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									                                          Valdosta State University
                                     STRATEGIC FOCUS 2010 PROPOSAL FORM

Submitted By:     Mylan Redfern
                  _______________________________                               6 - 15 - 2009
                                                                         Date: _________________

                             Math and Computer Science
Department/College/Division: ____________________________

Strategic Focus Standard (Select 1 or more)                              Corresponding Assessment*

   Recruitment/Enrollment of Students                                                       30-50
                                                                         # of New Students: _______________

   Retention & Graduation/Enrollment of Students                         # of Additional Students Retained: ________________

   Scholarship/Research                                                                             3-5
                                                                         # of Scholarly Activities: ________________

   Financial Solvency Resources                                          $ Revenue/Savings: ____________________

   Develop New Academic Initiatives/Programs                             # of New Students: ____________________

*This is the number or dollar value that is associated with the proposed project. Existing students and efforts should not be included in
these figures; only additional students/scholarly activities/dollars (i.e. no double counting).

Brief Proposal Description:

The B.S. in Computer Science at Valdosta State, while of high quality, is not accredited by the Accrediting Board of Engineering
and Technology (ABET). This proposal requests the the financial support necessary to apply for and obtain this accreditation.
With an accredited degree VSU would be able to attract new students as computer science majors, provide student interns to
computer service companies locating to this area, and provide graduates to enter the local workforce or pursue graduate study.
The other regional universities in Georgia have accredited degrees and VSU competes with them for students.

Budget (Specify dollar amounts and elaborate as needed on summary page):

Item                                                                              Description

           1                         95,000
   Staff # _____ Salary and Fringe $ ________________                             Dr. Chunlei Liu will coordinate this application. He
                                                                                  will need to do some traveling and will need
   Travel $ ___________                                                           release time to direct the documentation required
                                                                                  for the application. The accreditation consultant's
   Operating $ _____________
                                                                                  report conducted last year indicated that the VSU
                                                                                  library should subscribe to two online digital
   Equipment $ ______________
                                                                                  libraries (ACM, IEEE). The current CS journal
           33,460                                                                 collection amount is about half of what is needed.
   Other $ ______________
                                                                                  There is an initial accreditation fee plus a yearly
   Space (office, lab, classroom, etc.) __________                                maintenance fee. An additional CS faculty line is
                                                                                  needed to ensure that faculty teaching loads are
Total $ _____________                                                             in compliance with accreditation standards


   One –Year                                           3
                               Multi –Year (# of Years:______)                        Indefinite
Supplemental Funding Sources (e.g, department operating budget)

Schedule: Expected Time to Completion

            Sept. 1, 2009
Start Date: __________

          August 1, 2012
End Date: ___________

Assignment of Responsibility (name and title):

         Dr. Chunlei
Primary: ___________Liu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

           Dr. Mylan Redfern,
Secondary: _______________ Head of Mathematics and Computer Science

Additional Information:

 The amount $33,460 of the budget includes: $9200 for a course release each semester for 4 semesters, $13000 yearly added to
 the current library budget to purchase the needed digital journals, a $10000 fee for an accreditation visit from ABET and a
 yearly maintenance fee of $1260.

 The recurring costs are $95,000+$13,000+$1260 = $109,260.

        APPROVALS (Signatures)                                                                           Ranking of Proposal

                          This portion to be completed by approvers following the evaluation of the constituent group.

                                                                                                                            # of
               Approver                                              Signature                                 Rank      Proposals



         DEANS’ COUNCIL:


         P&B COUNCIL:
                  B.S. in Computer Science – ABET Accreditation Timeline

Fall 2009, Spring 2010

       Dr. Chunlei Liu will attend two ABET workshops and coordinate the extensive
       documentation required for the accreditation process.
       CS professors will assemble notebooks for all the CS courses in the CS major according
       to ABET guidelines.
       CS Professors and Department Head will document and refine the CS Degree Assessment
       The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science will fill an additional tenure –
       track CS position to ensure that the department has sufficient CS faculty to support the
       accreditation application.
       Dr. Liu will work with the library to bring the CS journal holdings in line for
       accreditation. This will involve acquiring access to the online digital libraries of both the
       Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and
       Electronics Engineers (IEEE). All of the funds for the current CS journals will be
       diverted to this goal and additional funding will be required.
Fall 2010 - Dr. Liu will make sure that all the accreditation documentation is in order and begin
preparation for the self-study report.

Spring 2011

       VSU requests an accreditation evaluation for the CS degree by January 31, 2011.
       ABET commission assigns a visit team chair and visit team members. Visit date is
       The CS Program Committee prepares the self-study report. This must be received by
       ABET headquarters by July 1, 2011.
Fall 2011

       Evaluation visit takes place on campus.
       ABET team presents factual findings orally on campus.
       Following a 7-day response period for VSU to report errors of fact or observation, the
       team submits a draft statement to the appropriate commission for editing.
Spring 2012

       Edited draft statement is sent to VSU for response.
       VSU responds within 30 days.
Summer 2012

       Draft statement is finalized.
       ABET commission determines the final accreditation action (July).
       VSU is notified of the result (August).
                                       PEER Institutions
          School                 Approximate        B.S. in Computer               Accredited
                                  Enrollment       Science CS Offered
Arisona State University      9000                B.S in Applied Computing             no
Salem State College           10000                 B.S in Computer and                yes
                                                    Information Sciences
Bridgewater State College     10000                         yes                        no
Southern Oregon University    5000                    CPS in Computer                  no
                                                      Programming and
Fitchburg State College       6700                          yes                        no
Univ. of Central Oklahoma     16000                         yes                        yes
Framington State College      6100                          yes                        no
Univ. of North Alabama        5000                          yes                        no
Indiana Univ. South Bend      7500                          yes                        no
Western Connecticut State     6400                          yes                        no
McNeese State U.              8100                          yes                        yes
California State – San        8100                          yes                        no
Southeastern Lousiana U       15000                         yes                        yes
Western Illinois U.           13400                         yes                        no
Jacksonville State U.         9500                          yes                        yes
Univ. of Louisiana at         8500                          yes                        yes
Stephen F. Austin St. U.      12000                         yes                        yes
Univ. of Central Missouri     11000                         yes               No (but working on it)
Univ. of West Ga.             10000                         yes                        yes
Lamar Univ.                   11000                         yes                        yes
Arkansas St. Univ.            11500                         yes                        yes
Radford Univ.                 9200                          yes                        yes
Univ. of Southern Indiana     10000                         yes                        no
West Carolina Univ.           9000                          yes                        no
Univ. of Wisconsin Stout      8811                          no
Murray Univ.                  10000                         yes                        no
Univ. of Central Arkansas     13000                         yes                        yes
Univ. of West Florida         10000                         yes                        no
St. Cloud State Univ.         17000                         yes                        yes
Florida Gulf Coast Univ.      10220                         yes                        no
                                       Institutions in Georgia

Georgia Southern             20,000                yes                       yes
Southern Polytechnic         unknown               yes                       yes
Armstrong Atlantic           6800                  yes                       yes
Kennesaw State               20000                 yes                       yes
West Georgia                 10000                 yes                       yes
Columbus State               7900                  yes                       no

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