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					                Try a Pet Deodorizer to Keep Your Home Smelling Pretty!

                                   Five Reasons to Choose Oxyfresh

We all love our pets. Still, pet odors can be offensive and affect the way we interact with our furry
friends. Hugging a smelly dog can be tough for any dog owner. Having a neighbor or family member
comment on doggie odor as they walk past your dog’s bed, or wrinkle their nose as they move past the
cat box, or step back after peeking into the hamster cage can be embarrassing. Even the most attentive
pet lover will have an unexpected olfactory experience sometimes. When that happens it’s nice to have
a safe, effective product like Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer to save the day.

Five best reasons to choose Oxyfresh

1. It works!

When the need arises for odor neutralization you need a product that works—and that is exactly what
happens when you pull the trigger back and mist Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer over the offending odor. The
odor is not simply temporarily covered up by strong-smelling aromatics like many of the available pet
fresheners. Instead, the exclusive ingredient Oxygene® quickly breaks the odor down into components
that have no bad smell, so the odor stays gone. It is even strong enough to work on skunk odor.

2. It’s safe!

Yes,     Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is extremely safe dog odor removal —safe enough that you can spray it
in the air, on your furniture, on pets’ bedding, in the litter box, on cages and even on the pet without
worry for either you or your pet. Even if your pet licks the Pet Deodorizer it is not a problem since the
active ingredient Oxygene® is the same effective and safe ingredient used in the highly acclaimed
breath-freshening Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution.

3. It’s convenient!

There is no need for you to keep several products on hand when Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer can do the job
of many. When you want to quickly freshen the air in your home, a kennel or a veterinary exam room,
simply mist Pet Deodorizer directly into the air. If a pet has soiled an area or the litter box gets your
attention, finish off the cleanup by misting Pet Deodorizer over the area.

4. It’s a time saver!

No matter how attentive we are, sometimes things happen, like a pet soiling itself or rolling in
something no one knew was in the backyard. This can turn a clean, fresh-smelling pet into a walking
cloud of bad aroma. A quick spray with Pet Deodorizer will eliminate the odors quickly, saving a great
deal of time for dog groomers, veterinarians, kennel operators and pet owners alike. You can use Pet
Deodorizer between baths as a last-minute touch up groomer or in a kennel.

5. It’s guaranteed!

Pet Deodorizer, like all Oxyfresh products, comes with a 100% money back guarantee so there is never
any risk for you to see for yourself just how well it works. As a veterinarian who has years of experience
with Pet Deodorizer, I know it works and I can tell you that it works. But you won’t know for yourself
until you experience it. So if you have pets, work with pets or know someone who has a pet, why not
give it a try? You have nothing to lose except some undesirable odors. Because all pets come with
undesirable odors, Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is for EVERY pet owner.

Let Oxyfresh help keep your pets fresh-smelling and cuddly.

As National Pet Wellness Month approaches, celebrate by making a commitment to regularly shampoo
your pet. It has many benefits beyond cleaning a soiled coat. It can be a relaxing, yet invigorating
experience. You are helping to keep skin troubles at bay while promoting his health and strengthening
your bond!

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