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Articles, letters and news on alumni activities are most welcome. Please direct all correspondence to:
The Editor of Newsletter, SPCC Alumni Association,
c/o St. Paul’s Co-educational College,
33 Macdonnell Road, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852)2877-2885 Fax: (852)2522-2255
E-mail address : spccaa@spccaa.org
The Editor reserves the right to accept, reject and edit all materials submitted, and the decision is final and conclusive. Copyright and
other intellectual property of all materials published herein shall belong to the SPCC Alumni Association.
                                                Homepage address : www.spccaa.org
                                      Chairman’s Message

Dear Alumni,

I hope everybody has settled down comfortably into their respective roles after the long summer
vacation and is fully charged for the challenges ahead in the coming months. In the Alumni
Association, there have been various brain-storming sessions revisiting old ideas whilst putting
new ideas into motion. You may surf our web for the whole host of upcoming events and we
hope there is always something that may entice your interest.

One steadfast mission of the Alumni Association is to provide global networking for our old boys
and girls whereby they can tap into readily available human resources and technical knowhow
of their fellow alumni to further academic pursuits, professional interests and career goals.
Global networking is a natural product of socialising. Hence, our Social Sub-Committee has
been busy all year round in organising multi-faceted events for you to enjoy. The upcoming event is our Annual Dinner the
number of attendees of which has escalated phenomenally from three hundred or so some years back to a six-hundred-strong
congregation (with our 90th Anniversary Dinner still unmatched in having attracted a turnout of well over two thousand alumni
and friends). Our regular bi-monthly Happy Hour Drinks have been graced by the presence of ninety plus familiar and new
faces and we are confident that the hundred mark will be broken with no difficulty when we next meet. Following on from
the unprecedented success of the maiden speaker luncheon with Professor Arthur K.C. Li, then Secretary for Education and
Manpower, as our honoured guest speaker, we will be hosting another speaker luncheon in December 2007 and Mr. Frederick
Si-Hang Ma, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, has kindly agreed to enlighten us with his insight on Hong
Kong’s achievements over the past decade and how he intends to position Hong Kong as Asia’s elite city in the future. We are
further pioneering a Spring Dinner event around 2008 Chinese New Year specially catering for alumni who prefer Chinese
cuisine against a less formal setting and an easier price. Please stay tuned.

Our other Sub-Committees have been working equally hard to establish ways and means of gathering pockets of people with
diverse interests. We are in constant pursuit of upgrading our virtual home and taking our bi-annual Newsletter from strength
to strength. All serve one cardinal purpose and that is to lavish passionate support for our Alma Mater and mutual support
for fellow alumni. Being citizens of a fast-track society, we have not forgotten to reciprocate and dedicate our modest effort
towards community. Our Community Service Sub-Committee has been reaching out to different sectors with a view to sharing
with the less privileged whilst instilling in our younger generation the virtue to appreciate more difficult stations in life.

The Alumni Association is our collective property and every drop of support will be highly valued. In order to enable the
Executive Committee members to serve you better, may I urge you to come forward with your much welcomed suggestions
and ideas. Please let us hear from you and below are the electronic contacts of the heads of the various Sub-Committees :-

Alumni Choir             Samantha Suen      [samanthasuen@spccaa.org]
Communication            Ada Leung          [adaleung@spccaa.org]
Community Service        Philip Leong       [philipleong@spccaa.org]
Fund Raising             Grace Cheng        [gracecheng@spccaa.org]
Membership Affairs       Sabrina Leung      [sabrinaleung@spccaa.org]
Social                   Joaquina Chiu      [joaquinachiu@spccaa.org]
                         Winnie Leung       [winnieleung@spccaa.org]

Alternatively, please telephone Carroll Yeung of the Alumni Association office on 2877-2885.

Let’s mark our forthcoming events in our diaries. Until we next meet, may I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

Ma Ching Nam
September 2007


    1. “Une Soiree Francaise” Annual Dinner
       Date : Friday, 19 October 2007
       Time : 7:00 pm
       Venue : Grand Ballroom, Conrad Hotel, Pacific Place, Hong Kong

    2. 2007/2008 Walkathon at Morning Trail, The Peak
       Date : Sunday, 4 November 2007
       Time : 9:30 am
       Venue : Level 3, The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong

    3. Community Service Programme
       Visit to St. Mary’s Home for the Aged, Wong Chuk Hang
       Date : Saturday, 10 November 2007
       Time : 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
       Please see page 26 for more details.

    4. A Christmas with Mendelssohn — Hymns of Praise
       Date          : Sunday, 16 December 2007
       Time          : 8:00 pm
       Venue         : Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre,
                       Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong
       Presented by : Hong Kong Oratorio Society
                       Singapore International School Choir
                       St. Paul’s Co-educational College Alumni Choir
       Please refer to the attached flyer for details.

5. Speaker Luncheon - Mr. Frederick S. H. Ma
   Date    : Monday, 17 December 2007
   Time : 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm
   Venue : Grand Ballroom, Conrad Hotel, Pacific Place, Hong Kong
   Please see page 25 for more details. Book early to avoid disappointment.

6. Carol Service
   Date          : Thursday, 20 December 2007
   Time          : 7:00 pm
   Venue         : St. John’s Cathedral, Garden Road, Hong Kong
   Presented by : St. Paul’s Co-educational College Alumni Choir
   Please refer to the attached card for details.

7. SPCCAA Golf Day
   Date    : Friday, 11 January 2008
   Tee off : to be confirmed
   Venue : Shek O Country Club, Hong Kong
   Please see page 27 for details.

8. Spring Dinner
   Date : around Chinese New Year 2008
   Please visit www.spccaa.org and stay tuned.

9. Other Events
   We will continue to host our popular Happy Hour Drinks sessions.
   Please visit www.spccaa.org and stay tuned.


                     International Choral Conference 2007

    Building on the success of the
    Student Science Conference
    2006, SPCC pioneered a
    week-long International
    Choral Conference (ICC)
    that was held from 9 to 15
    July 2007 on the stunningly
    scenic campus of The Chinese
    University of Hong Kong.
    This landmark event—the
    first of its kind initiated by
    a local high school—was
    organized in conjunction
    with the Department of
    Music of the Faculty of Arts
    of the CUHK. More than
    400 singers representing eight
    local and overseas high school choirs gathered together for   The participating choirs included some of the most
    six days of intensive vocal training and delightful music     reputed high school choirs in the region, namely, the
    making.                                                       St. Andrew’s Cathedral School Choir from Sydney, Australia,
                                                                                                Holy Innocents’ High School
                                                                                                Choir from Singapore, the
                                                                                                Guangdong Experimental
                                                                                                M i d d l e S c h o o l C h o i r,
                                                                                                Shanghai Shibei Middle
                                                                                                School Choir and Tianjin
                                                                                                Nankai High School Choir
                                                                                                from China and the Heep
                                                                                                Yun School Choir of Hong
                                                                                                Kong. SPCC was represented
                                                                                                by the Concert Choir and
                                                                                                Treble Choir.

                  Atelier 1 rehearsal with Dr. Thomas

     Grand Finale rehearsal in
     Lee Hysan Concert Hall

                                                                 Holy Innocents’ High School Choir

                                                           Dr. Solomon directs the
                                                           Shanghai Shibei Middle
                                                           School Choir

The main thrusts of the choral
conference were mixed ateliers of four
different musical genres—traditional
sacred choral masterpieces, choral
literature for treble choirs, African-
American spirituals and opera
choruses. Under the direction of
experienced conductors from the
USA and Hong Kong, and with only
                                         Primary school singers and dancers

    five 2-hour rehearsals, the choristers had
    to learn the highly challenging repertoire,
    memorize most of the lyrics, synchronize
    their singing with acting or choreographed
    movements, hone their performance to
    near perfection, and finally present the
    demanding pieces at the sold-out Grand

    Indeed, the highlight of the ICC was
    the Grand Concert—which replaced the
    regular Summer Concert—held at the Hong
    Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall on 12
    July. This exciting and exhilarating event
    showcased the talents of the various music                                                      St. Andrew’s Cathedral School Choir

    school teams of the
    SPCC primary and
    secondary schools as
    well as the incredible
    achievements of the
    ICC participants.

                                                       Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir

                                              Ms. Jenkins and her swinging spiritual singers

                                            SPCC Treble Choir

                                            SPCC Concert Choir

SPCC Primary School String Orchestra

                         The Grand Finale

    To enable the participants to foster lasting friendship, the       to-choir concert at the Chung Chi Chapel and a
    ICC was enriched by other social activities that included          sumptuous farewell dinner on day six. On the morning
    an evening of ice-breaking games, an opening ceremony,             of 15 July, the participants bid farewell to one another
    a welcome lunch, an in-depth tour of the CUHK Music                with seemingly never-ending handshakes, many also
    Department and visits to popular scenic and tourist spots in       with tears in their eyes, but all with fond memories
    Hong Kong. The enjoyable Hong Kong tours were planned              in their hearts.
    and conducted by the HK Tourism Board trained Hong Kong
    Young Ambassadors in SPCC. Many teachers also volunteered          It took the Music Department and the Community
    as “Teacher Ambassadors”.                                          Relations Office nearly a year to plan and organize
                                                                       this mega event. The extremely pleasing results and
    The ICC ended on a high note and in a warm, friendly               benefits proved that this enterprising project was totally
    and harmonious atmosphere with an exchange choir-                  worthwhile.

                                             Tianjin Nankai High School Choir

                                                                      Heep Yun School Choir


    Congratulations to our Form 5 graduates for their
     outstanding achievements in HKCEE 2006/07

Below is a list of students with outstanding achievements in HKCEE 2006/07

Summary of Overall Results
• No. of candidates: 155
• No. of distinctions (A / 5*): 317                                       W  ell don proud!
                                                                                   d us
                                                                           ally di
• No. of credits (B & C / 5 & 4): 665
• 29% of our students achieved level 5* in English language.
                                                                    You re
• 68% of our students achieved level 5* or 5 in English language.

                                            On-line Donation

                                             Alma Mater Visit


     Are you interested in visiting your Alma Mater? And witnessing for yourself the latest development and changes?
     The SPCC Community Relations Office would be happy to arrange a school visit for you and your former classmates.

     Give us your name, contact information, class of graduation, the number of companions as well as your preferred date
     and leave the rest to us. Please note that at least two weeks’ notice is required. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we
     will be happy to discuss your plan with you. A familiar inner courtyard, an informative school tour and a cozy reception
     will be there to greet you.

                   SPCC Community Relations • Email: cra@spcc.edu.hk • Phone: 2523-0087


                                    Summer Gathering 2007

On 26 June 2007, the annual Summer Gathering of
St. Paul’s Co-educational College Alumni Association
took place at the Sir Robert Kotewall Hall of St. Paul’s
Co-educational College. More than 160 SPCCAA members
and their spouses attended the event, making it one of
the best-attended Summer Gatherings ever. SPCCAA
was honoured to have Dr. Anissa Chan, Principal of St.
Paul’s Co-educational College and Supervisor of St. Paul’s
Co-educational College Primary School, and Ms. Lee Tuen
Yee, Headmistress of the Primary School, as guest speakers
for the event.

This year’s Summer Gathering kicked off with a tea buffet            • reducing the size of each class by 20% to about 30 students,
which provided an excellent opportunity for alumni to mingle           while increasing the number of teaching staff, so as to offer
with their former classmates and to meet new friends. We               more individual attention to the students;
are very thankful to all those alumni who have contributed           • improving the overall academic programme offered to
to this year’s event.                                                  students through increased flexibility and autonomy in
                                                                       designing the curriculum;
The formal session of the afternoon started with a welcoming         • having more flexibility in student admissions, which in turn
speech by Mr. C. N. Ma, Chairman of the SPCCAA.                        will help to more easily cement commonly shared values
Mr. Ma then introduced Dr. Anissa Chan who shared with                 among parents, students and the Schools;
the audience her vision for the Schools going forward. In            • having more flexibility in language instruction so that
particular, Dr. Chan explained the main benefit to St. Paul’s           bi-literate (Chinese and English) and tri-lingual (Cantonese,
of becoming a Direct Subsidy Scheme school, which is the               Putonghua and English) language proficiency can be better
ability to utilise its resources more flexibly to ensure significant     achieved by the students; and
improvement in the quality of education delivered to the             • strengthening the body of teaching staff through enhanced
students by, for example:                                              staff development programmes and flexibility in staffing.

                                                                     Dr. Chan’s speech was followed by a video presentation
                                                                     introducing the Primary School and its upcoming move to
                                                                     the new campus in Wong Chuk Hang scheduled to take place
                                                                     before the commencement of the 2008-2009 academic year
                                                                     in September 2008.

                                                                     Ms. Lee Tuen Yee then took the stage and explained to the
                                                                     audience the curriculum, teaching methodology and her
                                                                     vision for the Primary School going forward. She provided

     an overview of the various facilities at the new campus, which   The 2007 Summer Gathering concluded with a speech
     is designed to provide quality education, the best learning      by Mr. Bernard Auyang, Vice-Chairman of the Landmark
     environment, excellent teaching and student support services     Fundraising Campaign Committee, who informed the
     for about 900 children. The new campus is expected to            audience of the exciting news that the School has already
     provide the necessary hardware to transform our Primary          raised about 90% of the total campaign target of HK$300
     School into a great school by world standards, and everyone in   million. We urge all those alumni who would like to make
     the audience was very excited about this new development.        their contributions to this very worthy cause to contact the
                                                                      School Development Office or members of the Landmark
     Ms. Lee explained to the audience in detail the Primary          Fundraising Campaign Committee as soon as possible!
     One application procedures for the 2008–2009 academic
     year. The process will commence in September 2007
     and applicants will be notified of the results some time in
     November 2007. A favourable development as far as this
     year’s applicants are concerned is that the Primary One intake
     for the 2008–2009 academic year has been increased to 150
     students from 120 students in the previous years, as the new
     campus can accommodate five Primary One classes instead
     of just four classes in the old campus. Ms. Lee’s presentation
     was followed by a question and answer session which drew
     active participation from the audience.


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