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									             Nokia Windows Phone 7 Lumia 800 vs Huawei Honor

Nokia recently revealed two new phones running Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 Mango platform:
a lower end Lumia 710 and the top of the line Lumia 800. Both phones are GSM/UMTS/HSPA only,
and will initially be sold only in Europe and parts of Asia this year.

That makes the devices only potentially functional on AT&T if imported to the US, but Nokia hasn't
yet released plans to bring the devices to America. The company has never established a
significant presence in the US for its smartphones.

Nokia has indicated that may eventually build CDMA or LTE versions of its phones for sale in the
US next year. Worldwide, Nokia's leadership as a smartphone vendor once established its Symbian
OS as the leading platform for more sophisticated mobile devices, but that dominance has
collapsed since the arrival of Apple's Phone in 2007.

In China, Huawei as one of the world’s biggest telecommunications equipment and services
company has also established its own smartphone brand, Now, a few android smartphone have
appeared on the market, like Huawei IDEOS series Huawei IDEOS X3 U8510, Huawei IDEOS
X5 U8800, Huawei Sonic U8650. And some high-end android phones have also released like
Huawei Vision, Huawei Honor and Huawei IDEOS X6 U9000.

Nokia's Lumia 800 is based upon the company's N9, a MeeGo Linux phone released in June of this
year after Nokia announced its plans this spring to shift from Linux and Symbian to Windows Phone
7. Nokia made no plans to sell the N9 in the US, focusing on bringing WP7 to market instead. The
Lumia 800 is a cross of the two.
Nokia Lumia 800 vs Huawei Honor Hardware

The new Lumia 800 is not a global WCDMA/GSM phone like Huawei Honor, but does match its
HSDPA 14.4 Mbps download potential on European networks. It has the same 512MB of RAM and
uses a faster clocked but simpler, single core Qualcomm chip, putting it somewhere between
Apple's iPhone 4 and 4S in terms of general performance but considerably worse than both in
graphics performance.

The model is offered only in a 16GB capacity, and lacks the SD Card slot and removable battery
that many previous Nokia buyers expressed a preference for over the iPhone's built in storage and

The Lumia 800 offers better camera specifications (8.0MP main camera) to the Huawei Honor, but
has a dual flash and lacks a front facing camera for video conferencing. It also supports 720p video
capture, nor HDMI video output. It lacks a gyroscope for accurate motion control. Nokia uses an
AMOLED display that is slightly smaller than the Huawei Honor, but offers the same 480x800
resolution display.
Huawei Honor U8860 Pre-order

Nokia rates the model as having a 9.5h 3G talk time and 13h 2G talk time, but Huawei honor only
listed the battery capacity is 1930mAh which is bigger than Lumia 800’s 1450 mAh, although the
battery life tests between Huawei Honor and Nokia are not standardized and therefore not
necessarily comparable.

Compared to the previous N9, the similar Lumia 800 includes half as much RAM and no 64GB
storage option, but a slightly larger (but still integrated) battery. This indicates Nokia is aiming at
establishing even its higher end model at a price point affordable to the mass market. It plans to sell
the model for 420 Euros (about $580), making it about twice as much as Huawei Honor (which is
about $399 in huawei device online store).

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