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					           Carleton I COBC Green Seminar
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                       ~ FMC

Carleton ICOBC Green Seminar Agenda, Thursday, March 31,2011


9:30 a.m.   Registration and Networking

            Welcome and Opening Remarks

            Dr Pradeep Merchant Chair , Indo Canada Ottawa Business Chamber


            Robi n Sinha, P. Eng,       Executive DirectorCarleton Sustainable Energy
            Research Centre (CSE RC)

10:20       Keynote Address
            Phil Ludvigsen, Director Carbon Advisory - Canada, KPMG LLP

10:45       Understanding the Transition to the Low Carbon Economy ­
a.m.        Challenges and Opportunities

                  Moderator Anjali Varma ,President and CEO, Sustainable
                  Ventures Inc

                  Panelists :

                      o   Bernard Fleet; President , Fleet Technologies
                      o   Dennis Fortune; Director of Sustainability , McGill University
                      o   Bruce Ringrose ; VP Business Development, Climate Check
                      o   Laurence Ray ;CEO, Carbon Credit Solutions Inc

12:05       Keynote Address
            Yasir Naqvi , MPP Ottawa Centre ,Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister
            of Education

12:25       Closing Remarks-Ted Dhillon , CEO ,Carbon Solve Inc

12:30 p.m. Lunch and Networking

                                Corl,ton SU5tainablr burgI-R~"iJrch Ct'(Jtu
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      ~    CarbonSolve
           M         M'
                                                         FMC                  ~    Carleton
                                                                              .,   UNIVERSITY
                                                         - L AW ­


Vice President (Operations) ,


Robin Sinha

Executive Director, 

CSERC, Carleton University 

Ted Dhillon

CEO , 

Carbon Solve Inc 


Indo Canadians are a growing population in Canada.             between India and Canada is on an
          and both Canadians and Indians are beginning to recognize the importance of global
cooperation and           With I ndia and Canada both being among the top ten largest economies
in the world, the interests of Canadians       Indian origin and             having an           in
India are critical      business, professional and personal growth. India is already one of the
largest producers of scientists, doctors, lawyers and several all other professionals in the world
         is a recipient    this talent.

                probably      link          Ottawa                                 and Indian
            for their mutual benefit .We are here to promote
and the social economic development of both Canada and India. ICOSC will serve not only
mem        who are seeking to expand their business strategies and professional careers, but
also Indian companies that wish to connect with           explore business opportunities in all
sectors of     economy.

ICOSC is a prem       privately funded, not-for-profit, member-based organization with members
from the Ottawa            and professional communities.

Carleton Un       tty has             a Sustainable Energy                Centre (CSERC) that will
conduct world-class research into sustainable energy. CSERC will focus on innovative ways to
reduce energy consumption, research and explore emerging renewable energy sources such as
wind, solar      biofuels while looking at strategies for using traditional, non-renewable sources
effectively and responsibly.

                          both technology and           combining            from the Faculty
Engineering and             and the School of Public Policy and Administration while         out
to other faculties at Carleton.

           mission is to                       and teaching programs           i          both
technology and policy, combining expertise from the Faculty of Engineering and Design, and the
       of Public Policy    Administration and       units at

           focus is be to         faculty and students in developing innovative ways to reduce
        consumption, to explore emerging                energy sources such as wind, solar
biofuels, while looking at strategies for using traditional and non-renewable energy sources
more effectively and responsibly.

The                 for          and Innovation (OCRI) is Ottawa's
economic development corporation for             the            ent of     region's globally
com petitive knowledge-based institutions and industries.         I delivers       economic
development           through a       partnership with the City  Ottawa, where      City and
OCRI, throug h its members set the strategy and manage the programs that move Ottawa's

OCRI is a non-profit,              organization                    on an annual             that comes
from a variety of sources including' municipal,             and provincial governm         membership
    ; professional          ent           ; and            sector contributions.


Carbon Solve Inc

CarbonSolve™ is a provider of software products and solutions that                  businesses to
                Carbon, E           and Environmental Resource impacts, thus allowing them to
improve their sustainability performance. CarbonSolve's mission is to empower organizations to
         the              posed by         transition to a low carbon economy. Organizations are
beginning to              new technologies, innovation, and sustainability best practices to
transform their                 I n order to      this, they need to understand and optimize their
environmental resource consum ption and impact, and measure emissions related activities,
before they can reduce their environmental footJ',)rint and improve their sustainability
        ance. Technology                  by             olve™        possible for             to
           their sustainability               into measureable           and trackable processes.
       can include         , water,          or supply c      related


At        Milner        rain        MC), we believe in a proactive approach to               law, which
involves dealing with today's       ,,,,n,,..,,,,,,, in such a way that pOSitions our          for future
success.      practical,          forward-thinking approach to the law means that wh we are
answering your immed         questions, we are also thinking ahead to                 for the continued
success of your business.
       has a team of more than 500 lawyers, with offices in Montreal,                Toronto,
Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. Our national network allows us to strategically diversify our
           across          This ensures our ability to        t  unique                of your
industry, as well as address your bus      needs,         of geographic boundaries.
After 170 years, FMC continues to pioneer innovative and intelligent legal solutions to business
challenges. We believe in developing long-term client relationships. Indeed, we consider
success of all of our client          to be a measure of our success as a law
Carleton University

Welcome to             University, Canada's capital universityl Situated on a beautiful campus
bordered by     sparkling          River and       , Carleton is     minutes     the heart of our
nation's government and enjoys easy access to the many organizations, associations and
businesses which thrive in Ottawa. Many      Ontario's leading high tech companies surround our
cam      where                research joins with highly innovative            to
problems. Members        a dynamic, research-intensive university, Carleton'S faculty
provide a superior learning              for our      students who hail from every province and
from over 100 countries around      world.

Carleton         65 programs of study in areas as diverse as public affa       journalism, film
studies, engineering, high technology and international studies. More than 2,000 brilliant
            and staff members constitute a diverse and dedicated team serving 23,000 students.
Carleton's creative, interdisciplinary and international approach to research has      to many
signtficant d            and           works in          and                      governance,
public policy and the arts.

Students are truly VIPs on the Carleton campus and enjoy residence and recreation programs
as well as a wide variety of cultural    social activities. Endowed       bring          of
world renown to our campus and proximity to the city makes it possible to enjoy world-class
events at the National Arts           the many museums and          across the city.
Anjali Varma, M.Se, DIC,President and CEO, Sustainable Ventures Inc.

Anjali Varma is the founder of Sustainable Ventures Inc. Anjali brings more than 15 years of
practical experience in promoting sustainability to increase profitability in business. Since its
inception in 2005, SVI has helped over 70 companies attract over $350M in early stage
financing for com mercialization activrties in the cleantech sector. As an advisor to several
companies in the sector, Anjali understands the key challenges that cleantech companies face
from regulatory challenges, capital constraints, technology development issues and
customer/market acceptance.

Prior to starting the company, Anjali was involved in placing investments into early stage
environmental technology demonstration projects at Sustainable development Technology
Canada. During her tenure, she was involved in placing over $1 OOM of funds into more than 50
projects. Her responsibilities included conducting due diligence on 100 deals, building an expert
reviewer network and most importantly, performed a preliminary assessment on over 1300
environmental technology companies.

Anjali started her career wrth Union Gas, an Ontario based natural gas utility, where she was
responsible for increasing the utility's profitability in the $400M core customer base. To achieve
this end, Anjali was responsible for development and im plementation of innovative marketing
and sales strategies to promote the safe and efficient use of natural gas. Union Gas was part of
the Duke Energy family, and as such, Anjali was involved in several strategic projects in the
areas of rates, corporate re-structuring, storage and transmission developments, large power
projects, performance management systems and process im provements.

Anjali holds a MSc. (DIC) in Environmental Technologies from 1m perialCollege, University of
London. She also obtained a SSc. in Environmental Sciences as a Canada scholar from
CarletonU niversity.

Robin Sinha, P.Eng, Executive Director Carleton Sustainable Energy Research Centre

              Robin Sinha is a graduate of Carleton University and received his degree in
              Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 1983. Prior to joining Carleton's
              Sustainable Energy Research Centre (CSERC), Mr. Sinha was a Deputy Science
              and Technology Director within CANMET Energy, a technology centre of Natural
              Resources Canada.

               In his capacity as Deputy Science and Technology Director, Mr. Sinha was
responsible for leading a number of public-private domestic and international projects involving
the application of energy efficient and clean energy technologies for housing, buildings and

Internationally, Mr. Sinha has been involved in a range of industry-government programs to
enhance the export of value-added energy efficient and environmentally responsible housing to
Japan, the United Kingdom, China and other international markets.

Mr. Sinha brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and networks critical to transforming markets
to a low carbon economy.
Bruce Ringrose, BSc - VP, Business Development ClimateCHECK

Bruce leads ClimateCHECK's business and solutions development, commercial partnerships
and client relations . Bruce has established two start-up companies in Canada with a mandate of
international technology partnerships. Bruce's experience includes 10 years of private sector
and 4 years of public sector in undertaking mu~i-stakeholder initiatives and strategically
managing technology to the market .

In 1995, Bruce graduated with BSc (Honours) in Environmental Science from Trent University.
Since that time , Bruce has spent his entire professional career in the green collar world from
tenures in managing industrial waste water treatment facilities to commercializing clean
technology from R&D concepts through to market entry. His management of a $5million R&D
program led to a $90M acquisition of a company operating division. Furthermore, Bruce was
instrumental in developing 17 clean technology demonstration projects valued in excess of $85
Million and managed a portfolio of an additional 28 projects valued at $145 Million during his
tenure at the Government of Canada Technology Investment fund. In 2006 , Bruce commenced
his entrepreneurial journey and joined the management team of ClimateCHECK in 2008. Since
those early days ClimateCHECK and its sister company Interactive Standards are recognized
as global leaders in G HG strategies, projects and environmental standards.

Stefan Reinecke, senior consultant, Stratos Inc.

              Stefan Reinecke is senior consu~ant with Stratos Inc . and provides strategic and
              management advice to organizations on sustainability program development,
              stakeholder engagement, and risk management. Stefan has specific expertise in
              climate change, energy, and contam inated sites management. Trained as an
environmental engineer, he brings strong technical insight and analysis skills to his work and
excels in designing and supporting programs and initiatives involving both policy and technical
aspects of sustainability.

He has managed and led the analysis for a number of projects involving carbon and energy
management including : developing GHG and energy management guidance for the mining
sector, advising an industry association on the development of partnerships to achieve carbon
neutrality, helping a federal department minimize the carbon footprint of large contaminated
sites projects, and advising a large retailer on the implementation of fuel cell technology for a
new distribution centre. Recently, Stefan has played a key role in Stratos projects to assess
climate change risks at the government department and industry sector level. Most of his work
has been for companies and industry associations in the mining , forest products, and oil & gas

Stratos Inc. is a leading, values-based sustainability consultancy with offices in Ottawa and
Calgary. Its mission is to empower organizations to take real steps towards sustainability.
Stratos serves a wide range of clients at the national and international levels including
government departments, crown corporations, corporations in the energy, resources,
manufacturing and service sectors, industry associations, international organizations and
NGOs. We combine forward-looking policy and strategic expertise with management consulting
skills in program design and implementation, corporate reporting, and assurance.
Laurence Ray, CEO Carbon Credit Solutions

            Laurence Ray is the co-founder of Carbon Credit Solutions which is incorporated in
            the Province of Alberta. Since its inception in the fall of 2008, Carbon Credit
            Solutions has aggregated and sold over 550,000 tons of Verified Emission
            Reductions in the Alberta market place . At this time CCS is the fourth largest
            supplier of aggregated offsets in the Alberta Market place.

Carbon Credit Solutions is a member in good standing in the Carbon Offset Trade Association
(COTA). The primary goal of COTA is to enable and sustain the Carbon Offset Market as a
powerful new goods and services opportunity and as a vehicle for GHG reduction and for the
creation of new markets and jobs. Laurence sits as a director board of COT A.

Laurence Ray has a wealth of experience working in a real , regulated market carbon market
and have experienced the good, bad , and ugly sides of this emerging market .

YASIR NAQVI ,MPP Ottawa Centre ,Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of

             Yasir Naqvi was first elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in October
             2007, and now serves as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education .

              Prior to being elected, M r. Naq vi was the Associate Director and International
Trade Counsel at the Centre for Trade Policy and Law (CTPL). Before joining CTPL, he
practiced international trade law with Lang Michener LLP and Flavell Kubrick LLP.

Mr. Naqvi obtained his law degree (LL.B.) from the University of Ottawa, and is called to the
bars of Ontario , and England and Wales. He holds a Masters in International Affairs from the
Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at CarletonUniversity, as well as a Bachelor of
Arts (Political Science) and Bachelor of Sciences (Life Sciences) from McMasterUniversity. He
has served as a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, and as a guest
lecturer at CarletonUniversity.

Mr. Naqvi is recognized by his peers as a strong community leader and involved resident of
Ottawa Centre . He sat on the Board of Directors of the Centretown Community Health Centre
for four years and has been the Co-Chair of the Capital Food Bank Blitz since 2005 . This
summer, the food bank blitz raised over 80,000 pounds of food for those in need in our
community .

A first generation Canadian, Mr. Naqvi 's family arrived in Canada in 1988 after the Pakistani
government imprisoned his father for leading a pro-democracy march. Canada welcomed his
family and allowed them to prosper.
Dr Pradeep Merchant , MBBS,FRCP(C)Siite Chief, Division of NeonatologY,The
Ottawa Hospital-Civic Campus and Chair, Indo Canada Ottawa Business Chamber

          Dr. Pradeep Merchant is a well known and respected individual, in not only the Indo­
          Canadian community, but also in the City of Ottawa at large . I n his capacity as a
          Paediatrician and l'Jeonatologist and as a Chief of Division of Neonatology at the
          Ottawa Hospital-Civic campus, he has made numerous valuable contributions to the
          Ottawa medical community. Dr. Merchant has worked endlessly to serve the Ottawa
com munity by supporting numerous outstanding philanthropic endeavours in the eighteen years
he has resided in this City . In these endeavours, he has been joined by his supporting wife Anita
Merchant and his son Praneal and daughter Krina.

In 1997, he was appointed as Chief of Division of Neonatology at the Ottawa Civic Hospital and
the Medical Director of the Rich Little's Special Care Nursery. This was the defining moment in
Dr. Merchant's career. Dr. Merchant later went on to become the Chief of the Division of
Neonatology for the new amalgamated Ottawa Hospital and subsequently became Chief(A) of
the Division of Neonatology of The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario . Currently, he is the
Site Chief of the Division of Neonatology at the Civic Cam pus. I n his pas ition , he has developed
numerous policies and protocols in newborn care and published many articles.

Dr. Merchant remains committed to the growth and the vision of the health care in the Ottawa­
Carleton region and engaged at various levels of local, regional, provincial as well as national
organizations in providing the best possible care to the youngest citizens of Canada. Dr.
Merchant continues to serve at the Local Integrated Health Network at various task forces and
steering com mittees in developing the reg ional perinatal-neonatal program. Dr. Merchant
continues to serve as a Medical Advisor to the Perinatal Partnership Program of Eastern and
South-Eastern Ontario (PPPESO) , serving 19 hospitals in the region.

In his business ventures , Dr. Merchant has played an active role in building strong professional
and business organizations in Ottawa . His continued role is reflected in his work as the Chair of
the Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber (ICOBC) and is also a life time member of ICOBC
and India Canada Association .

His engagement in the local Gujarati community is exemplified in his work by being a Trustee
for the last 5 years of the Gujarati Cultural Association. Dr. Merchant was recently appOinted to
the Board of the Mahatma Gandhi Peace CounCil of Ottawa. His community engagement is
bolstered by his gracious financial support over the years of the Ottawa hospitals, which include
the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), The Ottawa Hospital, the Queensway­
Carleton Hospital, and the Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital.

Dr. Merchant rem ains a strong supporter of philanthropic initiatives made by other fellow I ndo­
Canadians, and local residents , some of which include the Ottawa Heart Institute through
Dhadkan , the Jindal Kidney Centre at The Ottawa Hospital, the Maharaja's Ball, the Snowflake
Ball and numerous others which provide financial support to various charities.
Phil Ludvigsen, Director Climate Advisory- Canada, KPMG LLP

                 Phil has over 25 years of environmental engineering, finance , risk and carbon
                 management experience. He is currently Director, Carbon Advisory Services for
                 KPMG Canada where he is focused on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting,
                 verification and entity carbon accounting . Phil provided senior technical review for
                 the first regulatory offsets to be sold in North America and advisory services to a
                 variety of industry and government concerns. His clients including major electric
utilities, oil & gas companies , telecommunication companies , and large international
manufactures as well as various NGOs , Canadian Provinces and the US EPA.

Some of Phil's ley engagements include :

   • 	 Lead GHG validator for one of the first BC offset projects conducted for Pacific Carbon
       Trust as well as one of the first project validations conducted for CCEMC funding
       prog ram , Alberta .
   • 	 Lead author on a scoping study of assurance standards to verify agricultural GHG offset
       projects (2012) .
   • 	 Lead G HG verifier for one of the largest US utilities that included data from over 75
       facilities (coal , nuclear , co-gen , natural gas, and hydro) . In addition, 5 GHG reduction
       (offset) projects were also verified.
   • 	 Senior Reviewer for GHG compliance reporting for 4 Alberta Utilities, and major natural
       gas pipeline company .
   • 	 Developed competitor analysis for major Canadian oil refining company based on
       Carbon Disclosure Project responses as well as Senior Technical Reviewer for the
       company's GHG inventory.
   • 	 Lead GHG verifier for the first manufacturer (Ontario) to be listed as carbon neutral
       under CSA's CleanStart™ Registry.
   • 	 Project Director of GHG inventory and strategy development for US concrete component
       and steel fabricator.
   • 	 Served on The Climate Registry's Electric Power Sector Expert Panel
   • 	 Designed GHG reduction protocol related to the use of TelePresence technologies
       (webinars and video conferencing) for a US-based internet hardware, systems and
       services company .
   • 	 Serves on the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) climate change
       assurance working group .
   • 	 Peer Reviewer for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Environment Sustainability Standard

Phil holds a PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering from Utah State University; MBA,
Finance from Rutgers University ; MS, Environmental Health Engineering from TUFTS
University; and BS & AS, Biology & Chemistry from York College of Pennsylvania. He is also a
Certified GHG Verifier and Certified GHG Inventory Quantifier by CSA Standards.
Dennis Fortune, Director of Sustainability, McGill University

               Dennis has over 30 years of environmental and sustainability management
               experience. He is currently Director of Sustainability at McGill University, where
               he is responsible for actively promoting and facilitating sustainability initiatives
               across the University community . Dennis provides leadership to various
stakeholders such as facility managers, facutty, staff, administration and student groups, to
promote, encourage, and facilitate the integration of sustainability principles into university
operations, campus living, and into McGill's broader relations with the Montreal community.

Previously, Dennis was the Director of Environmental Services at CP Ships, where he proposed
annual environmental objectives, developed work plans and specific action plans for CP Ships,
a global container shipping com pany with a fleet of 80 ships, based in London, UK and operated
in 88 countries.     In this position he developed the environmental policies and ensured
procedures regarding air, water and waste were enforced. This required knowledge of best
practices world-wide, achieved through networking with industry peers, extensive literature
review, monitoring of United Nations environmental conventions and scrutiny of local
environmental requirements for relevance to our operations. Earlier in his career, Dennis has
served as the Principal Scientist for Facility Audits and Risk Analysis at SNC-Lavalin Inc.;
Principal Scientist at Dennis Fortune Environmental Associates Inc.; and Safety Supervisor,
Radioactivity Management and Environmental Protection at Ontario Hydro.

Dennis holds a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in
Biology, both from the University of Western Ontario.

Ted Dhillon ,CEO, Carbon Solve Inc

            Ted Dhillon currently serves as the Founder and CEO of CarbonSolve Inc., a
            software company that builds solutions to help organizations measure, manage and
            mitigate their carbon risks. He was instrumental in designing the company's flagship
            technology, which provides end-to-end greenhouse gas inventory and carbon asset
            management capabilities. He is currently leading the development of another
software product that applies the lifecycle analysis (LCA) concept to carbon emissions from the
construction sector.

Prior to founding CarbonSolve, Ted was the Director of Green IT at the Branham Group, a
technology consutting and industry analyst group. In this role, he tracked the evolution and
growth trends in the Green IT industry, and wrote several reports on topics across the green
technology spectrum including virtualization, data centers, internet infrastructure, electronic
waste , and software, and how these can help enable the move to a low carbon economy.
Earlier, Ted was the Manager for Market Strategy at Autonomy ZANTAZ, a software company
based in San Francisco providing content archiving and electronic discovery solutions. A
seasoned technology executive , Ted currently has interests in start-up com panies in the
stadium management, business process management, and social media spaces. Earlier in his
career, Ted has also worked at Exclusive Analysis (UK) as a speCialist consuttant providing war,
terrorism, and civil unrest risk forecasts in the developing economies of South Asia . Before
moving into the corporate sector, Ted worked briefly as a logistician with the United Nations
Joint Logistics Centre (UNJLC), where he coordinated transport resources for UN agencies and
NGOs in areas that were experiencing natural or humanitarian disasters .

Ted holds a MBA degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western
Ontario and a BA with honours in Economics from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (India). He
holds diplomas from the University of Toronto in Carbon Finance and Environmental
Management , and has also completed certificate courses in Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
accounting , GHG project development and verification , and GHG information management
systems from the GHG Management Institute. He holds two certifications from CSA Standards ­
the GHG Inventory Quantifier and GHG Verifier. He has also completed professional courses in
Project Management and Logistics Management.

Sonam Oevgan,B.Tech , MBA, President , Algol Semantics Inc and Vice President,
Indo Canada Ottawa Business Chamber

             Sonam is currently the President and CEO of Algol Semantics, a globally-focused
             technology outsourcing firm with operations in US, Canada , and India . Sonam is a
             veteran of the telecom munications industry , having spent more than 20 years in
             advanced technology design , R&D management, and product life cycle
             management. Sonam is also the founder and President of Carbon Solve Inc , a
             Gatineau based software product com pany with a sing ular focus on helping
organisations manage transition to the "low carbon economy".

Sonam is an expert on India-specific technology issues , and has guided numerous North
American companies with software development outsourcing and go-to-market initiatives in
India. He is currently advising multiple Ottawa start-ups on their India-specific strategies with
focus on India as a Market for technology products. Sonam sits on the executive board of the
India Canada Ottawa Business Chamber and is the Vice President (Operations) at the
Chamber. He is Director TiE Charter member com mittee of the Ottawa TiE chapter. Sonam has
also served as an executive at the Ottawa Wireless cluster and The Ottawa Netwok.

Sonam holds a MBA with a specialization in Marketing from Indira Gandhi University, a
Bachelor of Science (with honours in Physics) from the University of Delhi, and a Bachelor of
Technology in Electronics and Telecomm unications from the Jawaharlal Lal Nehru University.
In his leisure time, Sonam enjoys yoga, jogging and golf.

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