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                        CLIENT UPDATE SUMMARY – May 12, 2008
                   The outline below is a compilation of deliverables since March 10, 2008.
                   Please contact me at (850) 228-4321 if you have questions or comments.

TO:            Francine Walker, Dawna Bicknell
FROM:          Lisa Garcia
RE:            Update Summary of Deliverables

I.      Highlights

      Certification’s 25th anniversary celebration planning (Fall 2008)
      Specialty-marketing discussions/informal survey (to encourage additional applicants) with
       certification committee chairs/vice chairs and newly certified
      Florida Bar Annual Convention planning: Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Co.
       sponsorship of BLSE reception, tribute to board certified past Florida Bar presidents, tribute to
       five 50-year members who are certified
      Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference planning: sponsorship and marketing opportunity for
       “Polish Your Practice” CLE seminar (July)
      Capstone 21 – May issue
      Approval of advertising and promotional guidelines for newly certified lawyers

II.    News Releases/Media Relations/Speaking Engagements
Note: Francine Walker and Dawna Bicknell approve all news releases and media outreach.
     CertLink (ABA publication) article – Spring 2008 issue
     Radio talk show appearances: Rice and Rose/Phil Bonomo (4/21), Eddie Farrah Law
       Hour/Bob Spohrer (5/17)
     Television: Law and Sarasota/Doug Cherry (3/27)
     Jenkins/Lakeland high school Law Academy/Ralph Artigliere (3/14)
     Bar to Bar e-news articles February and March/April issues
       release: ABA Standing Committee on Specialization’s CertLink newsletter, Young Lawyers
       Division newsletter
     Obtain quotes from ABA Standing Committee on Specialization chair and 1997-98 Florida Bar
       President Edward R. Blumberg
     Contact Haitian Lawyers Association for possible speaking engagement on Kozé Legal
       television program and WRHB Sunday talk radio show
     Contact attorney Christine Ertl regarding recent appearance on AM 1590's "Legal Forum"
     Telephone calls to Florida Law Schools for certification speaking engagements; schedule most
       for fall: Georgie Angones/UM/Christina Ortega, Nancy Benavides/FSU, Prof. Edward
Lisa Garcia/PR Florida Inc. Summary Update
Deliverables March 10 – May 12, 2008
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            Parson/FAMU/Orlando, Student Services/FIU, Dean Robert Levine/Nova; Stacy Kotzen/St.
            Thomas, Susan/Barry Univ., Ellen Sefton/Florida Coastal
          E-mail outreach to additional talk radio hosts: David Kaylor/Law Talk/Lakeland, Tom
           Olsen/Olsen on Law/Orlando, Jay and Julie Show/1490 WWPR/Bradenton, Ken Walsh/The
           Wake Up Call/WFTW Ft. Walton Beach

III.        Tasks/Deliverables
           Voicemail/e-mail with Clear Channel representative regarding advertising quote for Miami-area
            billboards; provide ad specs and background
           Write letter; follow up with phone call; confirm FLMIC sponsorship of BLSE annual convention
           Review Clear Channel billboard advertising proposal; forward to Lindsey Blomberg for
            inclusion in BLSE meeting packets
           Telephone conversations with Mario Guiterrez and Lindsey Blomberg regarding status of
            Florida Newsclips account
           Deliver business litigation reception function sheet/cancellation to meetings department
           Daily news summary; forward items for Capstone; forward Avvo.com article to BLSE
            Communications Committee for comment
           Continue follow up to certification committee chairs and newly certified lawyers regarding
            certification outreach and publicity
           Telephone conversation with Fast Signs regarding annual convention promotional items and
           Telephone conversation with Harvest Printing regarding brochure reprint
           Meeting with Francine Walker to discuss Avvo.com and pending agenda items
           Compile master document of certification survey results; place additional phone calls to non-
            respondents; forward contact information to Twyla Sketchley; obtain list of 2006 newly
            certified, e-mail two admiralty lawyers;
           Telephone call with Fast Signs to discuss poster reorder; review jpeg file; reorder posters for
            upcoming certification seminars
           Discuss May 17 noon appearance on Eddie Farrah's law hour radio program - WOKV
            Jacksonville; discuss with Mike Tanner, Eddie Farrah and Claudia Oltean (Bob Spohrer's
           Voicemail for Carolyn Shovlain regarding subsitution of revised certification ad on appellate
            practice section Web site; review files to locate PDF files of generic ads (previously forwarded
            to program administrators); download appropriate site links and send with certification ads via
            e-mail to appellate practice Web master per Carolyn Shovlain's instructions
           Discuss Polish Your Practice Web cam recording/DVD production with Professor Larry Krieger
           Continue editing/refining Artigliere PowerPoint for Polish Your Practice; rehearse timing with
            presentation notes; seek information from Michelle Francis regarding length of presentation for
            CLE credit
           Discuss with Webcredenza the possible options for video taping Larry Krieger's portion of
            Polish Your Practice seminar
           Submit CertLink article to ABA
           Voicemail and e-mail from Becker Public Relations consultant related to Anstead Award;
            forward link to 2008 online forms and provide written approval of deadline extension; telephone
            conversation follow up
Lisa Garcia/PR Florida Inc. Summary Update
Deliverables March 10 – May 12, 2008
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      Telephone conversation with Andy Bundschuh/Mike Vasilinda Productions regarding
       certification videos, online links/review, pricing, etc.; forward links
      Telephone conversation with Eddie Farrah to confirm Bob Spohrer as guest on May 17 radio
       show; follow up with Spohrer PR consultant
      Request transcripts of Spohrer videos; follow up telephone conversation with Spohrer PR
      Forward Webcredenza quote for Larry Krieger videotaping to Dawna Bicknell for approval;
       follow up with Webcredenza on scheduling and DVD count for price quote
      PRSA Web site research for corporate anniversary Silver Anvil Award winners;
       download/file/review summaries for certification 25th anniversary plan
      Write first draft of 25th anniversary plan; inquire about education and adoption law approval for
       possible inclusion; discuss timing with general meetings
      Discuss Spohrer video and e-mail communications with Dawna Bicknell; review files and
       forward all relevant e-mail communications; review BOG update summaries and forward to
       Dawna Bicknell; discuss background of video production
      Discuss Clearwater Bar Association anniversary campaign; research/review Karen France
       materials obtained at NABE workshop; make notes for possible inclusion in 25th anniversary
      Follow up with Fast Signs on pending poster order and proof; obtain price quote and approval
       for Dawna Bicknell; order two framed posters for certification review courses
      Create IS request form; forward Capstone 21 to Jonathan Israel; discuss timing on release
      Follow up with Bob Harding regarding Webcredenza suggestion related to taping of Polish
       Your Practice/Larry Krieger
      Travel to Tampa for BLSE meeting
      Review Bay News 9 Web site for "Political Connections" background; forward news article
      Review Dawna Bicknell annual report draft for communications campaign; review BOG
       summaries of deliverables for 2007 and 2008; capture highlights and edit annual report draft;
       forward to Dawna Bicknell
      Telephone conversation with Nate Trelease/Webcredenza regarding video/audio production
       services (per Terry Hill) for Polish Your Practice and certification leadership seminar; report to
       Francine Walker
      Follow up call to Cinnamon Baker/Barry University to confirm 45-minute presentation in
      Review Fox, Wackeen nomination form and attachments for Excellence Award; print/Xerox
       copy supporting documents; request/download/review additional copy of mp3 file radio spot
      Confirm Rick Nail availability for "Kaylor on the Law" radio program; telephone call to David
       Kaylor to inquire about date/time (leave message with assistant)
      Review pricing and services list sent by Nate Trelease/Webcredenza; respond to questions
       and arrange Web preview of services; follow-up telephone conversation to discuss options for
       Larry Krieger taping/DVD production and possible video services for certification leadership
      Read HCBA Lawyer (Hillsborough County Bar Association) newsletter article by Joe Varner
       regarding Lewis "expert" dissent; follow-up telephone conversation with Chris Knopik
      Discuss a "nominations due" e-mail for certified lawyers
Lisa Garcia/PR Florida Inc. Summary Update
Deliverables March 10 – May 12, 2008
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          Per Larry Krieger suggestion, contact Randy Hertz editor of the clinical law review at NYU
           Law, to obtain permission to reprint Krieger's article for use in Polish Your Practice CLE
          Follow up with Sara Pekar/ABA CertLink regarding deadline for article submission
           Follow up with Tori Jo Wibel/ABA Standing Committee on Certification regarding possible
            quote for use in certification 25th anniversary news releases; e-mail draft release for context
           Telephone conversation with trademark counsel Matt Jenkins regarding logo design and
            interpretation, and artist assignment of the image rights
           Review specialization quote forwarded by Tori Jo Wible; incorporate into 25th anniversary
            draft release
           BLSE conference call to discuss communications strategies for certification areas with fewer
            than 75 members
           Read Supreme Court "Full Court Press" online newsletter; make format notes for Capstone
           Update Inns of Court PowerPoint presentation; forward to Rob Wilkins
           Forward St. Thomas University contact information, flyer and certification talking points to
            Jack Reiter for April 17 presentation
           Begin writing/editing May Capstone; online research (ABA Web site) for lawyer resources;
            inquire about Michael Gora "Divorce in Florida" column in Boca Raton News
           Continue updates/graphic design/editing for Ralph Artigliere’s PowerPoint presentation from
            2006 Polish Your Practice; integrate presentation notes; download graphics and sound files;
            online research (YouTube) for deposition video clip previously included in presentation
           Online (Bar Web site) research for newly certified lawyer news release; obtain names of
            newly certified lawyers; compile the call list for the “smaller” certification areas (number of
            lawyers): Admiralty (54), Antitrust (19), Aviation (30), Criminal Appellate (62), Elder (73),
            Immigration (48), International (30)
           Review/forward template for new media releases provided by Francine Walker
           Certification informal survey telephone calls and voicemails: Steve Moon (Admiralty), Keith
            Rounsaville, Gregory Hansel, Donald Scmidt (Antitrust), Jeffrey Ludwig, Barry Newman
            (Aviation), Richard Hersch, Dea Abramschmitt, Brynn Newton (Criminal Appellate), April Hill,
            Victoria Heuler, Carolyn Landon (Elder), Linda Osberg-Braun, Stuart Karden (Immigration),
            Brock McClane, Steven Garellek (International)
           Review Fund article on certification; forward to Dawna Bicknell
           Telephone call with Larry Jones/ICLE/Georgia Bar regarding June conference of
            Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute and board certification presence
           Online research for billboard advertising company Web sites and Miami-area poster/junior
            poster rates; complete online Clear Channel Outdoor form for rate quote
           Continue certification informal survey: e-mails to Keith Rounsaville, Gregory Hansel, Donald
            Scmidt (Antitrust), Jeffrey Ludwig, Barry Newman (Aviation), Richard Hersch, Dea
            Abramschmitt, Brynn Newton (Criminal Appellate), April Hill, Victoria Heuler, Carolyn Landon
            (Elder), Linda Osberg-Braun, Stuart Karden (Immigration), Brock McClane, Steven Garellek
            (International); review input
           Continue PC reconfiguration to accesss Web mail; discuss with Jonathan Israel
           Follow up call to Professor Parsons/FAMU law school regarding rescheduling of certification
            presentation for fall 2008
Lisa Garcia/PR Florida Inc. Summary Update
Deliverables March 10 – May 12, 2008
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        Search St. Petersburg Times Web site for legal article per Scott Barenchik phone call
         regarding # certified
        Review new board member orientation materials provided by Francine Walker; forward to
         Lindsey Blomberg and Dawna Bicknell for possible use by BLSE
        Order 500 copies (reprint) of Legal Expert brochures
        Telephone conversation with Mary Jones/FLMIC regarding annual convention sponsorship of
         BLSE reception; follow up e-mail; forward confirmation of sponsorship
        Discuss cancellation of annual convention business litigation reception; telephone
         conversation to Rob Wilkins to confirm; forward information to Lindsey Blomberg for meetings
        Attend Excel class presented by Amy Hand
        Discuss marital and family law certification logo EPS file request with graphic artists; request
         file from outside vendor; forward to attorney who requested; voucher invoice submitted by
         graphic artist
        Discuss "nominations due" ad with Bar OS staff; forward previous certification ad for
         comparison; facilitate editing and placement in Florida Bar News
        Confirm Phil Bonamo for 4/21 "Rice and Rose" radio talk show; forward certification
        Contact attorney Jack Reiter regarding April 17 St. Thomas University law school speaking
        Review TBLS survey for question(s) related to marketing and consumer outreach
        Review Florida Trend for Art Levy/Of Counsel story scheduled for January; discuss with
         Francine Walker
        Review Bradenton Herald for Jennifer Rich story on certification; contact Matt Jenkins for
         copy of story, which ran 12/22/07
        Follow up for previous "Polish Your Practice" voluntary bar requests: Donna
         Scott/Hillsborough County Bar Association (left vm) and Veronica Prostko/Tampa
        Online research and visit trophy shops to peruse catalogs for annual convention; forward
         ideas to Dawna Bicknell
        Follow up with Veronica Prostko regarding Plant City Bar/Polish Your Practice
        Review "News and Notes" section of Bar News; look up certification status; create Capstone
        Read Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company risk management service newsletter
        Review annual convention schedule and meeting summary forms; complete staff hotel
         registration form; review 2006 and 2007 annual convention files; note poster order and
         voucher submission dates
        Confirm attorney Jack Reiter for April 17/noon presentation to St. Thomas University School
         of Law
        E-mail Michelle Francis regarding backup materials and marketing of Polish Your Practice
         CLE seminar; meeting with print shop staff to discuss options for cover and packaging;
         review previous course materials; create folder with previous outlines and course materials;
         contact all speakers to obtain permission to reprint course materials and articles, and to
         request presentation notes
        Continue follow up calls to law schools: Barry University School of Law (spoke with Susan;
         referred to Cinnamon Baker); Florida Coastal School of Law/Ellen Sefton (referred to vice
         dean of academics)
Lisa Garcia/PR Florida Inc. Summary Update
Deliverables March 10 – May 12, 2008
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        Follow up with LSE staff regarding Legal Experts brochure supply; telephone conversation
         with Miguel Jiminez/Harvest Printing about quotes for 250 and 500 copies
        Telephone conversation with Buck Vocelle regarding logo design, PEC presentation and
         background for approval process
        Online research for Leon County schools' civic education program, as possible speaking-
         engagement vehicle
        Telephone to Tresha Parchment/Tallahassee Democrat regarding inclusion of board certified
        Review and "save as" for 2007 annual meeting graphics and documents: reception
         PowerPoint presentation, Lawyers in the News PowerPoint, Tanner and Artigliere news
         releases; review function sheets and folder notes; create notebook and folder
        Review document/summary of other certification program logos; forward to Dawna Bicknell
        Discuss Polish Your Practice elements with former presenters Larry Krieger and Ralph
         Artigliere; review Artigliere course outline and "Codes and Creeds" PowerPoint presentation;
         discuss layout and design options with graphic artist for packaging CLE seminar materials
        Telephone calls to offer Polish Your Practice CLE seminar to bars suggested by Rob Wilkins:
         Palm Beach County Bar Association and Martin County Bar Association
        Follow up call to attorney David Kaylor regarding pending speaking appearance on "Kaylor
         on Law"
        Create flyer for Jack Reiter presentation to St. Thomas University School of Law; e-mail to
         staff contact
        Online research for additional mentoring articles; subscribe to Social Science Research
        Follow up call to attorney Gary Lehman (leave voicemail) regarding Harry Payton mentoring
        Telephone conversation with CABA president Marlene Quintana regarding "Polish Your
         Practice" and outreach to Dade County voluntary bars; follow up e-mail to Michelle Francis
         and Dawna Bicknell
        Discuss Florida Bar diversity symposium; forward Diversity Business Newsletter to Maria
         Simmons Johnson and Karen Kirksey
        E-mail John Berry regarding law school speaking engagements and the inclusion of
         ethics/professionalism materials
        Discuss Polish Your Practice CLE course and logistics; e-mail CABA president Marlene
         Quintana regarding scheduling of group seminar for CABA and "top five" Dade County
         voluntary bars
        Transcribe quotes from Paul Aiello and Andrew Feurstein; forward with mentoring articles for
         Harry Payton release
        PRSA Strategist magazine; copy/forward relevant articles and statistics
        Telephone conversation with Twyla Sketchley regarding elder law event at Florida Capitol
         and possible Capstone news item; forward contact information; review and edit news item
        Telephone conversations with attorneys/secretaries seeking clarification about fee increase
        Follow up with Comcast Newsmakers producer regarding Keith Rizzardi segment
        Ongoing discussions related to approval of Spohrer videos
        Discuss certification feature story with Mark Killian/Florida Bar News
        Review TFB annual meeting reception details for reservations confirmation
Lisa Garcia/PR Florida Inc. Summary Update
Deliverables March 10 – May 12, 2008
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        Facilitate thank you letter to Tom Sasser for his firm's underwriting of excellence
         certificates/folders for January marital and family law review course; forward to Dawna
         Bicknell, Mike Tanner
        Telephone conversation with Michelle Francis regarding Polish Your Practice CLE course;
         forward course summary and cover sheet/credit information; discuss easels for exams
        Discuss/forward information about Larry Lieby/Florida Bar Construction Law Committee first
         Lifetime Achievement Award
        Summarize list of media relations volunteers; compile list
        Review Harry Payton JNC application; take notes; compile with information from bio on firm
         Web site; review National Law Journal mentoring article
        Meeting with Francine Walker to discuss office scanner and PDF file creation
        Review Baudville and online catalogs for possible annual convention promotional items
        Forward Ed Blumberg quotes on 25 years of certification to Mark Killian/Florida Bar News

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