Sweat Gland Map � Starch Iodine Test by Lq8sz3CE


									         Sweat Gland Map – Starch Iodine Test

Name ____________________________________________              Period ____     Date ____________________

   1. Choose a spot (5 cm x 5 cm) somewhere on your body where you would like to map out your sweat
              Area selected: ________________________________________________________
   2. Apply iodine to the spot, making sure to cover the entire 5 cm x 5 cm area; allow it to dry completely.
   3. Cover the iodine stained spot with the 5 cm x 5 cm paper.
   4. Apply tape to the edges of the paper so that it is firmly sticking to the skin around the mapping area.
   5. Perform the activities instructed by the teacher.
   6. When the iodine solution in the area is excreted out of the skin via the sweat gland, the sweat should
      interact with the paper. Paper is made of starch. When starch is in the presence of iodine, it turns a deep
      blue/black color.
   7. Your paper should now have a “map” of the area’s sweat glands indicated by blue spots. Tape or recreate
      the map below.

   8. Compare your results to those of your classmates.
   9. Explain your results below.

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