Getting Visitors Your Site with SEO is Good But Can You Keep Them There? by clintmaher


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									Getting Visitors Your Site with SEO
 is Good But Can You Keep Them

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If you’re embarking on the important
task of search engine optimisation
(SEO) for your website, it’s easy to get
lost in the lingo and get caught up in all
the variables that can help you drive
your website to the top of Google. It’s
an exciting race to the top! But there’s
a very important consideration above
and beyond getting website traffic.
Once you get them there, will you be able to:

      Keep them there for longer than a cursory glance?
      Convince the reader to sign up / subscribe so you know they’ll be back
      Get them to buy whatever it is that you are selling?

Websites Can’t Live on SEO Alone

SEO, alone, isn’t enough to succeed online. Traffic is great but conversion is
even more important. You need an integrated multifaceted approach that
helps customers find you and that also helps customers feel confident
enough in your abilities to follow your desired call to action. If you hire
an SEO company to help, be sure to work with a company that strives to not
only help you rank but to help you sell as well.

Oracle Digital offers an array of services to help you, including:

      Research – To rank well, you need research to help you determine the
      best strategy. The same goes for conversion. Continuous research will
      help you climb the ranks on the search engine results pages and it will
      help your conversion rate climb as well. Any SEO company worth their
      salt will make research an essential part of the process.
      On Page SEO – Each and every page on your website creates
      potential for success. Your SEO company needs to know how to
      optimise every page so that it can bring traffic and keep it.

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      Off Page SEO – many off site factors will impact your SEO rankings
      and your influence on the web. (We offer off page SEO that gets great
      Design – Web design has a major impact on the way search engines
      and customer see you. The right approach can make a big difference.
      Business blogging isn’t just a great way to gain favour with Google and
      the other search engines. It’s also a great way to forge and nurture
      relationships with customers.
      And more…beyond all the above things your SEO company needs to
      regularly analyse results to see how things are working out. SEO
      success is about more than rankings…it’s about conversion, too.
       Areas like newsletter marketing, video marketing, social marketing,
      and other strategies can be coupled with a strong SEO strategy to help
      your website capture attention and hold onto it.

There’s another thing to be aware of, too. Search engines are getting
smarter. They don’t see SEO as underhanded. In fact, Google wants you to
do SEO. But search engines are looking at more than keyword optimised text
and tags. They’re looking at your bounce rate and Google looks at other user
behaviour factors, too.

Search engines want to send people to a site that will answer their query.
You want your stats to show that people who land on the site click through
past their landing page, stay on the site more than five seconds, and come
back more than once. These statistics will help you get even better rankings
and more traffic. SEO is just a part of your online strategy. Integrate it with an
overall quest to provide value to your readers and you’ll see great results.

Need help with SEO, website design, or another area of internet commerce?
Talk to the Perth SEO experts at Oracle Digital.

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