive. The PTK is also supporting the food drive. The JAC is seeking:
If you can help please bring donations to Marianne’s office or to the Arvada Campus
attn: Gina.

Presentation – Dan Macy
Personality in the Workplace
Dan provided us with a great presentation. We scratched the surface on getting to know
ourselves and how that works or challenges us in the workplace.
Where do you get your energy?
   - Extravert or Introvert
   - Do you rely on your senses or are you intuitive
   - Thinker or Feeler
   - Do you judge (planner) or do you perceive (spontaneous)

A couple of websites Dan gave us to check out:

Don’t worry if you missed out, you are welcome to take the complete Myers-Briggs.
The cost to RRCC employees is $20.00. You can take the test online at your
convenience and schedule a time with Dan Macy to review the results.
303-914-6016 or

An excellent question Dan asked us – “How do you deal with stress?”
Something to think about…

*I didn’t want to forget to mention the fundraiser for the Children’s Center
Butter Braids - $9.00 each (they are really yummy!!!)

NEXT MONTH’S MEETING___ March 27th @ 2:00 pm

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