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					                         CITY OF PLEASANTON
                       ADULT SOFTBALL LEAGUE
                       SPRING 2009 REGISTRATION

The City of Pleasanton Parks and Community Services Department maintains and
operates the Softball Complex. The Softball Complex is located at 5800 Parkside
Drive (off of Hopyard Road) in the Sports and Recreation Park. If you have any
questions or need more information about the Adult Softball Program, our staff
can be reached at:
       (Phone Numbers)
       (925) 931 – 3437 Daniel Villasenor, Recreation Supervisor – Sports Park
       (925) 931 – 3439 Marty Bell, Senior Recreation Leader – Sports Park
       (925) 931 – 3438 Fax – Softball Complex
       (925) 931 – 5340 Parks & Community Services Department – General Info.
       Or Email

Features of the Softball Complex:
• 4 Lighted Softball Fields (2 are at a distance of 280 feet and 2 at 300 feet)
• Scoreboards on all 4 Fields and all Dugouts are covered
• Concessionaire Stand (providing food and beverages)
• Centrally located restrooms
• AED (Defibrillator) Machine
• Weekend tournaments and private rentals available
• Playground and Skate Board Park outside the Softball Complex
• On all four fields shade structures are provided for spectators
• *All League games are played at the Softball Complex

Warm-Up Areas
Players must warm-up in designated areas only. Players are not allowed to warm-
up on walkways or near bleachers. Players should be aware of foul balls when
warming-up and be careful not to interrupt any game in progress. Please do not hit
balls against the fence or backstop.

NEW WEBSITE for Weather Line / Field Conditions
During the inclement/rainy weather season, managers and players must call the
Weather Line after 3:30 p.m. or visit the website, Sunday through Friday, to get
updates of field conditions and playability. Weather line is only updated if games
are cancelled or days in question. Call (925) 931- 5360.

Softball Complex Rules
Within the perimeters of the Softball Complex, for the safety of competitors and
spectators, we ask that the following rules be observed: alcohol, pets,
skateboarding, roller blading, scooters and bike riding are not allowed. Children
must be supervised within the Softball Complex and should be instructed on the
hazards of being around playing fields especially the danger of stray/foul balls.

Please note that there have been some changes for the year 2009* and it is the
manager’s responsibility to understand and comply with these new rules and
guidelines. To ensure that a team is admitted to the league, the manager is
responsible for providing all information and league fees requested. Team
managers are responsible for their team’s compliance with the following
registration procedures:

In order to be accepted into the league, all teams must turn in an original and
completed roster (last season’s, a photocopy of the original roster, illegible
rosters, or an incomplete roster will not be accepted). The roster is the
application for the league; non-compliance may jeopardize acceptance into the
league. Managers must complete the top portion, especially both the night and
league that are requested (do not assume we know which night and league you are
applying for). All rosters must contain a minimum of 12 players. All players
(including managers) must print and sign their name, provide an address,
and a phone number to be considered eligible participants. Incomplete
rosters will not be accepted and will be returned. *New for 2008 for the
manager only, the non-resident fee is waived if he/she does not live in

Fees –Spring 2009 Schedule
Complete registration fee (including non-resident fee) must be submitted at the
time of registration. A non-resident player is defined, as someone who does not
live in Pleasanton, working in Pleasanton does not qualify for resident status. Fees
must be paid with a check ($10.00 returned check policy), money order, cash, or
credit card (Visa and MasterCard only, call for an application).

                           League Fee        Non-Resident Fee           Age
      LEAGUE              (Sponsor Fee)       *(max. of $130)       Classification
 Co-Ed Business              $710.00         $10.00 per player       18 & above
 Men’s Business              $710.00         $10.00 per player       18 & above
 Co-Ed Competitive           $705.00         $10.00 per player       18 & above
 Men’s Slowpitch             $695.00         $10.00 per player       18 & above
 Men’s Masters               $69500          $10.00 per player       35 & above
 Co-Ed Recreational          $575.00         $10.00 per player       18 & above
 Men’s Legends               $575.00         $10.00 per player       50 & above
 Co-Ed Church                $530.00         $10.00 per player       16 & above

*Refund Policy
a) Partial refund, if a team cancels after registration and before season begins,
   there will be a $200.00 cancellation fee assessed.
b) No refunds, are allowed once the league begins and a team drops out or are
   removed from the league.
Priority Classification
Teams shall be placed into the league based on several factors; priority
classification (see below), date of completed registration (roster and league fees),
and availability. The following policy determines the priority classification:

       Priority I:   Returning teams (from Spring 2008 only) with 75% or more
                     Pleasanton Residents.
       Priority II: Returning teams (from Spring 2008 only) with less than 75%
                     Pleasanton Residents.
       Priority III: New teams with 75% or more Pleasanton Residents.
       Priority IV: New teams and teams who have only played in the fall
                     softball season are allowed Walk-in Registration only.

                                    Special Notes:
       •   A returning team is defined as at least 60% of last season’s roster.
       •   If a team decides to change their night/league they will be eligible to
           register after the mail-in registration date and before the walk-in date to
           get a priority.
       •   To be considered eligible, a roster and fees must be submitted at time of
           registration. Incomplete rosters will not be accepted.
       •   If you would like to find out your team’s priority or for any other
           questions, please call (925) 931 – 3437 or (925) 931 – 3439

Mail-In Registration – January 20 through February 20, 2009
Mail-in registration is only available for teams with a Priority level of I, II, or III.
Teams with priorities 1 – 3 should not wait until walk-in registration because
once walk-in registration begins all priorities are lost.

Mail to:      City of Pleasanton
              P.O. Box 520
              Pleasanton, CA 94566
              Attn.: Softball Complex

Walk-In Registration – Begins March 3rd , 2009
New teams and teams that missed mail-in registration will be able to register
beginning Tuesday, March 3rd. Walk-in registration will be from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00
p.m. at the Softball Complex, Fieldhouse meeting room (2nd floor), 5800 Parkside
Drive off of Hopyard Road. Walk-in registration is based on a first-come first
serve basis and/or availability.
*After March 3rd, teams may register during office hours at the Softball
Complex until Monday, March 16, on an availability basis only (office hours
vary please call prior 931-3437 or 931-3439).

Field Rentals – Begin Monday March 9th
Fields are available on a reservation basis only and must be paid for during office


LEAGUES                                  DATE                       TIME

All Business Co-ed & Men’s               Wed., March 18, 2009       5:30 p.m.

Location: Sports Park
5800 Parkside Drive
Softball Complex, 2nd Floor

All other Leagues Men’s “C”, “D” &       Thur., March 19, 2009      6:30 p.m.
“E” Men’s Masters & Legends
Co-ed Competitive, Rec., & Church

**Location: Hart Middle School           **Location Change
4433 Willow Rd (off of W. Las Positas)
Multi Purpose Room (Next to

                       LEAGUE DESCRIPTIONS
  All Business Leagues and the Sunday Coed Comp. III play at 5:15 p.m.
        All other leagues rotate at 6:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m., & 9:00 p.m.
                All games are played at the Softball Complex
 All leagues are minimum age of 18 & above except for the Church League
                            which is 16 & above

Men’s Slowpitch: C – Advanced, D – Intermediate, & E – Novice

Men’s Business: Same as Men’s D slo-pitch except games are at 5:15 p.m.

Men’s Masters I & II: Players must be age 35 or older by 12/31/09

Men’s Legends: Players must be age 50 or older by 12/31/09

Co-ed Competitive: Men & Women - competitive style of play

Co-ed Business: Same as Co-ed Comp. except games are at 5:15p.m

Co-ed Recreational: Men & Women – special safety rules and style of play

Co-ed Church League: Own special house rules, need affiliation with a church
                       CITY OF PLEASANTON
                    ADULT SOFTBALL PROGRAM
                    DATES TO REMEMBER IN 2009

JAN. 20 – FEB. 20     Mail-in Registration for Priority Levels I, II, & III only

MARCH 03              Walk-in Registration begins for all new teams & teams
                      that missed mail-in registration

MARCH 09              Fields available for practice (reservation basis only)

MARCH 14              U.S.S.S.A. Men’s & Coed Pre-Season Tournament

MARCH 18 & 19         Mandatory Manager Meeting (check schedule page # 4)
                      *Location change for all teams except business

MAR 29 – APR 03       Spring League 2009 begins

MAY 14                Fall 2009 Softball League Packets & Rosters Available

MAY 22 – 25           Memorial Day Holiday observed

JUNE 1 – 18           Fall Softball Mail-In Priority

JUNE 13               Annual Sunshine Saloon Tournament

JUNE 23               Fall Softball Walk-In at the Softball Complex

JULY 3 – 5            Independence Day Holiday observed

JULY 21               New Team Manager Meeting for Fall League 2008

JULY 22               Returning teams, information day and packets available

Late July – Early August Fall League 2009 begins

           Monday             RETURNING TEAM CLASSIFICATION FOR SPRING 2009
            Men’s Business                           Men’s D-3                                Co-ed Church
  Div. I                Div. II             Composite Junkies Red Hook           Trinity Lutheran I
Players Club          Kraft Naturals        WhoRide           Hatchets           Trinity Lutheran II
Chemicals             Hexcel                Condon Johnson    Crushers           Lynnewood United Methodist
Pacific Medical       Zantaz                Oral Sox          Bush League        Tri - Valley Presbyterian
ADP Hammers           Blue Oak Buildrs      Open Spot         Calif Air          Valley Bible Church
The Subs              Open Spot                                                  Community Church of Christ
                                                                                 Centerpointe Presbyterian
        Men’s Business               Men’s C – 1          Men’s C – 2               Men’s C-5              Men’s C-6
 Div. I             Div. II       Taco Tuesday         Cranks                   Tri Valley Courier     Bomberos
Question         Simpsons         Primos/Tommy T       Nut Flush                Blue Dots              Free Agents
Safeway Select    Chiefs          Servin It Up         Chuckers                 Birky Fat Bats         Old School
Dirty Dozen       Pru Blue        Prestige             TGIF Body Shop           McGuire Harley         Fish Tacos
SVP              Transdyn         Hopyard ‘Busters     V – Neck Tees            Eden Jewelry           Baysliders
Simply Fondue     The Jacks       Preferred Mortgage   D.O.R.A.                 Brews. Bros.           Steadfast
                                  Open Spot            Open Spot                El Balazo              Super Friends
         Coed Business              Men’s Legends          Men’s Masters           Men’s Masters           Coed Rec.
  Div. I           Div. II         DONS                I J Rockliff Realtors      II Deja Vu           Ellie Mae Jethros
Wash. Mutual 1 Win Wonder          Boomer’s Bangers    I Bada Bing                II ODNFT             Scared Hitless
Robert Half     Megapath           4 Speed             I Enersys                  III Popi Lounge      Balls Deep
Okers           Balls In           O.A.K.S.            I Calif. Airways           III IR Old           Misfits
El Nido         Clean UpCrew       Sunshine Saloon     II Original Nads           III Pint Night       The Matzah Balls
ZANTAZ          Pru Blue           Coast Design        II Big O Tires             III Dreamers         Field of Dreams
                                   Open Spot           II BSM Janitorial          III Quarters         Closers
         Coed Business                  Men’s C – 3          Men’s Open C         Men’s Major D            Coed Rec.
  Div. I           Div. II           Joe’s Tree Serv        Vineyard Villains    Bad Wind              Chicago’s Deli
Moose           Simpsons             Vic’s All Stars        Replacements         Steamers              2nd Coming
ADP             Road Kill            Pass the Blame         Crown Nads           Crown Billiards       Mike’s Gang
Bay Bombers     Shaklee Slam         Sunshine Saloon        Cougar Hunters       Cougs                 Clear Path
Hooters N Hoses Open spot            Kinders SB Club        Pleasanton Auto      Blue Meanies          Class Act
Open Spot                            Dirty Jox            Big Dogs              The Zenith
.                                    Open Spot              Flat Line            Balco All Stars       Open Spot
                                                                                 FD Heat
        Coed Business               Men’s C / D              Men’s C / D              Coed Comp.           Coed Rec.
Life is Good    Saloonatics       H.P. Violators     All American                   One Bad Inning      Our Gang
Buds & Suds     Team Lazer        Royal              Hopyard Brew                   Plastikon Indus     Instigators
Cabo Wabo       Patriots          Beer Thirty        Bay Area                       Borg Redwood        AceofDiamonds
Open Spot       Open Spot         No Excuses         Hit It & Quit                  Regional Parks      WFG Ruby Red
Open Spot       Open Spot         Shelley’s Heroes   No Name Dogs                   Open Spot           I Don’t Know
                                  Ballers            Valley Bible                   Open Spot           Think HR
                                  Big Stix           Swingin Hammers                                    Helsing Enforce
  Coed Comp.        Men’s D Open           Men’s C-7            Men’s D – 2          Men’s D – 4           Men’s E
Media Trac          DVDA               Sunshine Saloon        Ryno’s               Local Motion         Knock Around
Zoo Crew            Deathtards         Media Trac             Outlaws              Mischi Scrub         Balco IV
Rockets             Replacements       We’ve Got Runs         Longshots            Team Broham          Western Hitmen
Playing 4 Fun       Enersys Hounds     Litvinchuk RealEst     Cal Best Pak         Straight Hustlers    Hungry Hunters
Open Spot           Harvest Valley     Bay Area Grillaz       Dirty Dozen          Drunken Masters      Team Ramrod
                    One Eyed Jack      Black Sox              Bombers              Evie’s Bar           CV Chili Pepper
                                       Ancient Athletics      Carne Crew           The Chillers         Coors Bros
                           SPECIAL INFORMATION – F.Y.I.
                               PLAYOFF – WINNERS

                SPRING 2008                                          FALL 2008
                   BUSINESS                                            BUSINESS
Men’s Business I – ADP          Mark Hamilton       Men’s Business I – Safeway Select Laurie Lehtin
Men’s Business II – SVP         Scott Hill          Men’s Business II – Transdyn   Jim Montgomery
Coed Business I – ADP           Mark Hamilton       Coed Business I – ADP           Mark Hamilton
Coed Business II - Robert Half  John Zukoski        Coed Business II – Bay Bombers Pablo Gonzalez
                   MONDAY                                              MONDAY
Men’s D-3 Div I – CondonJohnsonAdam Federighi       Men’s D-3 – Traveling Circus Adam Federighi
Men’s D-3 Div II – Oral Sox    Joe Glushenko        Men’s D-3.5 – Country Drives John Franco
                   TUESDAY                                             TUESDAY
Men’s C-1 – Servin It Up       RB Rossi             Men’s C-1 – Servin It Up          RB Rossi
Men’s C-2 – Preferred Mortgage Brian DeDeaux        Men’s C-2 – Hopyard Slumpbuster Gian Rozelle
Men’s C-5 – Eden Jewelry&Loan Allen Davidson        Men’s C-5 – Eden Jewelry&Loan Allen Davidson
Men’s C-6 – DORA                Alex Samson         Men’s C-6 – El Balazo             Paul Reddicks

                 WEDNESDAY                                          WEDNESDAY
Men’s Master I – Bada Bing       Carmen Bischer     Men’s Master I – Bada Bing     Carmen Bischer
Men’s Master II – Enersys        Tom Larkin         Men’s Master II – Big O Tires  Paul Mezzetta
Men’s Master III – ODNFT         Don Ott            Men’s Masters III – Pint Night Andrew Hicks
Men’s Legends – Dons              Jack Maready      Men’s Legends – Boomers Bangers Eric Hoff
Coed Rec. –       Scared Hitless Scott Rief         Coed Rec. – The Warriors        Ryan Eula
                  THURSDAY                                            THURSDAY
Men’s C-3 –     Kinders SB Club Danny Brezac        Men’s C-3 – Sunshine Saloon    RB Rossi
Men’s C Open – Vineyard Villains Derek Valdix       Men’s C Open – Crown Nads      Ken Altomare
Men’s Maj. D – Steamers          Mark Braaten       Men’s Maj D – Flat Line        Ryan Chasco
Coed Rec. –     Class Act        Matt Kelly         Coed Rec. –     Chicago Deli   Robin Moresco
                    FRIDAY                                             FRIDAY
Men’s C-4 –       No Excuses       Jesse Martinez   Men’s C-4 – No Excuses          Jesse Martinez
Men’s D-1 DivI – Shelley’sHeroes Mark VanLoom       Men’s C/D – All American        Mike Patrick
Men’s D-1 Div II – Swingin Hammers Wil Kenney       Men’s D-1 – Code Red            Eloy Martinez
Coed Comp. II – No Use 4 Name Jill Pomykala         Coed Comp – Just 2 Hit          Jill Pomykala
Coed Rec. –      Our Gang        Kris Jarvis        Coed Rec. – Our Gang             Kris Jarvis
                    SUNDAY                                            SUNDAY
Men’s C-7 –    Litvinchuk Real Paul Litvinchuk      Men’s C-7 – Media Trac          Mike Gorun
Men’s D-2 –    Outlaws            James Jenezon     Men’s D-2 – Black Sox           Brian Ludwig
Men’s D-4 –    Evie’s Bar        Miguel Campos      Men’s D-4 – Straight Hustlers   Marshal Walters
Men’s E –       CV Chili Peppers Joel Waxdeck       Men’s E – Mischi Scrubbers      Rob Sherwood
Coed Comp III – Rockets          Bill Mascio        Coed Comp III – Zoo Crew        Bob Frey
Men’s D Open – DVDA              Kyle Caprista      Men’s D Open – Cool Earth       Daryle Lee


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