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					Meditech Healthcare
Oxygen Concentrator

Meditech Oxygen Concentrator
Useful as followed:
Daily intake of highly oxygenated air (29 +/- 2% % oxygen level) will bring the following results
• Improve blood circulation.
• Quickly recuperate body energy and reduce fatigue.
• Stimulate brain cells and reduce stress.
• Boost concentration level and work efficiency.
• Reduce body fat by increasing metabolism.
• Enhance immune system.
• Improve sleep quality.

Good for:
• People with chronic oxygen deficiency syndromes
• People who are easily tired / fatigue
• Senior citizens, athletes, students, smokers, etc
• High-stress white collar professionals
• Atmospheric pollution
• Poor indoor air circulation

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1.   PSA Oxygen: separating the healthy clean oxygen directly from the air, providing continued high purity oxygen
     for the consumers.
2.   Oxygen Purity: 30%-40% related 6lpm out flow, 40%-70% related 4lpm, and 90% related 1.5lpm.
3.   Oxygen Anion: when you click on anion button it can free out 10,000,000/min with oxygen, also you can use
     anion separately to fresh the room.

Special Use:
    COPD or the people who have illness in breathing.
    Do fitness sport in home, 6LPM healthcare oxygen matched with oxygen anion will promote metabolism to
     burning fat.
Facial: spray humid oxygen on skin to make the cells breathing to make the skin will be Smooth and elastic.

    Oxygen purity range: 30%-40%,       40%-70%, 90%
    Net weight: 9 KG
    Out flow: 0-6L
    Output air press: 0.3-0.6 Bar
    Working voltage: AC 200-240v, 50 HZ
    Noisy :< 50db
    Volum: 43*24.5*27cm
    Adjustable purity: Healthy oxygen, Middle oxygen, Medical oxygen
    Adjust methods: Touch or remote control
    Outlook color: White, Blue, Black, Green
    Timer: 1-4 hours

    It has three ranges: 30%, 60%, and 90%.
- At 30% - flow is 6LPM, suitable for fitness sports such as treadmill.
- At 60% - flow is 3LPM, suitable for COPD patients and old people; larger flow is not suitable for them.
- At 90% - flow is 1.5LPM, suitable for rescue, when there is accident happened, it can rescue us.
The most feature:
     Oxy-G1 can produce oxygen anion 100,000/mint when you knock on the anion button, you can get healthcare
oxygen with oxygen anion. Also you can use oxygen anion separately to fresh your living room for your sleep.

1.   40% to 70% concentration rich oxygen supply
2.   Performance: efficient oxygen supply
3.   Concise front panel for simplified operating procedure
4.   Portable and light
5.   Energy efficient
6.   Oxygen supplier free from contamination
7.   Low noise: mute DC brushless motor and biological oxygen generation
8.   Safety broad-spectrum: oxygen concentration satisfying varied demands

    Air flow volume: 1 to 3L/min
    Power: 80W average
    Oxygen concentration:    1L 70%±3%
                              2L 60%±3%
                             3L 40%±3%
    Noise: <45dB
    Voltage: 12V DC
    Operating System: time cycle/pressure swing
    Dimensions: Product: W207x L133x H338 mm
    Net Weight: 3.5 kg
    With timer
                                          1.   Small size, selected material, compact
                                          structure, stream-line front panel, elegant profile,
                                          fashionable style, earphone shaped oxygen
                                          breathing apparatus made of Nan material,
                                          sterilizing and contamination free
                                          2.   Air purifying and refreshing, photo catalyst
                                          active carbon functions to remove dusts, bacteria
                                          and odor from air
                                          3.   Mild airflow supplied for a harmonious
                                          4.   Advanced       technology   incorporated    for
                                          precise oxygen concentration control 26%-29%
                                          for rich oxygen achievements
                                          5.   Simplified   concise   control   system    with
                                          intensive control design operational under the
                                          control of only 2 buttons

   Operation power pressure: DC 12-17V
   Operation currency: <2A
   Outlet oxygen level: 26%-29%
   Outlet air flux: 4L/min
   Dimensions: 200 x 165 x 300mm
   Weight: 2.35kg (battery included)
   lithium battery 15V