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					  Joint Line®™ Point
      Welcome to the
     Third Millennium!

Protect your children and yourself from the
    radiation of electromagnetic fields
       The crimes we commit
         against our bodies
Do you use :

                                         Microwave ovens

  Mobile Phones               Monitors

                                          Fax Machines
                  Digital Clocks
If you do, there is a possibility that
you may suffer from:

   Headaches
   Stress and tension
   Lack of energy
   Lack of concentration
   Irritability
   Increased fatigue
   And other modern age
                                   Benefits of
                     Joint Line®™ Point Technology
An example of influence of the elektromagnetic field on a human head
                   during use of the mobil phone.

             Normal condition in
             clean environment
                                              Normal condition in
                                            Industrial environment

 Use of the mobile phone                  Use of the mobile phone
in industrial environment
                                      (protected by Joint Line Point)
                                         in industrial environment
 What Affects Your Health
  Studies show that more than half of these
 symptoms and diseases can be caused by
     negative environmental influences.
These negative influences cause molecular changes in the tissues
of living organisms.

Aggressive free radicals are generated in the body because of
external sources like air pollution, radiation and ultraviolet light.
These external sources help tip the balance in the wrong direction.
Free radicals in the human body can attack and damage cells.
  Aggressive Free Radicals
Free Radicals play a major role as intermediates in many chemical
       reactions. They contribute to transformations in the
   atmosphere, living organisms, chemical synthesis, combustion
                   and detonation amongst others.

     Free Radicals play a role in more than sixty
    different health conditions, including the aging
          process, cancer, and atherosclerosis.
    What Affects Your Health

- Air pollution
- Water pollution
- Soil pollution
- Nuclear accidents
- Electrosmog
                                            Intensity of elektrosmog in
                                               Human Environment

Intensity of Electrical Field (V)

                                    Ma xium permited va lue by the
                                          Hea lth Ministry

                                         1924-1980      ( milionths - thousa ndths V/m )
                                         1981 - 2000    ( thousa ndths - hundredths V/m )
                                         2000 - 2010    ( ones V/m )
                                         2011 - turthe r ( tens V/m )

              Y r
  Factors causing Electrosmog

     Electrosmog is a pervasive invisible threat.

Electrosmog is produced by all electrical appliances
e.g. radio, television, and mobile phone transmitters
 Joint Line®™ Point Stimulator

Joint Line®™ Point – The Benefits:
 Adjusts energetic potentials in acupuncture
  Produces an invisible protective "skin" around
the user, protecting the organism from the negative
  Significantly contributes to the overall
revitalisation of the organism, enhances
the regeneration of tissues
 Joint Line®™ Mobile Phone

The stimulator with the diameter of 15 mm
 are based on the Joint Line technology

Removes negative impacts of mobile phones
(electromagnetic field radiation – electrosmog)

The stimulator's coverage is around 20 cm
 Joint Line®™ Stimulators for
  Other Electrical Appliances

The stimulators with the diameter of 30 mm
are based on the Joint Line technology

Remove the negative impacts of all electrical
appliances – electrosmog
Used in particular for PC monitors and TV screens
                      Invest in Your Health

 The Joint Line products are the best investment
                   in your health.
 - The Joint Line System removes negative environ-mental impacts
and thus also the causes of many problems and disorders

- The Joint Line System enhances:
regeneration of tissues damaged by radioactive radiation, the
metabolism, detoxification of the organism, the immune system, and
the central nervous system

- The Joint Line System is used with no attendance required
     Mobile Phone Radiation Protection


      Energy Aura
                      Energy Aura Destroyed
                         by Mobile Phone
                                              Energy Aura Restored
                                               by Joint Line Point

      Don’t leave it too long – Protect yourself now !
      Joint Line®™ Point

wishes you
much success in your future

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