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Procurement & Purchase-to-Pay
Reduce Cost. Improve Control.
Increase Visibility of Spend.
PROACTIS Highlights
•	   A	specialist	in	spend	control	and	eProcurement	
•	   Helping	over	350	organisations	across	70	countries	
     -	Streamline	the	purchase-to-pay	process	
     -	Obtain	best	value	and	control	in	procurement
•	   Over	2	million	satisfied	licensed	users
•	   Rated	#1	by	industry	analysts
Are you taking a hard look
at how you manage spend?
Those purchases that are a              should look to achieve three
necessary function of keeping           high-level goals:
your organisation “up and running”,
                                        • Exploit new savings opportunities
the service costs of keeping your
workforce executing for you, and        • Take control with a solid financial
the underlying costs of doing             foundation
business that seem to eat away
                                        • Create transparency and drive
at your bottom line?
In addition, are you considering
                                        In our experience, these benefits
the big picture, looking for process
                                        can only be delivered using highly
efficiencies, cashable economies of
                                        configurable, off-the-shelf solutions
scale and reducing waste and error
                                        that provide a compelling user
across the procure-to-pay cycle?
                                        experience and are fully integrated
PROACTIS can help you to bring          to your corporate Financial/ERP
your non-payroll spend under control.   applications.
As you start to create this wave of     Solutions which are fast to deploy,
efficiency for your organisation, you   simple to integrate and use...
Benefits of PROACTIS
•	   Improve	financial	control	and	compliance	with	organisational	policies
•	   Obtain	best	value	for	purchased	goods	and	services
•	   Reduce	costs	in	the	procurement	process
•	   Improve	management	visibility
•	   Increase	organisation-wide	productivity
PROACTIS offers a comprehensive suite
of spend control and eProcurement solutions
to support the entire procure-to-pay cycle
for finance                                     for Procurement
PROACTIS streamlines the                        PROACTIS provides purchasing
day-to-day purchasing processes                 professionals with the tools they
for employees, managers, and buyers,            need to streamline operations,
offering full visibility of the cost pipeline   obtain best value and ensure
and ensuring compliance with the                compliance through effective
organisation’s policy and procedures.           supplier adoption, evaluation
                                                and communication.
PROACTIS solutions allow employees
across the organisation to buy the              Our solutions enable the
goods and services they need on                 Procurement department to structure
a routine basis without the need for            and streamline many of its daily
professional buyers, but always with            activities, freeing more time to focus
proper organisational policies and              on finding premier suppliers,
procedures.                                     negotiating best value agreements,
                                                and maintaining good long-term
PROACTIS provides functional
                                                supplier relationships.
managers at all levels of the
organisation with the ability to                PROACTIS presents a suite of
make better decisions because they              hosted applications that support
have immediate access to information            various aspects of the sourcing
related to purchase requests,                   and ongoing contract management
budgets, commitments,                           process, automating supplier
and the entire cost pipeline.                   transactions and catalogue
In addition PROACTIS streamlines                management across the web,
the Accounts Payable function while             and for managing the buyer/supplier
providing better control of payments.           relationship with vendor self-service.

In summary, PROACTIS is a complete
spend management platform, from
                                                ERP Integration
requisition through invoice matching,           PROACTIS is routinely integrated
discrepancy resolution and integration          with standard ERP or Financial
with corporate financials. Additional           systems. We offer proven, fully
capabilities for spend visibility, expense      vendor-supported and maintained
management, stores management,                  integration that is parameter driven
purchase cards and document                     and user configurable for commonly
management etc. are also available.             used systems.
Procurement & Purchase-to-Pay Solutions
Leveraging a highly modular approach, PROACTIS
provides the tools organisations need to improve
every aspect of the procure-to-pay cycle

 Procurement                            Supplier Management
 Solutions                             Build relationships for best
                                        value procurement
                                        PROACTIS helps Procurement
                                        departments build and maintain
                                        a strong supplier base by structuring
                                        the entire supplier lifecycle – from initial
                                        identification through adoption,
                                        approval, transacting and analysis.

 Purchasing                             Purchasing
 Solutions                             from expression of need
                                        through to authorised payment
                                        PROACTIS supports the day-to-day
                                        purchasing process in a way that
                                        ensures compliance with organisational
                                        sourcing and authorisation rules, while
                                        making it as easy as possible for all
                                        employees to buy the goods and
                                        services they need.

 Expert                                 Spend Analysis
 Services                              Enhance your sourcing,
                                        budgeting & performance
                                        PROACTIS Spend Analysis
                                        offers invaluable intelligence
                                        on spending patterns, compliance
                                        and performance status to achieve
                                        savings opportunities.
Sourcing & Tenders                          Contract Management                     Catalogue Management
Source for best value                       Realise full benefit from               Classify the goods and services
procurement                                  supplier contracts                      your organisation purchases
PROACTIS helps organisations to              PROACTIS helps organisations            PROACTIS allows Purchasing
find, evaluate and engage suppliers          to increase both the proportions        professionals to simplify the
of goods and services. Cost savings          of spend under management and           management of catalogues and
and best value are obtained by               on-contract by supporting all the       classify goods and services that
improving the effectiveness and              contract authoring, administration,     their organisation purchases
transparency of the sourcing process,        and compliance needs of your            in a way that makes sense
whilst reducing administrative time          business.                               to the accessing organisation.
and effort.

Invoice Receipt                              Invoice Matching                        Expenses
& data Capture                               & Approvals                             Gain control of “after-the
Eliminate labour-intensive                   Speed up invoice matching              -event” purchase claims
manual registration of invoices              for increased performance               PROACTIS makes it as easy as
PROACTIS improves the efficiency             PROACTIS streamlines the invoice        possible for any employee to record
and accuracy of handling inbound             matching and approval process           and recover “out of pocket” expenses,
documents. This includes capturing           to increase productivity and approval   while ensuring compliance with
incoming information and processing          turnaround times.                       organisational guidelines.
it through business work flows quickly
and easily.

Implementation                               Hosting                                 Support Services
Helping you to achieve your                  Allowing your IT team                   Offering you all round
commercial objectives                        to deliver real business value          expertise to rely on
Our consultants’ knowledge of                PROACTIS Hosting solutions              At PROACTIS we take the quality
PROACTIS, and a long experience              allow customers to control costs        and responsiveness of our service
of its use in the industry, is fundamental   and keep to budgets. In addition,       extremely seriously, as it provides
to the successful delivery of quality        to receive consistent monthly IT        critical insurance for our customers’
customer solutions.                          and software usage costs.               implementations.
PROACTIS Attributes
•	   A	comprehensive	suite	of	applications	to	support	all	key	processes
•	   Fully	electronic	processes	to	eliminate	inefficiencies
•	   Intuitive	design	to	drive	broad	adoption
•	   Built-in	controls	to	ensure	corporate	compliance

•	   Deployment	options	to	fit	any	organisation
•	   Rapid	implementation	to	speed	results
•	   Seamless	integration	with	existing	systems
•	   Flexible	licensing	to	deliver	affordable	world-class	solutions
PROACTIS concentrates on                        Public Sector
procurement of the many indirect
                                                In the public sector, PROACTIS
goods and services used throughout
                                                has over 120 customers managing
an organisation – a process with very
                                                in excess of £15bn of public sector
different challenges from procurement
                                                spend. PROACTIS technology is
of high volume products, raw materials,         actively used to transact with over
and components used in manufacturing            100,000 unique suppliers and
and distribution.                               30,000 contracts under management.
                                                Customers include Crown Prosecution
PROACTIS has an extensive track                 Service, Scottish Borders Council,
record of serving the needs of public           and University of Birmingham.
sector and not-for-profit organisations,
service-based companies, and the                not-for-Profit
MRO aspects of industrial companies.
                                                PROACTIS dominates the not-
Private Sector                                 for-profit sector when it comes
                                                to spend control and eProcurement
PROACTIS’ enviable track record                 solutions. Customers include Amnesty
includes some of the leading and                International, NSPCC, Peabody Trust,
well known brands as customers                  The Law Society, Sport England,
and spans across a full range of                and Trades Union Congress (TUC).
commercial sectors e.g. HMV, Lloyds,
Hoyer, Virgin Active, Bauer, Clifford
Chance and CIMA.

Oldcastle                    CB Richard Ellis           Bristol City Council     RSPCA
Materials Group              • #1 real estate company   • £280m annual spend     •   High profile charity
• $10bn annual revenue       • Deployment in UK,        • Awarded ‘Achievement   •   £50m annual spend
• Integration to 2 ERP         roll-out across Europe     in Excellence’ for     •   160 locations
  systems                    • £200m facilities spend     procurement
                                                                                 •   1,000 PROACTIS users
• 10,000 PROACTIS users        for 2,000 properties     • Integrated
                                                          procure-to-pay         •   SaaS/hosted solution
• Single instance across     • Integration to 4 ERPs
  58 legal entities, 50 US   • 1,000 PROACTIS users     • 3,000 PROACTIS users
  states, 4 Canadian
PROACTIS offers more than software
products and technology expertise
PROACTIS solutions empower                 • PROACTIS dramatically
executives to dramatically improve           streamlines the Accounts Payable
the way their organisation operates by       function while providing supplier
instituting best practices, streamlining     self-service and better control of
business processes, and improving            payments.
operational controls. For instance:
                                           • PROACTIS enables the Procurement
                                             department to structure and
• PROACTIS enables a cultural
                                             streamline day-to-day activities,
  change that allows employees
                                             freeing more time to focus on finding
  across the organisation to buy the
                                             premier suppliers, negotiating best
  goods and services they need on
                                             value agreements, and maintaining
  a routine basis without the need
                                             good long-term supplier relationships.
  for professional buyers, but always
                                             And it provides more information for
  within proper organisational
                                             spend analysis, enabling strategic
  policies and procedures.
                                             initiatives such as supplier
• PROACTIS provides managers                 consolidation.
  at all levels of the organisation with
  the ability to make better decisions     Used to its fullest advantage, PROACTIS
  because they have immediate              helps organisations to go beyond just
  access to information related            automating the way things are done
  to purchase requests, budgets,           today to establish new, better processes
  commitments, and the entire              that significantly improve organisational
  cost pipeline.                           performance and bottom line results.
“It’s no small feat to establish a single
 procurement system that enables
 us to manage thousands of different
 properties as separate entities. But in
 doing so, we now have the best spend
 control system in our business.
We believe PROACTIS is helping
us deliver more value to our clients.”
Chief Operating Officer, Asset
Management, CB Richard Ellis
PROACTIS Group Limited
Riverview Court, Castle Gate
Wetherby LS22 6LE
+44 (0)1937 545 070

north American
913 Elm St. Suite 403
Manchester NH 03101
+1 603 606 1480

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