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					                            2011 Kalamalka Classic
                            Kalamalka Lake Beach (Vernon) - June 18 & 19, 2011


Friday: Late Registration / Board Pickup / Skill Clinic / Sunset Paddle
10:00-9:00pm         Late Registrations / High Fives and Handshakes at Kalavida Surf Shop
5:00-6:30pm          Pre-race Skills Clinic with Norm Hann
                     Cost: $35 / $45 with board, paddle, PFD. Pre-register at Kalavida
7:30                 Sunset paddle Open to everyone, all ages. Come join us and celebrate summer solstice
Saturday: Short Courses / Sprints / Relays / Free Demos all day
9:00am               Rental Board Pickup - No later than 9:00am
10:00am              Opening Ceremony (featuring. Mollie Bono - Okanagan Indian Band / SPrKL)
10:00am-3:00pm       Free Board Demos & Vendor Expo (Naish, Rogue, Surftech, Werner)
10:30am              Short Course Race (Competitive)
11:30am              Short Course Race (Recreational)
12 Noon              Lunchtime!
1:00-2:00pm          Relay Race / Kids Race
2:00pm               Sprint Races (Competitive & Recreational)
6:00pm               Saturday Awards / Dinner by Nature’s Fare & Movie (Movie ‘Standup’) / Intro by SPrKL
Sunday: Kalamalka Lake Crossing - Long Course (from South to North*)
8:30am               Pre-Race Meeting at Start line in Oyama (Wood Lake Beach)
9:00am               Start of Kalamalka Long Course race (Recreational)
9:20am               Start of Kalamalka Long Course Race (12’6 Competitive)
9:30am               Start of Kalamalka Long Course Race (14’ Competitive)
Need a lift to Oyama for the start? Shuttles: 7:00am and 8:00am (last one) Sign up on Saturday at Reg.
12:00pm              Awards for Kalamalka Crossing and King / Queen of Kalamalka / Play time!

                    SATURDAY NIGHT: DINNER & MOVIE at the LOG HOUSE
                    Join us for an evening of food and entertainment at the Cookson Log House. Food supplied
                    by Nature’s Fare Market and you’ll get to see Norm Hann’s new movie, Standup (25 min-
                    utes). Awards from Saturday’s races will be presented and there will be music by Manfred
                    Harder’s band. The Log House is located a short 2-min walk from the beach and parking lot.

           PADDLEBOARD RENTAL SPECIALS: (Saturday rentals due back by 5pm / Sunday rentals must be returned by 2pm)
           Race and Recreational board rentals available for Saturday and Sunday. If you decide to purchase
           a board during the weekend, Kalavida will refund you up to $50.00 towards your purchase.

            All-Rounders (Surfboard Style)     $50 per day (Reg $65)        $85 weekend (Reg. $125)
            12’6” Race boards                  $75 per day (Reg $95)        $125 weekend
            14’ Race Boards                    $80 per day                  $135 weekend

                                     Email to book your board now:
                    2011 Kalamalka Classic
                    Kalamalka Lake Beach (Vernon) - June 18 & 19, 2011

                                      COURSE DESCRIPTIONS:
                                      Short Courses: All short courses will be staged from Kalamalka Beach on
                                      the West side of the beach. Recreational classes will compete in a short
                                      2.5-mile course around in and around the Kalamalka dock with an emphasis
                                      on fun and of course, completing the race. It’s a beach start and both men
                                      and women will race alongside each other. The competitive classes will race
                                      a more challenging, buoy-riddled, 3.5-mile course to keep things exciting.
                                      It’s a beach start and we’re hoping for some bumps in the water to keep
                                      things interesting.

                                      Sprint Courses (Elimination Style): Get ready for a spectator-friendly, heck-
                                      le-fest when the Sprint courses take centre stage. It’s kind of like a 200m
                                      sprint out to a Quiksilver buoy and back and the best part is that you’re
                                      going head-to-head against other competitors. Winner advances on to the
                                      next elimination heat. It starts with qualifying rounds to seed everyone and
                                      then it’s game on from there. Recreational classes go first followed by the
                                      Competitive classes. Get ready for organized chaos.

                                      Kalamalka Crossing: This is the marquee event of the Classic – a 10 mile
                                      (18km) trek across the length of Kalamalka Lake - one of Canada’s most
                                      pristine lakes. Even if you’re not planning to reach the beach first, it’s one
                                      of those events that can be added to your ‘things to do this life’ lists. Unless
                                      the spring winds change, you’ll start in Oyama from Wood Lake Beach and
                                      head due North to Kalamalka Beach. Race it to beat the clock, to win or
                                      just to say that you crossed one of Canada’s most scenic lakes. Most of you
                                      should finish the journey in under 3 hours with those competitive types
                                      coming in under 2 hours (whoa!).

                                      At the 2010 Kal Classic, Beau Whitehead of Bellingham, Wa crossed in a
                                      time of 1:49: while Lina Augaitis of Vancouver bested the women finishing
                                      in a time of 2:11.

                                                  PFD REGULATIONS:
Transport Canada contacted us to say that All Competitors must have a PFD. Your PFD must be Canadian Coast Guard
Certified and be in one of the following locations: A. On your board - or - B. On your body - or - C. On a support boat. Our sup-
port boat will have limited space for extra PFD’s. For the Short and Long courses, all competitors must use a leash. Additional
information and updated course maps will be supplied along with safety information on-site.
                         2011 Kalamalka Classic
                         Kalamalka Lake Beach (Vernon) - June 18 & 19, 2011

Want to try SUP racing for the first time? Or maybe you’re not ready to jump into the growing
competitive class? Then the Recreational classes are for you. Be a part of Canada’s biggest SUP festival
and choose from one of three events - all with the goal of having a good time while getting some exercise
through friendly competition. You will race together in a group and then be divided up into age groups to
receive awards from our sponsor treasure chest. Age Categories - 18 & Under (Juniors), 19-35, 36 & Over

Each of three events offers a different style of competition and you can pick and choose which one(s) you
want to try. If you decide, you’d like to try them all, then you have a chance to win the overall title.

You can compete for the title of Weekend Warrior Champion by racing all three events. The person who
earns the most points through all three events wins the title and some cool prizes - Top Male and top Fe-
male will be awarded. You’ll just need a trusty all-rounder (Surfboard style) board to compete in all events.
See course descriptions for full details.
                                               BOARD SIZES:

All Events: 12’ & Under Surfboard style Class - Men and Women

                                     PRIZES AND AGE CATEGORIES:
                          Age Categories - 18 & Under (Juniors), 19-35, 36 & Over

Weekend Warrior Champion (All ages combined) - Awarded on Sunday at the completion of Long Course
Men’s Overall Champion - Sponsor Prize Pack / Women’s Overall Champion - Sponsor Prize Pack

                                           PRIZES BY EVENT:
Short Course: Winners of each age category, men and women
Sprints: Winners of each age category, men and women
Long Course: Winners of each age category, men and women

                              FUN RACES: RELAYS AND KIDS RACE

Relays / Kids Races:
Fun for the whole family and especially Dad cuz it’s his weekend afterall. Various fun events to be an-
nounced on race day. Get set for a great weekend on the lake. Bring the whole family!
                           2011 Kalamalka Classic
                           Kalamalka Lake Beach (Vernon) - June 18 & 19, 2011


King and Queen of Kalamalka - Competitive Classes
To earn the chance to win the first triple-crown format for the title of the King and Queen of Kalamalka, you have
to compete in all three events: Sprints, Short Course and Long Course. To become the King or Queen, it will require
strength, speed, skill and strategy. Points will be added across the three events and the winner will be the one with the
most points. For some of the events, you can choose which board you want to use.

Classes and board sizes:
As the sport continues to develop, there is more diversity in board sizes so the classes this year have been designed
to try and accommodate the majority of athletes and their quivers. A 12’6” Race Board (displacement hull), will work
for all events except the Sprint Course. The Sprint features a head-to-head format with a maximum of 4 people on the
course at any given time.

Examples: You could race 12’6” in the short course, 12’ Surfboard in sprints, and then choose a 12’6” or 14’ for the
Long course and win the overall. That’s the strategy bit.

                                                     BOARD SIZES:
Short Course:
   •	 12’6” & Under (Displacement or Surfboard Style) - Men and Women

Sprint Course: (head-to-head)
    •	 12’ & Under Surfboard style* only - Men and Women *boards supplied as required

Kalamalka Crossing: (Strategy move – Pick your board)
    •	 12’6” & Under (Displacement or Surfboard Style) - Men and Women
    •	 14’ Class (between 12’7” and 14’) – Men and Women * Must be 4 or more competitors to earn points

Points System: To earn points in any race, there must be a minimum of four (4) competitors in any given class.
1st - 10 pts, 2nd - 8 pts, 3rd - 7 pts, 4th - 6 pts, 5th - 5 pts, 6th and below – 3 pts

                                               PRIZES AND AWARDS
                           - Additional prizes awarded to winners of each individual event -

                 KING OF KALAMALKA                                     QUEEN OF KALAMALKA
                 Overall Winner: $250 + Prize Pack                     Overall Winner: $250 + Prize Pack
                 2nd = $50 Gift Card + Prize Pack                      2nd = $50 Gift Card + Prize Pack
                 3rd = Sponsor Prize Pack                              3rd = Sponsor Prize Pack
  2011 Kalamalka Classic
  Kalamalka Lake Beach (Vernon) - June 18 & 19, 2011

COURSE LAYOUTS *subject to change

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