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									Thought provoker:
“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but
no one thinks of changing himself.”
                          — Leo Tolstoy              Onl ine !   at
                                                                                                    Fall In!
                                                                                                     Complete schedule of events
                                                                                                     for Sept. 15 and the following
Sept. 2, 2003, Vol. 27, Issue 14                                               week.           See page 10

                 Inside McGuire to serve as interim Dean
                                       Search for Student Services chief on hold until winter
                                       Aims may not
                                       start the
                                                                                 HR, Research chiefs unfilled;

                                       school year
                                                                                 decisions expected soon

                                       with a Dean
                                       of Student

                                       Services, but                             The search goes on.
                                       the college                                  Aims continues to look for a new Human
                                       will have the                             Resources director and a director of Information
                        Get ready
                                       next best                                 Research and Effectiveness.
                        to cheer for
                        your school    thing.                                       Five candidates have already interviewed for the
                                         Pat            McGuire
                        and install                                              HR director’s job; the hiring committee has made its
                        our fifth      McGuire, who previously served            top pick but must now complete a reference check
                                       as the associate vice president of        before making any announcements.
                                       educational services, will step in          Interviews for the director of IRE were held last-
                        See page 3     as the interim dean until a perma-        week. Four candidates were interviewed. A final
                                       nent one is hired.
                                                                                 pick also will have to go through a reference check
                                          “She’ll just do a wonderful
                    ❑ Title III                                                  before any announcements are made.
  ❑   Read how                         job,” said Dick Wood, dean of
      the Student     grant team       continuing education, and chair of
      Success Center steps up the      the hiring committee for the dean
                     communica-                                                            they didn’t have a big enough college audi-
      will manage                      of student services. “If we didn’t have the         ence during the process.
      with reorgani- tion.             caliber of person we had in Pat, we might be
                      See page 9                                                             “We came to a consensus that it would be
      zation.                          a little less inclined to put this on hold.”
      See pages 5, 6
                                                                                           best to put it on hold, put an interim in place
                                         Wood and the hiring team had been inter-          and reopen the position in December or Jan-
                                       viewing candidates since May, shortly after         uary,” Wood said. “We’d probably get the
    Calendar                     2     the decision to create the position was             best pool by then because a lot of people
    Directory Changes            2     announced in the college’s reorganization.          already have contracts for this year.”
    Applause Center              7       They put the hiring process on hold in               The dean of student services will oversee
    Who’s New?                   8     mid-August after two sets of interviews: one
                                       they felt was rushed, the second, they felt                              See McGuire, page 10
Missing link?
EAP helps through tough times but few take advantage of service
There’s 324 of us roaming these halls and campuses of Aims,         counseling, marital troubles, you name it, the Employee Assis-
(and working our fingers to the bones, more than likely) and        tance Program is practically at an employee’s beck and call.
only nine have figured it out.                                      Operators wish more employees would call.
  Nine people are taking advantage of a free service offered          At this time last year, 28 employees had used this service com-
through Aims for the last three years: free counseling.             pared to nine this year. This service is not only available to
  Debt reduction, legal advice, career advice, mental health
                                                                                                                      See EAP, page 4
2                                                                                                                      Sept. 2, 2003

Directory Changes                                                  Calendar
Pages 10 & 46                    Page 30                                             Sept. 1             Labor Day,
TENORIO, DEB                     HUTSON, JOHN                                                            college closed
Change name to                                            Sept. 3             Board of Trustees meeting
SUNIGA, DEB                      Distance Education                                                      5 p.m., Loveland Campus
12711 Colorado Blvd. #G-713      Program Director                                    Sept. 15            General Staff Meetings
Thornton, 80241                  Ext. 6549                                                               (college opens at 1:30 p.m.)
(303) 857-4022                                                                       Sept. 15            “Celebrating Aims”
                                 Page 42                                                                 Gala, 5 p.m., Corporate
Pages 11 & 47                    RUSHING, MELANIE                                                        Education Center
ULLRICH, ROBERT                  GENS 225                                            Sept. 24            Fall classes begin
“SKIP”                                                                                                   (Don’t forget to sign up to                Pages 9 & 49                                                            greet students. Call
                                                                                                         Shannon McCasland,
Technical Analyst I              WESTOVER, PAM                                                           ext. 6754)
Technical Services               Ext. 6839
                                                                                     Sept. 24            Coffee House:
GENS 223.3                       Youth Program Coordinator                                                Robert Dubois,
Ext. 6306                        Continuing Education                                                    10:30 a.m. to noon,
                                 ACCEC 103                                                               CCTR Lounge
Page 32                          3936 Cheyenne Drive                                 Sept. 25            Fall-in Celebration
KRAUSE, LINDA                    339-3838                                                                11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
WSTV 652A                        * Continued on page 9                                                   all campuses
                                                                                     Sept. 25            Outdoor Movie
Notes of Appreciation                                                                                    “The Matrix Reloaded” (R)
                                                                                                          @ dusk, south wall
                                                                                                          Flight Simulator Building
High Plains Chautauqua just concluded its fourth annual pro-
gram – “America’s Wild Ride: From Hot Jazz to Cold Soup.”                            Sept. 28            “Finding Nemo” (G)
                                                                                                         2-4 p.m., Rialto Theater
Record-breaking crowds marked the five-day event, with the
                                                                                                         Loveland, 228 E. 4th St.
majority of venues held on the Aims Greeley campus.
  To stage a program of this magnitude takes lots of help. And I                                    September is:
would like to recognize the Aims employees who contributed to
this program:
                                                                                            National Coupon Month
                                                                                    To inform consumers of the benefits of coupon
• Mark Lewis for designing the dazzling Chautauqua brochure,                        clipping, which can lead to savings of up to 10
poster and print ads;                                                                    percent to 20 percent on grocery bills.
• Sharon Dunn Newton for writing and designing the compre-                                 In 2001, shoppers saved $3 billion
hensive 20-page Chautauqua program;                                                         by redeeming 3.9 billion coupons.
• Dev Multer and Media Services for producing PSAs and tap-
ing parts of the program;
• Shirley Medbery for keeping track of the details and interfac-                  Aims Alive deadlines
ing with other marketing committee members;                            Deadline                                  Issue
• Dr. Liddell for welcoming the record-setting crowd Saturday          Sept. 10                                 Sept. 15
night;                                                                 Sept. 24                                 Sept. 29
• Don Plant, Anne Jackson, Ron Masters, Mark Curtis, Tim               Oct. 8                                   Oct. 13
Donovan, and the rest of the physical plant crew who made the          Oct. 22                                  Oct. 27
Chautauqua “tent” location possible, banners visible, tables           Nov. 10                                  Nov. 14
moved, electrical circuits wired, and a bunch more “stuff”;
• Carol Hoglund, who allowed us the use of the soccer field dur-
ing a rainless summer;
• Reprographics for assistance in providing printing and graph-        Aims Alive is Aims Community College s twice-monthly
ics;                                                                 newsletter published by the college s Public Information Office.
• Linda Martin and Nathan Wright, who assisted in the “Great           For submissions, contact Sharon Dunn Newton, Aims Alive
Root Beer Drink”;                                                    editor, at ext. 6206 or email at
• and, Walt Richter and his Kiwanians, who served up the best          Please give notice of a week prior to any
bratwursts this side of Germany.                                     submission (for planning purposes).
To all, a “Rip-Roaring Flapper Thank-You.”
                                                                       All submissions will be edited for content and brevity, and to
Mark Olson,                                                          conform with Associated Press style.
Chair, Chautauqua Marketing Committee
Sept. 2, 2003                                                                                                                              3

Let’s go to the                             Gala
Celebrate Aims and its President; help plan for the future                                      keynote
                                                                                                speaker. In
Aims has a new president with a vision                               We wanted a                her 35 years
for the future.                                                                                 in higher edu-
                                                                     way to

   By now, that’s old news.                                                                     cation, Bur-
                         With her, comes a                           celebrate the              gos-Sasscer
                       lot of new: new                                                          has been an
                        ideas, some new                              past, but wel-             advocate for
                         looks, and a new                            come the                   international
                          vision for the                             future.”                   education and President Marsi Liddell
                           future at Aims.                                                      the rights of
                            And, what better                          — Mark Olson              women and minority students.
                            way to celebrate                  director, Public Information        A former colleague of Dr. Liddell, Dr.
                             than through a                                                     Burgos-Sasscer is the Chancellor Emerita
                              gala?                  The ‘Celebrating Aims Gala’ will begin     of the Houston Community College Sys-
                                 Not only          at 5 p.m. Sept. 15 with a reception at the   tem, where Liddell began her career
                               will a gala         Corporate Education Center. The pro-         teaching sociology and rose through the
                                help celebrate     gram, including two Aims videos, will        ranks.
                                 Aims and          begin at 5:30 p.m. The event is free and       Dr. Liddell will be presented the Aims
                                 what it’s         open to the public                           Medallion of the President, which sym-
                                  done in the        “We wanted a way to celebrate the past,    bolizes the degree-granting power of the
                                   communi-        but welcome the future,” said Mark           college and the authority of the president
                                    ty for         Olson, director of public information at     as the chief executive officer.
                                     more          Aims, and who also is planning the event.      Dr. Liddell will then address the audi-
                                      than 30      “This is the kick-off in which Dr. Liddell   ence, unveiling her plans for improve-
                                       years, it   will reach out to the community to help      ment at Aims, as well as community
                                        also       plan Aims’ future.”                          involvement.
                                       will be       Board Trustee Bernie Kinnick will be          The Gala should end at 6:30 p.m.,
                       where Aims formally         master of ceremonies at the event, fol-      where nothing is expected to be left in the
         installs Dr. Marsi Liddell as its         lowed by Dr. Ruth Burgos-Sasscer, the        dark, even a new icon for the college. So,
fifth president.                                                                                get there and celebrate Aims.

 Upcoming Board election draws interest, some new candidates
    Three seats are up for elec-                                           Nickerson is finish-
  tion on the Aims Board of            Look for more informa-            ing his first term on
  Trustees this November, and          tion on the candidates            the board. Prior, he
  two of the seats will have a         in the Sept. 15 edition           hadn’t served on a
  race.                                     of Aims Alive.               political board.
    At present, three of the five                                           Kinnick is a former
  seats that are up for re-elec-         Three women have signed         Greeley City Council-
  tion on Nov. 4.                      up to run, as well, which         man, serving on vari-
     Board members Bernie              could change the make up of       ous city and Weld com- Kinnick                Nickerson
  Kinnick and Ken Nickerson,           the board more than anyone        mittees through the
  both who’ve served one term          has ever seen.                    years.                          their petitions to be on the
  of four years on the board,              Ruth Slomer, a former             Board president John        ballot: Sandra Neb and
  will run again for a second          Greeley City Councilwoman         Dent, who was elected in        Norma Taylor.
  and final term.                      and former Aims Dean of           1990, must step down from         Neb is a former school
     Kinnick, however, will be         Developmental Education,          his District A seat due to term board member and Taylor has
  the only one who won’t have          put in her required 50-signa-     limits.                         served some volunteer stints
  to campaign as he is the sole        ture petition on Aug. 27 to         Two women from the Fort       with a fire protection district
  candidate.                           challenge Nickerson for his       Lupton area have turned in      on the Weld Board of Health.
                                       seat in District E.
4                                                                                                                        Sept. 2, 2003

                                                         Left: Kathy Hamblin, program director of the
                                                         Education Department, left, and Linda
                                                         Archibeque, an accountant in Financial Ser-
                                                         vices, serve up the ice cream at Aims’ sec-
                                                         ond Ice Cream Social on Aug. 14. Below,
                                                         Registrar Stuart Thomas enjoys his creamy
                                                         Photos by Sharon Dunn Newton

from page 1                                                           Relive the frontier life, Weld’s
employees, but spouses and dependants, as well.
                                                                      history at Potato Day on Sept. 6
  Aims pays roughly $3 a month per employee to have pro-              Don’t miss your chance at a free baked potato during
vide this service, or almost $1,000 a month in all.                   Potato Day on Sept. 6.
   That money goes down the drain if employees don’t use               Aims’ own Dorothy Bates, an executive assistant in
EAP’s help lines. They have a toll free number, allow ques-           Human Resources, annually organizes the event through
tions online, have a multitude of resources, as well as an            the Friends of Greeley Museums. Potato Day celebrates
audio library.                                                        Weld County’s rich history and the lives of the early pio-
  And, it’s not unlimited. Employees are allowed eight ses-           neers.
sions per issue or concern of mental health counseling                  There will be live musical entertainment, living history
every year; they’re allowed a free 30-minute legal consulta-          demonstrations, children’s activities, dancers, a bake sale
tion per issue per year; and financial counseling is pretty           and free baked potatoes while they last.
much wide open as far as help.                                          Cost is $5 for anyone 12 or older (kids 11 and under
   “It does not require any insurance, there is no need for a         get in free with an adult) to get in the gate at the Centen-
diagnosis, and there’s no paperwork,” said Paul Slaughter,            nial Village Museum, 1475 A. St., in north Greeley.
senior account manager with EAP, which is based in Den-                 The event has been the annual fund-raiser for the
ver.                                                                  Friends of the Greeley Museums for the last 10+ years.
  All consultations or counseling sessions are confidential,            Annually, Bates recruits members of the Aims family
and by state law, EAP counselors are bound not to divulge             to work the potato table. Last year, 10 employees and
any information to the employee’s company or anyone else.             their family members helped serve up to 2,000 potatoes
The only way information could be released is if people are           provided by Martin Produce.
deemed a danger to themselves or others, or if it revealed              To dress ‘em up, Bates gets about 50 pounds of sour
child or elder abuse, Slaughter said.                                 cream, about 30 pounds of butter, a 5-gallon bucket of
   Employees can call EAP’s assistance line at (800) 284-             margarine, about 4 gallons of salsa and 12 gallons of
1819 or go to the Website at Employees               cheese sauce. Most of the toppings are donated.
will need an employer code to read articles or access their
audio library; two codes are available through Human
Resources at Aims.                                          ✦
Sept. 2, 2003                                                                                                                           5

Student Success Center:
 Making do with fewer staff, a changing environment                                                                “Did you Know?”
The end was quickly                                                                                                 on page 6 for
nearing but employees in                                                                                          uncommon facts
the Student Success Cen-                                                                                          about employees
ter went on with their
                                                                                                                        in the
daily routines as if it
                                                                                                                  Student Success
   Now, it may come a lit-
tle later than earlier                                                                                           Photo by:
thought.                                                                                                         Sharon Dunn Newton

   During the college’s
                                                                                                                 Part-time adviser
recent reorganization, the                                                                                       Michael Clare coun-
Student Success Center                                                                                           sels a student on his
was facing the loss of its                                                                                       course options in
entire part-time advising                                                                                        attending Aims. With
corps by the end of Sep-                                                                                         the college’s reorgan-
tember. The bulk of their                                                                                        ization and plans to
duties in advising would                                                                                         do away with the
have immediately fallen                                                                                          advising core, the
on Aims’ faculty, which                                                                                          bulk of the advising
will be hit with a lot this                                                                                      duties will fall on the
year: converting their                                                                                           faculty.
curricula to a semester                                                                          “In October,
format and common-course numbering                      I’ve got a real won-                  we’ll have heavy training

required by the state.                                  derful group of people                for faculty,” Yanish said.
  Minus a few friendly faces, who                                                                She said they also are working on set-
either left or were let go through the
                                                        here and they give                    ting in place peer mentors for faculty in
reorganization, the tone, the feel, the                 their heart and soul to               the advising area. The advising task force
atmosphere of the Student Success                                                             also is working to get a two-year calen-
Center hasn’t changed much.
                                                        everything they do for                dar in place, so faculty help map out stu-
   “Morale is as good as can be expect-                 the students.                         dents’ road to a degree without having to
ed at this time of year,” said Paula                      “I don’t think the                  meet so many times.
Yanish, director of the Student Success                                                          But students down the road may also
Center, which now includes the college’s        full impact of the changes                    be able to “self-advise,” further reducing
four recruiters. “I’ve got a real wonderful     will hit the institution for a                the load on faculty, Yanish said.
group of people here and they give their                                                         “We’re looking at having a check-off
heart and soul to everything they do for        while.”                                       for students that says, ‘I’ve chosen to
the students.                                                       —Paula Yanish             self-advise,’ which will exclude them
   “I don’t think the full impact of the                                                      from having to see a faculty adviser, and
                                                     director, Student Success Center
changes will hit the institution for a                                                        it would eliminate the need to have a fac-
while.”                                                                                       ulty adviser sign off on everything.”
  Though a final decision on extending                                                          Final decisions on some of these
the core of seven part-time advisers has-       interim dean of                               changes are forthcoming.
n’t been made, the possibility would give       Student Services. “And, fall is a difficult      You may also notice that the career
the faculty a nice cushion to ease into         time to try it out and make it happen,        services lab is now empty. That space
                             their new, and     especially with all the challenges we’re      will remain a student space in some
      About this             increased,         facing now. The idea of extending the         capacity (no decisions have been made),
                             roles.             advisers was given positive consideration     but the Student Success Center no longer
          series               “We still        by senior management, and our two             has the staff to man it.
    Each issue this year,    don’t have a       deans, Susan Cribelli and Donna Souther,         The lab was relocated to the area previ-
  Aims Alive will focus on system in            spoke very much in favor of it.”              ously used by the part-time advisers.
 a different department at place yet to do                                                       Yanish said she and her staff are ‘cau-
                                                   Meanwhile, Yanish’s advising task
   Aims. The President’s the full trans-                                                      tiously optimistic’ about the forthcoming
                                                force is about to concrete its plan to con-
 Office, Academic Deans fer of advising                                                       changes this year.
   their staffs, and Chief
                                                duct extensive training for faculty to
                             to the faculty,”   work with all different advising situa-          “We’re concerned, but we’ll move for-
  Administrative office are
                             said Pat           tions, such as how to work with the           ward,” Yanish said. “We’ve got great,
     scheduled next on
                             McGuire,           undeclared student.                           creative, people. We’re going to need
           Sept. 15
                             Aims’ new                                                        patience, and above all, teamwork.”
6                                                                                                                         Sept. 2, 2003

               You may think you know everything about the people around you, but Aims Alive
              has learned some interesting tidbits about the eleven full-time and seven part-time
                                                      employees in the Student Success Center.
                                                                                                    Did you know?
    John Batchelor                                  Dana Anderson                                    Carol Heinze
            Adviser                                        Recruiter                                      Recruiter
 Likes to sail, raise                                  Ask her about                             Attended a lunch-
  Bonsai trees and                                          Dorothy.                            eon with First Lady
 watch his son play                                                                            Laura Bush in 2001.

     Susan Burrows
                                                  Jannette Noonan                                      Deb Suniga
                                                    Asst. Recruiter                                        Recruiter
Placement Services
                                                 Ask her about Toto.                              Is studying to get
                                                                                               her master’s degree
       Likes to make
    totem poles with
                                                                                                        CU Denver.
         chain saws.

        Bob Conkey
Was one of the first                                                                   Advising Core
      10 people in
   Colorado diag-                                This group of part-time adviserswas scheduled to
                                                 leave Aims in September as part of the college’s     Michael
    nosed with the
  West Nile virus.                                 recent reorganization. They may be extended        Clare
                                                              through the fall quarter.               Adviser
                                                                                                      Loves to play
    Emily Goodwin,                                           Carrie Bedell                            golf and
               Adviser                                               Adviser                          would play
Learned how to ride                                   Got her professional                            24-7 given
   a motorcycle last                                      pilot’s license in                          the opportu-
summer and bought                                            1993 at Aims.                            nity and a good flashlight.
 a Harley Davidson.
“I’m still not safe on                                                                                  Maurine
          the streets.”                                                                                Summers,
      Roger Grimm                                           Roy Cameron                               On a recent
          Coordinator                                                Adviser                            trip to Ire-
    Advising, Assessment
                                                 Is the only “original” Aims                             land, she
     Held the state
                                                 employee (hired in 1967)                               chose not
   record in the 40-
                                                                left at Aims.                          to kiss the
 meter dash at 4.23
                                                                                                            Blarney Stone jutting out on a
 seconds in 1983 in
                                                                                                       paraphet 83 feet from the ground.
       high school.
                                                                                                          “It’s not becuase I was afraid of
                                                                                                             heights. I’ve already received
          Tom Jones                                         James Jokerst
                                                                                                       enough of the gift of gab from my
         Career Services                                                                                               Scots-Irish parents.”
                                                 Has had three jobs since
 Grew up in Illinois
                                                retiring in 1999. “I needed
    and (this will be
                                                        to be connected or                          Patty Dar-
  tough to swallow)
                                                belong to something after                           rough
he is an avid Bears
                                                                retirement.”                        Adviser
and White Sox fan.
                                                            Sandy Bristoll                          Left Aims
       Paula Yanish
                                                                   Adviser                          early to jet
                                                    As a title examination                          to Stock-
  Was a high jumper
                                                business owner in Massa-                            holm, Swe-
 in high school, with
                                                 chusetts, she once spent                           den, during
     5 feet being her
                                                18 months studying Indian                           her husband’s sabbatical.
  personal best. Not
                                                     claims on Cape Cod,
   bad for being 5’3”
                                                  reporting her findings to
                                                          the U.S. Senate.
Sept. 2, 2003                                                                                                                        7

  Applause Center
  Stork to visit Aims family                    cousin who adopted a baby from China         Priscilla Tenorio of Brighton. She grad-
  Carrie Bedell, who works in the Student       and I knew I had to do this.”                uated Fort Lupton High School in 1997.
                               Success            While any overseas adoption costs a          Suniga is the son of Archie and Sadie
                               Center, will     mint, Bedell said the U.S. government        Suniga of Denver. He is completing his
                               become a         will ease the burden a bit by reimburs-      master’s degree at Metropolitan State
                               mama again       ing their costs up to $10,000.               College of Denver and works at Carter-
                               soon.              Congratulations on your new little one.    Burgess Engineering.
                                  She hopes
                               to hop a         Fort Lupton recruiter                        On the mend:
                               plane in         celebrates marriage                          Mickey Yarmer, Aims’ longtime student
                               October to       Debra Tenorio, the                           loan guru, is on the mend at home after
  Anna                         pick up her      Fort Lupton cam-                             a severe truck accident July 21 in Gree-
                              new little one,   pus’ admissions                              ley.
  Anna, now 9 months old, in China.             counselor, is a Teno-                           She broke no
  She’s been working on the adoption for        rio no more.                                 bones, but sustained
  the last year and a half. She explained         On July 12, she                            pretty serious inter-
  that typically, China releases children       married Archie                               nal injuries that
  for adoption at 1 year old.                   Suniga, Jr.                                  kept her in the hos-
    Bedell, who has a 3-year-old biologi-         Debra, who’s been Debra Suniga             pital for a week.
  cal daughter, decided seven years ago to      with Aims Fort Lup-                             She is now recov-
  adopt a little girl from China.               ton since 2001, is now working on her        ering from surgery
    “There are so many girls who get            master’s degree at the University of         on her leg, and she
  abandoned over there because they’re          Colorado Denver.                             is expected to remain at home for up to
  girls,” Bedell said. “I decided this            She is the daughter of Bob and             four weeks.
  before I had my own child. I saw a                                                            Here’s hoping she get’s weel soon.

United Way
... doing what matters                      Former autobody repair professor dies
   a 2003 update                            Carl Guilliams, a former autobody                                              Force Base
In the past year, numerous newspa-          mechanics instructor at Aims, died Aug. 5                                      Unit in
per articles have discussed the             at Hospice and Palliative Care of Northern                                     Fort Logan.
impact of budget cuts to community          Colorado inpatient unit in Greeley. He                                            His wife,
mental health center. For some time,        was 79.                                                                        Eunice, and
the United Way of Weld County has              Mr. Guilliams worked at Aims from                                           their son
helped fund outpatient mental health        Sept. 13, 1976 until his retirement in June                                    Bernard,
services for very low income people         1991.                                                                          live in
without health insurance. Our com-             Retiring after 15 years at Aims, Guil-                                      Greeley. A
munity invests in mental health care        liams said, “I’d do it all over if I were                                      second son,
realizing that a small investment here      young again. The people here are all real                                      Donald
prevents many other problems —              nice, all good people. It’s been a great                                       Guilliams,
homelessness, suicide, child abuse          place to work.”                                                                died in
and domestic violence to name a                He retired as an assistant professor in                                     1982.
few.                                        auto body repair, where he had been             Other survivors include: two sisters, Edna
  “Before starting my own treatment,        teaching night classes for several years.       Hackleman of Greeley and Pear Wycoff of
there wasn’t any way possible that I        Prior to coming to Aims, he worked for 33       Brush; four grandchildren and two great-
would ever think about seeking help         years in the autobody shop at the former        grandchildren.
for my anger,” says a greatful Cindy,       Edward’s Chevrolet in Greeley.                    Services were held Aug. 8 at the Allnutt
who with United Way’s help has
                                               He loved yard work, fishing, the moun-       Funeral Service Macy Chapel in Greeley.
received counseling to deal effective-
                                            tains and bowling. In February, 1946, after     Interment with military honors by Greeley
ly with her emotions and her son.
                                            four years of service, he was honorably         Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2121 was
   United Way thanks all of you for
helping them help people like Cindy.        discharged from the 137th Army Air              held at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
8                                                                                                                         Sept. 2, 2003

Who’s New?
 Cindy Hendrick                                                                                        Eric Lopkoff
 Bookstore Operations Asst./                                                                            Certified Flight Instructor
            Office Specialist
       Fort Lupton Campus                                                                               Aims Flight Center
                  Ext. 4328                                                                             Ext. 356-9109, Ext. 29
Cynthia Hendrick of Brighton                                                                           Aims graduate Eric Lopkoff
returns to Aims’ Fort Lupton                                                                           joined Aims July 1 as a full-time
campus after a five-year hiatus.                                                                       certified flight instructor.
She’s working at the campus                                                                              He joins Aims after providing
bookstore as an operations                                                                             more than 300 hours of flight
assistant. She began work on                                                                           instruction for students at the
July 14.                                                              Aims Flight Center.
   Hendrick left Aims in 1998 to move to Chandler, Ariz. There,         After continual flying for more than three years, Lopkoff says,
she worked as an administrative secretary for the Chandler-           “Flying is something I thoroughly enjoy and love to do. I look
Gilbert Community College, overseeing the department’s budg-          forward to flying both as a career and recreationally.”
et, creating class schedules, and general administrative duties.        He trained for one and half years at the Greeley Weld County
   She returned to Colorado and began working at Brighton             Airport, obtaining his private pilot certificate. He then trained at
United Methodist Church in 2001 as the church’s secretary. Last       the Phoenix Dear Valley Airport, one of the busiest class D air-
year, she served as the Business Office coordinator for West-         ports in the country.
wood College of Aviation Technology in Broomfield.                      He has accrued 750 hours of flight time throughout his train-
   In her last stint at Aims, she worked for five years as the sen-   ing, flying in single engine Cessna aircraft, with 19 hours in a
ior secretary II and bookstore supervisor at the Fort Lupton          multi-engine Piper Seminole. He is day, night and instrument
Campus. She performed a wide variety of duties from registra-         current.
tion to assisting in recruiting — even building the Web page for        He completed his associate’s degree in aviation from Aims in
the south Campus.                                                     December 2002 with a 3.567 overall GPA. He attended seven
   She is proficient in MS Office, Front Page, Windows,               quarters at Aims from 1999-2001, then attended the Westwind
Printshop, WP, File Maker Pro, SIS and OGF.                           School of Aeronautics, completing training in instrument flying,
   She has associate’s degrees from Aims in mid-management:           commercial ASEL, multi-engine commercial, and CFI airplane
small business and liberal arts, and a certificate of completion      single engine. He completed his certified flight instructor pro-
from the Travel Trade School in Fort Collins.                         gram in April 2002 at Aims.

                                     Pam Westover
                                   Youth Program Coordinator
                                        Continuing Education                                                “Today, this hour,
                                                        Ext. 6839                                           this minute is the
After several years working for Aims on a part-time basis, Pam                                              day, the hour, the
Westover is now working full time as the Youth Program Coordi-                                            minute for each of us
nator in the Division of Continuing Education.                                                            to sense the fact that
  She will coordinate and plan all activities in the Kodak Technol-
ogy Lab for local schools as well as the Weld County High School                                          life is good, with all
Diploma program housed there.                                                                              its trials and trou-
  She’s at home at the Corporate Education Center, working in the High School Diploma Program
since 2001 recruiting students, helping with computer training, monitoring Work Keys assessments,           bles, and perhaps
coordinating field trips, providing career counseling and monitoring and evaluating student                  more interesting
progress and performance.                                                                                  because of them.”
  Since 1994, Westover also has taught developmental math and beginning algebra at the Fort Lup-
ton campus on a part-time basis.
  For eight years, she also taught all levels of adult basic education for the University of Col-
orado’s BUENO High School Equivalency Program. In 1992, she spent a year teaching fourth                           —Robert Updegraff
grade at Platteville Elementary. The year before, she was a substitute teacher in St. Vrain Valley
schools. She earned her bachelor’s in elementary education from the University of Northern Col-
orado in 1990 and her associate’s degree from Aims in 1988.
Sept. 2, 2003                                                                                                                           9

Title III team to communicate more grant updates
Leadership of the Title III
Grant at Aims is now tak-
ing a new turn, with
staffers communicating
across campus to deliver
the latest happenings.
  Aims landed the Title III
grant last fall. The five-
year federal grant equates Bell-Baker              DeVriendt               Edmonds              Naimark               Nowak
to $1.82 million for the college, which
should help us retain students, and            ity director of the grant, but the college’s    • There will be two co-activity directors:
upgrade faculty training. Most of the          recent reorganization changed her duties.        Deb Bell-Baker and Nancy Edmonds.
grant will be used to improve student suc-        • former Aims executive vice president,         Bell-Baker will assume duties in the
cess at the college, focusing on student       Russ DeVriendt, will spend his transition-      following areas: advising, CAPP, comput-
retention. The goal is to increase retention   al six months leading the team on the           erized study area, early intervention, edu-
by 3 percent each year of the grant by         grant.                                          cational career planning, educational tech-
intervening when students may be on the           • Teresina Nowak was hired in January        nology center development, enrollment
verge of dropping out, providing extra         as the grant’s student retention coordina-      management through Title III, student
support through tutoring and alternative       tor;                                            assessments, orientation, study areas and
learning strategies.                             • Jennifer Naimark, also hired in Janu-       supplemental instruction.
  The grant also will help the college pro-    ary as the training coordinator under Title        Edmonds will concentrate on faculty
vide instructors and student-services per-     III, will work with the co-activity direc-      development, including a faculty resource
sonnel with computerized information to        tors to establish training activities related   center and faculty instructional design,
help students and offering state-of-the-art    to the Title III functions;                     faculty development through instructional
technology training for faculty and staff.                                                     strategies workshops, faculty instructional
  The college also will renovate three           • Debra Dirksen was hired in April as         technology and wireless classrooms.
areas on the Greeley campus into high-         the grant’s instructional designer. She will       The two will share responsibilities in
tech study areas and create a faculty          work with full-time and adjunct faculty to      baseline data and collection methods,
resource center for their continued profes-    enhance instruction through the use of          Web registration, adjunct faculty orienta-
sional development.                            computer and web-based technology,              tion and learning communities. The
  Pat Fay was originally named the activ-      including IVS, Internet, email, video pro-      entire team will concentrate on marketing
                                               duction and computer-based instruction.         and Web communications.

Directory changes, continued
                                                                                 Dress sharp, floss your teeth;
Page 24                  Page 28                   Interim Dean for Stu-
EDMONDS,                 HARMON,                   dent Services                 Group photo set for Sept. 15
NANCY                    MARSHA
Learning Resources       Program Director          Page 44                       A large portion of the parking lot at the Aims Cor-
Officer                  Youth Programs            SELL, KAREN                   porate Education Center will be blocked off in the
                                                   Assistant Program             morning of Sept. 15, when staff must report for the
Page 27                  Page 29                   Coordinator, Training         general staff meetings.
GUYETTE,                 HENDRICKSON,              & Workforce
                                                                                   At 9:05 a.m., Robert Waltman will shoot a group
ROSEANN                  ALAN                      Development
                                                                                 photo of the Aims staff, much like the ones shot in
Program Director         Program Director
Training & Work-         College for Kids &        Page 44                       1993 and in 1973.
force Development,       International Program     SKINNER, GUS                    Please be in attendance for this group picture for
ESL,                                               Chief Financial               fun or even just to share the company of some
GED & Citizenship        Page 30                   Officer                       wonderful folks. The group picture will be taken
                         HUTSON, JOHN                                            after the meeting, which will only be about a half-
Page 28                                            Page 44
                         Program Director          SMITH, RUSS                   hour long.
HAMBLIN,                 Distant Learning          Fiscal/Budget                   Ushers will assist in lining people up outside the
                                                   Coordinator                   Continuing Education Building. See you there.
Program Director,        Page 36
Education                MCGUIRE,
Department               PATRICIA
10                                                                                                                             Sept. 2, 2003

        lIn!                                            Schedule of Activities for Sept. 15 (the first day back
                                                           for faculty), and events throughout the week.

     Fal                      Sept. 15
              (at Corporate Education Building)
                                                                   Wednesday, Sept. 15
                                                                   Banner general navigation, 3:30 to 5 p.m., GENS 277
                                                                   SkillSoft, 4 to 5 p.m., CCTR 764
                                                                   Gala Celebration, 5 to 6:30 p.m., Corporate Education Building
   Breakfast                             7:30   to   8:30   a.m.
   President’s Welcome                   8:30   to   8:36   a.m.
                                                                   Tuesday, Sept. 16
                                                                   Faculty consultation, 8 to 9 a.m., CCTR 727
   United Way address                    8:36   to   8:40   a.m.
                                                                   SkillSoft, 8 to 9 a.m., CCTR 764
   Aims Foundation                       8:40   to   8:43   a.m.   Faculty Evaluation, 9 to 10 a.m., CCTR729
   Sr. Mgmt. Activity                    8:43   to   9:05   a.m.
   Group Picture                         9:05   to   9:20   a.m.   Wednesday, Sept. 17
   Break                                 9:20   to   9:40   a.m.   All-faculty meeting, 8 to 9 a.m., CCTR 727
                                                                   FERPA training, 9 to 10 a.m., CCTR 729
                           Faculty          Staff                  Facutly consultation, 3 to 4 p.m., CCTR 727
   9:40 to 10:10 a.m.                     Upcoming                 Faculty evaluation, 4-5 p.m., CCTR 729
                   Advising Update         Changes @ Aims
   10:10 to 10:20 a.m.,   Break                                    Thursday, Sept. 18
                                                                   Advising (printing, class override, Alt. PIN) 8 to 9:30 a.m., GENS 277
   10:20 to 12:30 p.m.,   ACEA Meeting    10 to 11 a.m., ASA       Banner general navigation 3:30 to 5 p.m., GENS 277
                                          Meeting                  Web Services overview, 3:30 to 5 p.m., GENS 277
                                          11 to 11:10, Break       SkillSoft, 4 to 5 p.m., CCTR 764
                                          11:10-12:30 p.m.,
                                           Keynote Speaker:        Friday, Sept. 19
                                            Karyn Ruth White       Grants update, 8 to 9 a.m., CCTR 763
                                             “Laughing in the      Safety training, 9 to 10 a.m., CCTR 729
                                             Face of Stress”       Advising (printing, class override, Alt PIN) 3:30 to 5 p.m., GENS 277
   12:30 to 1:30 p.m.                     12:30 to 1:30 p.m.,      Curriculum Committee, 11:30 to 2:30 p.m. CCTR 726
   Free for Lunch                          Free for Lunch
                                                                   Monday, Sept. 22
                                                                   What’s happening with Title III, Title V and how will it affect you?
     College open for business at 1:30 p.m.                         9 to 10 a.m., CCTR 765
                                                                   Van driver training, 3 to 5:30 p.m., CCTR 765

from page 1
areas including the student success center,        “It helps to have joint planning for sys-     her staff move into their new offices, all
admissions and records, financial aid, the      tems rather than isolated units.”                of which is contingent upon the planned
learning resource center, and student life.        McGuire will oversee all the student          remodeling of the Student Financial Aid
   McGuire, who started the job on Aug.         services areas and help prepare the new          office.
25, said she was excited to take the posi-      office for a permanent dean, and “transi-          McGuire will serve as the interim dean
tion when it was offered.                       tioning from what Aims is now to what it         until someone is hired. Meanwhile, she’s
  “These are great people and I’ve always       may look like in the future.”                    serving two transitional retirement periods
worked with them in some capacity or              “I’m a strong believer in synergy,”            at Aims through June of next year.
another,” McGuire said. “I like them and        McGuire said. “As good as all of us are,           Wood said the hiring team is looking
respect their work, so I’m honored that I       we’re so much better when we work                for a candidate who can work well with
would be asked to do it and honored that        together, and the students are the direct        the student services staff, and who can
they would feel comfortable with me             recipients of our best practices.”               step in and be a leader.
doing it.”                                         She’ll do that in addition to some of her       “We want to do this right. It’s a very
   “The directors are all masters at their      former duties, including the Perkins Grant       important position for this institution,”
job, so they don’t need help with their         activities.                                      Wood said. “We felt the best decision was
jobs,” McGuire said. “They need help               She also will move into the General           to appoint someone, then go through the
with coordinated efforts, planning,             Services building, where the dean of stu-        full search process and spend the time we
approaching improvements and problem            dent services office will be located. That       needed to spend and get input from all
solving.                                        move will happen after Carol Hoglundand          segments of the Aims community.”

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