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									CASE STUDY

Migrating 3rd Party Archives to the Cloud
International Economics Consulting Firm Securely Moves Legacy Data

                                                                                   Headquartered in London and with over 100                                         Explained Soper,
Frontier Economics is a                                                            economists around the world, Frontier is involved                                      Our incumbent email archive supplier
leading economics consulting                                                       in some of the most interesting, topical and                                           had recently undergone a buyout which
                                                                                   high profile issues in the world of business and                                       had a detrimental effect on support and
firm that delivers tailor-                                                         economics.                                                                             updates. We also calculated we could save
made advice to businesses,                                                         Frontier’s highly distributed and mobile workforce                                     considerable costs in terms of servers,
                                                                                   relies heavily on its Microsoft Exchange email                                         storage and ongoing maintenance if we were
regulators and policy-                                                             system to conduct business. According                                                  able to decommission our legacy archive

makers.                                                                            to Andrew Soper, IT Manager at Frontier
                                                                                                                                                                     Moving their existing archives into Mimecast
                                                                                                                                                                     was not going to be a case of flicking a switch.
                                                                                        For our size of organisation we generate a lot                                   First, our existing archives were in a proprietary
                                                                                        of email traffic and use up a lot of storage.                                    format and we needed a way of extracting
                                                                                        Keeping our email stores as small as                                             emails in line with Mimecast’s needs. And,
                                                                                        possible improves their efficiency. It also                                      because our staff were used to clicking on
                                                                                        means they will be quicker to restore in the                                     shortcuts to retrieve items, we needed to tackle
                                                                                        event of a disaster                                                              these too. We called in email archive experts,
                                                                                                                                                                         Essential Computing for advice. They helped
                                                                                   Having to recover from a disaster was a close                                         us understand the different considerations of
                                                                                   call in 2009, when a fire broke out close to the                                      our migration and devised the best strategy for
                                                                                   company’s offices. Recalls Soper,                                                     data extraction and for limiting the impact on
                                                                                                                                                                         our staff and processes
                                                                                        The incident brought into sharp focus the
                                                                                        vulnerability of our email and other key                                     Powered by TransVault, the extraction phase
                                                                                        services upon which the business relies. We                                  was completed within just 2 weeks and what
                                                                                        immediately started looking at ways to build                                 could have been an extremely tricky and time-
                                                                                        more resilience into our email service                                       consuming job for Frontier’s IT team was
                                                                                                                                                                     handled, end-to-end, by Essential. Andrew
                                                                                   Over the last 2 years Frontier had been using an
    Benefits                                                                       onsite email archiving system from Autonomy
                                                                                                                                                                     Knight, the Essential consultant managing the
                                                                                                                                                                     migration project explained,
                                                                                   (known as ZANTAZ EAS) to offload its Exchange
    • TransVault has become the de facto                                           servers.                                                                              After the initial requirements discussion and
      way to quickly and securely move email.
                                                                                   Following extensive research into the best fit                                    health check of Frontier’s existing archive, we
    • With support for over 800 archive                                            for their company, Frontier elected to work                                       were able to oversee the restores and extractions
      format combinations, TransVault                                              with Mimecast, a software as a service (SAAS)                                     remotely. At the end of the service we delivered
      maintains chain-of-custody throughout,                                       company specialising in providing hosted                                          a report that documented all the emails and
      ensuring compliance.                                                         email continuity, email hygiene (including anti-                                  mailboxes that were handed to Mimecast. This
    • TransVault manages legacy shortcuts                                          spam and anti-virus) and archive services for                                     gave Frontier management peace of mind that no
      to avoid end user confusion.                                                 Microsoft Exchange sites.                                                         data was missed out
    • Using TransVault, Frontier Economics                                         On learning Mimecast offered unlimited hosted
      was able to ensure their legacy email                                        email storage, Frontier’s IT team started to
      records were accurately and securely                                         investigate the potential for shifting its legacy
      extracted to the cloud.                                                      archived emails into the cloud.
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